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Black & White

Evil but good and Silver Scroll guide           version 1.0
            Rudenwallaren                            A.K.A      Robin Rudenwall
(In case you are wondering, I'm Swedish)

First words written: 02.07.2001
Latest update: 15.07.2001
E-mail: [email protected]

I. Words from the author (me)
II.    Disclaimer
III. Evil but good guide
IV. Silver Scrolls

 IV.1. Land 1
  IV.1.1 Learn how to throw stones
  IV.1.2 Drowning fishermen
  IV.1.3 Good Sheep Hunting
  IV.1.4 The Singing Stones
  IV.1.5 Ship Building
  IV.1.6 The Piper
  IV.1.7 The Hermit
  IV.1.8 Me name Sleg, Me hungry...

 IV.2. Land 2
  IV.2.1 The big bad plague
  IV.2.2 The Singing Stones (again)
  IV.2.3 The gift of belief
  IV.2.4 The swimming children
  IV.2.5 The Slavers
  IV.2.6 The Riddle
  IV.2.7 Beach Temple Puzzle
  IV.2.8 The cow-stealing children
  IV.2.9 The Idol

 IV.3. Land 3
  IV.3.1 The guru (and the yogi)
  IV.3.2 The ... rewinder? :)
  IV.3.3 The annoying man

 IV.4. Land 4
  IV.4.1 The fisherman
  IV.4.2 The healing sister

 IV.5. Land 5
  IV.5.1 Stanley the wolf
  IV.5.2 The sickening smell
  IV.5.3 The dragon knights

VI. Final words from the author

I. Words from the author (me)

This is my absolutly first guide, to any game. So tips on how to make it better
would be
much appreciated. I decided to write this faq because  A: I had some tips I
wanted to share
with other people. Like, you don't necessary have to be evil just because your
is growing spikes. I'll get back to that later.  B: I had some free time on my
And  C: Blah.


II. Disclaimer

Ya know, no copying of this guide without my permission. No modifying of the
text in this FAQ.

This FAQ/guide can be found at the following sites.

The latest version can always be found at GameFaqs.

NOTE: If you see this guide anywhere else than at these sites. MAIL ME! And
I'll deal with the situation properly.
This also applies if you see this FAQ/guide translated to another language and
published somewhere where it isnt allowed to
be published, if you see this, MAIL ME!


Version history

15.07.2001 = Added land 5 quests. Added some final words from me.
10.07.2001 = Corrected an answer in the FAQ section plus added one new
question. Added land 4 quests.
07.07.2001 = Added land 3 quests plus corrected some wrong rewards at the land
2 quests.
05.07.2001 = Added one new question in the FAQ section. Added land 2 quests.
04.07.2001 = Submitted this FAQ to
02.07.2001 = First words written


III. Evil but good guide

NOTE: This guide is only meant for Single player. You may try it in
multiplayer. Since I don't have internet
on the computer that I have Black & White installed I havent had the chance to
try it online. So I guess this strategy
is mainly for newbies who never seems to be able to convert one single village
in Skirmish. (Like one my buddies. :) But I
DO hope that some people will get some help from this guide.

In this section I am going to explain how to be evil, but still being good.
There are a lot of guides describing how to be evil and/or good.
Actually there are certain drawbacks on being plain evil or good.
If you are plain evil for example. I.E starving your villagers, killing for
fun, destroy
houses for fun. You will end up with less people. Which means less influence.

And all good gods. Their drawback is that they will spend LOTS and LOTS of time
managing villages. I'm not saying this is bad. Because they will end up with
lots of influence.
But then, they will spend a lot of time trying to convert an enemy village.
Sure, they will get lots of belief
with "flying creatures" miracle and artifacts. But maybe just about 200 each
"flying creatures" and artifact.
And that isnt enough if you have to get 1800 belief. That is the drawback of
being good.

Now, here I will explain my strategy. In it you mix in the good parts in being
good and evil.

First, start off in being good. Which means that you should feed your villagers
and give them houses to expand.
The most important thing is that they get kids. I will get to that point later.
Do NOT play evil and make them starve!
Starvation is bad.

