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Grand Theft Auto III 
File By: Christopher D’Amore 1/12/08
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File Name: Grand Theft Auto 3 Secrets, Glitches, Missions, and Cheat Codes

Grand Theft Auto III Secrets 

Grand Theft Auto III Secret Number 288903C460

In Portland, at the docks, you will be able to flout in the air in a secret 
area (I can’t tell you that area. You will have to find out yourself) near the 
water. I don’t know why you are flouting in the air. But if you find this 
secret area, you can not tell anybody this secret area. I did some looking up 
on this area and it said “due to the enforcement of the state of law for this 
game, no one is to know about the reason why”. If you can find the reason why, 
do not tell why. Have fun finding the secret area and finding the secret area.

Grand Theft Auto III Secret Number 288903D461

In Portland, near the bridge, there is a walkway on the building right next to 
the bridge there is a secret gun on the walkway. It is not a gun that is an 
other gun that it is not with your other weapons (on the upper right hand 
corner at the top of your screen). It is the gun with the green circle around 
it. It might not be there aging after you get the gun. 

Grand Theft Auto III Secret Number 288903B459

On the Shoreside Vale lift bridge, find a piece of cement that is slanted. This 
piece of cement holds a beam on the bridge on the far left or right sides of 
the bridge. Once it is found, get your car and place it so you can jump on the 
car to the piece of cement. Once on top, find the blue walkway. Jump towards 
the walkway to get on it.

Grand Theft Auto III Secret Number 288903E462

Enable the "Tank" and "Dodo City" codes. Fire the tank turret backwards 
continuously until you fly. Fly high enough to escape the boundaries in the 
game. Fly high over the closed tunnel near the dam and the observatory. Then, 
look for a tiny levitating town. Note: Some games freeze up at this point.
Grand Theft Auto III Secret Number 288903F463

