Seed Maker and Tartan - Guide for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

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Tartan is a two headed talking plant who can create new seeds for you when you give 
him 2 crops.

Become good frinds with Takakura and find him on your farm on your farm at five 
o'clock and follow him until he goes into his house. go in right after him. you will 
enter a moment and you will be introduced to Tartan. He will always be there and 
talk to him every day and be nice.give him meals that you cook and eventually when 
he asks you if you want help the option "Hybrid" will be added to the list. click 
Hybrid and give him 2 grown crops, except carrots, and he will give you a seed for a 
second generation crop, grow it and put it in the seed maker.

The Seed Maker allows you to put grown crops inside and you will get 2 seeds, do it 
12 at a time.

Become friends with Daral and go to his house and get into a moment at exactly 1 00 
pm  and go back out and go back in for another moment than leave than go back in and 
yet another moment, only he will give you the seed maker.
Tip.. grow a banana tree and put bananas in the seed maker and sell the seeds, and 
get extremely rich.

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