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Snafu7's ULTIMATE Star Wars: Empire at War Walkthrough and Guide.

Version History
v0.5-Started work on the Imperial campaign, ended part way through mission 5.

v0.4-Updated mission 7 as much as possible, encountered a glitch because I updated my
game, and now I can't continue my mission, so I;m waiting for a fix.

v0.3-Misc. Fixes and changes to the guide.  Added the Legal section and the
Hints/Tips Section.

v0.2-Started the Rebel missions, stopped at mission number 7

v0.1-Compleated the Intro, controls, Units, and Planets section.

How the Table of Contents works:  Next to each topic in the table of contents, you
will see a code, for easy access to the topic/chapter that you want to view hold
control and hit your F key, this will pull up your find feature.  Just copy and
pastethe code into the box and click find, and you will be brought to the topic.

Table of Contents:

        Rebel Units-----[sweaw3.1]
        Empire Units----[sweaw3.2]
        Rebel Campaign--[sweaw5.1]
        Empire Campaign-[sweaw5.2]
Legal Stuff-[sweawl]

Before we get into anything I would just like to say a few things.  1)This guide is
not to be used on ANY site without my permission(If you are interested in putting
this on your site, please just send me an email at [email protected]).  2)I will
gladly answer any question you have, but try to find an answer in the guide before
you send your email to me, it will save us both some time.  3)If you want to make any
contribution to the guide(send in you hints/tips etc) just send them to the email
address I listed above.  That's pretty much it, I hope that this guide will be
helpful to you during your time play SW:EaW, happy playing!


Note:  Some of the Controls are for specific units, and will not work for every unit.
Unit Controls

Select Group 1-----1
Select Group 2-----2
Select Group 3-----3
Select Group 4-----4
Select Group 5-----5
Select Group 6-----6
Select Group 7-----7
Select Group 8-----8
Select Group 9-----9
Select Group 0-----0
Create Group-------Ctrl + 0-9
Place Beacon-------B
Super Weapon-------Ctrl + W

Land Controls

Force Crush--------Ctrl + C
Force Push---------Ctrl + F
Force Lightning----Ctrl + L
Force Corrupt------Ctrl + R
Force Heal---------Ctrl + H
Force Protect------Ctrl + P
Deploy/Undeploy----Ctrl + D
Take Cover---------Ctrl + Z
Flame Thrower------Ctrl + J
Capture Vehicle----Ctrl + V
Exit Vehicle-------Ctrl + E
Thermal Detonator--K
Drop Thermal Det.--Ctrl + K
EMP Burst----------Ctrl + S
Rocket Weapon------Ctrl + G
Cable Attack-------Q
Sensor Ping--------Ctrl + O
Control Turret-----Ctrl + Y
Repair Vehicle-----Ctrl + U
Boost Weapon Power-Ctrl + B
Self Destruct------Ctrl + X
Deploy S. Troopers-Ctrl + H
Max Firepower------Ctrl + M
Sprint-------------Ctrl + N


Boost Shield-------Shift + O
Weaken Enemy-------Shift + K
Gravity Well Gen.--Shift + G
Barrage Area-------Shift + B
Hunt Enemies-------Shift + H
Boost Engines------Shift + E
Lure Enemies-------Shift + L
Missile Jamming----Shift + M
Lock S-Foils-------Shift + W
Tractor Beam-------Shift + T
Proton Beam--------Shift + P
Call Wingmen-------Shift + C
Lucky Shot---------Shift + S
Redirect All Fire--Shift + R
Ion Cannon---------Shift + I
Seismic Charge-----Shift + X
Invulnerability----Shift + Z
Destroy Planet-----Shift + D


REBEL UNITS[sweaw3.1]

Space Units

Z-95 Headhunter
Z-95 Headhunters are lightly armed fighters ideal for scouting the battlefield and
locating enemy units.  They don't hold up well in direct combat.

The X-Wing is a versatile dogfighter that fares well against the Empire's TIE
fighters.  It can trade off between speed and power to reach distant points before
the enemy.

Y-Wings are the bombers of the Rebel fleet.  They can disrupt shields, disable enemy
ships, and provide air support during land battles.  They are invaluable when
assaulting space stations and capital ships.

The A-Wing is a fast, lightly shielded fighter equipped with jamming equipment that
allows it to create diversions that leave enemy ships open to attack.