Obtain a Cheetah in Staunton Island. Then, go to the bridge that connects 
Stanton Island and Shoreside Vale. There will be a cement rail which separates 
the two highway sides. Get up on that rail in the middle of the bridge. Enable 
the "Flying car" code, then drive slowly about one quarter way down the middle 
rail. Stop, position yourself straight, and floor it off the end of the bridge. 
Once in the air, turn slightly to the right or left to land on the road (and 
not the middle rail). 
Enable the "Better driving skills" and "Flying car" codes. Get an ambulance 
then go to the bridge to Staunton Island. Go up to the straight part, then hit 
the gas. Go straight off the edge and when you get about two thirds of the way 
across, hold Up (or Left Analog-stick Down). If done correctly, you will go up 
and over the other side of the bridge. 
Enable the "Flying car" and "Tank" codes. As you go across the bridge to 
Shoreside Vale, shoot the turret from the back of the tank for a boost across. 
Note: If you do the Dodo car trick to get to Staunton Island, you can just take 
the tunnel to Shoreside Vale instead of flying it again. 
Get a boat from the dock at Staunton Island. Enable the "Better driving skills" 
code and drive the boat to the pipeline. Press L3 or R3 and the boat will jump 
over the pipe. 
Enable the "Better driving skills" code at Staunton Island. Go to the hospital 
in a car. Jump on to the roof, then jump over the hidden package. Turn right 
and keep going straight. You will hit a wall and go through it. You will end up 
in the tunnel that leads to Shoreside Vale. 
Enable the "Better driving skills" code, then start off from the entrance to 
the hospital. Walk up the stairs, then steal a nearby car (faster cars 
recommended). Then, speed up to the nearest corner, and quickly turn around. 
You should now be riding back towards the hospital. Press L3 to jump across the 
gap onto the lower roof of the hospital. Then, drive into the blue glass 
building. Your car should pass into it, then fall. Your car should fall through 
the mapping, then land in a tunnel. Drive left in the tunnel. Do not turn, and 
keep going straight. You should come out in Shoreside Vale. 
Go to the hospital in Staunton Island. Across from it will be the college 
campus. Get a fairly fast car and line yourself up with the overhang on the 
hospital's roof. Gather speed and jump to the roof. Once there, drive to the 
left corner. The game should glitch and you will fall through the wall and into 
a tunnel leading to Shoreside Vale. 
Use the following steps to get a jump trick bonus and get to Shoreside Vale 
before you should. When you get to Staunton Island, get a sports car. Any of 
them should work. Go to the hospital. When you get to the road leading into the 
hospital parking lot, you will see a retaining wall for the parking lot. The 
wall and the parking lot for the hospital should be to your left. Turn the car 
toward the small wall near its corner, back up, and then hit the gas. Hit the 
wall straight on. If done correctly, your car's front end should slip under the 
wall. Continue accelerating and turning your wheel. The car will slowly sink 
into the ground. Only sports cars will sink all the way. You will eventually 
fall into black and the car will spin through empty space. You will land in the 
tunnel that runs between the islands. You will receive a double insane stunt 
bonus and will have landed on the other side of the wall that blocks Staunton 
Island and Shoreside Vale. You now can go to the Airport or the rest of the 
Get a small car, such as the Banshee or a Kuruma. Drive into any subway and out 
onto the tracks,. Just drive until you get to Shoreside Vale. Note: You will 
not be able to do any of the missions yet. 
Go to the subway (number 13 on the Staunton Island section of your map), then 
jump onto the train. You must watch out for passengers at the station. If there 
are none there, do not get off or you may be waiting for quite awhile for the 
next train. You will know that you are in Shoreside Vale when you see lots of 
people walking into you. 
Steal a boat and take it to the north-east until reaching the "wall" in the 
water. Find a location that is not steep on the coast. Drive the boat onto the 
road. Steal a U-Haul type truck and push the boat on the land until you are 
past the wall. Then, push it back into the water, get in it, and you can now 
use the boat to get to Shoreside Vale. Note: You cannot get onto land anywhere 
except at the airport. 
Go in the subway by car, and being careful to miss the train, drive to about 
halfway between the islands. You will come across a locked car that seems to be 
somehow lodged into the wall. After you meet Ray Machowski, you can enter this 
car. You can then drive forward and it appears as if you fall in to some water 
before landing on an underpass. From then on, you can drive forwards and turn 
right for an easy entry onto the third island. 
Find the docks on Staunton Island and get a boat (preferably a police boat or a 
speed boat). Go around Staunton Island. Avoid the bridge used to get onto 
Staunton Island. Find the location where there are pipes in the water that 
prevent you from traveling by boat from island to island. Where the pipes are 
connected to Staunton Island, the shore forms a slant. Back away from this 
slant in the shore, then get a lot of speed. If you hit the slant at the 
correct speed and angle, you should ramp over the floating pipes (near the 
Rockford neighborhood). 
After dying, you will resume the game at the hospital. Go up the stairs and 
enable the "Better driving skills" code. When you get onto the road, pick any 
car of your choice. Press L3 and jump onto the platform on the hospital. Drive 
straight into the green wall, and it should drop you onto the underground 
tunnel. You can now make your way to Shoreside Vale early. 
Grand Theft Auto III Glitches
Upside-down world:
Fly to the Ghost Town using the Dodo. When you reach it, go under it (making 
sure not to land in the water) while facing Shoreside Vale. Go under the 
mountains and everything will be upside-down. It will remain this way until you 
Ghost Town:
After mastering flying the Dodo for long distances, you can get to the town 
that is used in the opening FMV sequence. Take off from the main runway in 
Francis International Airport, heading towards the island. Fly all the way 
around the coast, behind the dam, and when you are almost to the front of the 
island there will be a small road and the "Liberty City Bank" building 
including the Securicar in front of it. There is only a very small solid part 
of ground which may be possible to land on. 
Get to any island earlier than normal:
Drive a Yankee down to the tunnel that is blocked off by a blue wall. Park the 
Yankee on the little edge on the side of the road. You can jump on the hood of 
it and get halfway into the little ceiling. Jump , and you can now jump on the 
other ledge there. Walk to the blue wall that is one to two feet tall. Jump 
over it. Walk on the tunnel roof until you fall halfway through. Enable 
the "Tank" code. Drive the tank over the edge of the roof. You then fall into 
blue hell and land in the tunnel. You can now go to any island early. 
Get to third island from Portland:
Enable the "Better driving skills" code. Jump the gap in the broken bridge at 
the start. Once on the second island, go to Rockford Hospital. Go across the 
street to Liberty campus. Line yourself so that you are facing the hidden 
package on the ledge. Speed forward then jump over the wall and onto the ledge. 
Drive straight through the wall and your car should spin around in blue hell. 
You will eventually land in the underground tunnel that connects all three 
islands. The blockages are gone. Follow the signs for Francis International 
Airport to reach the third island. 
Jail clothes:
Start the game and wait for your first mission. You will be dressed in a "jail" 
type of clothing. From there, load a saved game. Once you start your saved 
game, you will still be dressed in the jail clothes. Note: If you happen to 
save the game, the "Different costume" cheat is will always be disabled. 
No cars:
Repeatedly enable the "Tank" code eleven times. There will be no cars 
(including police) driving around. Parked cars will still be there. Note: 
Enable the "Destroy all cars" code before saving your game. 
Interior car view:
Get any car that will fit in the subway tunnels. Take it down into the subway 
from Chinatown going towards Staunton Island. Enable the "Better driving 
skills" code. When you pass into Staunton Island (and the welcome screen 
appears ) press L3 to begin jumping. If done correctly, you will get stuck in 
the top, allowing you to see through the roof and view the driver turning the 
wheels and changing the gears. 
Drive a burned wreck:
Stand in front of the car you want to hijack and enable the "Destroy all cars" 
code. You character will try to enter the car and it will explode. Immediately 
enable the "Full health" code to put out the flames on the wreck. You can now 
drive the black twisted piece of metal around town. 
Enable the "Faster game play" code two times. Then, enter the "Destroy all 
cars" code up to the second Triangle. Carjack a non-parked vehicle by pressing 
the second Triangle in the code and finish it while your character is opening 
