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 Welcome to SimAnimals! As you press your language and NEW GAME, an intro will
tell you about The Backyard. Follow the on screen directions. Plant the tree in
the long, rocky spot that opens to the lake. After the simple guide, wait a few
seconds without doing anything, another squirrel will appear. Put HIM OR HER in
your backpack. Give them a name of your choice. Shake a few nuts off to feed them.
You might need to water your new tree. Keep feeding them so they are satisfied and
drag them to an adult tree. While waiting, shake a few more nuts for later. Soon,
a blackberry will appear. Drag it beside the adult one inside the fence. Keep
waiting. Keep watering. Soon enough, another squirrel will join the party. It is
most likely a she. Name her again. Feed her until she is satisfied. When "bored"
sign appears, take her to one of the boys. A while after, nightfall comes. 
Drag all the squirrels to the adult tree beside the lake. Chances are, one might
find a home. A racoon will come. Feed him with any extra nuts. Make him satisfied. 
Feed him more nuts until he trusts you. (See manual)Pet him and throw him around.
Remember that if you see any nuts lying around, just sack them. After a few
throws, you will unlock wind. (See Manual)  Don’t drop the racoon atop a squirrel.
Doing so too many times will result in a sad face. If the racoon starts to frown,
pet him and give some blackberries. A very short while after unlocking wind, a new
racoon will come. Do the same as with the other one. If it’s a girl, be sure to
build a close relation between the two if you want to see any babies. Soon after,
dawn will creep. Just use the same tips to build the happiness bar until it tops
and you are asked to leave for Tiny Creek. 

To make a happy family, just get one boy and one girl to have a close relation, by
playing together. Then get one to build a home. Then, wait until He/she wants to
have a baby, (See Manual) then make the partner smile and be blank-minded. Then,
drag the two together and wait. If you’re lucky, you’ll really achieve something!
Remember that once two have mated, they won’t mate with anybody else except if
they are separated in different places, or AKA levels. I will be soon making
sequels for all the sites as I have finished them all, but the memory corrupted,
so I had to start again. 
Ciao! If you need extra advice, email me at [email protected] Com.

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