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Preface - x000x
Welcome to my Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Guide. It's still a work in progress so
please be kind. I'm working on refining it and including as much information as
I can.

Version - x010x
Version: 1.0
Date: Nov 11, 2011
  Main Quest complete

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Table of Contents.............x100x

  Before the Storm............x320x
  Bleak Falls Barrow..........x330x
  Dragon Rising...............x340x
  The Way of the Voice........x350x
  The Horn of Jurgen..........x360x
  A Blade in the Dark.........x370x
  Diplomatic Immunity.........x380x
  A Cornered Rat..............x390x
  Alduin's Wall...............x3A0x
  The Throat of the World.....x3B0x
  Elder Knowledge.............x3C0x
  Alduin's Bane...............x3D0x
  Season Unending.............x3E0x
  The Fallen..................x3F0x
  The World-Eater's Eyrie.....x3G0x


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LT - Use left hand
RT - Use Right 

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Unbound - x310x
Enjoy the conversation during your ride. At the end of the ride, disembark and
wait until you are asked who you are. You can then decide on your race and
physical features. On the XBox (since it doesn't tell you), use LT/RT to
switch categories, left and ride to adjust sliders, and the X button to finish
your choices. Once you hit X, you'll be asked your name. After that, your body
will actually move itself around but you can still look. Eventually it will
be your turn and amazingly, something happens.

Make the most of it. Turn around (roughly to your 5 o'clock) and head into the
stone building behind you. Climb up the stairs inside and then once a hole is
broken through the wall, jump down into the roof of the next building. Make
your way through the attic and drop down onto the first floor of the building.
Run through the door and you'll be back outside. Follow the group of people
and watch out for the dragon's flame breath. Make your way through the ruins
and past the town gate to the Keep.

Once in Helgen keep, search the dead body (once you are told to) and equip the
armor and axe. Wait for a moment and some Imperials will enter the room. Kill
the two of them and improve your armor. Follow your companion and you'll come
to a store room with a couple more enemies. Keep swinging with your axe until
they fall, head southward and check the barrels to your left on the way for
some potions.

Head down the stairs and you will find yourself in a torture chamber. Be
careful to only attack the people in red. The people in blue are friendly.
After the two soldiers are dead, head over to one of the columns in the room
and on the table next to it should be a sack. Check the stack for lockpicks and
pick the lock to open the cage.

The way lockpicking works is that you most rotate the pick which will allow the
lock itself to rotate. If the lock only rotates a little then you need to
adjust the position of the pick. If it moves a lot, then you are getting warmer
and only need to adjust the pick slightly. You will succeed when the pick is
in the right position and you manage to rotate the lock 90 degrees.

Open the door and collect the loot inside. Turn around and check the slightly
caged in area with the desk. In here is a mace and a shield. Collect them and
equip the shield. Follow your companion further into the keep and then through
the hole in the wall. Go through the cave a little and you'll hear people
talking ahead. Walk into the bigger room and close the distance on the enemy
as quickly as possible because they have a range advantage on you with their
bows. The upper level of this room makes a U shape around the lower level. Just
stay up here and walk through the doorway at the other end.

Follow the caves a little ways more until you come to a room with spider webs
in it. You'll be attacked by a group of giant Frostbite Spiders. They have a
spitting attack so make good use of that shield you just recently got to get
closer to them. Bash them and then head through the far end of the cave room. 
The next large room you enter will have a bear in it. If you unequip everything
you MAY be able to sneak past it. Crouch and watch the indicator in the middle.
If it lights up then you are visible and the bear will act agitated. You can
try and back away so you go back to hidden. You could also just kill the beat
which is easier than your friend makes it sound. Either way, you want to make
your way slightly to the left, not up the ramp like I tried to do the first 
time. A little after you get by the bear, you'll make your way outside.

Before the Storm - x320x
Head towards Riverwood which is north. You'll also be able to find a waypoint
for it on your compass at the top of the screen. On the road there, you will
find three statues on the edge of a cliff. Each of these three statues will
offer you bonuses but you get to choose. These are called blessings and you can
change your blessing any time you'd like by visiting the stone from which you
wish to choose for a blessing. The trade off is that you can only have one so
make sure you choose wisely.