the car door, but before he is completely in. Quickly enable the "Full health" 
code and your vehicle will stop burning. You can now drive around, pick up 
prostitutes, and get in and out of the car. If you do not like driving with 
only three wheels, take the car to a Pay 'N' Spray and it will be brand new, 
and it will still be exploded. Note: This trick does not work on special 
vehicles (ambulance, fire truck, FBI car, Rhino, police car, Barracks OL, 
Enforcer) or parked vehicles. 
Take the burned wreck car to the Pay n' Spray and you should appear in a jet 
black car. If not keep, going to the Pay n' Spray until this happens. 
Trapped in Mafia Sentinel:
If you break off the driver's seat door and passenger's door, you will not be 
able to get out. 
Flying helicopter wreck:
Raise your wanted level to three stars to attract the police helicopter. Shoot 
the helicopter with the rocket launcher. While it is exploding, quickly enable 
the "Lower wanted level" code. If done correctly, you will see the half-
destroyed helicopter fly away. 
Drive up dam:
At Shoreside Vale, go to the bottom of the dam with a fast car (police cars 
work best). Slowly drive up the dam and you will be able to drive around almost 
Drive through door:
There is a "ghost" door in Portland at the Atlantic Quays area. Atlantic Quays 
is where you drive Maria to the party. You can drive through the fourth garage 
door, however anyone can get in. 
Drive under Staunton island:
Get a boat from Azuka's Condo and drive it in the direction of the little 
bridge with the secret package on top of it. Go to the part where you can beach 
the boat on the road. Go back in the direction of Azuka's slowly and look at 
the land beside you. When you see a triangle of grass coming down where there 
should be just gray roc correct the boat so that you hit it straight on. If 
done correctly, you should go underneath. 
Drive on top of cars:
Look around Staunton Island or Shoreside Vale for a Cartel Cruiser. Jack it and 
look for cars with a very low center of gravity. Enable the "Flying car" code 
and approach it at full speed. You will drive over it like a monster truck. 
Go through walls:
Enable the "Faster game play" code twice. Get any car except the Dodo or a bus. 
Drive up to a corner where two walls meet. Get out of the car. Run into the 
corner of the car that is closest to the wall. Keep trying until you are inside 
the building or wall. Note: This does not work on all walls. If you go inside 
some buildings, the game will glitch and you will fall through "Blue Hell". The 
game will not freeze. 
Get an Esperanto and enable the "Improved driving skills" code. Go to the 
Atlantic Quays in Portland and drive straight toward the building you drop 
Maria off at. Press L3 to go straight through the side of the roof. 
In Staunton Island, go to the police station. Go up the stairs leading to the 
station, turn right, then jump over the glass ledge and carefully ease along 
the narrow ledge. Soon after the fourth segment, you should be able to go 
through the wall. This leads to a room with "Blue Hell" on the floor. However 
you will be able to fall through on the clear floor on the far left. 
Go to the police station on Staunton Island. Steal the police car and enter the 
gates. Once in, steal the Enforcer. Go back to the gates you just entered from, 
but do not leave. Parallel park against the building so that you are up against 
it. Then. jump onto your Enforcer's roof and jump onto the window ledge. You 
can walk inside the building through a window (the fifth one from the gate or 
somewhere near that). You can see the jail cell once you are inside. If you 
keep walking straight to the far wall, you will fall through the floor and fall 
out of the sky. This is not a way onto the roof, so you still cannot reach the 
helicopter.Go to Marco Bistro. Go slightly past where there is a long alley in 
the center of the building. Go into the first opening to the right and drive 
towards the brown wall. You can drive through this wall, look under Portland 
Island, and continue to fall into "Blue Hell". You will land on the road in 
front of this building and get a stunt bonus reward. You can do this as many 
times as desired, but the reward will keep getting smaller. 
Go to Francis International Airport in Shoreside Vale. Go to the two Rumpos 
sitting there then head left. Just behind the two Rumpos, turn right at that 
corner and head straight to that wall. You will go through and if you turn left 
inside, you can head up it. 
When you get to Staunton Island, enable the "Improved driving skills" code. Go 
to the Pay 'N Spray and back up to the two foot wall. Accelerate into it and 
immediately before hitting the wal, press L3 to jump. You will go through the 
ceiling and enter "Blue Hell". When you return to the normal world, you will 
the on the Callahan Bridge or just outside of the Pay 'N Spray. 
In Portland, get a moderate car (such as a taxi) and enable the "Better driving 
skills" code. Go to the Pay 'N Spray. Get on the street so that the sprayer is 
on your right. Drive full speed down that road and jump off the hill to the 
left of the building over the wall while holding L3. While in the building, go 
left without falling off, and you will exit the building and see a blue pool. 
Drive into it and you will do a ton of spins if you hold X. Move the Right 
Analog-stick Left or Right Analog-stick Right or Left and you will spin in that 
direction. Then, you will magically land in Saint Mark's. 
Go through door:
Go to Atlantic Quays at Portland Island. Go to the warehouse at the of the 
road, the one closest to Joey's. Go to the door of the warehouse. You can 
either drive or walk through the door. You can now either hide from the cops 
for awhile or shoot through the door. Note: Cops can also go through the door. 
You can also stash cars in the warehouse. Note: Sometimes the cars will 
Go through roof:
At Staunton Island, go to Pay 'n' Spray and enable the "Better driving skills" 
code. Go into the garage and jump. You will jump through the roof and land 
somewhere else. 
When you are about to do an insane stunt or jump off a ramp, enable the "Better 
driving skills" code to jump further. Sometimes you will land on top of some 
buildings, causing you to enter blue hell. 
Go through Triad Fish Van:
Jump onto the front of a Triad Fish Van. After it moves slightly, you will fall 
over and the van will still be moving. You will stay in the same spot that you 
fell at, go through the vanm and stay in the air, floating. However, this will 
kill you. 
Walk in first person view:
Get an M16 and enable the "Weapons for pedestrians" code. First, find someone 
with Molotov Cocktails or a flamethrower. Enrage him or her by targeting or 
punching. Then, before he or she sets you on fire, switch to the M16 and go 
into first person targeting and hold. Get set on fire, then kill the person 
that attacked you by shooting him or her with the M16 (still in first person 
view). Wait for the fire to extinguish and you will be able to walk in first 
person viiew, provided you did not die or stopped holding target. However, you 
can not shoot, and walking is difficult. You must keep moving the crosshairs to 
walk, and you can only go sideways (which results in making circles); or just 
walk. You cannot backpedal. Also, do not jump or you will lose the effect. 
Walk through the air:
Get an ambulance and drive it to Saint Mark's Bistro in Portland Island. Drive 
the ambulance up the stairs to the top of the Bistro. Then, climb on top of the 
ambulance onto the narrow wall. Walk on the wall until you reach the next 
rooftop it meets with. Switch to overhead view to avoid accidentally falling 
off. You can now walk around in the air over the other rooftops. You can tell 
where the invisible ground ends by looking for scraps of paper laying about 
There is a location in Portland where you can walk on air, in Mafia territory. 
It is across the street from the Don's house where the picnic area is located. 
There will be a roof that you can use as a ramp. Jump on one of the buildings 
on the left or right. 
Drive on air:
Drive a car to the top of Saint Mark's Bistro in Porland Island. Enable 
the "Better driving skills" code and jump your car (Bobcat or Taxi recommended) 
on top of the building to the right. You can drive on air for awhile, and also 
jump to other buildings. Watch for the newspapers on the ground to make sure 
you do not fall off. 
Drive on roof:
At Shoreside Vale, go into the tunnel and enable the "Better driving skills" 
code. Press L3 while in a car to jump on the roof. Sometimes you will get stuck 
on the roof. While you are on the roof, you will be able to drive on it. 
Accelerate while you are on the roof before you fall. 
Stuck in subway:
Get a Banshee and drive on the handrail in the center of the steps leading down 
to the subways. It will get stuck. When you get out, sparks will start flying 
and you will not be able to get back in. Blow it up and it will shoot down the 
steps and into the subway. Note: If you get hit by it, you will lose lots of 
health and possibly die. 
Take a Rhino and ride it into the subway tunnels between the two escalators. 
After that, take any lightweight vehicle and ramp it off of the Rhino. you Will 
now be stuck in blue hell and cannot move. If you get out of the vehicle, you 