Second, continue in being good. Send your creature to convert all of the
neutral villages. Start off with the ones close
to your initial village.
Then proceed until you have converted all of the neutral villages avaible. And
all villages belongs to someone.
That is how you convert a neutral village. But I bet you already knew that. :)

(NOTE: Only use this strategy if the village require 1000 belief or more!!!! If
it only requires ~800 you can use
normal impressing techniques, unless you want a quick convertion that is. :)

Third, Time to get evil!!!! Get your influence so you can get your hand inside
the enemy village for at least
some seconds. This can be done by  A: Increase the population in your nearby
village. or  B: Building a wonder. I would
recommend  A though. Unless you have a lot of wood somewhere that you dont know
what to do with it. I recommend you
save the wood for the enemys last village.
OK, now. As said, time to get evil.

Sacrifice children to get lots of PP (Prayer Power). Note that you can also
take people from the enemy village and
sacrifice THEM instead of your own villagers.
Use the PP for "Lightning" miracle. Now, go postal and kill
everyone in the enemy village until every single one is dead! If he has
worshippers at the temple. Just torch
the village store to bring them back. Then kill them.
If you feel like this way of converting a village is too evil for you. You can
also move every villager from
the enemy village to yours. But make sure you have enough houses for this.
Then, when the village is empty of villagers. Just place a missionary in the
village. And impress him/her.
Since the required belief now is 0. Its enough if you just throw some wood in
front of him/her. And s/he will get
enough impressed for you to get the village.

The downside of the killing is that every death lessens that villages
influence. Though, it wont lessen if you
simply move one of the villagers to another village. So, if you dont want to
build up all of that villages influence.
I recommend that you move all the villagers to another village.

Summary: I myself always kill everyone in the enemy village. Which means that
my hand is as red as it can beand my temple
has more spikes than the whole fakir world confederation.


Some evil gods do so stupid things, they make people starve. And they do this
just because they want to play evil.
But the only thing this accomplishes is that you will have less (and less
happy) villagers.
So, the only evil things that is "good" is sacrificing and killing people in
enemy villages.
Personally I always sacrifice, I almost never use worshippers. And that is
because of two reasons.

1: I always forget about them, which means they'll starve and die. Which is
2: They are slow. It's a lot faster to sacrifice a child. And it doesnt harm
your village population very much.


I have read a lot of guides on how to play good. But they never seem to work.
People say that I should keep the desire flags
as low as possible. I do this,,, nothing happens.

I can play through a skirmish game without killing a single villager. And no
desire flag raised higher than 50%. Except for
at the end of the game. When I just want to kill the enemy god. But still I
just get about a +0.07 alignement change!

So I ask you. Is there any way of getting a high positive alignement fast? Or
at least without having to play 10+ games?


IV. Silver Scrolls

Silver scrolls are not vital, but may give you certain bonuses if you finish
them. There are usually a lot of ways
to NOT finish a quest. And usually only a few way to finish it. I'll try to
give you as many ways as possible to
finish a quest. And how to get the maximum of fun out of the quests. :)

 IV.1. Land 1

The first island doesnt have very challenging quests, in my opinion the
only challenging quest is the sheep quest. And the singing stones might also be
a bit tricky, but not too much.
I will try to give you three ways of completing each quest. One good solution
with a good reward. One evil solution
with an (if possible) evil reward. So let's get started.

  IV.1.1 Learn how to throw stones

Location: Behind your temple, close to the mountains.

Good solution

Do as White tells you to do and use the rocks to knock the stone of the pillar.
Very simple.

Reward: A beach ball in a chest.

Evil solution

Pick up a rock, drop it on the man watching you until he dies. Then throw his
and knock the stone off the pillar. :)

Reward: A beach ball in a chest.

  IV.1.2 Drowning fishermen

Location: Near the fishing spots at the beach close to the village, you can't
miss it.

Good solution

Have your creature leashed with the compassion leash and have him pick them all
up and bring them to the beach.
Do this by first clicking on the drowning fisherman. And then click on the
beach (or wherever you want your creature
to put him down).
Remember that you won't get any reward if you let anyone of them drown.

Reward: Strenght creature miracle dispenser.

