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1) Take Aim 		- Destroy a fighter or bomber	

Use your Weapon: Devastator (recommended) and try to destroy one of the Ship
that is in the air (it is not really easy thought).


2) Swing It! 		- six swingsin factory without touching the ground

Go along the path at right of your ship, kill all the Sand Sharks and the
robots that use the flamethrowers, and you will eventually reach an elevator.
Take this elevator, and the top take the left path (the swingshot path).
There, use your swingshot to go farther in this path, till you are at the
entrance of a gig room with a lot of yellow targets and green balls (the one
with the Trespasser at the top). Now you will need to swingshot all of them
and reach the top without touching one of the platform with your feet.

3) Transported 		- Destroy three flying transports

Stay near your ship, and use your devastator (recommended) to destroy 3 of the
ships that turn around this place.


4) Strike a Pose 	- Stand between the legs of Al's Roboshack statue

To reach the statue, you need to enter the Al's Shop, Jump at the top of the
boxes and take the elevator to reach the top of the building. From this
building, jump down to the platform that has all these dogs-like robots and
take the 2nd elevator. Destroy all the dog-like robots and the robot that uses
a missiles launcher.

Now, walk on your left and reach the border of the platform, look down with L1
and you will see the Al's Roboshack Statue. Use your Helipack to glide to the
statue and stand between the legs to get the Skill Point.

5) Blimpy 		- Take out a blimp, any blimp

Look in the air with L1, use your Visibombs and try to destroy one of the Blimp
that are flying around.

6) Qwarktastic 		- Destroy the Qwarkbot statue	

Go to the statue (Quark Bot) that is at the beginning of the Challenge
(Obstacle Course) you have to complete to get the Swingshot, and use a Bomb
(or any other powerfull weapon) to destroy it.


7) Any Ten 		- Blow up ten vehicles		

Go near the traffic, and use your blaster (or any other weapon) to destroy 10
of the vehicles there.

NEBULA (only with Ratchet):

8) Girl Trouble		- Beat the Alien Queen using your wrench only.	

From your ship, go to the left, stop near the Force Field and hit the Little
Ball that is floating on your left to shut down it. Enter this path, destroy
all the enemies you see, and pass the others Force Fields. You will eventually
reach a round room with 4 Force Fields around it. Use your Blaster (or any
other weapon) to shoot each Floating Balls to shut down these Force Fields and
enter the next room.

If you have lost some life already, you can find 2 Boxes of Life at left and
right after the entrance.

You will have to kill this Boss and all her minions using only your Wrench.

To do it, go in front of him to lure him and double jump to her right (or
left, you decide) and hit her with a Hyper-Strike (like this she will try to
hit you, but you will be on her side). After you hit her, go on her other side
and hit her again with a Hyper-Strike (pass each time in front of her to lure
her again), and repeat till she send her little monsters (her babies, I
think). With this System, you shouldn't loose life.

To kill them, run to a side to make them run after you, and when they will be
all behind you, turn and do a Multi-Strike (it should kill the most of them),
and finish the few that are still alive with a second Multi-Strike. Now repeat
the Hyper-Strike System as before on the Main Boss till she send you the 2
bigger monsters (these 2 are tough).

To kill them, run to one of them when they appear, and try to do this 3 times:
do a Hyper-Strike on him, double jump on his side. Try to kill him as fast as
possible, because the second will be soon near you too), and do the same for
the second one. If you still have almost your life full before you try to kill
them, it doesn't matter if you are hit a few times. If you have bought the
Ultra Nanotech on Orxon, you should have about 6-7 life balls, when you try
kill them and can take 5-6 hits from these 2 monsters).

After you have killed them, finish the Main Boss with the Hyper-Strike System.

P.S: It appears that you only need to kill the Queen with your wrench only. You
can kill all her minions with any weapons you want. BUT while you hit her
minions, if you touch by mistake the Queen with an other weapon than the wrench
then you will not be able to get the Skill Point.


9) Tricky 		- Do a "Twisty McMarx" in a hoverboard race.

In the Hoverboard race, take a boost and go on a Big Jump, and Jump. In the
Jump, you will have to Push the Left Analogic Stick in the Left Direction, and
press R1, R2, L1, L2 (in the order you want) one after the other.