will fall through blue hell and land in the Panta-lantic construction site with 
little damage done. 
Go to the subway station at the airport. Get in the subway door all the way to 
the left and enter. Then, get back off. You will now be able to run on top the 
subway tunnel, but only to the right side. If you go to the left ,on top, you 
will fall and a subway train will hit you. 
Run on subway underwater:
On Staunton Island, go to where you first brought Maria. Steal the Banshee and 
drive down the stairs. Turn left at the bottom and go to the end of the dock, 
but not over into the water. Steal a Reefer boat and drive it to where you left 
the Banshee. Drive your Banshee onto the back of the boat. Immediately get out 
of your car. Do not run around; just stand where you got out. You should fall 
through the boat and land on the underwater subway. You can now run on the 
subway, underwater. If you fall off, you will be transported or you will die. 
The only way to exit off the subway is to fall off. 
Sinking Dodo:
While at Francis International Airport, when you get the Dodo in the hanger, 
hop the fence behind it. When you get to the small opening by the fire truck, 
try to get through. The Dodo will sink. When it does so, get out because it 
will catch on fire. 
Sinking Linerunner:
In Portland, get a Linerunner. Then, find the Mean Street Cabs HQ in Trenton. 
There is an alley next to it, which is too small to get through. Go to the 
other side of the building and attempt to drive through the alley. The 
Linerunner should start to sink and then catch fire. 
Fall through game:
Go to the overpass of the bridge between Portland and Staunton Island on the 
Staunton side. Go to the southwest edge of the bottom of the overpass (with the 
radio station ads). Note the tiny space in-between the brick building and the 
overpass. Walk up to it and you will fall through the game, reappear in the 
sky, fall through the overpass, and only lose five health points. 
On the second island at the police station are two gates. Enter the one on the 
right with a police car and drive around the back of the station to the left 
side gate. Go though the gate to the bottom of the ramp. Exit the car and walk 
into the corner where the walls meet. You will then fall through the wall and 
land on the street corner above. 
While on any island, take a car and drive it into the subway. Go onto the 
tracks and park the car a few yards in front of where the subway train stops. 
Wait for it to approach and start up again. If you park in the correct 
position, the train will ram you through the wall and you will fall into black 
for a few seconds before landing on the street directly above the subway. If 
you land on your wheels you can be rewarded with at least $5,000. 
Go to Staunton Island and enter the hospital parking lot. Enable the "Better 
Car Handling" code. Build speed while driving towards the hospital then use the 
hydraulic jump to get onto the roof. If you drive into at the hospital 
building, you will fall through it, through "blue hell", and arrive inside the 
Porter tunnel. 
Enable the "Faster game play" code find a corner or a similar place. Run at 
sprinting speed into the corner and you should fall through the level and 
eventually end up somewhere else on the island you are on. 
Get on top a building that is not usually accessible by jumping with hydraulics 
or going through an invisible wall. Exit back through an invisible wall and you 
will fall through the floor and the screen will turn blue. After a short while 
you will appear back on land. 
Enable the "Better driving skills" and "Slower game play" codes. Line yourself 
up with your garage in Portland. Cross the street in front of the entrance of 
your hideout. Drive and jump your car exactly at the start of the sidewalk in 
front of the entrance to your hideout. You should land on top of your garage 
and fall into a blue glitch. 
Go to the Mafia house in Portland (on top of the cliff, where you enter it and 
hear the piano). Get a car and enable the "Better driving skills" code. Drive 
from where the two black Mafia cars are located in the dirt area, and jump over 
the small round poles that block a car from driving onto the stairs. Continue 
straight and jump onto the rooftop in front of you. If you can, turn the car 
left to where the rooftop connects. If you cannot, just get the car to a stop 
and get out of it. Walk on the rooftop over by the chimney. You might be able 
to hear the piano. Walk into the chimney, but not too far, because might just 
walk through it. You will fall into it, and see inside. If you get stuck, just 
walk into the middle. You will then fall for a couple of seconds under the 
ground, and have view of the beach and the sky. You will then land in the 
street directly in front of the Mafia house. You also may lose a few health 
Go to the police station in Torrington on Staunton Island. Go to the back where 
the Enforcer is located. Get in the Enforcer (or a police car) and drive 
through the gate on the right. Keep going straight down the ramp until you get 
to the turn (under the police station). Get out of the car and walk into the 
corner. You will fall through the bottom of the screen, appear in the sky, and 
fall down to the pavement. You will be at the decorative pyramids outside the 
police station. Note: This takes off five health. 
When you are at your hideout in Staunton Island, go to the garbage dumpster to 
your left. Enable the "Faster game play" code two times, then run as fast as 
you can behind it. You will fall through the game onto the street under the 
lift bridge. 
When you are in Staunton Island, steal a boat and ride it over to Shoreside 
Vale. Then, take the boat back to Staunton Island under the lift bridge 
connecting Shoreside Vale and Staunton Island. After the "Welcome to Staunton 
Island" message appears, look directly ahead directly under the area where the 
bridge and island meet. It should seem it is a white void. Drive the boat into 
the void. After a few seconds of falling, you will be transported to the lift 
bridge or the Belville Park area (depending on how fast your boat is). 
On Staunton Island, enable the "Better driving skills" code. Jump on to the 
hospital then get on the roof and run into the wall in the car. Keep pushing 
until you fall into the blue screen. If done correctly, you should drop on the 
underground road that takes you to Staunton Island. This trick can be used to 
get to Shoreside Vale early, or be used as a quick way to get there. 
In the subway, stand by the railing. You will notice that your leg will go 
through it slightly. When the train arrives, let it hit you. You will fall 
through blue hell and appear by Kenji's casino. It only takes 5 health points 
At Staunton Island, go to the subway at the southern most part of the island. 
Wait for a train to appear. When it does, go in the second door from the left. 
There should be a dip in the platform where you have to get up, but you will 
make it. Ride the train to the next stop at the airport. When you get off, you 
will be transported to the top of the subway tunnel. 
At Shoreside Vale during the boat mission, go to a hill/mountain. Bump into a 
certain part of it and you will appear on the street with your boat. 
Bad bump in Portland:
Go to Trenton at the Portland docks. On the other side of the fence near the 
third semi trailer is a lump in the ground. If you follow the lump up and down, 
you will find a glitch that will also damage your health by 5 percent. 
Get into Portland hideout without having to save:
This glitch allows you to get in the hideout where you go with 8-Ball to change 
clothes. Get a Tank, go to your hideout, then park it in the garage. Get out 
and you will fall through the ground and into the room. There is a bed with a 
refrigerator in side. However, you cannot get out. 
Portland sniping location:
Take an ambulance up to Marco Bistros and up the stairs. At the very top of the 
stairs, park it directly in front of the little corner ramp, with the right 
side against the wall. Stand on the ramp and jump onto the hood, then onto the 
top. Then, walk onto the building. Walk to the other side and you will see a 
building that goes down like steps. You can see newspapers floating around. 
Jump up on top of this invisible wall and you can walk around in the air very 
high up, and can use this as the perfect sniping spot. 
Extra bums in the Portland tunnel:
Get a Bobcat, drive to the Portland Tunnel, and get on the roof of the Bobcat. 
The bums will walk away into the wall. When this happens, walk to the hood and 
another bum will fall from nowhere. Walk to the roof again and the bums will 
walk into the wall, go back on the roof, and another bum will fall from 
nowhere. Repeat this as many times as desired to get more bums. You need to be 
in between them, and you cannot kill any of the them. Note: This is an easy way 
to get fire sticks. 
Flying boat in tunnel:
Get on the speed boat that is behind the Yakuza mansion. Then, go left past the 
island in the water. Make sure you are to the left of the island. Stay sort of 
close to the side with the land. As soon as you start to turn the corner to the 
left, there is a piece of land that dips down close to the water with grass on 
it. Drive the boat straight into that piece of land and you will disappear into 
