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Name:  Brad Alonzo
Email:  [email protected]
Date:  21/2/03
Ratchet and Clank

Skill Points

1)  Take Aim:  Novalis- Destroy a bomber ship, or a fighter ship.
2)  Swing it:  Aridia- Swing the last six shots on the swingshot path without 
touching te ground.
3)  Transported:  Aridia- Destroy three transporter ships.
4)  Strike a Pose:  Kerwan- Stand between the legs of the Al's Roboshack statue.
5)  Blimpy:  Kerwan- take out a blimp wit a missle.
6)  Quarktastic:  Kerwan- Destroy the springy Quark with the devastater.
7)  Any Ten:  Eudora- Destroy ten ships with any weapon.
8)  Tricky:  Rilgar- Pull off a Twisty Mcmarkx ( Left direction pad, L1=L2=R1=R2).
9)  Cluck Cluck:  Rilgar- Turn a tank into a chicken. (Great isn't it?)
10)  Speedy:  Rilgar- Finish the race within one minut and thirdy seconds.
11)  Girl Trouble:  Nebula G34- Defeat the alien Queen and all her spawn with only 
your wrench.
12)  Jumper:  Batallia- Get through the grind rail without losing any hit points.
13)  Accuracy Counts:  Batallia- estroy a small fighter ship with the turret.
14)  Eat Lead:  Batallia- Use a Sandmouse to destroy all the tanks in the level. (3)
15)  Destroyed:  Gaspar- Destroy all the blarg ships along the swingshot path.
16)  Gunner:  Gaspar- Destroy five ships with the turret.
17)  Sniper:  Orxon- Shoot a Screamer blarg through a hole.
18)  Hey, Over Here!:  Orxon- Lure an enemy into a laser field with the taunter.
19)  Alien Invasion:  Pokitaru- Take out three fighter ships in the sky with your 
20)  Buried Treasure:  Pokitaru- Blow up all the Boxes underwater.
21)  Pest Control:  Hoven:  Kill all the fury creatures that keep popping up from 
the snow, they are located in a snow clearing, look for a rising platform..
22)  Whirly Birds:  Hoven- Shoot down six helicopters with anygun except the turret.
23)  Sitting Ducks:  Oltanis Orbit- Blow up all the cargo ships, their just sittng 
24)  Blast Em!:  Oltanis- Take out three ships.
25)  Shatteed Glass:  Oltanis- Break all the street lamps in Oltanis, you have to 
shoot them.
26)  Heavy Traffic:  Kalebo 3- Getthrough the grind rail without losing a hit point.
27)  Magician:  Kalebo 3- Score over 4500 points in the race.
28)  Sneaky:  Veldin Orbit- Kill all robots without alarming the place.
29)  Careful Cruise:  Veldin Orbit- Get through the water tunnel without losing a 
hit point.
30)  Going Commando:  Veldin- Destroy ten Elite guards with only your wrench.

~ If you have any trouble, email me, [email protected] Looks like someone already 
posted the skill points for the second game.

~ Please do not copy this guide, unless you ask my permission first and tell me why. 

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