To be sure you will do the 4 moves needed in the trick, press each button
about 1 second.

10) Cluck,Cluck 	- Turn any tank into a chicken	

Find a tank, and go at the nearest position on a side of the tank (you have to
touch him), to be safe. Now use your Morph-o-Ray and turn this tank into a

11) Speedy 		- Beat hoverboard challenge in 1:35 or less. (1:36 or
			  less for PAL Version)		

This is the most difficult of the Skill Points. To do it, you have to miss
almost none of the Boosts and use shortcuts with jumps to cut the turns (there
are 6 turns you cut with jump and speed).

Also, it is a good thing to do a trick each time you reach the Big Jump with
the wall of Boxes on the next platform. You will win Boosts you can use with
Square Button if you have missed a Boosts on the race or if you have chosen to
focus more on the Jump Shortcuts and avoid some of the Boosts on the floor.




12) Jumper 		- Get through the grindrail without losing a HP	

You need to reach the end of the rails, without loosing any life by touching
Mines, falling or touching one of the obstacles (you can hit the mines with
your wrench, but hit at the right time).

13) Accuracy Counts 	- Destroy a small fighter with the turret

Enter the Big Turret at the end of this level (the one you used to destroy the
Bombers and the helicos), and try to destroy one of the little ship that fly

14) Eat Lead 		- Use a Sand Mouse to take out all tanks.

You have to finish this level to be able to do this Skill Point (open all the
bridges). ANd I would recommend to destroy all the enemies (except the Tanks),
to be able to reach faster the Tanks, and like this, none of the enemies
destroy your Sand Mouse.

You can find the Sand Mouse behind the Building on the right, after the black
platform. This building is on the right of the one with a closed door you need
to open with the Trespasser.

When you have found the Sand Mouse, run to the platform that is after the
broken Bridge, and use the sand Mouse to destroy this tank. Now run on the
bridge this tank was, jump in the water, reach the spot with the tanks (1 or
2, I don't remember) and destroy them with your sand Mouse.

Now, run on the bridge above you, enter the city, destroy the 2 tanks that
turn around the pillars with your Sand Mouse, and you will get the Skill Point.

You have to let your Sand Mouse destroy the Tanks, and never help it.


15) Destroyed 		- Blow up all of the Blarg destroyers	

From the start position, on the right before the elevator, you can see
platform down there. Jump on this platform and go along this way. Use your
swingshot to pass the lava and Destroy all the Connections of the Destroyers
you see. Don't forget the one on the right of the platform after your
swingshot, use your Blaster to destroy the connectors. You will see one on
your right after the elevator that go down. To reach it, jump and glide to the
ledge from the platform before you go down with this elevator. When you reach
the Big Metallic Island with the 4 Destroyers around it, destroy all the 4
connections, and you should get the Skill Point. If not, look in this path
again, and be sure you have destroyed the 10 Blarg Destroyers

16) Gunner 		- Down five ships with a turret.	

Enter the first Turret and destroy the ships that fly around you. If you
cannot get the 5 Ships with this Turret, destroy all the ones you can with
this one, and enter an other turret.


17) Sniper 		- Shoot a Screamer through sniper hole.	

After the 2nd gadgetron, take the left path, enter the building at the end by
the door at your right, and go out of this building after you shut down the
force field.

Now jump on all these floating platforms, and you will reach the spot with
these crabs-like, and little farther on this platform you will see a pipe in
the wall on your right.

Look in this pipe and shoot with your blaster the little enemy that is
sleeping at the other side (try to not wake up him, or he will go away).

18) Hey, Over Here! 	- Lure any enemy into a forcefield.

Go near a Force Field that has enemies close behind it and use your Taunter.
The enemies will try to attack you, but they will be killed by the force field
and you will get the Skill Point.


19) Alien Invasion 	- Shoot down three Blarg Saucers with visibombs	

This one is tough. Near your ship, try to find a good spot and use your
Visibombs Weapons to destroy 3 of the Blarg Ships that are flying above you.
Try to shoot the nearest ones, because if you go too far in the air with the
visibomb, you will loose it and destroy nothing.