Keep headed toward Riverwood. When you get into town, follow the road up the
river until you can cross a bridge. Loop back toward the building to find
Rafas' sister Gerdur. Talk to her and interact with her as you wish. You will
be asked to head to Whiterun which is north of where you are. Feel free to
sell some things you might be carrying before you depart so that you don't
become to encumbered. Set off north and be sure to watch out for wolves. You
can get into Whiterun from the gate on the western side of the town. You will
be approached by a guard telling you to turn around but you can try and
persuade him if you'd like. 

Head NE to find Jarl in the big church looking building. After you talk to him,
he'll have you talk to his Mage who will want you to collect something for him
in Black Falls Barrow. The Barrow is SW of Whiterun, on top of a mountain. The
best way to get there is from the eastern side. One of the nice things about
Skyrim's map is that it's actually the world map rendered from far above
meaning that if it looks flatter on the map, it is flatter in the game. I
started from the North side and circled my way up moving around the eastern
side of the mountain until I hit a path that lead upwards. You'll know your
on the right path because you'll A) See a road, B) Be attacked by bandits,
and C) It will get very hard to see because of snow. 

When you get to the bandits, there is a chest at the top of their tower. After
you take everything worth taking, turn around and take the path leading up.
When it starts getting hard to see, you'll want to stay left and you will head
toward the mountain. From this point, keep following the path but try to stay
left any time it gets ambiguous. You should pass a largely destroyed column
with a flag on it and eventually you'll come to a rather large building. When
you get closer to the building, you will be attacked by three or so more
bandits. Kill them or don't but go inside either way.

Bleak Falls Temple - x330x
Inside, you'll find a few enemies standing around a fire. You have the
advantage here but the positions of them and the fire make it almost impossible
to actually sneak by. This section is actually designed pretty well for using
a bow and arrow. It's possible to get one on the first shot and maybe another
before they come close enough for melee combat. Kill them and take their
things. Head past the fire and down. You'll follow some twisting caverns until
you reach a room with a man inside. Don't kill him, just watch him. After he
is dead, walk to where he was standing and look up above the door way.

You'll see two giant heads in the wall with statues of a snake and a fish.
Unfortunately, the middle statue is covered in rubble so you'll have to guess.
Turn left and turn the statues so it reads snake, snake, fish. Then pull the
lever and you won't die from the arrows. Go through the gate and collect the
items from the area around the chest. Go down the spiral staircase to the left
but at the bottom watch out for some giant rats called Skeevers. Go through
the next room and around the table. You'll come to a doorway blocked by spider
webs. Break through the webs and you'll be attacked by a Wounded Frostbite

Unforunately, this room doesn't leave you a whole lot of room for dancing
around the spider but it is doable. Just try to keep strafing around the spider
and attacking it when you can. I found the fire spell to be a very useful
attack against the spider. After you kill the spider, cut the man loose 
from the webs at the end of the room. When you do, he'll run away from you. 
Kill him and take the claw and any other valuables you wish. Go through the
burial/mumification room with all the urns and enter the catacombs where you
will be attacked by the walking dead.

Kill the undead in here and you can inspect any of the corpses that still have
flesh for more valuables. Be careful walking forward because there is a trap.
If you look on the floor heading out of this room, there is a little raised
stone with a glyph on it that somewhat resembles air. Go around that stone to
avoid triggering the trap. Move through the next catacombs section to be
attacked again. Then try and get through the swinging axe trap. Make sure you
have stamina and then sprint through (LB on 360). It is also possible to land
in between the axes but that's more complicated than it needs to be.