it. You will drop out of the screen and land into the underground tunnel 
mostly. If you get out of the boat sometimes it will float to the ceiling. 
Unlimited time on taxi missions:
Do a taxi mission and make sure the timer is on. Before you get your next fare, 
try to run down the timer and before it hits zero attract your next fare by 
stopping in front or around him/her. The counter should disappear, but the 
passenger should still enter the car and tell you where they want to go. You 
can keep using the same taxi with unlimited time for each passenger. Turning 
off the taxi mission or getting out of the car will result in the return of the 
timer in game. 
Taxi passengers that cannot be picked up:
Do the trick of doing a taxi mission in other vehicles by holding R3 when you 
are inside the taxi, exiting, going into another car, and releasing R3. Attempt 
to do the taxi missions in an emergency vehicle and the game will slightly 
glitch. The people that you could pick up will rarely flash green on the map 
and you cannot pick them up. However, they will wave to you as usual. Try this 
with the Police Car and turn on the siren. 
Easy checkpoint missions:
If you are having trouble with some checkpoint missions, such as Multistory 
Mayhem, put your car directly in front of a checkpoint and allow the timer to 
run down. As soon as it hits "0", accelerate into the checkpoint. If done 
correctly, the timer should stop but the checkpoints should still be there. 
This gives you an easy ride to the last checkpoint, which when hit, will result 
in about $20,000. 
Car alarm:
After getting into a car that has an alarm system, get back out after it goes 
off. Throw a grenade or shoot a rocket at the car. The car will explode, but 
the alarm will keep sounding. 
Get crushed by car crusher:
Enable the "Better driving skills" code in Portland. Get a car that jumps high, 
and jump into the top opening of the car crusher. 
Smashed by bridge:
Get a Banshee and go to the bridge from Staunton Island to Shoreside Vale. 
While the bridge is up, take your Banshee and drive it to the edge so that your 
front wheels are hanging over, then get out. The car should stay there and not 
fall off. When the bridge comes down, watch it get smashed and get wedged in 
between the normal road and the rising one. Note: After that is done, you can 
stand in front of it and jump. Your character will act as if the car is driving 
at him and jump out of the way. 
Car on water:
Get any car and go to Asuka's condo in Staunton Island. Drive down to the docks 
where you enter Staunton Island and drive your vehicle on top of the boat. 
While it is on it, get out and drive the boat away. The car will fall off into 
the water, but will not explode. Note: You can jump on top of it, and even get 
in the car. However, once you are in it, you cannot get out and will die. 
Get a Coach or other long vehicle and go to the Portland Harbor next to the 
Linerunner. Back the rear end of the vehicle off the edge of the harbor, and 
get out. Go to the front of the vehicle and push it off (run at the vehicle). 
You can now jump down on the vehicle. 
Car under fire truck:
Drive a fire truck and hit a car head on, If done correctly, the car will go 
halfway underground or into the fire truck. 
Disappearing people:
When your walking and see people in the distance, press the button to look 
behind you, then turn back. The will have disappeared. 
Walk into the subway and kill all the people. Do not turn off your wanted 
level. When the subway arrives, get inside. When it leaves you will see people 
reappearing and disappearing as if they were ghosts. 
People go through bridge:
Drive any car onto the bridge between Shoreside Vale and Staunton Island. 
Create a road block in the part that goes up. Wait for a car to appear and then 
wait for the bridge to go up. When the bridge is going up, pull the person out. 
They will get sucked through the roadway. Sometimes when entering the car, you 
will get sucked through as well, you will come back out. Most cars will 
disappear after awhile with the person in it. If they do not, you can make 
people fly. 
Upside down people:
Go to the Shoreside Vale subway. Go to the steps and go to where the subway 
stops and picks up passengers. Go back to the wall directly by the stairs. 
Press R3 button to look behind and the game will show a group of blue lights 
and people walking upside down. 
Standing dead people:
Enable the "Faster game play" code twice so it is at its maximum effect. Get a 
fast car such as a Banshee or another sports car. Run over pedestrians as they 
cross the road. They will be dead, but continue to stand in a puddle of their 
own blood. You can walk through them, and other cars will drive through them. 
Invisible weapon:
Have a weapon and enable the "Different costume" code. If you want to get a 
certain weapon, pick the weapon before the one you want. 
If you enable the "Different costume" codes frequently, sooner or later some of 
your weapons will become invisible. When you shoot, you will not see the gun, 
your hands that are holding it, and bullets. 
Invisible/no people:
Get to a part on the coast of either Staunton Island or Shoreside Vale where 
you can easily see the other island closely with a sniper rifle. Look at the 
other island through the scope while zoomed in, and there will not be any 
people on the island. 
Invisible cars:
Go to Liberty City and steal a flatbed truck. Enable the "Better driving 
skills" code then go to the multi-level parking garage and drive to the top. 
Press L3 once at the top and every car in the garage will vanish. Note: This 
also works with the bus. 
Invisible Pole:
Go to the second island and get to the parking garage near the save location. 
Go in the left side of the garage. Go up the first ramp on the left. As you go 
up the first ramp, count four parking lines on the ground. When you reach the 
fourth line, there will be an invisible pole. 
Blow up cars in garage but still have them later:
Put some cars in your garage, open your garage, then shoot a bazooka to blow 
them up. Hurry and run away so the garage door will shut. Go back to the 
garage, open it, and the cars will still be there. If you catch a car on fire 
in your garage, close the door then open it again. The fire will be gone. 
Flamethrower through windows:
Walk into a place where the game pauses as you enter, such as Ammu-Nation, 
where no police or pedestrians can follow you. The flamethrower can pass 
through windows. You can use it to torch any passing pedestrians and cars. Your 
wanted meter will keep increasing, but the helicopters and the FBI will not be 
able to go inside to arrest you. In fact, the police cars will not be able 
to "see" you, and will simply drive past. 
Boat with wheels:
Get a boat and drive it very fast on the coast and to land on the ground. Push 
it with a car to make it move. It will move easier when pushed from the back. 
To turn it, run into its sides. Enable the "Health" code to prevent it from 
exploding, as pushing will damage it severely. Push it into a Pay 'N' Spray and 
it will have wheels after the doors open again. 
Teleporting limo:
When playing the Salvatore Has Called A Meeting mission, park a Tank in front 
of the garage at Joey's. Go inside and the limo cannot get out. It will try a 
few times, back up, then the game will show the building, then the street. The 
limo will be there. It will crash into some poles and may lose a hood, but it 
will get to the other side of the tank in perfect condition. 
Disappearing boat:
Start the Gone Fishing mission. Once you get the boat and get far enough, Ray's 
partner will not shoot at you. Crash the boat on land and run away from it so 
it is out of sight. Return and the boat will be gone, except for the barrels 
that were on it will be floating. 
Disappearing cars:
Go to the multi-story car park near Asukas in Stauton island. Go to the very 
top level and enable the "Better driving skills" code. Then, go to the opposite 
side of where the ramp is located. Press L3 to use the hydraulics and all the 
cars on the top story will disappear. Note: This does not work with a Yardie 
Floating car:
In Portland, complete the emergency cars list so that you can get an FBI car or 
a police car from the boat's crane. There should be a Yankee truck next to it. 
Select either the police or FBI car and get into the Yankee. Get directly under 
the car where it would normally drop to the ground. It will not drop because 
you are under it. Make sure all four tires are lined up to the top of the 
Yankee, then exit the car. When you walk away from the truck the crane will 
drop the police or FBI car on the top of it. When you get back into the truck 
and pull away, the police or FBI car should stay where it is, in mid-air. 
Go down to the tunnel where all of the islands are connected. Enable 
the "Flying car" code. Go down the tunnel, then press L3 to jump, Your car 
might get stuck up there. You can get out, or go through, looking at an upside 
down world. 
Get any car and go to the part of the bridge from Staunton island to Shorside 
Vale that moves up and down for the boats. Park your car sideways so that you 
will block cars that are passing. Wait for the bridge to go up, then allow the 
cars go past. They will drive off of the raised part of the bridge. If you get 