Corellian Corvette
The Corellian corvette is faster and more maneuverable than the Imperial capital
ships, allowing it to break through blockades and reach distant destinations.  It can
defend itself from attack by smaller capital ships.

Corellian Gunship
Fast and deadly, the Corellian gunship can outmaneuver Imperial destroyers and punch
through their shields with its powerful weaponry.

Marauder Missile cruiser
The Marauder cruiser is a space artillery unit that can barrage an area with missiles
creating heavy devastation in the process.

Rebel Cruiser
Nebulon-B Frigates house both laser cannons and turbolaser batteries, and specialize
in combat with Patrol Cruisers.

Alliance Assault Frigate
Boasting laser cannon and turbolaser batteries, the Alliance Assault Frigate can
handle the larger Imperial cruisers and destroyers.

Mon Calamari Cruiser
Mon Cal Cruisers are heavily armed and well defended ships that can take on Imperial
Star Destroyers.  Note:  This ship can only be build if you control Sullust, Fondor,
Kuat, or Mon Calamari.

Ground Units

Rebel Soldiers
Rebel Soldiers are key to holding ground during battle.  They are small enough to
evade anti-vehicle weaponry, and trained to take advantage of strategic cover.  They
can defend themselves against Imperial Infantry.

Plex Missile Troopers
Troopers carry PLX-2M Missile Tubes which fire rockets capable of doing massive
damage to vehicles.

Infiltrators are stealthy infantry units armed with deadly sniper rifles that can get
behind enemy lines without being detected to  sabotage structures and vehicles.

T2-B Repulsor Tank
The T2-B is a nimble reconnaissance unit that can travel over land and water.  It is
highly effective against enemy infantry and light vehicles.

T4-B Heavy Tank
T4-B tanks can alternate between firing blasters to tear through infantry, or using
rockets to pummel vehicles and structures.

Assault Speeder
Assault Speeders can travel just about anywhere on the map faster than any other
unit.  They are the perfect counter for the lumbering AT-AT.

MPTL-2A Artillery
When deployed, the MPTL-2A can fire torpedoes over long distance that do significant
damage to buildings, turrets, and other armored targets.  The MPTL requires a spotter
unit for maximum accuracy.

Rebel Heroes

Mon Mothma
Mon Mothma is the Rebel Alliance's quiet conscience and central leader; her strong
presence spurs her forces toward victory.  She uses her political influence to
negotiate better prices for the Rebel Alliance.

Kyle Katarn
Kyle Katarn saw the Empire's true face after learning it was responsible for his
family's death.  His military training is now in the service of the Rebellion. 

Captain Raymus Antilles
Antilles is level-headed, schooled in diplomacy, and a capable pilot.  His ship, the
Sundered Heart, has been modified with the ability to diminish enemy weapons.

R2-D2 and C-3PO are a droid duo with a knack for being in the wrong place at the
right time.  They steal key technologies from the Empire, increasing the Rebel's
technology level.

Commander Ackbar
Ackbar captains his personal flagship, Home One.  He can rally his fleets to take out
the mightiest of opponents.

Han Solo is a young scoundrel who pilots the legendary Millenium Falcon.  Chewbacca
serves as Solo's first mate.  These two have a knack for getting themselves into and
out of trouble.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is among the last of the Jedi Knights.  In battle, Obi-Wan draws upon
the Force to protect and heal his allies.

Red Squadron
These pilots are known for their daring piloting and tactics.  Red Squadron is the
only unit that can defeat the Death Star.

Galactic Empire Units[sweaw3.2]

Space Units

Probe Droid(Galactic Map Only)
These droids can be secretly deployed to the Spy slot on an enemy planet, allowing
the Empire to see the enemy's defenses on the Galactic Map.

TIE Fighter
The mass-produced TIE fighters are disposable units well suited to ship-to-ship
combat against small Rebel fighters.  They rely on overwhelming numbers to defeat

TIE Bomber
These bombers can plaster an area on the ground or use their precise targeting
computers to disable vital areas of capital ships suck as shield generators and engines.

TIE Scout
TIE scouts can be dispatched to scout out distant areas and lift the fog of war,
revealing enemy positions and defenses.

Tartan Patrol Cruiser
Tartan Patrol Cruisers can barrage an area with deadly missile fire from a safe
distance, acting as space artillery for your fleet.

Broadside-Class Cruiser KDB-1
Broadside-class Cruisers can barrage and area with deadly missile fire from a safe
distance, acting as space artillery for your fleet.