As you move through the tunnels, you'll see a substance on the floor that is
clearly liquid but has a coloration like the top of an oil slick. That's 
because it is oil and so you have to be careful of the torches hanging above
and perhaps try and knock them down while you are not in the oil. If you let
them fall into the oil while you are crossing it, you can take some massive

When you get to the room with small waterfall/stream that runs through a gate
with no other way of exiting the room, you will see a small chain to the right
of that gate which you can pull to open the gate. Follow the stream and at the
end, take a right. Follow the caverns a little bit more and then there will be
a waterfall. Instead of taking the waterfall down, turn right and go down
the slope. You'll come back outside and have to cross the bridge and go up the
far slope. Once you are back inside, you'll be attacked by a Restless Draugr
which is essentially the same as the others but with more health. Just
backpeddle to stay away from him.

Bleak Falls Sanctum
Go through the doors behind him and a set of caverns will take you to a larger
open area. You'll be attacked from the left and when you move towards the
stairs at the far side, a couple more enemies will come down at you. Watch out
for the oil on the floor again. Go up the stairs and take the bridge over the
middle of the room. Go through the doors at the end and then walk strait ahead
until you come to another big door with glyphs and an indentation in the

You've probably already guessed that the golden claw goes into the indentation
in the middle but the glyphs take a little more work. Open your inventory and
go to misc. Choose the Golden Claw and then press the right stick in to
inspect it. If you flip the claw over, it will have three glyphs in the middle
and you want to duplicate that pattern by activating each of the rings in turn
until they match. The pattern is bear, butterfly, caccoon from top to bottom.
Once that is aligned, just use the keyhole in the middle to open the door.

You'll enter an area that looks sort of like a shrine. Walk towards the light
at the end and climb the stairs. Inspect the chest in the middle to pick up
some good loot then turn around to face the big curved wall with the lines all
over it. That's the language of the dragons. Walk up to the wall and you'll
learn a new word of power. Head back towards the alter and the Overlord will
appear. There is plenty of room to circle so take your time killing him. Be
aware that he actually has the ability to use the same Shout you just learned
(but can't yet use) so he does have a ranged attack but it seems to do a very
minor amount of damage if any at all.

Once you are done with him, collect the stone tablet from his body and then
walk up the stairs to the left of the wall with the dragon writing on it. Up
the stairs you will find a strange handle that you can use to get out of the
caves without going all the way back. Drop off the ledge on the other side
and head out of the cave. You'll come out of the cave on the SW side. You now
need to circle back to the east and north to return to Whiterun. This trip will
be pretty similar to before. Head back there and bring the stone to Jarl's
Wizard. Or you could just fast travel there by using the map.

Dragon Rising - x340x
At this point you'll have to talk to Jarl up stairs but after you are done with
that, head to the waypoint to join the guards. After the rallying speech,
follow Irileth to the Western Watch Tower. When you get there, you'll be told
to search the ruins for survivors. Go around the right side of the Tower and
try to walk up the ramp there. You'll find a survivor. Talk to him and he'll
say something about it coming back.

Your first dragon isn't terribly difficult but he does have a lot of health.
Bow seemed to work really well for me. If you find you aren't taking a whole
lot of damage you should definitely feel free to use a spell or two also but
the bow did I surprising amount of damage. If you are lucky, the dragon might
target Irileth and stand still for you, allowing you to just shoot away at it.
Dragons are a mini test of endurance so take your time and avoid taking damage
whenever you can. Eventually you will take it down.

Once it's dead, you'll automatically absorb its soul. You'll be instructed to
use a shout so go to your magic menu and equip the spell. It won't take up
one of your hands, it's more like a third weapon. When you have it equiped,
hit the RB to Shout. After the soldiers talk about that some, you'll head back
into town and talk to the Jarl. He'll give you an axe, a title, and a companion
called Lydia. She can follow you wherever you like. From here, you must set out
to find the Greybeards. Have her tag along if you like, stock up or drop loot
if you need to and then head eastward from Whiterun.

