Skill Points - Guide for Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando

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Planet Oozla
1. Prehistoric Rampage
There are two lakes with dragon boats, each lake has two pterodactyls flying over 
them. Shoot them down. Recommend: Pulse Rifle/Vaporizer

2. Smash and Grab
Inside the Megacorp store, destroy all breakables, (jars, manequins, etc.) 
Recommend:Box Breaker

Maktar Nebula
3. Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade
Defeat Chainblade using only your wrench. Recommend: Omniwrench 10000 or 12000

4. Vandalize
Walk around and break anything you can until you get the point. Recommend:Box Breaker

5. 2B hit or not 2B hit
Defeat the B2 Brawler with out getting hit. Recommend:Mini/Megaturret Glove

6. Clank needs a new pair of shoes
Use the slot machines until you get 300 bolts (not from one machine) then keep going 
until you get 3 bars. Recommend:N/A

Planet Endako
7. Destroy all breakables
Same as #4 Recommend:Box Breaker

8. Operate Heavy Machinery
Use the 2 cranes to kill 10 robots Recommend:N/A

Planet Barlow
9. Speed Demon
Get a time of 2:10 in the hoverbike race. Recommend: Use 3rd challenge

Planet Notak
10. Planet Buster
Blow up the giant planet, you must start with the rings, then the moons, then the 
planet. Recommend:Lancer/Heavy Lancer

Planet Siberius
11. You can break a snow dan
Go behind the first garage and destroy snowman. Recommend: Wrench

Planet Tabora
12. Heal Your Chi
Collect all 100 crystals. Not as hard as you would think. Recommend:N/A

Planet Dobbo
13. Robo Rampage
As Giant Clank, destroy all the buildings in the boss battle. Note: Must win battle 
to get point (I think)

14. Dukes Up
As Giant Clank, defeat the boss using only the punches. Note: It's a good idea to do 
13 and 14 at the same time.

15. Old Skool
Kill all enemies on the planet using only the: Wrench, Decoy Glove, Visibomb Gun, 
Bomb Glove, Tesla Claw, and the Walloper. Note: Giant Clank mission doesn't count.

Planet Joba
16. That's Impossible!
Beat the Impossible Challenge Recommend: Carbonox Armor, RYNO II

17. How Fast Was That?!
Get a time of 2:27 in the hoverbike race. Recommend: Challenge 3

18. Wrench Ninja II: Massacare
Kill all enemies on Joba without dying, using only the wrench.

19. Bye Bye Birdie
Kill 12 birds. Recommend:Pulse Rifle/Vaporizer

Planet Todano
20. Nothing to See Here
Destroy the 4 rockets on the tour. Recommend: Use the wrench

21. You're my hero
Defend all 10 tourists from the squirels. Hint: go through and kill all the squirels 
before the second bus of tourists comes.

22. Try to Sleep
Turn 16 squirels into sheep. Recommend: Sheepinator

Planet Boldan
23. No Shocking developments
Grind the power cables with out getting shocked.

Planet Snivelak
24. Moving Violation
Shoot down 14 ships in the sky. Recommend: Pulse Rifle/Vaporizer

Planet Damosel
25.  Safety Deposit
Protect the 4 civilians in the bank from the robots.

26. Midtown Insanity
Grind the train with out taking damage.

Planet Greblin
27. Be a moon Child
Mine all 101 crystals in the ice field.

Full Game
28. Nano to the Max
Get 80 nanotech.

29. Nice Ride
Buy all weapons, shields and upgrades for your ship. Note: paintjobs don't count.

30. Weapon Envy
Fully upgrade all weapons.

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