Evil solution

Throw in the woman that gave you the quest, give her to your creature, throw
her around. Just make sure you kill her.
Also, don't rescue the fishermen. Or you CAN rescue them, but only if you want
them to become food to your creature.

Reward: Nothing.

  IV.1.3 Good Sheep Hunting

Location: In the village, next to the creche. Close to the gates.

Good solution

Return all of his NINE (9) sheep. He will give you the first reward when you
give him the first 5 sheep.
But he have forgot that he actually has 9 sheep. So you will get the second
part of the reward when you have found them all.

The location of all of the sheep are as follows:

* Behind the huge gate.
* Next to the sculptors house.
* Fenced in with some pigs, a little bit outside the village.
* Near a singing stoneby the sea, close to the village and where the drowning
fishermen where.
* Where the stone throwing quest were. Next to the hut.
* Where the sick man was.
* Under some trees where you started. (Not EXACTLY where you started, follow
the path a little bit.)
* On the mountainSIDE (notice SIDE.) close to where you started.
* On a mountaintop close to the hermit. (The camera will zoom in to it when you
get the quest.)

A tip when searching for the sheep are to zoom in until you hear a "baaing".
Then you'll know you are close to the sheep.

Reward: For 5 sheep, a stack of grain. For all 9 sheep, the sheep creature.

Evil solution

Do whatever you want, wreck his house. Find all his sheep, change to the sheep
creature and then have it eat
all the sheep sure is evil. Or you can just let it eat the farmer.

Reward: The same as above if you find his sheep. If you just do nothing and
kill the farmer: Nothing.

  IV.1.4 The Singing Stones

Location: Close to three stones with runes. Outside the second village.

Good solution

Find all the stones and place them in the right order. The tunes are supposed
to go from lower to higher tunes.

The locations are as follows:

* Close to the singing stones. Amongst some trees if I remember right.
* Where the sick man was.
* In the village. Next to the graveyard.
* In the hermits quarry.
* On the mountain BACKSIDE. Near the beach where you started. On a cliff. It
can be pretty hard to spot.

There are also three false stones. But you'll know if you've found any of
those. Their tunes defenetly doesnt
belong to the scale.

Reward: A food miracle dispenser.

Evil solution

Use a singing stone and wrech the mans house. Then find all of the singing
stones and throw them into the ocean.

Reward: Nothing.

  IV.1.5 Ship Building

Location: Behind the huge gates. You can't miss it.

Good solution

Bring them everything they asks for. First wood, it has got to be from the
Then grain. And last meat. Any kind of meat will do. But don't use a sheep
unless you have finished the sheep hunting quest.
It's OK even if you give them two horses.

Reward: A water miracle dispenser. (And some help on island 5.)

Evil solution

If you didn't like their song, or just wants to be evil. Just kill them!
That is in fact the only thing you can do since it seems like the ship is

Reward: "Oh, my god! They killed Kenneth!"

  IV.1.6 The Piper

Location: At the first village's créche.

Good solution

Get your creature over there and leash him to the piper. Who will have a panic
attack and freeze. Giving your creature
some time to catch him.
Then, put him down near the cave and he will unlock it and release the

Reward: A heal miracle dispenser.

Evil solution

Just ignoring it is rather evil. But not very fun. So have your creature pick
him up and eat the piper. Or just
kill him yourself by dropping a rock at him.

Reward: Lightning miracle dispenser.

  IV.1.7 The Hermit

Location: Near the stone you had to find for the sculptor.

Good solution

Actually, the only one that worked for me is to just let him grow.
Play skirmish and let him grow there. Thats all I can think of.

Reward: If you manage to impress the hermit he will give you a water miracle
dispenser. And he will tell you a
secret about fireflies. The secret is that, at days, they will hide under rocks
and trees. And if you find
them. And lift the tree or rock the firefly will change into a one shot

Evil solution

The very first time I got this quest my creature went so mad at the hermit that
he picked up a stone and threw
it on the hermits house. I got a one shot water miracle. And then, after some
time I also got a burning storage.
That is what the hermit will do if you wreck his house. He will set fire on
your storage.
But be on your guard and make sure he doesn't get the chance to do this and
you'll be fine.

