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~Simple, Legit Way To Get Mew In RBY (Pokemon Red, Blue, And Yellow -- It Works 
In All)~

**Legal Crap - I made this FAQ, someone told me the glitch, it worked, and they 
said I could put it on the website**

1) Just to make it easy, make sure you haven't fought the Youngster with the 
Slowpoke above Cerulean City. If you have....I can't help you, I'm truly sorry.

2) To make it easy to explain, make sure you haven't fought the Gambler that 
faces the route to Celadon (sp?) City. If you have, any trainer that fights you 
when you come onto screen will work. I just thought it was the easiest. Another 
good trainer would be the trainer next to the patch of grass when you exit the 
bike route at Fushia.

3) Make sure you have a Pokemon that know the move Fly with you.

4) (I'm using the gambler as an example, but keep in mind that you might be 
with another trainer.) Step in line with the Gambler, but make sure he's off 
the screen.

5) Take a step down, (Or left, right, up, whatever direction you need to use) 
but while you step, press Start.

6) Fly to Cerulean. The Gambler (Or whoever) may or may not have the [!] box 
over his head, though it says he should, mine sometimes doesn't.

7) Now, you won't be able to use the start menu -- the menu won't come up. You 
won't be able to talk to any one, either. Don't panic! This is part of the 

8) Head toward the Youngster with the Slowpoke. Put don't step directly in 
front of any trainer -- the game will freeze. You CAN fight other trainers 
before you get to the Youngster, but just not after.

9) Battle the Younster. (And win, of course)

10) You will now be able to access the start menu. Directly after beating the 
Younster, fly to Lavendar Town.

11) Head west (Left, lol), the direction of Saffron City.

12) The second you enter the route, the start menu will come up. It isn't 
really needed, but if you have a weak Pokemon on you, you might want to make 
that your on deck Pokemon.

13) After you exit the menu, Mew will appear. It's level seven, so try not to 
KO it. It personally took me a while to actually capture the darn thing, I used 
my last great ball and finally captured him/her/it.

Good Luck!

((P.S. - Doing the same thing, except battling different trainers will get you 
different Pokemon, but at that exact spot. Happy Hunting... *Evil Smile*))

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