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Super Monkey Ball 2 Secrets

1.Party Games
3.Extra Levels
4.Master Mode and Master Extras
5.Glitch Floor
#1 Party Games 

To get extra party games you need to play story mode or challenge mode to get 
play points. For every 2500 play points you get, you can get any of the other 
six party games. When you get all of the party games the music on the menus 
will change.
#2 Gifts

To get gifts you need to get all 12 party games then more play points and go to 
options and select gifts. For 1000 play points you can get a cutscene from the 
story mode or you can play the staff credits game whenever you want. For 500 
play points you can get an extra life for challenge mode.
#3 Extra Levels

To get extra levels complete begginer, advanced or expert without using a 
continue to play an extra 10 stages.
#4 Master and Master Extras

To get to the master levels(first time) you have to beat expert and expert 
extras without using a continue. These levels are super hard. To get to master 
mode(second time) go to challenge mode and pick master difficulty. To get to 
master extras complete expert, expert extras and master without a continue or 
if you picked master difficulty complete master without a continue.
#5 Glitch Floor

(Note:This glitch does not always work.)
1.Start a new file in Story Mode.
2.Qiut on the first stage.
3.Play that stage in practice mode.
4.Start an advanced game in challenge mode.
5.Quit between levels 1-10.
6.Go to practice mode, swicth modes, pick advanced, press L to switch to 
begginer and it should be highlighted. The level name is ~~.
7.Select and play.
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