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                                Shooting Upgrades

Drive to the 24/7 facilities offering shooting upgrades to receive a number of 
improvements to your weapon and shooting ability, including aim assistance 
(excellent for neutralizing criminals or shooting a car's tires), fast reload, and 
the addition of a scope and flash light. 

Upgrade #1 - Dual-Target Aim
Info: Provides ability to auto-aim at two targets at once. Reticle highlights the 
primary target. Other nearby targets are fired upon when possible.
Objectives: Destroy five targets. Avoid civilian targets (three). 
Gun targets appear one and two at a time during this upgrade trial. The key to 
completing it is to shoot rapidly when the targets appear on screen and to reload 
your weapon between target appearances. You don't want to spend time reloading your 
weapons while a target sits on the screen. 
The fourth target moves from right to left behind civilian targets; wait for it to 
move to the area's center before shooting it if you want to play it safe (though 
you should have time to destroy it on the far right). After the two moving targets 
(they move toward you), the next target moves from left to right behind civilian 
targets. Wait for this target to move to the area's center before shooting. 

Upgrade #2 - Aim Assistance
Info: Allows targeting of vital points during precision aim. Reticle turns green 
when neutralizing point targeted. Reticle turns red when lethal point targeted.
Objectives: Achieve seven neutralizing shots. Avoid civilian targets (two). 
As the targets appear, enter precision aim (hold down the fire button) and aim the 
reticle at the target's arm (either side) or between the legs. Head do not count as 
successful neutralizing points in this trial. Don't remain in precision aim the 
entire time. Exit and re-enter so you recharge slow time, which will provide more 
opportunity to line up your aim. It only takes one shot to neutralize (if your aim 
is true). Beware of the civilian targets. Against the moving target, slow down time 
(re-entering precision aim) and lead the target's neutralizing point slightly. 

Upgrade #3 - Fast Reload
Info: Increases reload speed.
Objectives: Destroy or neutralize 10 targets. Avoid civilian targets (one). Avoid 
head shots. 
Four targets drop down immediately. Fire as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you 
could use precision aim to slow time and score neutralizing (not head shots!). The 
fifth target should be neutralized as it rests behind a civilian. Exit precision 
aim and shoot the next two targets (one moving) with rapid fire. Four more targets 
are dropped. Shoot them quickly or use precision aim to slow time and score 
neutralizing shots. The final target is behind two civilians. The target's arms are 
covered so use precision aim to score a neutralizing blow on the target's legs. The 
key to this task is destroying as many as possible when the four targets drop on 
the screen (twice). Watch for the blinking light at the top of the targets, which 
indicates the target is about to be raised. 

Upgrade #4 - Fast Aim Speed
Info: Increases reticle speed. Improves aim for moving targets.
Objectives: Destroy or neutralize 12 targets. Avoid civilian targets. Avoid head 
The first batch of targets can be destroyed with rapid fire. Nail the first target 
then wait for the next two to move past the civilians. The targets then move along 
the edge of the screen. Destroy them here. The next tough point is after the three 
targets that drop down. Shoot the next target then enter precision aim mode to 
shoot the target behind the two civilians. Shoot the last three moving targets 
quickly to complete the task. Remember you can enter precision aim to slow time 
temporarily and use neutralizing however, normal aim mode is generally much easier 
for these moving targets. 

Upgrade #5 - Laser Sight
Info: Engages tracking laser beam during precision aim. While precision aiming, use 
directional buttons to select desired vital point. Pull away from current target to 
enter free-aim.
Objectives: Achieve 10 neutralizing shots. Avoid civilian targets. Avoid head 
The targets rest behind wooden barriers but otherwise it's a similar task. Enter 
precision aiming to score the neutralizing . Between dropped targets, exit and re-
enter precision aim to slow down time. Don't forget to watch your ammo level and 
reload when low so you've got a fresh clip to work with! For the moving targets, be 
sure to re-enter precision aim for slower time and lead slightly. When the target 
drops behind the two civilian targets, go for the neutralizing shot on its leg 

Upgrade #6 - Flash Light
Info: Illuminates vicinity in dark environments. May blind enemy during precision 
Objectives: Destroy or neutralize 10 targets. Avoid civilian targets. Avoid head 
The target range is dark and it'll be tough to spot targets that aren't close. Use 
precision aim to nail each target with a neutralizing . Enter and re-enter 
precision aim to slow down time. It will also provide an opportunity to scan for 
the targets' locations. When you're in precision aim, it's difficult to see how 
many targets are currently in the range. Slow down time against moving targets and 
lead the arm or leg to score a neutralizing blow. 

Upgrade #7 - Scope
Info: Provides 2x zoom level during precision aim.
Objectives: Perform 10 headshots. Avoid civilian targets. 
This is one of the tougher gun upgrades to complete. It's all head there are 
plentiful barriers obstructing targets, and some of the targets move. There's 
little room for error too as you must hit nearly every target to successfully 
complete the trial. Remember to enter and re-enter precision aim to slow down time 
temporarily. This will help you strike the moving targets easier. Also, watch your 
ammo levels and reload between targets when necessary. For the eighth and ninth 
targets that appear, keep your targeting reticle on the center barrier aimed near 
the head level. These two targets move from the right and left sides of the screen 
into this center area. They're much easier to hit here. 

Upgrade #8 - Top Accuracy
Info: Reduces aim error.
Objectives: Destroy or neutralize 12 targets. Achieve 50% accuracy. Avoid head 
shots and civilian targets. 
Destroy all of the targets. You should use precision aim to avoid pelting the 
civilian targets. Enter and re-enter precision aim to recharge slowed time. Don't 
fire wildly since 50% or above accuracy is mandatory for completing the task 
successfully. Be very cautious when striking the moving targets (enter precision 
aim when any appear). You fail the mission should one civilian target perish. 

Upgrade #9 - Hollow Point Ammo
Info: Increases bullet damage factor.
Objectives: Destroy or neutralize 15 targets. Avoid civilian targets. Avoid head 
There's a lot of barriers, moving targets, and obstructing civilians in this one. 
Any time you don't have a civilian on the screen, remember you can just fire away 
and forget about precision aim. Destroying the target works just as well as a 
neutralizing  . When the three targets drop down, the remainder of the targets lack 
civilian obstructions so just start firing like mad. For the first few, use 
precision targeting. You can try and score neutralizing shots or just aim your 
reticle at the target and fire as many shots as required to destroy the target 
(just avoid the head!). 

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