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                                 SIMPSONS WRESTLING


1. Intro (Taken from the back of the CD case)
2. Controls
3. Menu
4. Powerups
5. Characters And Their Moves
6. Strategies For How To Beat Each Character
7. Cheats
8. Other FAQs By Me
Intro (Taken from the back of the CD case)


Get Ready for Squishee-Throwin', Tendon Twistin', Duff
Cloud Burpin' Action as All Your Favorite Characters Battle
through the Springfield Circuit to Win the Ultimate Title...


Directional Buttons Or Analog Stick: Move you character.
(): Special Attack  When grabbing: Throw the opponent.
[]: Punch  When Grabbing: Hit the opponent.
X: Jump  When Grabbing: Let go of the opponent
L1: Grab. This button is also used to pin the opponent.
/\: Throw a object
R1: When you have all letters for a TAUNT, press R1 to start the TAUNT.

When you first start the game, the following options will apear.

New Challenger Circuit
Defender Circuit
Champion Circuit
Bonus Match Up (After you beat Champion Circuit, this option will apear) 

New Challenger Circuit:
This is the only circuit you can play when you first start the game.

Defender Circuit:
After you beat New Challenger Circuit, you can play this harder Circuit.

Champion Circuit:
The hardest of all the Circuits. This Circuit will apear after you beat Defender 

Practice your wrestling skills.

In VS mode, you will need another controller and someone to play with. You will get 
a random arena.

# Of Rounds:
You can choose the number of rounds you want to play.(This only works for VS. and 
Bonus Match Up Mode)
Sound FX:
You can turn the sound FX higher or lower. 
You can turn turn the music higher or lower. Like the sound FX.
Turn the character's voices down or up.
Load Unlocked Data: Load the things that you've unlocked in the game.

Bonus Match Up:
You can choose any arena, any character, any difulty setting and if 
you are Player-2, you can play as Smithers or Kang. 


Get these to fill a tiny bit of your energy bar.

These will fill up your entire energy bar.

These will fill up a small amount of your health bar.

Eat up this cereal to get a larger amount of your health bar.

Assassins Sneakers:
Grab these on to go SUPER FAST!

Exclamation Mark:
Pick up this to get one letter for a TAUNT.

Question Mark:
This will give you a random powerup.

Characters And There Moves

Barney Gumble

Primary Attack: Exuding devastating odors.
Primary Defence: Exuding devastating odors.
Also known for: Sleeping curbside, drinking
out of ashtrays, and making poignant films about all
of the above.

[]: Barney will keep hiting the opponent with his beer mug.
/\: Barney will throw his beer mug at the opponent.
(): Barney will make a beer cloud. Anybody who walks through it will have a small 
bit of there health taken away!

Krusty The Clown

Primary Attack: Pie throwing and other shenanigans.
Primary Defence: Claiming it was part of "the act."
Also known for: Stealing someone's "bit," losing bets,
and slapping his name on just about anything for a buck.

[]: Krusty will keep punching the opponent then hits him/her with a mallet.
/\: Krusty will throw a pie at the opponent.
(): Krusty will do a mallet rampage! WATCH OUT!!!


Primary Attack: Unlocking the power of vegetables.
Primary Defence: Taking on behavior of a hummingbird.
Also known for: Loving the "searing kiss of hot lead," praying to
Vishnu on Tuesdays, and praying to Ganesha the rest of the week.

[]: Apu will keep punching the opponent then do multible kicks in the air.
/\: Apu will throw a Squishee at the opponent.
(): Apu will do fast multible kicks. WATCH OUT!!!

Groundskeeper Willie

Primary Attack: Gardening.
Primary Defence: "Greasing up." 
Also known for: Recipes for haggis, defending
fellow immigrants, and wrestling with wolves.

[]: Willie will keep hiting the opponent with his rake.
/\: Willie will swing from his rake to hit a opponent.
(): Willie will drop down a bear trap/rake/bush clippers.

Homer Simpson

Primary Attack: Eating, bowling.
Primary Defence: Whining, begging and
"kicking some back."
Also known for: Speaking on behalf of donuts,
eating old food, being more of a cologne man.

[]: Homer will keep punching the opponent.
/\: Homer will throw a bowling ball. It will take a small amount of energy away 
from the opponent if it hits.
(): Homer will eat donuts and he will grow bigger and stronger!

Lisa Simpson

Primary Attack: Painfully intelligent.
Primary Defence: Hair that resembles a
                   starfish or pineapple.
Also known for: Jazz improvisation,
a current member of the Mensa Society.

[]: Lisa will keep punching the opponet.
/\: Lisa will use her loud saxaphone!
(): When Lisa's close enough to an opponent, she will bite him/her.

Marge Simpson

Primary Attack: Nagging
Primary Defence: Blue Dye #56.
Also known for: More nagging.

[]: Marge will keep hiting the opponent with a frying pan.
/\: Marge will stretch out her hair and hit the opponent.
(): Marge will release Maggie who will hold on to the opponent causing him/her to 
slow down for a few seconds.

Bart Simpson

Primary Attack:
Breaking skateboard laws.
Primary Defence:
"I didn't do it!"
Also know for: Destroying an entire continent's
ecosystem, selling his soul for $5, and mischievous classroom antics.

[]: Bart will keep punching the opponent.
/\: Bart will use his slingshot to shoot the opponent.
(): Bart will ride his skatboard around the ring. A small amount of the opponent's 
health bar will go down if Bart hits him/her.

Unlockable Characters:

Bumble Bee Man

[]: Bumble Bee Man will keep punching the opponent and then use a yo-yo.
/\: Bumble Bee Man will throw a yo-yo at the opponent.
(): Bumble Bee Man will send out his Chihuahua dog and he will chase you trying to 
bite you. If he does, a small bit of your health goes away.

Moe Syzlack (Did I spell that wrong?)

[]: Moe will keep punching the opponent then he will use his board with a nail in it.
/\: Moe will throw one of his flaming Moes(Flaming beer mug) at the opponent. When 
it hits the ground, a small area of fire will apear.
(): Moe will swing his nail board around.

Professor Frink

[]: Frink will keep punching the opponent.
/\: Frink will shoot a lazer at the opponent with a lazer gun.
(): Frink will drop down a box, and a random thing will come out like a mine, robot 
or tracking missle.

Ned Flanders

[]: Flanders will keep hitting the opponent.
/\: Flanders will throw a Bible at the opponent.
(): Flanders will pray to God then lightning will strike the opponent for a few 

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