20) Buried Treasure 	- Find and destroy all crates in the ocean

From your ship, walk to the island on your left, and jump in the water at the
end. Now, in this water, look the bottom, deep, and you will find Explosive
Boxes. Touch them, and go fast away, to make them explose.

Look around this area and when you have found all of them, you will get the
Skill Point.


21) Pest Control 	- Kill all anklebiters in the forested section	

From your ship, walk along the way, and a little farther, you will see the
forested section, at right. Enter this section, and when you will be near the
moving platform (with Gold Bolt at the top), a lot of dogs-like creature will
get out of the floor and attack you. Kill them all.

22) Whirlybirds 	- Destroy 5 helico with any weapon other than turret

Near your ship (or around this place), and look in the air with L1. You will
see a lot of Helicos turning around this place. Use your Devastator
(recommended) and destroy 5 of them.

Orb. Oltanis:

23) Sitting Ducks 	- Destroy all cargo ships in the base

Destory all the little Shuttles that are on the buildings to get the Skill
Point. If you don't find all of them, use your visibombs to look on the
Building you don't have full visibility.

The last little Shuttle is on the ceiling of the arena, where you need to kill
all the little dogs-like and robots that use fire weapons, to open the doors.


24) Shattered Glass 	- Blast all of the streetlights in the city

Around the platform, down your ship, you will see streelights, and now look in
all the city for these streelights, and destroy them all with your wrench (or
weapon). If I remember well, there are 3 platforms with streelights around.
The last spot with streelights is the one at the end of the Swingshot path
around the platform where you can find one of the Gold Bolts.

The Swingshot path appears after you have completed all the mission of this
planet. A ship will destroy the statue on the platform down your ship and a
button will appear, press it and the yellow targets for Swingshot will appear.

25) Blast 'em 		- Destroy three marauding Blarg ships

Find a good spot to be able to reach the ships that fly around. I took the taxi
to go to the high city and stopped on the platform with the 4 robots-detector
on it. Destroy all the robots that are above you and these 4 robots-detectors
and try to destroy 3 of these ships. I would recommend the Visibombs because
they fly far from your position. If you cannot destroy 3 of them, you can wait
that the one you have destroyed come back, and destroy it again :)




26) Heavy Traffic 	- Traverse the grindrail without hitting anything

You need to reach the end of these rails without loosing Life and without
touching the Mines or the little Trains.

27) Magician 		- Score of 4500 or better on the hoverboard race.

To reach this 4'500 Points or better, you will need to do the best combos as
often as you can. You will have to permute the Tricks to get the maximum
points, because your points will lower each time you repeat it.

You can do on the Big Jumps:

- Twist McMarx: Hold a direction with analogic stick, and press R1, R2, L1, L2
(in any order) about 1 second each button.

- Quarcktastic: Hold a direction with analogic stick, and press R1, R2, L2 (in
any order) about 1 second each button.

If you permute these 2, it should be ok.

On the little jumps, you can do divers combo, but think to change the direction
of the analogic stick, and push different Shoulder Buttons each time you do a
combo, to get the maximum points.

Orbital Station of VELDIN:

28) Sneaky 		- Kill all enemies in Hologuise traversal

In the path, where you need to use your Hologuise to salute the robot to make
them deactivate the Force Fields, you will need to Kill all the Enemies you
see. Don't forget to destroy all the Robots that are around the wall in the
rooms with a semi-completed robot in the middle.

29) Careful Cruise 	- Complete water traversal without losing any HP.

Near your Ship, jump in the water and enter the 3 circles to open the door.
Follow this way and go out of the water the other side. Press on the glowing
button to shut down the lightning in the water. Enter the water and you have
1:20 to go to the end. Enter the water, follow this path and avoid all the
lasers, mines and other things, because if you touch one of them and loose 1
point life you will have to try again. When you reach the part with the 3
other circles, enter them to open the door. Enter the new path, through this
door, go out of the water at the other side, and you should get the Skill


30) Going Commando 	- Kill ten elite guards with your wrench only

You have to kill 10 of these Elit Guards (the flying robots that use Missiles
Launcher) with your base weapon, the Wrench. You just need to kill 10 of them,
then by example, you can destroy 10 times the first Elit Guard you see (kill
him 1 time, and reenter the planet 9 times).

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