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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS)
by vhayste®
Contact: [email protected]
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Version: V1.0 06292009


This document is copyrighted to me, Vhayste®. It is intended for ~PRIVATE~ use
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1. Poor Preparation is Costly > (3) Iron Ores > 2400G, new equipment for sale
2. What the Blacksmith Does Best > (3) Silver Ores > 3600G, new equipment for sale
3. Work of the Finest Quality > (3) Gold Ores > 7200G, new equipment for sale

*Iron Ores > Common chests, Rock Knight
**Silver Ores > Owl Knight - Argila Swamp, Tin Man - Dracula's Castle, Hammer
Shaker - Dracula's Castle, Automaton ZX27 - Dracula's Castle
***Gold Ores > Chests in Mystery Manor and Dracula's Castle, 

1. Needs More Salt > salt > Corn Soup
2. I've Never Eatern That > Raw Killer Fish > Killer Fish BBQ, Ramen Noodles
3. Can't Cook Without Ingredients > Tasty Meat > Thick Steak

*Salt > Needles, Gelso, Forneus - Kalidus Channel
**Raw Killer Fish > Killer Fish - Kalidus Channel
***Dracula's Castle, rare treasure chest in Somnus Reef

1. Running Out of Sage > Sage > Potion, Tonic
2. Medicinal Ingredients Needed > Chamomile, Rue > Anti-Venom, Uncurse Potion
3. Mandrake is the best medicine > Sage, Mandrake Root > Heart Repair, High
Potion, High Tonic
4. Unusual Medicine Components > Sage x1, Merman Meat x1 > Super Potion

*Sage: Minera Prison Island, Misty Forest Road, Skeleton Cave
**Chamomile: Kalidus Channel, Oblivion Ridge
**Rue: Misty Forest Road, Tymeo Mountains, Tristis Pass, Argila Swamp
***Mandrake Root: drops from Mandragora
****Merman Meat: Lorelai - Somnus Meat

1. Making a Dress! > 5 Cotton threads > Cotton Dress, Sequined Dress available
in shop
2. Silkworm Tragedy > Silk Thread x5 > Silk Dress, Empire Dress, Corest Dress
in shop
3. Is That Cashmere? > Cashmere Thread x5 > Party Dress, Wedding Dress
available in shop

*Cotton Threads: Random chest in - Monastery, Ruvas Forest, Minera Prison
Island, Kalidus Channel.
**Silk Thread: Arachne - Tristis Pass, random chest in - Misty Forest Road,
Skeleton Cave, Somnus Reef
***Cashmere Thread: White Fomor - Mystery Manor, Library (Dracula's Castle),
rare treasure chest in  Misty Forest Road, Skeleton Cave

1. A Lucky Stone > Lapis Lazuli > Lucky Clover available in shop
2. A Pleasant Accessory > Ruby x1, Sapphire x1, Emerald x1 > Ruby Pins, Ruby
Ring, Sapphire Pins, Sapphire Ring, Emerald Pins, Emerald Ring available in shop
3. A Heartwarming Accessory > Diamond x1, Onyx x1 > Diamond Pins, Diamond Ring,
Onyx Pins, Onyx Ring available in shop
4. The Job of a Lifetime > Alexandrite > Royal Crown

*Lapis Lazuli:  random chest in Kalidus Channel, Misty Forest, Skeleton Cave
**Ruby: Tymeo Mountains, random chest in Dracula's Castle, rare chest in Argila
Swamp, Tymeo Mountains, Tristis Pass
**Sapphire: Kalidus Channel, random chest in Dracula's Castle, rare chest in
Somnus Reef
**Emerald: Kalidus Channel, random chest in Dracula's Castle, rare chest in
Argila Swamp, Tristis Pass
***Diamond: Oblivion Ridge, Dracula's Castle, random chests in Training Hall,
Large Cavern
***Onyx: Tristis Pass, Dracula's Castle, random chests in Training Hall, Large
****Alexandrite: rare treasure chest in Training Hall, Large Cavern

1. The Silent Violin > Horse Hair > Recording 2, 3 available for sale
2. The Killing Scream > Record Banshee's cry> Recording 4, 6 available for sale
3. Artists can be selfish > Black Ink, Eagle Feather > Recording 7, 8 available
for sale