The Way of the Voice - x350x
Head east towards the pass in the mountains. You'll want to stay on the south
side of the river as you make your way through the pass but be careful of the
the giants on this side. To get where you are going, you'll have to head far
to the east side of this area, almost to the snowy mountain boundary. Head up
the slope by going south and then wrap around to the west to get to your
destination. You'll know you've gone far enough when you find a road that goes
past a series of arches. Head south for a little while until you start seeing
signs of civilization, then you can start heading west. There is no special
path at this point. Just don't go in the water because if you follow the stream
too far, you'll go off the cliff and end up back where you started.

When you finally get close to your way point, you'll have to start climbing the
steps. This is an incredibly large staircase that will take you in a spiral to
the top of the mountain. The only things of note are the height (try not to
fall) and a Frost Troll that will attack you. Even using the fire spell, it's
surprising how tough he is but since it's only one, it shouldn't be too
difficult to kite him. Eventually you will get to the top and you'll enter
the temple.

Enter and speak to the Masters there. Soon, a word will be written in the
middle of the floor. Walk up and stand over it. Then you will have to shout
at a few targets. These will also appear in the middle of the floor but you
have to hold the shout button so that you now use two words instead of only
one. After that, follow the Masters into the courtyard.

In the Courtyard, you will have to learn a new shout the same as you learned
the other word. Stand over the word, almost on top of it to learn it. When you
have learned it, travel over to the new waypoint and wait. Make sure you've
changed your shout to the new shout. Wait for the gates to open and for the
Master to Sprint through the gates. They will then close. When they reopen,
you will have to do the same thing. After, you will talk to the Masters again
and be told to retrieve the horn of their founder. When you are finished
talking, fast travel to the West Watch Tower by Whiterun. If you have 1,000
gold, you could also opt to fast travel to Whiterun stables (just SW of the
town) and buy a horse. Once you are set to travel though, head to the NW to
get around the mountains.

The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller - x360x
To get where you are going, head NW but hug the mountains to the north. Once
you reach their western end, start moving NE. Thankfully, you're headed into
low lands so you can take pretty much any path you choose, including a strait
shot. The dungeon you are looking for is actually in a pit in the ground. Go
down into the pit and through the door to enter Ustengrov.

As per the usual, the first room has a group of three enemies. Take them out
however you choose. If you're playing a mage, one of the enemies may carry
a rather nice necromancer robe. Go into the cavern on the left. As you enter
the caverns, you may find some undead fighting a mage. Kill both groups but
be careful, the Drougr here use frost magic. Using fire magic can make quick
work of them if you get the jump on them. Follow the hall into a room and up 
some stairs. Go over a bridge and down a few more stairs to get to a door to a
new area.

Go down the stairs and you'll pass an over look. After that, on the right will
be a branching path and in front of you is a fire trap so you should sprint
shout over it. Take a left and get to a bridge. You can actually drop down
from the bridge and kill the undead here. You want to exit this room through
the southern door which will bring you around and over a new bridge. Follow
this path and you'll come to a larger room. You'll be ambushed by a single
drougr in this room. Head through it, don't bother going up the stairs and head
down the slope.

You'll come to a few bridge like sections and then go down a broken part to
an area with a bunch of skeletal archers. Kill them and cross the bridge to
the east. Under this bridge is a lower area with a word wall for you later.
At the other end of the bridge will be a doorway with three gates and a set of
rocks sticking out of the ground. Run strait past these so that they each
activate causing all three gates to open. Then, just as you activate the last
one, Shout Sprint through the gates and then do a regular sprint the rest of
the way.

On the otherside, you will come to a room with a huge number of pressure
sensative tiles. There are two types of tiles. There are tiles with a dark
center that have their holes at diagonals and then there are light tiles which
have their holes in cardinal directions. You want to only step on the light
tiles. When you get close to the end, all of the tiles seem to be dark so you
will just have to sprint over to them. When you do, you will encounter
Frostbite Spiders on the other side. Kill them and head through the web on the
far side of the room. Then go through the wooden door just after that and pull
the chain to the left side of the gate.