Reward: A one shot water miracle. (And a burning storage?)

  IV.1.8 Me name Sleg, Me hungry...

Location: Close to the spot where you fought Guide.

Good solution

Bring the ogre some food. But you have to do it twice to make him go to sleep.
Then have your creature sneak by
and grab the treasure.

Reward: Beach ball, and improved heal miracle dispenser.

Evil solution

Use your creature to fight the ogre. When you win you can go through the pass
and get the reward.
If you fail the first time, just keep trying until you beat him.

Reward: Beach ball, and improved heal miracle dispenser.


 IV.2 Land 2

The quests in land 2 are quite fun to do. And there are quite many of them. One
more than land 1.

  IV.2.1 The big bad plague

Location: The second village you convert. The one inside the tree fences.

Good solution

Empty the village store of all food, then heal all of the villagers. Until the
man that gave you the quest says it's
About the green food... do whatever you want with it. Just DO NOT feed your
creature with it!

Reward: Lightning miracle at village center.

Evil solution

Leave it alone. Let them die. Then use the poisoned food to infect other
village storages.
Remember that only 1 food is enough to poison a whole village storage.

Reward: Nothing.

  IV.2.2 The Singing Stones (again)

Location: Outside the village in the middle of the island. A semi-circle of
stones with runes on them.


I won't divide this quest into an evil and a good solution. Since there is only
one solution in my opinion.

First, play "Twinkle, twinkle, little star".
Use the stones in this order. From left to right.


The day will turn into night and the stones will transform into tombstones.

Then, play either "White Christmas" or "Funeral March" on the stones.

White christmas: 2,3,2,1,2,3,4,5

Funeral March: 2,2,2,2,5,4,4,2,2,1,2

If you play "White Christmas", snow will start to fall. And if you play
"Funeral March", a circle will be created.
And if you place a skeleton in it. It will go back to life with full health.

  IV.2.3 The gift of belief

Location: The village in the center of the island. Near the singing stones.

Good solution

If you want to be entirely good, sacrifice plants until they reach the same
amount as a child would. This may take some time.
So if all you want is the reward for sparing his child. All you have to do is
to sacrifice another child. :)
Remember that you can sacrifice ANYTHING except the shaman and his family to
get Prayer Points.

Reward: Increased Heal milracle from the village center.

Evil solution

Now isnt that unfair? The child has nothing to say about all this! UNFAIR!
So, instead of sacrificing the child. Sacrifice first the shamans wife, and
then the shaman himself. And let the child live.

Reward: Nothing.

  IV.2.4 The swimming children

Location: In the same village as the plague was.

Good solution

Have your creature pick up the children and then bring them to the shore and
they will automaticlly run to their mother.

Another good solution is to move the mother to the shore near the children. And
they will get out of the water by themselves.
Though this solution wont give you any reward.

Reward: Enlarge creature miracle dispenser.

Evil solution

Some evil ways of finishing this quest would be to throw in the mother in the
water. And then let her drown at excactly
the same spot as the children are swimming. Or maybe to let your creature
either pick up the children just to have
you throw them in and let them drown. Or to have your creature eat the children
while the mother is watching.
Have fun.

Reward: Nothing.

  IV.2.5 The Slavers

Location: Outside Khazars greek village. You have to convert it in order to be
able to trigger the quest.
And if you want to be good. You'll have to wait until Nemesis have killed
Khazar. And that is because... you just dont
convert your allies villages. :)

Good solution

Do as the slavers say and bring them some animals in order to free the

These are the animals you can trade for the slaves. You can use the same kind
of animal twice.

* Lion, 2 slaves   :On the mountains close to the slavers
* Wolf, 2 slaves   :In the forest close to an indian village. Which is near the
beach temple puzzle.
* Horse, 1 slave   :About everywhere.
* Turtle, 1 slave  :On the islands outside the temple.

Reward: Wolves miracle dispenser.

