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Planet Oozla
1. Prehistoric Rampage
Shoot down the two flying pterodactyles, one is fling near where you get the dynamo 
and another is near your ship. Recommended:Lancer/Heavy Lancer, Visibomb gun, Pulse 
Rifle/ Vaporizer

2. Smash and Grab
Destroy everything in the Megacorp store, leave nothing. Recommend:Box Breaker

Maktar Nebula
3. Wrench Ninga: Blade to Blade
In the battle arena destroy Chainblade with only your wrench. Recommend:upgraded 
wrenches that you find (Version 10000 or 12000)

4. Vandalize
Destroy everything on the level including the slot machines and the floating signs 
and etc... Recommend:Box Breaker, Gravity Bomb/Mini-Nuke

5. 2B or Not 2B Hit
Defeat the B2 Brawler without losing any nano tech or without being hit. 
Recommend:RYNO 2, Mini or Megaturret Glove, Kilinoid Bot

6. Clank needs a new pair of shoes
Get over 300 bolts from the slot machines or get three BARS. Recommend:Wrench

Planet Endako
7. Destroy ALL Breakables
Destroy every thing on the level. Recommend:Anything that destroys stuff

8. Operate Heavy Machinery
Use both the cranes to smash or zap 10 enemies. Recommend:Electrolyzer

Planet Barlow
9. Speed Demon
Get a time of 2:10 or less in the hover bike race. Recommend:3rd challenge, 

Planet Notak
10. Planet Buster
Destroy the big planet by first blasting the rings and the moons then blast the 
planet itself. Recommend:Lancer/Heavy Lancer

Planet Siberius
11. You can break a Snow Dan
Behind the garage that the robots smashed out of is a Snow Dan, DESTROY IT. 

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