Receive Phonograph; talk to him again for him to give you the first quest
*Horse Hair > Nightmare > Tymeo Mountains
**Banshee's Cry: MOnastery - In the same room where you obtained the Fool's
Ring, there is a Banshee that will appear in the lower part of the area. Wait
for it to scream (you should see shockwaves emanating from the hag) then open
your menu and use the Phonograph. A successful recording will give you an
onscreen message that the quest has been completed. Return to George for your
***Black Ink: acquired from Dark Octupos, Kalidus Channel
***Eagle Feather: dropped by Alistairs in Tristis Pass

1. Case of the Vicious Blight > Picture of a Cave Troll > 6000G, Frontier Issue
1 available in shop
2. Case of the Demon Horse > Picture of the Jersey Devil > 8000G, Frontier
Issue 2 available in shop
3. Case of the Hideous Snowman > Picture of the Yeti > 12000G, Frontier Issue 3
available in shop

Talk to him to receive camera
*Getting image of Troll: Return to Tymeo Mountains and enter from the upper
right. Jump across the chasm to the left to find a hill with some jumping
scarecrows. The troll is located on top of the trees in the middle of the
section. Lure it to a flat portion of the hill and once it is horizontally
straight ahead of Shanoa, press Start to open your menu and use the Camera. A
successful snapshot of the troll should reward you with an item called Photo 1.
Bring that to Marcel. 
**Getting image of the Jersey Devil: In the second screen of Argila Swamp, the
Jersey Devil will fly and start breathing fire. You must jump in front of it
and press start to open your menu. Select out your camera and snap an image
until you get Photo 2. Remember that the target should be within the crosshair
of the camera (will appear after snapping a pic) so you should adjust to the
appropriate distance. 
***Getting image of the Yeti: This is a very elusive creature that will escape
immidiately once it spots you. It is located in the middle of the vertical
passage in the center of the map. Take either entrance from the upper left or
right then head to the center. Quickly jump in front of it, open your menu and
snap a pic. You can respawn it by entering the room nearby and doing it again.
Remember that you can snap a pic of it even if it already turned its back and
about to jump away. 

1. Hide and Seek > Find serge in 15 seconds. > Red Drops
2. Show Me the Owl > Summon some owls and show it to Serge > Blue Drops
3. Can't Catch Me > Find serge in 30 seconds > Green Drops

*Destroy the barrel to the upper left corner of the town. 
**Equip Fidelis Noctua and summon some owls. Talk to serge to obtain your reward.
***Don't mind his confusing directions. Before starting the quest, look for
Abram. The kid will be standing directly on top of him. Though you'll be moving
in pitch black darkness, you can still rely on your handly map on the upper
screen. To reach his location, you'll need to walk past abram, then use the
ledge between the urn and Nikolai. Press up when you're in the exact spot to
talk to the kid. 

1. Finding Tom > Find Tom the Cat > Black Drops
2. Mice Make for Good Eats > Find a Mouse for Tom the cat > Heart Earrings
3. Tom and Jewelry > Find a Chrysoberyl > Ribbon

*Go back to Tristis pass and enter from the upper left entrance. Go past two
screens. On the 3rd screen (that is fog-free), climb the trees to find the blue
cat on top of a tree. 
**Go to Kalidus channel, enter from the lower left entrance. Proceed to the
sunken ship. The mouse is a fast runner to don't chase it; you should rather
wait for it to run towards you then keep pushing (not holding) the DPAD Down
button to catch it. Return to Anna. 
***Rare item from treasure chests in Tymeo Mountains and Somnus Reef. After
getting the gem, talk to Anna, then go to Laura to make a charm. (Obtain Cat
Collar) Return to Anna to get your reward.

1. Vicious Crows > Defeat 30 crows > MOcha Eclair
2. Do you hear howling? > Defeat 10 Werewolves > Tart Tatin
3. An Unwelcome Guest > Defeat Jiang Shi > Winged Boots

*Go back to Tymeo Mountains and go to the third section, where there is a
steady stream of boulders rolling down from the hill. Jump on the tree branches
to find several crows. Just enter and exit the area for the crows to respawn
and keep killing them until you get the prompt that the quest has been
successfully completed. 
**Go to Oblivion Ridge and hunt these beasts. They are numerous in the area
before the church.
***You may find this monster inside the Large Cavern

1. A Beacon of Hope > Draw the top of the lighthouse > Garbo Hat
2. Important Resting Place > Draw the Tristiss Pass Waterfall > Treasure Hat
3. Tragic Memories > Draw the church on Oblivion Ridge > Dowsing Hat

Talk to Daniela to obtain a sketchbook
*Head to the top of the lighthouse and use the sketchbook. Obtain lighthouse art
**Head to tristis pass and use the sketchbook. Obtain Waterfall Art
***Enter the church and use the sketchbook there.

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