Evil solution

Why would a god have to listen to some humans?
They are YOUR villagers, get them back!
But be aware, since the slavers will charge into you village and start to burn
buildnings and kill villagers if you don't
stop them. This is easily done by picking up one of them *PAUSE* and double-tap
spacebar to get to the temple. And then sacrifice
every single one of them.

Reward: Nothing.

  IV.2.6 The Riddle

Location: In the indian village close to the beach temple puzzle.

Good solution

Place a creature poo, a burning rock or a burning tree and a wolf in the
circle. Then cast physical shield.
It can be a little bit hard to have the wolf STAY inside the circle. But this
can be remedied by placing a villager
inside the circle as well. This will make the wolf eat the villager And stay in
the circle and not run away.

Reward: The Zebra creature.

Evil solution

"But do we really want a Zebra?"

Wreck the womans house. That is all you can really do I think.

Reward: Nothing.

  IV.2.7 Beach Temple Puzzle


If you have any problems with this really easy quest you are free to mail me.

Reward: Increase Heal miracle to anyone that is near the temple.

  IV.2.8 The cow-stealing children

Location: The celtic village in the snowy mountains.

Good solution

Really, there arent any good solution for this one. The only way to get the
reward is to kill any of the children.
Bringing the cows to the farmer wont work since it seems like he cant protect
his own cattle.

So, kill one of the kids! When the child's friends sees what will happen to
them if they keep stealing cows they will stop.
Just injuring any of them wont work. You have to kill someone. Or you can just
ignore the quest.

Reward (if you kill any of the children: Increased lightning miracle at the
village center.

Evil solution

Kill one of the children to finish the quest. Or if you are on the children's
side, kill the farmer.

Reward (if you kill any of the children: Increased lightning miracle at the
village center.

  IV.2.9 The Idol

Location: Outside the second village on a half-island.

Good solution

Place a rock or a tree right next to the idol and then cast a fireball on it.
The heat will soon be
able to destroy the idol.

Reward: Increased fireball at the village center.

Evil solution

KILL, KILL, KILL everyone that is worshipping the idol. Then destroy it in the
same way as above.

Reward: Increased fireball at the village center.


IV.3 Land 3

The third island only have two silver scrolls. And both of them are quite easy.

  IV.3.1 The guru (and the yogi)

Location: Outside the japanese village. (the first village you'll convert.)

Good solution

Just follow the yogi (guru) to his place of meditation.
There are two trickyplaces where there is a risk that he'll spot you.
The first is just after the first checkpoint. When he is standing among some
mushrooms and right after that.
The second is just after the second checkpoint. When he walkt under a big rock.

A trick when following him is to pause the game and move around when paused.
Extremly useful on slow computers. (believe me)

Reward: He will give you help at some points in the game.

1. When you have taken over the first village and Lethys have put some
villagers on fire he will give you two one shot water
2. When you have taken over the second village he will turn some of the wolves
into cows.
3. When you are after the third village he will give you a wonder.

NOTE: Some people may say that he also place various one shot miracles around
the map. But this is NOT TRUE.
Sure, there will appear a lot of one shot miracles after some time. But it's
not the guru (yogi) that is causing it.
Um... here's the scoop. It's LETHYS!
Remember what the hermit told you in land 1 how fireflies turn into one shot
miracles when they are under trees at day?
And since the third village has such a great influence. Lethys can actually
steal trees from you that is within your
influence. And because there are fireflies resting under the trees... well, you
get the point.

Evil solution

Actually, there is an evil solution, though it's quite hard to accomplish.

Either you can wait until late in the game when your first village have so
great influence so it reaches all the way to
the yogis walking path. And when you trigger the quest. Throw rocks at him to
make him die.
Or you can use the annoying actor, which actually has influence for you to use
around himself.
You can move him to the gurus walking path. And in that way being able to kill

Though these are just speculations. I havent tried any of them myself. If you
have, please mail me and let me
know the results.

EDIT: I just tried this solution. But it didnt work. The guru's health dropped
to 0%. But he was still alive. Which means
that there are no evil solution.

Reward: Nothing.

  IV.3.2 The ... rewinder? :)

Location: Outside the third village. A small hut.

Good solution

Just bring her grown up villagers (above the age of 18) until she gets dizzy.
Then bring her a child.

