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In Kakariko Village, you'll find a family of spider/human hybrids. To save them, you 
have to defeat the 100 Skulltulas that are all over Hyrule (above and underground) 
while you're a kid and an adult. Here are the prizes: 

10 Gold Skulltulas - Adult Wallet
20 Gold Skulltulas - Stone of Agony
30 Gold Skulltulas - Giant Wallet
40 Gold Skulltulas - Bombchu
50 Gold Skulltulas - Heart Container Piece
100 Gold Skulltulas - 200 Rupees 

* TIP: You may find Skulltulas on your normal path through the game, or by coming 
back later with more helpful equipment! 

You can use Adult Link to get most of the skulltulas in the dungeons but there are 
certain dungeons (Jabu-Jabu's Belly and the Spirit Temple) that you can only reach 
as a child.

Deku Tree
1.) On vines when you fall through the giant web.
2.) On grate in the room you're in when you fall through giant web.
3.) Third floor, in a small hideaway on the left of a room.
4.) Behind the only bombable wall (after burning spider web).

Dodongo's Cavern
5.) To the right of the big room entrance.
6.) In the stairway room, on the vines by the door to the second floor.
7.) In the stairway room, above the large set of stairs in a hideaway (hookshot 
8.) In the room before the Boss. Blow up a wall here and look for the creature.
9.) From the main room, go the room with exploding lizards. Look in a hideaway there 
(scarecrow's song needed.)

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
10.) On the vines in the room where you raise the water level.
11.) In the room after falling through the long pit.
12.) Right next to the previous gold Skulltula in the same room.
13.) Before the boss, on the vines.

Forest Temple
14.) To the right of the entrance on the vines.
15.) On the far right of the main room.
16.) In the East outdoor room on an island.
17.) In the West outdoor room on the wall.
18.) In the rotating room in a hideaway.

Fire Temple
19.) In the room before you get the Boss Key.
20.) Second floor, play the Scarecrow song where Navi hints it to you.
21.) In the room you get the Hammer in.
22.) In the room you go in after evaporating the blue block with the Song of Time.
23.) In the maze room, after a blowup wall.

Ice Cavern
24.) In the room with the moving block of ice
25.) In the room with the large rotating blade
26.) In the room East of the rotating blade.

Water Temple
27.) In the tower.
28.) Behind the waterfall before the Boss Key.
29.) Where the movable platforms are.
30.) Behind a grate by where you meet Ruto.
31.) Above the second vortex in the underground river.

Bottom of the Well
32.) As young Link, check out the wall in the room behind the left door in the 
center. Boomerang required.
33.) In the room behind the right locked door.
34.) Crawl through the small opening in the northeast. 

Shadow Temple
35.) After fighting a Stalfos, go to the room on your left.
36.) In a cage in the room with the falling spikes.
37.) In the same room as the single giant skull head.
38.) Stand on the platform next to the ghost ship and play the Scarecrow's Song. 
Longshot over to the Skulltula.
39.). Behind the three giant rotating skulls.

Spirit Temple
40.) Crawl through the small hole at the beginning as young Link. Go through the 
door on the right side and look on the fence.
41.) Inside of the door through the second small hole (on other side of climbable 
42.) Above the door in the room that unlocks after you push the block under the sun 
light (as a child).
43.) Use the Song of Time to move the blue box in the room with the silver rupees 
and boulders.
44.) Across from the door that unlocks when you push the Armos on the switch in the 
room with the huge statue (scarecrow song needed).

As for the rest of the Skulltulas, you're going to have to venture all over Hyrule 
as both an adult and a child. Most of the Skulltulas can be found at night, but 
there are some that you can find during the day. Others can be found in certain and 
sometimes confusing situations. 

* Tip: Bug trick: If you buy or catch a single bug in a jar, you will end up with 
three when you empty your jar. Recatch one of the bugs from your jar and there will 
be three bugs from it when you empty the bottle again. 


Kokiri Forest
45.) Back of Know-It-All-Brothers' house.
46.) Put a bug in the soft soil near the Kokiri shop.

