Secrets in Pikmin - Guide for Pikmin

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1. Challenge Mode
2. Creature Video
3. Invincibility
#1 Challenge Mode

To unlock challenge mode save the game at any time to unlock it. To unlock more 
levels unlock that level in the main game. The goal of challenge mode is to 
sprout as many pikmin as you can in one day. Theses are the target scores.
Impact Site: 194 pikmin
Forest of Hope: 333 pikmin
Forest Naval: 243 pikmin
Distant Spring: 258 pikmin
The Final Trial: 212 pikmin
#2 Creature Video

To get the creature video get the happy ending(get all 30 ship parts before the 
end of day 30) and after the credits a video will come up showing every enemy 
and boss that is in Pikmin in alphabetical order.
#3 Invincibility

To become invincible at any time press down on the control pad and Olimar will 
lay down and become invincible to all enemy attacks. If you have four pikmin 
(max five) near you they will carry you the one of the three onions and the 
oninon will spit out fireworks. This cannot be done on day one.
This is my third pikmin guide. I hope you liked it. If you have questions or 
comments e-mail me at [email protected]

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