Reward: The chimp creature.

Evil solution

Wrecking her hut will just give you a comment from her telling you to leave her
hut alone. Kill her to get a comment from
evil saying that he would probably have done the same thing.

Reward: Nothing.

 IV.3.3 The annoying man

Location: Between the yogi and your first village.

This isnt really a quest. But a lot of people (including myself) wonder why he
is there.

There isnt any way to kill him, believe me.
Some people will say that sacrificing him will kill him. But this is not true!
Or if it is, it wont work on my comp. When
I try to sacrifice him all that happens is that he gets stuck in that "Prayer
Power thingy". :)

Also, the witch refuses to turn him into a child (no wonder, imagine him as he
is now. Now imagine him as a
little brat, scary).

Also, if you throw him into the vortex he will NOT appear on the other side. At
least I havent found any proof of this.

If anyone finds a way to kill him, mail me!


 IV.4 Land 4

Island number four only has two silver scroll quests. But also two puzzles. A
totem puzzle and a "wolf puzzle". Some people
can find the wolf puzzle to be very hard. But I tell you. After a while you'll
get it.

The totem puzzle is actually very hard to finish. But you'll eventually finish
it. The reward is a spiritual shield miracle

 IV.4.1 The fisherman

Location: Behind the gates, close to the totem puzzle.


Since there are no evil solution, I will only give you a solution.
It might be easiest to slow down the speed.. Do this by pressing ALT+1, go back
by pressing ALT+2.
Then just follow the little kid's instructions.

Reward: The turtle creature.

 IV.4.2 The healing sister.

A BIG NOTE: In version 1.0 this quest cannot be completed. You'll have to
download the offical 1.1 patch to completely
finish it.

Location: A farm outside the Aztec village.

Good solution

Just guide the sister through the path. Throw away the wolves. Or give them to
your creature.

There are two ways to avoid the forest fire. Either put the fire out with water
miracles. Or just throw away the burning

The ogre is the easiest part of the path. There are many ways of avoiding him.
Either have your creature fight him and
kill him and he wont bother you ever again.
Or you can let him live. And catch all the rocks that he is throwing at the
Or you can just pick up the rocks that he is casting before he casts the.

Reward: The wolf creature.

Evil solution

Since it doesnt seem to be any way for you or your creature to pick up the
sister. Your creature cant eat her.
Not helping her would also be quite evil. And letting her be eaten. Or you can
crush her with a rock or whatever.

Reward: Nothing.

INFO REQUEST: Does anyone know if the strange looking forest outside the hut
where you can
select special creatures have any function? Mail me!


 IV.5 Land 5

Land 5 doesnt have many quests either, in fact, it only has 3. And no one is
very tricky.

You may have noticed that I don't have the quest that will allow you to switch
to the polar bear. That is because the quest is
finished at the same time you trigger it. It can be found in a hollow in the
stranded ship next to your norse village.

 IV.5.1 Stanley the wolf

Location: East of your temple, north of the workshop.


This quest can be tricky the first minute you do it, but you'll soon understand

The solution is (with the "cancel bell" in the lower left corner):

* South bell
* East bell
* North bell
* West bell
* North bell
* West bell
* South bell
* East bell

Reward: The lion creature.

 IV.5.2 The sickening smell

Location: In the neutral Japanese village. You'll have to convert it for the
quest to appear.

Good solution

Just clean the forest of poop. It's not hard at all. Just find the brown things
and pick them up and they will automaticly
When evil says that there are only one left. The last one will be found in the

Reward: The brown bear creature.

Evil solution

Since you cant throw the poop. The only thing left to do is to burn down the
forest. Or make the smell even worse by having
your creature poop in the forest as well

Reward: Nothing.

 IV.5.3 The dragon knights

Location: Outside the Tibetian village. The one with the spiritual shield.

Good solution

First you have to heal them. This isn't hard at all. Just use a heal miracle on
Next thing to do is to burn down the pile of wood. Do this by using a fireball
Then, you can follow their quest by zooming in to the craters. Do this until
you'll get a sequence.

If you have zoomed into a crater and nothing happened. You have probably missed
an earlier crater. Or you haven't
heard everything in an earlier crater.