Hyrule Castle
47.) In a crate in the guard tower at the castle gate.
48.) Roll into the first tree across from the vines.
49.) Go past the guards through the castle moat. Play the song of storms near the 
tree and bomb the walls inside the hole.

Kakariko Village
50.) In a tree near the entrance.
51.) On one of the brick walls at the incomplete house.
52.) On the side of the house across from the guard gate.
53.) On the watch tower ladder.
54.) On the side of the cursed Skulltula house.

55.) On the wall to the right opposite side of the entrance.
56.) Plant bugs in the soft soil.

Lon Lon Ranch
57.) On the side of Talon's house.
58.) On wooden wall to the left of the cow shed.
59.) On the back of wooden part of the corral, north of the entrance.
60.) In a tree near the corral where cuccos hang out during the day.

Lost Woods
61.) From the entrance of the Lost Woods, take two lefts. Cross under the bridge to 
the pile of soft soil and plant a bug in it.
62.) From the entrance, go right, left, right, left, then left and find the soft 

Death Mountain
63.) Bomb secret cave on right side of trail.
64.) Plant a bug in the soft soil in front of the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern.
65.) Climb death mountain and enter the death mountain crater. Break open the box on 
the inside.
66.) Break the crate on the top floor (in the same room with the different colored 
67.) Plant a bug in the soft soil inside the death mountain crater (use bolero of 
fire to reach soil.)

Zora's River
68.) On the ladder near the entrance to Zora's Domain.
69.) In the first tree you see when you enter the river. 

Zora's Fountain
70.) In the tree on the small island.
71.) To the right of the fallen log.

Lake Hylia
72.) On the small island with the two pillars (same place where you get the fire 
73.) On the side of the Lake Laboratory.
74.) Plant bugs in the soft soild next to the lab.

Gerudo Valley
75.) Look to the right of the plank over the small waterfall.
76.) Look to the right side of the gate on the bridge and you'll see a ledge. Jump 
to the ledge using the chicken and plant a bug in the soil.

Desert Colossus
77.) Find the soft soil next to the entrance of the Spirit Temple and plant a bug in 


Hyrule Field
78.) Smash the red boulder near the entrance of Gerudo Valley. Bomb a hole in the 
ground and use Din's Fire near the cow and find it around that area.
79.) In hole to the left of the Hyrule Castle bridge.

Kokiri Forest
80.) Back of the Twins' House.

Ganon's Castle
81.) On the back of the arch that used to be the guard gate. 

Kakariko Village
82.) On the wall on the roof of the house next to the chicken pen (longshot needed).

Lost Woods
83.) Opposite end from the entrance of the sacred forest meadow on the right side 
84.) Go right, left, right, left, and left then ride the magic bean platform (plant 
bean as child first).

Death Mountain
85.) Go to where the bomb plant was used to open Dodongo's Cavern and break the 
nearby rock open with your hammer.
86.) Smash one of the red boulders where the volcano used to erupt as you walked 
87.) On the side of the small platform in the middle of Goron City.

Zora's River
88.) Look up high on the left wall after the bridge (longshot needed).
89.) Climb up the ladder on the small ledge on the way down the river. At the top of 
the ladder you'll see a circle of rocks and one big rock in the middle. Turn to the 
left of these rocks and find the Skulltula hanging on the wall.

Zora's Domain
90.) Stand on the edge of the frozen waterfall and shoot the skulltula on the left 

Zora's Fountain
91.) Pick up the boulder in front of fairy fountain (silver gauntlet needed).

Lake Hylia
92.) At the bottom of the Lake Hylia lab in a crate (iron boots needed).
93.) Shoot the trunk above the tree branch of the dead tree to land on the branch 
itself. Kill the Skulltula on the trunk by standing at the edge of the branch and 
hitting it with your hookshot (tree is located by warp point to the water temple).

Gerudo Valley
94.) Behind the Carpenters' tent.
95.) On backside of stone pillar across from carpenters' tent.

Gerudo Fortress
96.) On dirt wall above center entrance to fort.
97.) On target pole at archery range.
98.) On back of palm tree near fairy fountain.
99.) Inside stone where you found phantom guide.
100.) Ride magic bean platform (plant bean as child first).

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