Secret Exits 1 - Guide for Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World

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 In every world except Yoshi's Island and Special World, there are secret exits 
which leads you to extra levels. 

                  Donut Plains

  Donut Plains 1: There are 2 methods for this. 1.Reach the Green Switch Palace. 
Once you clear the level, go back to this level. Near the Goal Post, run up the 
small ramp. Grab the key while holding the B button, then go to the keyhole to reach 
Donut Secret 1. 

Donut Secret 1: Carry the P-Switch to a key hole. Hit the P-Switch, then go under 
the ''?'' marked box and hit it. You know what to do with all the keys. 

Donut Plains 2: Run this level until you find a second green pipe on the ceiling. 
Jump in, then head to the right where yellow blocks are covering a shell. Use the R 
Button to break the blocks, then carry the shell under the highest block in the air. 
Toss it, then climb the lower blocks to reach the new vine. Climb it.  

Donut Ghost House: Get a cape for this. Go to the right side of the room, then race 
back while holding the B Button and fly up to a high platform. Run to the right, 
drop to another platform, then go through the door.  
Donut Secret House: Grab coins around a door, then find and stomp on a P-Switch. Go 
to the right and hit blocks until you find a vine. Climb the vine, then race to the 
blue door before it fades away. Inside, throw 3 blocks at the Big Boo.

                    Star World 

Star World 1: Break the blocks and stay on the right side. 

Star World 2: Near the end, don't go to the green pipe. Instead, swim under.  

Star World 3: Grab a block with the B button and knock the lakitu. Ride the cloud 
and hit the ''?'' marked box. 

Star World 4: First, enter the Green and Yellow Switch Palaces. On this level, drop 
down to a trail of green blocks and go right. At the prize block, hit the B button 
if you're Caped Mario. If not, use a shell.  

Star World 5: Go through this level until you find switch block. Jump on it, then 
fly to the right(you need a cape). Fly really high.  

                 Twin Bridges   

Cheese Bridge: As Caped Mario, begin to fly when you reach the midway gate. Fly from 
a log platform UNDER the midway gate. Land when you pass the area with Chainsaws 
then fly a bit when you see the Goal Post to reach a second one.  

     I'll download more exits! 

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