seeing through the ground glitch - Guide for Need for Speed: ProStreet

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This faq is something i figured out myself. This is very simple but there is a
risk of overheating your machine. If you have ANY minor difficulties, i am not

Anyway, for this glitch to work, we'll need to keep the ps2 running for
approxomately 12 hours or until the ps2 becomes slow. Then select any track.
After that, your game will start glitching and become slow at loading. But when
you are about 10 seconds in the race. the track will start to disappear and when
you try to drive over the dissinagrated ground, it will freeze and load the
track in the middle of the race. this may happen several times and may happen in
several games. 

p.s. if the game freezes, just simply reset the console.

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