Reward: Flying creatures miracle dispenser.

Evil solution

I haven't tried this myself, if you have, mail me!

You can always try to, instead of healing the adventurers, burn them. Feed your
creature with them (if you can pick
them up, not sure about this). Throw rocks at them.

Reward: ????     (Probably nothing)

V. Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions asked by some of my friends who just bought the game. They
said they
couldnt get the info anywhere on the net. I doubt that. But will answer them
anyway. :)

Q) How do you increase your influence?

A) There are three ways. The easiest is just to have you villagers breed and in
that way. Get more villagers. So your
influence is in a way determined on how many villagers you've got.

The Second way is to build a wonder.

The third way, which I am not 100% sure of, is to get more belief in one of
your villages. And that willage will give
you more influence. But I said, I am not 100% sure about this.

Q) Is there any differences between the creatures?

A) Sure there are! Read Masked Moogles FAQ for more info.

Q) How do you convert a village??????

A) Hehe, you can either do it by yourself. And that is, by casting miracles or
dropping artefacts into the village.
I find the best miracles to gain belief with is: Food, Wood, Heal (increase)
and flying creatures. Teach those
to your creature if you want him to convert villages. Which is, in my opinion,
a lot more easier.
The easiest way to get fast belief is usually by dropping artefacts or by using
flying creatures miracle.

Q) What is an artefact, where can I find them?

A) You don't find artefacts, you create them. You do that by dropping a rock in
one of your own villages.
Then wait until the villagers have danced around it and your symbol is shown
above the rock.

Q) Isn't there any easier ways to teach your creature than to play skirmish?

A) Sure. There is a map at called "Creature Growth
101". Which is great for
teaching your creature miracles.

Q) When you press "S" and all the villagers assignements are showing. What does
the A: 76, L: 98% and F: 87% means?
   I see it's different by each villager.

A) A: 76 represents the villagers age, in this case showing he is 76 years old.
And will probably die of old age very soon.
L: 98% shows how much life the villager has left. When at 0%, the villager is
F: 87% shows how hungry the villager is. At 0% the villager is _very_ hungry.
Though it doesnt seem to have any
effect on the villager. If anyone knows, mail me.
Also, some people say that F = Fatigued. I.E how tired the villager is.
But this is wrong. I did a test to see what was right.

I picked up an F: 0% villager. Dropped a pile of food in front of her. She ate
it. And suddenly, F: raised from 0% to 60%!
Also, the F: also seem to go down (66,,, 65,,, 64,,, ect). Not up, as it would
if  F:  stood for tiredness.

Also, if you see an  S:  after the F:87% it means that the villager is sick.
And need to be healed.
If it is a P: after the F:87% it means that the villager is pregnant (if you
find this on a male villager...)

Q) What is the storm miracle for?

A) The standard storm miracle is useless if you want to attack. And should only
be used for village impressing.
The improved storm adds lightning bolts to strike down on villagers and
buildings. Setting them on fire.
The extreme storm adds tornadoes. Remember Nemesis' attack on your first
village on land 1?

Remember that the storm miracle is considered aggressive. Even the standard one
that does nothing but creates rain.
So dont use this to impress villages if you want to be entirely good.

VI. Final words from the author.

This was my first guide/FAQ ever. I really hope you like it and find it useful.
Feel free to mail me with suggestions, tips, feedback or whatever. My address

[email protected]

The next three weeks I'll be online as good as every day except weekends. After
that I will be online less than once every
week. But I'm not sure about this. I may just be able to check on my mail a
little more often. We'll just have to see.

Note that version this version, 1.0, is the final version, but not really. :)
This FAQ was first meant to cover all of the silver scrolls. But since now I
don't have anything to do on the days. I feel
that I want to write more. So expect more updates on this FAQ. But maybe not
just as often as they have been now.
I might add some info on the creatures. Land 1-5 walkthroughs. And some more
miscellaneous info. Or maybe I'll just
write another FAQ.
So, keep looking at GameFaqs from time to time. Maybe you'll eventually find a
new FAQ by me. You'll never know. :)

The End

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