This standard Imperial cruiser produces TIE fighters and TIE bombers during battle. 
It has more that enough firepower to take on Rebel fighters, cruisers, and lightly
armed space stations.

Victory-Class Star Destroyer
These vessels house complements of TIE fighters and TIE bombers during battle.  They
are extremely effective against Rebel corvettes and frigates.

Interdictor Cruiser
Intordictor Cruisers are powerful ships capable of disrupting the Rebels' strategy by
preventing retreat and interfering with their targeting.

Imperial Star Destroyer
These massive war ships make short work of all but the strongest Rebel vessels.  They
produce TIE fighter and TIE bomber squadrons for defense during battle, and can
activate a tractor beam to trap helpless Rebel Ships.  Note:  Can only be built if
you control Sullust, Fondor, Kuat, or Mon Calamari.

Death Star
The Death Star is the Empire's ultimate weapon.  It is armed with a super laser that
is capable of destroying an entire planet.

Ground Units

Stormtrooper Platoon
Stormtroopers are trained to wipe out resistance from Rebel Infantry.  They can take
advantage of strategic cover to enhance their deadly abilities.  These units are
essential for holding tactical ground during combat.

Speeder Bike
Scout troopers rely on their lightly armored speeder bikes to swiftly  strike at
targets across the battlefield.  They can wipe out entire squads of infantry with
their thermal detonators.

TIE Mauler
The TIE Mauler sacrifices armor for speed and maneuverability.  It is armed with
rapid fire laser cannons and can use  its tank treads to run over enemy infantry.  As
a last resort, it can self-destruct, causing massive damage.

2-M Repulser Tank
2-M Repulser Tanks are shielded and highly  mobile, allowing them to reach distant
regions quickly while taking out enemy infantry along the way.

The AT-ST is a lightly armored scout  vehicle that uses its powerful lasers to
provide covering fire for ground troops or to barrage an area; it is particularly
effective at crushing  enemy infantry and turrets,

SPMA-Ts are mobile artillery that must deploy before firing their main cannons.  They
require a spotter unit to paint distant targets for them.  Their lasers cause
incredible damage to any target they strike.

The AT-AA has a flak pod that sits on a walking shell.  It is capable of traversing a
variety of battlefield terrain to get into position and stop air assaults.

AT-ATs employ four head-mounted laser cannons and their feet can crush enemy troops.
 They also can deploy Stormtroopers via rappel lines dropped from the vehicle's belly.


Emperor Palpatine
In combat, Palpatine draws upon the Force to sear his opponents with deadly
lightning, or to bend them to his will.  Whichever planet Palpatine occupies will
produce units and structures more efficiently.

Mara Jade
Mara Jade relies on stealth and cunning to sow confusion among the Rebels.  She can
force enemies to do her bidding and sneak behind enemy lines to plant deadly explosives.

Captain Piett
Piett is Captain of the Imperial Class Star Destroyer, the Accuser.  The Accuser has
been modified with a proton beam capable of causing massive destruction to other vessels.

Colonel Veers
Colonel Maximilian Veers pilots his own advanced AT-AT prototype named Blizzar 1 and
is recruiting for an assault force of the mighty behemoths once full scale production
begins.  Veers' AT-AT is immune to airspeeder cable attacks.

Grand Moff Tarkin
Tarkin is a commander that cannot contemplate retreat as a viable option; as suck,
fleets under his command will not be able to retreat from a space battle.

Boba Fett
Boba Fett is a walking arsenal sporting wrist blasters, a flame thrower, and a
jetpack.  His ship, Slave I, boasts shields and a devastating seismic charge.

Darth Vader
As a Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader draws upon the Force in combat to devastate
his opponents.  In space Vader pilots a specially designed TIE Advanced x1
starfighter and is protected by a team of loyal wingmen.


