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---Shifters General FAQ v0.1
Copyright 2002 Alan Smithee ([email protected])
First uploaded 06/09/2002
Last updated 06/09/2002

This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot
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Smithee ([email protected]).  It can be found exclusively at
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"Shifters" is a trademark of The 3DO Company.  The content of the game
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trademark of the Sony Corporation.  All other trademarks are the property
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---FAQ Version history

06/09/2002 - v0.1 - Inital upload

---Table of Contents

I. Goals
II. Shifters
III. Manual notes
IV. Game structure
V. Forms
VI. Stats
VII. Tips

I. ---Goals of this document

This is not a walkthrough; it's a FAQ, a tips and tactics document, and
a resource for general information about the game "Shifters" for the
Playstation 2.  This document may contain game spoilers, and if you
prefer to avoid such information, you'd best stop reading after section
Once people start asking questions, I'll start including answers in a
proper FAQ section.

II. ---What is Shifters?

Shifters is an action-RPG by The 3DO Company.  It exists solely on the
Sony Playstation 2 Computer Entertainment System.  It's the unofficial
sequel to 3DO's "Warriors of Might and Magic" for the PS2.  It shares
many of that game's mechanics, but improves on many of its shortcomings. 
Shifters is a third-person melee title, with a focus on action,
exploration, and character development.  There is also some puzzle-
solving, NPC interaction, and secondary questing.

Shifters was released in Europe in mid-May of 2002; it should be
released in the U.S. by mid-June, 2002.

III. ---Shifters manual errata and notes

(Note: This only covers the manual for the NTSC version of the game.)

Page 4: The "Story" depicted here doesn't actually take place until the
third act of the game.

Page 5: This is the default control config, config 1.

Page 14: The Beast Shaman's spell is not "Channel Protection", it's
"Minor Healing".

Page 14: The Beast Warlord's spell is not "Channel Projectile", it's
"Channel Protection".

Page 14: The image of the Undead Mage (Mors Mortis) accidentally depicts
the Genie Warlord.

Page 14: "...the forgotten Tome." should read, "...the forgotten Tomb."

Page 15: The Genie Shaman's spell is not "Imprison", it's "Nuke".

Page 20: It's stated that the O button is a "Power Swing", while the X
button is a "Quick Swing".  This is incorrect; as defined on Page 5, the
O button is a magical ranged attack, while the X button is a melee attack.

Page 22: Again, the spell "Imprison" has been replaced with the spell
"Nuke", which is an extremely powerful medium-range attack.  Make sure
that you're not too close to your target when you cast "Nuke", because
you'll get caught in the damage radius.

IV. ---Game structure

(In progress)

1. Medieval Hub:

     A. Castle Area
     B. Village Area

2. Arabian Hub:

     A. Ancient Tomb Area
     B. Kreegan Temple Area
     C. Palace Area
     D. Town Area

3. Steampunk Hub:

     A. Sewer Area
     B. Daria's Airship Area
     C. City Area

V. ---Forms

(In progress)

1. Beast

     A. Grunt
     B. Shaman
     C. Warlord
     D. Mage

2. Undead

     A. Grunt
     B. Shaman
     C. Warlord
     D. Mage

3. Kreegan

     A. Grunt
     B. Shaman
     C. Warlord
     D. Mage

4. Genie

     A. Grunt
     B. Shaman
     C. Warlord
     D. Mage

5. Hybrid

     A. Grunt
     B. Shaman
     C. Warlord
     D. Mage

6. Automaton

     A. Grunt
     B. Shaman
     C. Warlord
     D. Mage

VI. ---Stats

(In progress)

VII. ---Tips

1. Try the different control configs to see which you like best. 
Configs 2 and 3 place the most-used buttons on the top of the controller,
freeing up both thumbs for the analog sticks.  Config 2 also features an
always-on strafe that some players may prefer.  

2. Finish chained-X combos with the O button.  If executed correctly,
this will perform a powerful knockback move.

3. You can sneak.  You can't get through the entire game sneaking, but
it can be a valuable tool when circumstances allow.  Sneaking up on an
unsuspecting enemy will allow you to get in a sneak attack, which is
always fatal.  (This REQUIRES that you attack FROM the sneak -- if you
walk normally, even a single step, your target will hear you.)  Note that
sneaking won't hide you in shadows -- that sort of stealth doesn't exist
in Shifters.

4. If you're in an Undead form, you'll slowly regenerate your health
over time...

5a. Use your forms!  Not only do they each have unique advantages,
they're also really cool to play :)

5b. Upgrade your forms!  You will become more powerful and obtain new

6. Use your spells.  Your enemies will be using them on *you*.

7. Upgrade your base abilities.  Mind gives you spell points; body gives
you hit points; spirit makes your spells more powerful (damage, range,
duration, etc).

8. In general, *green* means poison.  Green fog, green liquid, etc. 
This will cause some amount of damage over some period of time; of
course, if you're in an Undead form, it's all good.

9. Skill settings:

     -Easy: The Player's base health is higher than normal; the Player's
health regenerates; in some areas there are fewer enemies than normal;
enemy AI is more forgiving.

     -Medium: Enemy AI is a little tougher than on Easy.

     -Hard: The Player's base health is lower than normal; in some areas
there are more enemies than  normal; enemy AI is more viscious, and is
more likely to pull off long combos.

10. Combo breakers: By hitting "Attack" and "Block" at the same time,
you can often break an enemy's combo.  Be careful; they can also do this
to you!


(In progress)


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