Cross the bridge in the next room to the chest. There will be a note on top of
the chest but you may need to aim higher than you might think to get it. Read
the note and head through the door behind the chest. You will pass a bunch of
urns and a chest. Take what you like and then continue on. In the next area,
head forward until you find a level. Flip the lever, go through the next room
and then take two rights to put you on the path out of here or take a left to
explore a side room. Once outside, Fast Travel to Riverwood.

A Blade in the Dark - x370x
In Riverwood, head to the Sleeping Giant Inn, take an attic room and try to
sleep. When you are interrupted, speak to Delphine and then follow her. When
you enter her room, close the door behind you and then follow her into the
secret area. Talk to her for a little bit and find out where you are headed
next and why.

Any place you passed on the way to visit the Grey Beards will do, fast travel
to whichever is closest to the waypoint. I found it best to travel east first
and then north. Be careful as there is a dragon hanging out around here. When
you get to Kynesgrove you will meet a villager who will tell you where the
dragon has gone. Climb the mountain to the east to where the dark energy is
coming out of the ground (but don't stand on it because it explodes).

You will fight your next dragon now. He can be quite aggressive and hopefully
you've brought a companion, otherwise you aren't going to be able to see what
you are doing. Just keep hitting him with arrows or melee attacks and using
a double fisted heal when you take damage. Try to move around behind the
dragon whenever possible. After a little bit of a struggle, the dragon will
go down. Talk to Delphine to finish this quest. Head back to the Sleeping
Giant Inn.

Diplomatic Immunity - x380x
Delphine will take you back downstairs and explain her plan. You are off to
Solitude which is in the far NW. The easiest point to get there is probably
from around Ustengrov when you visited. Again, it's low lands so you can just
B-line for it. When you cross the lake, follow the path west to get around and
up to the waypoint.

Get inside the town and make your way over to the Winking Skeever Inn and talk
to Malborn. He will tell you to give him things you need. You will take any
normal clothes with you but if there's anything you need to bring with you,
give it to him and he will smuggle it in.

Head back outside the town and meet up with Delphine. She will take all of your
things and provide you with party clothes. Ride the carriage in, talk to the
bouncer outside who will ask you for your invitation. Talk to the hostess and
then talk to Malborn. Ask him for a drink, then tell him you are ready. Head
into the crowd and find the Redgaurd named Razelan. Give him your drink and
then ask him to cause a distraction. As soon as he starts the speech, meet up
with Malborn. He will lead you into a room to get your things. When you go
through the next door, he will lock it behind you.

The first room to your left has soldiers in it. Try to sneak by them but more
than likely you will have to kill them. You want to enter this room and then
take the stairs up on the right. At the top of the stairs, take a left and
head for the door that leads outside. There are more soldiers out here in the
courtyard. Try to take them out quietly if you can and then enter the door
with the waypoint.

Kill the guard at the far end and then you'll have to deal with two people and
a summoned golem. There are plenty of obstacles to use so take a swing or shot
and then duck behind a column or doorway. One of the people will have a key
to the dungeon. Take that and head downstairs. In the dungeon will be a single
sentry. Kill them, check the chest for a book (it's marked), and free the lone
prisoner. After you free him, a couple of soldiers will come down with Malborn.
Kill them and take the trap door key. Go through the trap door that's now

In this tunnel is a lone Frost Troll. Kill it and follow your companion out of
the cave. Head back to Riverwood to talk to Delphine to finish this leg of
the quest.

A Cornered Rat - x390x
You are now travelling to Riften which can be gotten to easily by any point
near Fort Greenwall or Shor's Stone which you may have passed on the way to
see the Grey Beards. There will be a road that will lead right to it from Fort
Greenwall. When you get there, you can try and talk to guard into keeping your
coin. Either way, get inside and meet Maul. If you fail to persuade him, he
won't talk to you any more. Head to the Bee and Barb to meet Brynjolf.

He's going to cause a distraction and he wants you to steal a ring and place
it in someone else's pocket. To start this, you have to meet him in town during
the day. Meet up with him, let him cause the distraction, go back into the
tavern and then come back out to talk to him. Say whatever you like to him and
then make your way to the Ratway. To do this, go over to any of the bridges
and drop down to the pier area below. Just follow the piers and behind a gate
is the door for the Ratway.