out of your car and look at the cars, you will see that they just float down to 
the ground just as if they were driving normally. 
Spinning car:
Take a small car (Cheetah recommended) to where the bridge to Shoreside Vale 
goes up and down. Drive carefully to the point where the front wheels are off 
the edge below it. When the bridge comes down, almost on top of you, drive 
slightly forward. If done correctly, your car will get stuck. Accelerate, and 
your car should spin around as if it was getting sucked into a vortex. If you 
do not get out, the next time the bridge goes up you will fall through the 
bridge into the water. 
Floating corpse:
Hit a pedestrian with a car, so that he or she falls on your car. Drive a short 
distance to a mission. Park your car on the blue point. Take the mission. After 
the mission introduction, your car should be disappeared, and the dead body 
will be floating in the air. 
Jumping hobos:
In Portland, enable the "Better driving skills" in the tunnel by the shop where 
you can get the Banshee. Begin jumping and all of the hobos in the tunnel will 
jump with you. 
Wiggling gates:
At the gate to the airport in Shoreside Vale, get a car and drive into them 
very slowly. The gates will begin to bounce around, then wiggle on the ground. 
Maria pretends to drive:
Immediately after the Chaperone mission starts, enter to the "in-car" view. 
Press R2 and L2 to look back at Maria, who will have her hands out as if she 
were holding on to the steering wheel. Note: This only works for the first time 
she is in the car. It will not work after the party. 
DJ announcement:
On the radio station Lips 106, the female DJ tells everyone "If you wanna dance 
your ass off, try Sex Club Seven in the Red Light District. If Jazz is your 
bag, try Luigi's Bar that's also in the Red Light District." However, in 
actuality Sex Club Seven and Luigi's Bar are the same place. 
Police radio in ambulance:
When in the ambulance, listen to the radio. Once you hear a voice on the radio, 
get in a police car and listen to all transmissions. 
Import Export garage and police:
Complete the list of cars at the Import Export garage at Shoreside Vale. Raise 
your wanted level to at least two stars. When all the police are near you and 
getting out of their cars, go into the garage and get any car. Go outside, and 
while the garage door closes, the police will start walking around normally and 
stop shooting like nothing is wrong. When the door opens again, they will 
resume what they were doing. 
Rain inside building:
Enter a building, such as Salvatore's place and enable the "Rain" code. It will 
rain inside the building. 
Drive around in airport:
Enter the airport at Shoreside Vale. Immediately when you get in, take a left 
driving by the side of the airport building. As you keep driving, you will see 
a building ahead of you with two vans parked out front. Off to the left side of 
the building is a white square-shaped air walkway going from the building and 
into the airport. It starts low at the building, inclines up, then straightens 
out into the airport. Walk straight into the lowest wall of the white air 
walkway to enter it. You can then make your way up the entire ramp, however 
there is a wall just at the entrance to the airport. You can bring a car up 
there as well. Note that you can only walk in the lowest part of the front 
side, closest to the vans. 
Fly into Staunton stadium:
Get to the Ghost Town and fly past and through the hill near the pipe. You will 
end up miles higher than the stadium. Dive into it and you may or may not fall 
into the underworld. 
Enable the "Dodo" and "Rhino tank" codes. Turn the turret of the tank so that 
it is firing backwards. Find a long straight road leading to the stadium. Make 
sure you are far enough away from the stadium so that you can fly. Keep firing 
the shells backwards and you will gradually pick up speed. Do not press Up to 
fly. If you keep driving fast enough, you will gradually get higher. Try not to 
steer the Rhino too hard while in the air, as it will start to nose dive. Tap 
the steering slightly so that you are pointed directly towards the stadium. 
Once you are overhead you will be able to see the stands where the audience 
would sit, and also a football field. In the stands, in white writing, you can 
also see the words "Liberty Cocks" (the name of the football team). You can do 
a nose dive and plummet to the bottom, but the ground is not solid. You fall 
just a few feet under the field. If you jump, you will be able to see over 
ground and into the stands. If you try to get out of the stadium, you will 
automatically fall into blue hell and may land somewhere else in the city. 
Drive into Staunton stadium:
Get an Esperonto and enable the "Better driving skills" code. Go to the pay 
phone where you receive calls from the Yardies. Drive as fast as you can on the 
straightaway towards the stadium. Start up the steps in the middle, aiming for 
the corner of the stadium. Press L3 just before you get to the top of the 
steps. You may need to practice a few times to do it correctly. If done 
correctly, you should be able to drive around the stadium for awhile. If your 
car catches on fire, enable the "Full health" code or you might have to walk 
until you fall through the game. If you still have your car, drive so you can 
see the stands. 
Get on top of building on Staunton Island:
Go to the bridge leading to Portland. Look to your right and keep driving. Once 
you see a billboard (there should actually be a few), jump onto the concrete 
guardrail and into the gap below. You will not be able to walk. Instead, change 
the view so that you can see your character's face. Then, hold Analog stick 
Back and keep jumping. You should eventually become temporarily stuck, then 
fall down. If done correctly, you should plummet downwards into blue hell, then 
reappear on the road below you, the bridge you started out on, or on top of a 
building with jagged edges. The building's edges are curved, but there is 
an "invisible floor" supporting you on the regular top level of the peaks of 
the individual rooftop edges. You can look down and snipe people from here 
without getting harmed by the police inside the perimeter of three stars. 
Fly onto cargo ship:
Get a Dodo and take off from Francis International Airport and fly to the Ghost 
Town. Fly past and you will see a pipe. Fly through the hill there then fly 
towards Portland. You will appear twice as high as you thought you were. Fly at 
the boat and nose-dive into it. From here you can walk around on the boat that 
takes your emergency vehicles. 
Army in the ocean:
Get a boat and go out somewhere in the ocean. Enable the "Raise wanted level" 
code and increase it to six stars. Destroy the helicopters and go to Portland 
with the boat. Then, return to Staunton Island while still with the boat. You 
should see two tanks in the ocean. You can destroy them with a flamethrower, 
but make sure you do not start to burn. 
Tree in room:
Go to the park in Staunton Island with the M16 rifle. Once you get to the park 
go towards the northernmost part, where the lake and the offroad mission 
vehicle is located. There will be a building there. If you look at the side 
facing the lake, you will see sort of train tracks on the ground, which lead to 
a blue door. Face that door and go as close as you can to it. Tap to move 
backwards, so you are facing the opposite direction. Equip your M16 and hold 
R1. Turn the view around so that its facing the blue door. You should be able 
to see through it into a room containing a single tree. 
Game cannot be completed:
This glitch can be done in Portland or Shoreside Vale. Get into a taxi and park 
next to one of the Patriots that contain missions. Hold R3, get into the 
Patriot and release it. The taxi mission and the Patriots Playground (or the 
Gripped) mission will be activated at the same time. The game will freeze for 
about two minutes, then the "Mission Failed" message will appear. However, the 
pink checkpoint dots will remain on the map at the bottom, making ambulance, 
taxi, or vigilante missions difficult. Also, the Gripped and Patriots 
Playground missions will never be accessible again, preventing you from 
completing the game 100%. 
Saved game warning:
If the game seems to freeze when saving, do not turn the PlayStation2 off. If 
you do, your data will be erased forever. You might have to wait awhile for it 
to unfreeze. 
If your game freezes when you are trying to save, and you cannot reset the 
power to avoid losing the game, wait the "Saving Game…" screen appears. Do not 
reset -- instead, just open the disc tray and take the disc out. Close the disc 
tray and the screen saying that your game was saved will appear. After that, 
put the disc back in and you should be all set and free to reset if needed. 
Do not save the game with a Barracks OS (Military Troop Transport) in your 
garage. This results in an inability to recover the game, and also prevent 
saving a Grand Theft Auto 3 game properly on that particular memory card again. 
You can try to save it in your hideout garage, but do so at your own risk. 
Instruction manual:
The bottom right of page 14 of the manual (with the map) displays the gang 
logos. The Heart logo (Diablos) is identified instead as "Columbian Cartel". 
The logos are correct again on the next page, where the logos are bigger.