Planet Name               Faction Favored    Advantage
------------------------- ---------------   
Abregado rae              Empire             Production Boost:AT-ST
Aeten II                  Both               High Credit Value
Alderaan                  Rebels             Combat Armor
Alzoc III                 Empire             None
Anaxes                    Both               Production Boost:Victory Star Destroyer
Altzerri                  Both               Black Market Influences
Bespin                    Empire             High Credit Values
Bondon                    Both               Production Boost:Acclamator
Bothawui                  Both               High Credit Value
Byss                      Empire             Spy Network is Visible
Carida                    Both               Improved AT-AT Reactors
Corellia                  Rebels             Production Boost:Corellian Corvette
Corulag                   Both               Production Boost:Infantry
Coruscant                 Both               High Credit Value
Dagobah                   Both               Ground Base Stealth
Dantooine                 Both               Ground Base Stealth
Endor                     Rebels             Light reflective Armor
Eriadu                    Rebels             Production Boost:T4-B Tank
Fondor                    Rebels             Production Boost:Alliance Assault
Frigate, Capital                                                   Ship Producer
Fresia                    Rebels             Production Boost:A-Wings
Geonosis                  Both               Production Boost:MPTL
Hoth                      Empire             Ground Based Stealth
Ilum                      Neither            Production Boost:SPMA-T
Jabiim                    Empire             Unit Restriction:Repulser Lift Vehicles
Kashyyyk                  Both               Ground Based Stealth
Kessel                    Both               High Credit Value
Korriban                  Empire             Production Boost:2-M Tank
Kuat                      Empire             Production Boost:Imperial Star
Destroyer, Capitol Ship                                               Producer
Manaan                    Both               Tactical Auto-Heal:Infantry
Mon Calamari              Rebels             Production Boost:Calamari Cruiser,
Capital Ship                                                      Producer 
Naboo                     Rebels             T4-B Damage Upgrade
Nal Hutta                 Both               Black Market Influences
Polus                     Both               High Credit Value
Ryoth                     Empire             Stamina Boost
Shola                     Neither            Tactical Auto-Damage:Infantry
Sullust                   Empire             Production Boost:Tartan Cruiser, Capital
Ship Producer
Taris                     Rebels             Production Boost:T2-B Tank
Tatooine                  Rebels             Light Armor Upgrade 
Thyferra                  Both               Tactical Auto-Heal
Vergesso Asteroids        Rebels             Improved Weapons L1
Wayland                   Rebels             Improved Treads
Yavin                     Rebels             Enhanced Shielding


Having problems in the campaign mode?  Well hopefully I'll be able to cover some of
the problems that you may be having, and discuss some tactics that you can use to get
through the game.  

-----Rebel Campaign-----[sweaw5.1]

Mission One

Ok, this first mission is unsurprisingly, very easy. 

Mission Objective(s):
1)Destroy as much as you can(all of the flashing points on the radar)

Ok, as soon as you start there will be 2 tartan cruisers and a group of TIE fighters
in front of you, quickly dispose of them, and continue forwards.  When you get to one
of the areas you are supposed to destroy, target the orbital resource centers, they
are very explosive, and will blow up everything in the area you need to destroy, do
this for all of the areas(about 5 or 6).  Through out the mission, you'll be attacked
by TIE fighters, and Tartan Cruisers, and sometimes TIE bombers, these are no problem
to defend yourself against, and your corvettes will take care of them on their own. 
After a you destroy your objectives, a cutscene will come up, and you have completed
the mission.

Mission Two

Mission Objective(s):
1)Build up and Assault Force and take R2 and 3PO to Wayland.

Ok, so to start the mission, start building a ground force to attack Wayland, after
you've done so, take that group, along with R2 and 3PO, and send them to Wayland. 
When you're building you're attack force, I suggest that you have at least a few
tanks.  Once you get to the planet, call in your reinforcements, and start moving
forwards.  Initially you will encounter a little resistance, nothing too big, once
you take out the first turrets, it would be wise to build some anti-infantry turrets,
or some anti-vehicle ones.  Once you arrive at the main base, destroy all of the
Imperials there, and take R2 and 3PO to the middle of the base where they will start
to get the data the Rebels need.  You will then get notice that the Imperials are
landing to the south of your position, so move your troops to the right side of the
base, and wait for the Imperials to attack.(You will have to defend R2 and 3PO for 2
minutes)  After you repel their attack, move you troops to the left of the base(This
is when you are going to need the tanks).  Imperial walkers will start attacking from
the left side of the map with a few stormtroopers, and more stormtroopers will come
from the bottom.  After you have killed them off, wait until the 2 minutes are up,
and take R2 and C3PO back to the landing spot that you came from.  