Inside the Ratway, you'll find a few hostile bandits. Kill them and head to
the bigger room. Head out of the room to the west and light the floor on fire
because there is oil all over it. Turn left. You will enter a room with a
rather large man. Kill him but watch out for the bear traps on the ground.
Once he's dead, go past him and eventually up some stairs. Cross through the
garden and in the next room you will be able to see the door for the Raggad

Go talk to the bartender and get the information you need out of him, then exit
through the door to the Ratway Warren Vaults. Drop down to the lower levels and
make your way to the SE exit. In the next section, head to the SW and up the
stairs. Esbern is in the room with the sliding view slat. Talk to him and when
he joins you, return the way you came. In the next room you will actually have
to find the stairs on the western side to take you up.

In the last section before you get outside (Just outside of the Flagon), take
the right exit out of the first room and you should immediately see a draw
bridge with a lever to the right. Once you get outside, fast travel to
Riverwood and talk to Delphine.

Alduin's Wall - x3A0x
After the conversation in the basement, head for Sky Haven Temple. The Temple
is actually at sea level so you actually want to follow the river in to it.
Follow that all the way back to whatever is the closest Fast Travel point and
go from there. When you get close, there will be a dragon around and the
village surrounding the temple is not friendly. I'm not even sure you have to
kill any of them to get into the temple so if you wish to try and sneak by
a dragon and a village, go for it.

Kill the group in the first room and then keep going until you come to a
room with a really tall ceiling. Take the stairs on the right. At the top will
be three spinning pillars. Turn them all so that they show the symbol with the
wings around the outside and an arrow pointing down in the middle. Cross the
bridge and go through the cob webs.

In the next room, there will be pressure plates all over the floors. The symbol
you want here is the same as the one you wanted on the pillars. Only walk on
those tiles until you make it to the far end and pull the chain to deactivate
the trap. Then go to the doorway and go over the newly lowered bridge. Go
through the caverns until you come to a large room with a big face on the wall.
You have to wait until your party catches up and Esburn explains the solution
to this. Then stand on the round platform and activate the floor. Go through
this door and the next as well.

In the next room, walk up to the ornate wall and wait. And wait. Eventually
Esburn will catch up and start talking again. You'll be filled in and then
you'll have to leave to talk to the greybeards.

The Throat of the World - x3B0x
Fast travel to visit the Arngeir. Talk to him and you will learn the last word
of Unrelenting Force. You will go through an inition ritual. Talk to Arngeir
after this, then leave and come back to talk to him again. He will appologize
and after some talking tell you that he will teach the Shout so that you can
meet the leader of the Grey Beards. He will teach you all three parts of this
shout. Once you are capable of using it, you will have to use it on the wind
and clouds at various points up to the top of the Mountain. Be aware that you
will also be attacked on the way up. Use fire and heal while using the shout
to move forward. Once you are at the top, you will meet the leader of the
Grey Beards.

Elder Knowledge - x3C0x
Head down the mountain and talk to Arngeir about the Elder Scrolls and he will
point you to Winterhold in the north. Fast Travel to Kynesgrove (unless you've
been exploring and have something closer). Then it's actually a pretty simple
run there.

You will be stopped by a gatekeeper on the way to the College (the waypoint).
Just mention that you want to see Elder Scrolls and that you are the
Dragonborn. Go inside and follow the waypoints to get to the library. Ask the
mage there to see Elder Scrolls. Tell him you are the Dragonborn and he will
get you two books. Take both of them and then ask him about the one that is
illegible. He will tell you about Septimus and that he was out in the ice drift
to the north.

Head outside but before crossing the bridge, go to the second window on the
right. Get in the window and jump out, aiming for the dark spot. Hopefully,
you should land in the water because this will save you a lot of time. Head
north for where Septimus' cave is. Go in and talk to him until he tells you
what he wants from you. Fast travel back to Winterhold and then start heading
SW. Try to go higher whenever you get the chance (without going way out of your
way) so that way, when you get to the end you don't have to climb.