Grand Theft Auto III Missions
Mission list:
1. Give Me Liberty: Introduction Mission
2. Luigi 1: Luigi's Girl
3. Luigi 2: Don't Spanka Ma Bitch Up
4. Luigi 3: Drive Misty For Me
5. Luigi 4: Pump Action Pimp
6. Luigi 5: The Fuzz Ball
7. Joey 1: Mike Lips Last Lunch
8. Joey 2: Farewell Chunky Lee Chong
9. Joey 3: Van Heist
10. Joey 4: Cripriani's Chauffeur
11. Joey 5: Dead Skunk In The Trunk
12. Joey 6: The Getaway
13. Toni 1: Taking Out The Laundry
14. Toni 2: The Pick-Up
15. Toni 3: Salvatore Called A Meeting
16. Salvatore 1: Chaperone
17. Toni 4: Traids And Tribulations
18. Toni 5: Blow Fish
19. Salvatore 2: Cutting The Grass
20. Salvatore 3: Bomb Da Base(Parts 1 & 2)
21. Salvatore 5: Last Requests 
Portland: Extra Missions
1. El Burro 1: Turismo
2. El Burro 2: I Scream, You Scream
3. El Burro 3: Trail By Fire
4. El Burro 4: Big 'N' Veiny
5. Marty Chonks 1: The Crook
6. Marty Chonks 2: The Thieves
7. Marty Chonks 3: The Wife
8. Marty Chonks 4: Her Lover
9. RC Toyz 1: Mafia Massacre
10. RC Toyz 2: Diablo Destruction
11. Patriot Play-Ground 
Staunton Island
1. Staunton Island Hideout
2. Asuka Kasen 1: Sayonara Salvatore
3. Asuka Kasen 2: Paparazzi Purge
4. Asuka Kasen 3: Under Surveillance
5. Asuka Kasen 4: Payday For Ray
5. Asuka Kasen 5: Two-Faced Tanner
6. Kenji Kasen 1: Kanbu Bust-Out
7. Kenji Kasen 2: Grand Theft Auto
8. Kenji Kasen 3: Deal Steal
9. Kenji Kasen 4: Shima
10. Kenji Kasen 5: Smack Down
11. Ray Machowski 1: Silence The Sneak
12. Ray Machowski 2: Arms Shortage
13. Ray Machowski 3: Evidence Dash
14. Ray Machowski 4: Gone Fishing
15. Ray Machowski 5: Plaster Blaster
16. Donald Love 1: Liberator
17. Donald Love 2: Waka-Gashira Wipeout
18. Donald Love 3: A Drop In The Ocean 
Staunton Island. Extra Missions
1. King Courtney 1: The Interwiew
2. King Courtney 2: Uzi Rider
3. King Courtney 3: Gangcar Round-Up
4. King Courtney 4: Kingdom Come
5. RC Toyz 3: Casino Calamity
6. 4x4: A Walk in the Park
7. 4x4: Multistory Mayhem 
Shoreside Vale
1. Shoreside Vale Hideout
2. Donald Love 1: Grand Theft Aero
3. Donald Love 2: Escort Service
4. Donald Love 3: Decoy
5. Donald Love 4: Love's Disappearance
6. Asuka Kasen 1: Bait
7. Asuka Kasen 2: Espresso-2-Go
8. Asuka Kasen 3: S.A.M.
9. Ray Machowski 1: Marked Man
10. Catalina 1: The Exchange 
Shoreside Vale. Extra Missions
1. D-Ice 1: Uzi Money
2. D-Ice 2: Toyminator
3. D-Ice 3: Rigged To Blow
4. D-Ice 4: Bullion Run
5. D-Ice 5: Rumble
6. 4X4: Gripped
7. RC Toyz: Rumpo Rumpage 

