Sly Cooper Boss Guide - Guide for Sly Cooper and The Thievius Racoonus

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Boss 1: Raleigh

To beat this frog, have him follow you on the floating platforms until he becomes 
normal size. Then, hit him when he becomes normal size. Sometimes he'll make one 
platform float and the rest sink so you won't have a lot of room to run around. 
Another is he'll pull out his tongue and you'll have to dodge it. It takes three 
hits to beat him.

Boss 2: Muggshot

Muggshot is easy to beat. On the first floor, knock all the mirrors at him so he'll 
burn. On the second floor, do the same thing. On the last floor, use the move that 
Raleigh gave you and hit all of the mirros toward him to beat that manging mutt. it 
takes three hits to beat him.

Boss 3: Mz. Ruby

If you ever played "Dance Dance Revolution" you can beat her. All you have to do is 
push the right buttons to dodge her voo-doo throws. It takes four hits to beat her.

Boss 4: Panda King

If you don't have fast reflexes, you might not be able to beat him. To beat him, 
make your way up the stairs dodging any fireballs thrown at you. Then, the fight 
starts. Now, dodge his fiery moves until he says"'Fiery Wheel.'" Dodge that move 
then hit him it'll take several hits to beat him.

Boss 5: Clockwerk

Clockwerk has two stages to go through. The first stage is sorta' easy. First, dodge 
his attacks. then, when Carmelita shoots her bazooka at him, hit him wherever the 
bazooka shot is.Stage two is really hard. First, make your way through all the 
security lasers and the hard obstacles. When you get to his head, keep attacking 
before his body reattaches to him.Now sit back and watch the ending. 

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