When you get to your destination, you'll want to head a little lower because
you actually have to get in by suspended catwalks from the north side. Be 
careful not to jump off of anything because there are a lot of spots to fall
to your death. Once inside, you want to hug the left wall while fighting off
mechanical enemies until you reach a room with a big light in the center. Take
the north east door out of the room but watch out for a fire trap. In the next
big room, you want to take the western exit and then take a left at the

Eventually you will exit out onto a ledge above a previous room. Be careful
walking this ledge because there will be pistons that can push you off if you
miss your timing. At the end of the ledge is a door. After the door, it's a
little strait forward. When you get to a flight of steps, go up it a little
ways to trigger a trap then back off the stairs. Let the trap come down and
then follow it back up. When it gets to the top and turns off, slip by. Open
the gate with the level and head down the twisting ramp. When you get to the
bottom, jump off onto the platform below (attached to another ramp). Off the
side of this platform is another ramp platform heading down. Follow that ramp
downward and you'll eventually come to big golden doors.

Walk through the room and down the stairs and you'll find tents. Kill the
inhabitants and continue on what is mostly a linear path. You will go counter
clockwise until you go through the big room with the winding ramps and a little
bit more. This will put you at the Alfland Cathedral.

Go through this next room but watch out for pressure plates that will drop a
trap on you. Go through the door and you'll end up outside. There will be
stairs to the left that lead up to above where you entered the area. Take those
stairs up and hit the lever at the top then jump down and go through the gate.
In this area is a large mechanical golem. I recommend you use the platform
that the giant crossbow is on to block it's breathe attack which does massive
damage. Use the stairs around the crossbow to run circles.

Head up the stairs and inside, then use the pedestal in the middle. You'll get
stairs leading downward. Take them and go through the door. The next room is
rather large. I recommend trying to go around the outside as much as possible
because some pretty big nasties spawn in the middle of this area. Work your
way around the right side. You are trying to get to a lift house on the far
side of the map. 

Go up the ramp here and then climb up to the control pedestal above. To the
right side of all the buttons is a spot to put the lexicon. Put that in and
then we start hitting buttons. The first two buttons move the sphere forward
or back. Hit the left of the two buttons until the lexicon unfolds and reveals
a blue center. Move to the right side of the console and hit the third button
until you see light shining down from the glass ceiling pieces onto the sphere.
When that happens, the fourth button will open. Hit that to reveal the Elder
Scroll. Go collect the Elder Scroll and then grab the lexicon. Leave through
the doorway just under the control console. Use the elevator to get topside
and then the lever by the gate to open it. Fast Travel to Septimus and give
him the Lexicon. Travel Back to the Throat of the World.

Alduin's Bane - x3D0x
Have a quick chat, then stand in the stream of light. Open the inventory and
look under "books." Use the Elder Scroll. Watch the scene from the past.

After your vision, you will have learned Dragonrend and can use it. This will
land Alduin, allowing you to strike him freely. Feel free to use a melee weapon
during this fight if you don't normally. Wait for him to hover, hit him with
dragonrend and beat on him until he takes off. Rinse and repeat until the
battle is over.

The Fallen and the Unending Season - x3F0x
Talk to Paarthunax, he will tell you to talk to the Jarl of Whiterun. Go talk
to the Jarl and he will tell you to go talk to the Greybeards so go talk to
them. They will send you to go talk to Jarl Ulfric and General Tulius. Just
keep talking to them and they will give in and attend.

Go back to Hrothgar, go to the back of the temple and take a right just before
the doors out the back. Go down the hall and take another right and you'll be
at the negotiation table. You can choose however you would like to do this. As
far as I have seen, you can't actually fail.

