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Hello everyone, this is my FAQ on Rayman 3. My (nick)name is Mariofan9, and my email is [email protected]!
Email me for any questions. The FAQ starts here:

Q: Coud you tell a random secret?

A: Yeah, like, in the Longest Shortcut, in the third part. At the start you will have to stand on a button and then you
have to get to the other side with the platforms really fast. When you have taken the crown at the other side look to where
you have to go to. There you SHOUD jump down but before you do, load a shot, and shoot at the round panne you see in front
of you. A secret will be revealed.

Q: I sometimes see red small winged insects floating a inch above the ground somewhere, and when I approach them they flee.
What are they for?

A: Oh, those creatures are just for some extra points. Approach them very slowly to get 250 points.

Q: I always get caught by the Knaaren. Any tips how I can escape or even beat them?

A: Well, like said in the game, de Knaaren are invincible. They can be stopped for half a second with the green power.
If there is no green power available the best thing you can do is run and jump, but DON'T use your helicopter because it
will make it easier for the Knaaren to catch you!

Q: I heared that you can find characters from Rayman 2. is it true?

A: Yes. Well, at least you can find statues of them. The ones that I found are Lee the Fairy and Razor Beard with his
entire crue.

Q: What are the locations of the Rayman 2 character statues?

A: Lee the Fairy: Read question one and it's answer.
   Razor Beard and his Crue: They are in the lava part of the Hoodlum factory. Find a secret gap somewhere high.

This was my FAQ. Copyright AND right is fully with and it's owners and staff. This FAQ was created on 
13 Februari 2005!

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