Mission Three

Mission Objective(s):
1)Destroy Power Generator
2)One Pilot Must Survive
3)Get Pilots to the X-Wings
4)Take out the AA Turrets

First you have to build up your ground force, and you're going to need a bigger one
than last time(quite a bit bigger).  I would suggest that you have alot of tanks, a
few infantry, and 3 or 4 plex soldiers.  Once you've got that done, take your attack
force and send them to Fresia.  As soon as you land, call in your
reinforcements(tanks first).  To keep your pilots alive, leave them and 3 tanks at
the reinforcement point.  Take the rest of your force and go left, across the water
onto the next piece of land.  You're going to run into some stormtroopers and Walkers
almost as soon as you reach land, but they aren't too difficult.  Keep fighting
forwards, and go into the next body of water, and you will run into some
Stormtroopers, 3 or 4 walkers, and 3 TIE maulers, make sure that you kill the maulers
first, because they will try to self destruct on you.  After you've dealt with them,
go forwards, and take over the reinforcement point, and then call in your
reinforcements.  Once you've done that, send your force to the right, and take out
everything in the base, which will have 3 turrets right away, a few walkers and
maulers and some stormtroopers.  After they're gone, take out that power Generator. 
Keep moving right, destroy whatever turrets or buildings you see, and then capture
the next reinforcement point, and call in whatever troops you have left.  Then take
your force over to where the X-wings are, and kill any enemies that are there.  Then
take your pilots and send them right next to the X-wings, they won't be able to take
off because of the AA turrets that pop up, so now you have to go destroy the AA
turrets.  So basically you have to run your troops around destroying all the turrets
marked on the map, which is a little easier said than done, because the Empire will
continue to send TIE Maulers and Walkers at you.  Once you've destroyed all of the
turrets, the mission will end.

Mission Four

Mission Objective(s):
1)Rescue the Prisoners

This is a very easy mission, firstly build up a big star fleet, and make sure you
have at least 3 or 4 Y-Wings, then send them to the Kessel System and engage the
Imperials.  Once the battle starts, have your Y-wings use their special attack on the
shuttles carrying prisoners, and then have Antilles pick up the prisoners by making
his ship move over the shuttles(While he's selected, just click on top of the
disabled shuttle).  After you've resued the prisoners from the ship the mission is over.

Mission Five

Mission Objective(s):
1)Steal Technology

Ok, this is a kind of open ended mission, all you have to do is drag R2 and 3PO to
the steal technology spot on any planet, and steal technology from the Empire.  You
can also use this time to build up your forces, and capture other planets.

Mission Six

Mission Objective(s):
1)Build up a Ground Force and Attack Kashyyyk
2)Destroy 5 Prison Camps
3)Han Solo Must Survive

Ok, you're going to need a pretty big attack force for this one, I pretty much go
with the same suggestion I made last time, use alot of tanks and infantry, and you'll
probably want to have a few plex soldiers.  Once you've got that done, attack
Kashyyyk.  Once you're on the planet call in your reinforcements, and head towards
the first 2 prison camps.  When you arrive, your will be attack by a few squads of
stormtroopers, and there will be a turret to your left, let your infantry, and Solo
take care of the stormtroopers, and have a few of your tanks take out the turret. 
Once you've taken care of the ground forces, start attacking the first twoprison
camps, and arm the wookies that join you by sending them next to a tree house.  After
you are almost done destroying the second prison, Imperials will start crawling out
of the wood works, they send walkers, maulers, the works.  So stop destroying the
prison for a bit, and start taking them out.  If you can get a bunch of walkers in a
group, have Han Solo run up next to them and use his EMP burst attack to disable them
for a while.  After you've dealt with them, go back and destroy the camp, and then
head to the next one.  The 3rd is pretty much the same as the first two, there are a
few stormtroopers, and a turret.  Once you take out the prison, arm the wookies, and
then move towards the reinforcement point.  After you get their you will be attacked
by stormtroopers from the right, take them out, there is also a turret, a building,
and 4 walkers, so after you take them out, go back and capture the reinforcement
point if you haven't already.  After that, just take out the remaining two prisons in
any order you want, they're both pretty easy to take care of.

Mission Seven

Mission Objective(s):
1)Build a Fleet and Escort Antilles to Atzerri

Ok, first you have to build a fleet, and you are going to need a big one.  What I did
when I started this mission, is I took over every planet that was still remaining on
the map, that way I had a steady source of credits, and I could build massive amounts
of ships.  There isn't really a great tactic for doing any of this, other than attack
with large quantities of ships, that way once you take over one planet, you still
have some ships left over to take out the next one.  Anyways, after you've taken over
the planets you need to take over, take a large fleet with Antilles in it, and send
them all to Atzerri.