Grand Theft Auto III Cheat Codes

Tank (Rhino):
Press Circle(6), R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle during game play. A 
message will confirm correct code entry. The tank will appear in front of you. 
This may be repeated as many times as needed. 
Flying car (low gravity):
Press Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1 during game play. A message will 
confirm correct code entry. Accelerate and press Up to take off. 
No wanted level:
Press R2(2), L1, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down during game play. A message 
will confirm correct code entry. Note: Saving the game will make the effects of 
this code permanent. 
Higher wanted level:
Press R2(2), L1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left during game play. A message 
will confirm correct code entry. Note: Saving the game will make the effects of 
this code permanent. 
All weapons:
Press R2(2), L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up during game 
play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Repeat this code for more 
To get unlimited ammunition, enable the "All weapons" code continuously until 
whatever you want is at 9999 shots. The next time your clip runs out, it will 
reload automatically but the magazine (9999) will stay the same. Note: If you 
are busted your weapons will disappear and this code will have to be repeated. 
Full health:
Press R2(2), L1, R1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up during game 
play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Note: If this code is enabled 
during a mission where there is damage on your car, the meter will be reset to 
If your vehicle is on fire, enable the "Full health" code to extinguish it. 
This code also repairs your car. You cannot see the repairs, but it will act 
like a new car. If on a mission where you need to have a mint condition car, 
sometimes enabling the "Full health" code will fulfill the mint condition 
Full armor:
Press R2(2), L1, L2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up during game 
play. A message will confirm correct code entry. 
More money:
Press R2(2), L1, L1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up during game 
play. A message will confirm correct code entry. 
Destroy all cars:
Press L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1. A 
message will confirm correct code entry. 
Better driving skills:
Press R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1(2), Triangle during game play. A message will 
confirm correct code entry. Press L3 or R3 to jump while driving. Note: Saving 
the game will make it so your car will never tip. Also every car will have 
hydraulics which will enable it jump 15 feet in the air over other cars. 
After this code is enabled, any time you roll your car, press Square + X to 
flip back over. This will work as long as your car is not on its roof. 
Increased gore:
Press Square, L1, Circle, Down, L1, R1, Triangle, Right, L1, X during game 
play. No confirmation message will appear. You can shoot off pedestrians' arms, 
legs, and heads with some weapons (sniper rifle, assault rifle, explosives) 
with an increase in the overall amount of bloodleft behind. Note: Saving the 
game will make the effects of this code permanent. 
Press L1, L2, R1, R2(2), R1, L2, X during game play. A message will confirm 
correct code entry. 
Overcast skies:
Press L1, L2, R1, R2(2), R1, L2, Square during game play. A message will 
confirm correct code entry. 
Press L1, L2, R1, R2(2), R1, L2, Circle during game play. A message will 
confirm correct code entry. 
Normal weather:
Press L1, L2, R1, R2(2), R1, L2, Triangle during game play. A message will 
confirm correct code entry. 
Invisible cars:
Press L1(2), Square, R2, Triangle, L1, Triangle during game play. A message 
will confirm correct code entry. Only your vehicle's wheels will be visible. 
Faster game play:
Press Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, L1, L2 during game play. A message 
will confirm correct code entry. Repeat this code to increase its effect. 
Slower game play:
Press Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R1, R2 during game play. A message 
will confirm correct code entry. Note: This also continues the effect of an 
adrenaline pill. 
Speed up time:
Press Circle(3), Square(5), L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle during game play. A 
message will confirm correct code entry. Repeat this code to increase its 
Different costume:
Press Right, Down, Left, Up, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right during game play. A 
message will confirm correct code entry. 
Note: This code can also be used to get invisible weapons. First, have a weapon 
in your inventory. Then, enable the "Different costume" code. Once you have 
changed costumes, you should be holding a weapon but you cannot see it. Note: 
Pressing R2 or L2 to change weapons will change it back to a visible weapon 
Pedestrians riot:
Press Down, Up, Left, Up, X, R1, R2, L2, L1 during game play. A message will 
confirm correct code entry. Note: Saving the game will make the effects of this 
code permanent. 
All pedestrians have weapons:
Press R2, R1, Triangle, X, L2, L1, Up, Down during game play. A message will 
confirm correct code entry. Some pedestrians will throw bombs or shoot at you 
if you steal their car. Note: Saving the game will make the effects of this 
code permanent. 
Pedestrians attack you:
Press Down, Up, Left, Up, X, R1, R2, L1, L2 during game play. A message will 
confirm correct code entry. Note: Saving the game will make the effects of this 
code permanent.

Note: Do not copy this file. Do not put somebody’s name 
on this file.

This FAQ is copyright 2008 by Christopher D'Amore ([email protected]) YOU 


                      THE END

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