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There are three endings in True Crime: best, poor, and average. If you can manage 
to unlock all three endings, you unlock a special bonus movie that proves once and 
for all that Mastersonto boogie. Finish the game through episode eight, alternate 
episode five, and alternate episode seven to unlock all three endings. 
Another secret are the Dogg Bones. There are 30 Dogg bones scattered around Los 
Angeles. Find all thirty and unlock the Snoop Dogg patrol! When you find the first 
bone, the other 29 appear on the city map. Here's how to find a first bone and get 
you started: 

Enter downtown Los Angeles and get on Broadway. Go northeast until you reach 1st 
street. Just beyond first, enter the park on the left toward Hill. Find the 
hovering, rotating bone near some of the shrubbery. 

Go to the episode select screen and select Snoop Dogg's head to activate Dogg 
Patrol. You'll be shown the city map; you can select your area for patrolling. You 
get a special car (press left and right on the directional pad for fun) and must 
try and solve as many crimes as you can in one hour. 

The streets of Los Angeles are a dangerous place. If you can't handle the pressure 
with your fighting, shooting, and driving skills you may need to resort to every 
seasoned cop's last resort: cheat codes. This section provides cheat codes for all 
three consoles and also includes secrets, such as how to unlock Snoop Dogg's Dogg 
patrol mode. 
PlayStation 2 Cheats
Enter the map screen and press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, X to unlock all garage 
Enter the map screen and press R1, L1, Up, Right, Left, Down, L3, R3, X, Square to 
unlock Snoop Dogg Patrol. 
Enter the map screen and press Left, Right, Left, Right, X to unlock all driving 
Enter the map screen and press Up, Down, Up, Down, X to unlock all fighting 
Enter the map screen and press Right, Left, Right, Left, X to unlock all shooting 

Character Models (All Consoles)
Change Nick Kang into other models by entering specific letters on your license 
plate. Enter the letters, highlight "OK" and press L1 + R1 + X. 

HAWG - A biker
JASS - An S&M donkey
PHAM - A butcher
M1K3 - A commando
BRUZ - A boxer
B00B - A female punk
TFAN - A gangster
TATS - A tattooed lady
MNKY - A male punk
J1MM - A corpse
PIMP - A pimp
FATT - A police officer
5WAT - A S.W.A.T.
B00Z - A bum
HARA - A worker
MRFU - A gambler
FUZZ - Johnson the officer
B1G1 - The Chief
ROSA - Rosie
HURT_M3 - Rosie, scantily clad 

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