----------Empire Campaign----------[sweaw5.2]

Mission One

Mission Objective(s):
1)Slay the Rebel Scum and Burn Their Buildings to the Ground
2)Lord Vader Must Survive
3)Destroy the Communications Array
4)Destroy the Rebels' Power Generator

This is a pretty straight forward mission.  When you start the mission, take your
forces up the left side of the map, and eliminate any Rebels that you come accross
untill you reach the Communications Array.  Once you have destroyed the Comm. Array,
move to the right towards the Rebel base.  Once you get their, you will be told that
you need to destroy the Rebels' power generator.  Go south and kill any Rebels that
you see, and then destroy the generator.  After you do so, you will get some
reinforcements.  As soon as your reinforcements land, you are likely to be attacked,
so kill anyone that is in the attack ground, and move towards the Rebel base.  Once
you reach the base, their will be two turrets in front, so make sure that you take
those out first.  After that, all you have to do is kill any of the Rebel infantry,
and destroy the rest of the buildings.

Mission Two:Crush.Kill.Destroy

Mission Objective(s):
1)Build a ground assault force and recapture Fondor
2)Destroy Human Housing
3)Destroy all Rebellion land forces and structures.

You're going to need a pretty good sized force to complete this mission, make sure
that you have some walkers, a few maulers, stormtroopers, and most importantly, Darth
Vader.  Once you land on Fondor, call in your reinforcements, make sure Vader is one
of them, and then move forwards towards the first housing developement.  On your way
there, you'll be attacked by Rebel infantry, and some human inhabitants, they aren't
very hard to deal with, once you've taken care of them, destroy the frist house. 
Behind this house, there's going to be a few tanks, a bunch of inhabitants and
soldiers.  There is also an anti-vehicle turret towards the bottom of your screen,
make sure you take it out, or else your maulers and walkers are going to be in a
world of hurt.  If you do start to lose units, keep calling in reinforcements,
eventually you'll push them back.  Now start destroying the hosusing developments at
the bottom of the map, and kill anything that comes out of them to attack you, and
watch out for any enemies that will attack you from the Rebel base to the north. 
Once you've destroyed the houses, head north towards the Rebel base.  Be careful,
there is an anti-infantry turret on the left side right when you enter the base area,
and there might be some Plex soldiers, so make sure you take both of those out as
quickly as you can.  Once you've taken care of them, you can move forward and take
the reinforcement point if you wish to, otherwise keep moving right.  You will enter
a new are of the base(you can tell when you enter, because you will see build pads
through the fog of war) and there will be a turret to your left.  After you destroy
it, keep moving to your right, and destroy any buildings/turrets/rebels that cross
your path.

Mission Three:Rooting out the Pirates

Mission Objective(s):
1)Build a probe droid and send it to Ilum

This shouldn't really even be considered a mission, but I'll tell you what to do
anyways.  Just build a probe droid and send it to Ilum...yup, that's it.

Mission Four:The Pirate Menace

Mission Objective(s):
1)Build a fleet and escort Boba Fett from Coruscant to Ilum
2)Boba Fett must survive
3)Destroy all of the pirate sensors
4)Bring in reinforcements and destroy the pirate base to flush out the leader
5)Attack the pirate leader until he submits, don't let him escape

For this mission you're not going to need a huge fleet, but it has to be a decent
one, so make sure you have 3 or 4 tartan cruisers to take out the fighters, and you
should probably have 3 or 4 Acclamators as well.  Once you send Boba Fett with the
fleet to Ilum, you have to take Boba around the perimeter to destroy the sensor pods,
make sure you don't get too close!  Taking the pods out is  pretty easy, just have
Boba Fett attack them and they'll be gone pretty quick.  But, each pod also has 2
groups of pirate fighters near it, so it's wise to use Boba's special attack when
you're close to the pod, that way you can take out the sensor and the fighters right
away.  Start blowing up all of the sensors around the perimeter of the base, until
you've destroyed them all.  After they're gone, call in your reinforcements, and
attack the pirate base, until you've destroyed it, that causes the pirate leader to
come out.  As soon as he comes out, have all of your ships fire on him until the game
goes into a cutscene.

Mission Five:Subjugating Geonosis

Mission Objective(s):
1)Build a fleet and escort Darth Vader to Geonosis.  You will need a significant
number of vessels to successfully invade.


Still having problems with the game?  Need a few helpful tricks and strategies? 
Hopefully I can outline a few good ones that can help you through the game.  Have a
tip/hint of your own?  Please send your tricks/tips/hints/strategies to
[email protected]

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