After the negotiations, go talk to Paarthunax. You can't kill him but talk to
him about it. Now head to Whiterun and talk to the Jarl while he's in his
palace. Then head to the balcony. When you are ready, stand on the balcony and
use the Call Dragon Shout. When he arrives, use Dragon Rend on him and then
back into the palace and draw him inside. When he's far enough in, he'll be

Talk to him and when you've concluded that you will let him free, talk to the
guard on the walkway above. Prepare for a raid. When you are ready, talk to
the dragon again.

The World-Eater's Eyrie - x3E0x
Make your way up to the top of the Eyrie. Be careful because there are small 
enemies and two dragons just in this first small section. Just go slow because
the first one will attack you as soon as you get there but the second will wait
until the first bend. Make your way up to the front door.

Inside, follow the halls until you get to a big room with three statues to
rotate. Make the statues on otherside have the outward face be the same as the
picture in the mouth of the skull across from it. Then, the middle one is
which door you want to open. Look towards the back of the room and you will
see two gates that are closed. Rotate the middle one so that the forward facing
emblem is a snake so that the snake door opens.

Keep going through the halls until you come to a room with another of those
rotating statues (only one this time). Rotate it until it has a snake on the
front. Head up stairs and you'll see to bridges connecting to a section in the
middle. Beyond each bridge is another rotating statue and above the doorway
leading to it from the bridge is the symbol it's supposed to have. Rotate those
accordingly and then pull the lever in the middle. Cross the draw bridge and
go through the door.

In the next room, go up the stairs and take a right. Follow that around and
over the bridge. Go on to the next room and climb the spiral stairs quickly
because this room will be lit on fire. There is a side door up here that leads
to a lever. Hit the lever and go through the gate. Run down the halls quickly
here because there are more fire traps. You'll come to another door with
rotating discs and requiring a claw shaped key. Kill the guard and take the
key. Solve this the same as the last one. The solution is Panther, Bat, Dragon.

Head into the next room, all the way to the back and learn a new Shout. Keep
going until you leave through the door at the back. When you get outside, go
around the left side of the building and climb the stairs up. Run and jump
into the portal.

Sovngarde - x3H0x
Once you land, just walk across northward. There is a hill in the middle of
the land and from there you can see the large building that is your
destination. Before you can enter, you must battle the gate keeper. You do not
have to beat him, just take about half of his health but be careful because
he hits hard.

Meet with your three new companions inside, talk to each and then head back

Dragonslayer - x3I0x
Once outside, meet with your companions at the waypoint. You will have to do
three group Shouts of Clear Skies. Once it's been done three time by the
group, the mists will clear and Alduin will attack. This battle will play out
just like any other Dragon battle except you will do it with three very tough
companions. I have no recommendations here except to do as you've been doing.
Once you've defeated him, speak to Tsun to return to Skyrim. Congratulations!
You win! Have fun exploring!

Dungeons - x500x

Lost Knife Cave
Some ways north of it is a cave called Lost Knife Cave which you want to enter.

Kill the first group of enemies in the cave and take the Cage Key. Head forward
and over a land bridge to a little island. Kill the two enemies here and then
take the other land bridge. After you cross the other bridge, try to stay left
because there is a trap that will drop rocks on the right side of the cavern.
Go up the slopes and walk towards the wooden balcony. Turn right and you'll
see a small entrance leading up to the Lost Knife Hideout.

Go forward and turn right to see a hole in the wall. Go through it and kill
a few bandits there and then head up the stairs on the far side. Keep heading
up, killing bandits as you go and you will cross a wooden bridge. After the
bridge will be a large room with cages. In the only closed cage is a giant
tiger. You can stand on his cage and then jump to the cage on the left. Hop
down here and run past the sole enemy on this side because he is very tough.
He's fast enough to catch you, can kill you in just a few swings, and can take
a lot of punishment. Go past him and just open the gate to the next area.

When you land in the next area, enemies will pour through after you but they
will all appear in the same spot so use a spell and just keep torching that
one spot until nothing else comes out. You can retreat back to the previous
area if you don't kill them all to collect more magicka and then do it again.
Once they are done and you are safe, head along the stream and jump to the
bridge. You can now exit back out the way you came.

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