Sell all the masks - Guide for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

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   FOX MASK=Go up to Death Mountain after you gave the guard there Zelda's Letter, 
talk to him with the mask on and he will pay you for it. Return the money to the 
mask shop in Hyrule Castle Town.
   SKULL MASK=Enter the lost woods and go to the left. Jump into the stump and put 
on the mask. Play Saria's Song and the Skull Kid will ask you for the mask.
   SCARY MASK=Go to the Graveyard in Kakariko Village at midday. If you come in at 
the right time of day, a boy should be playing in the Graveyard. Talk to him with 
the mask on and give it to him.
   BUNNY MASK=BEFORE: you do this empty out your rupees. Buy anything you can and 
try to get the Giant's Wallet. Give this mask to a man who is running around the 
field behind Lon Lon Ranch. He is chasing rabbits and running around like an idiot 
so you can easily get him to give any price for the Bunny Mask. He will eventually 
get tired and stop running. Then talk to him and he will ask for the mask. Give it 
to him and he will give you as much money as your wallet can hold. This is why I 
told you to empty out your wallet in the first place.
   MASK OF TRUTH=When you receive this mask you cannot sell it. This mask can talk 
to the Gossip Stones that have the big eye on them. Anyways, the Gossip Stones will 
tell hints or funny facts throughout the game. You must be wearing the mask to talk 
to the Gossip Stones.

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