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Bloodmoon Main Quests- A walkthrough
Part I

Intro: Here I am again, at the request of an email, to make some kind of guide that 
explains the bloodmoon part of the Morrowind trilogy (I was quite suprised at this, 
seeing as how Elderscrolls IV is almost out, I didn’t think anyone cared about 
morrowind anymore) Anyway, here I am again, making a walkthrough. This will include 
the entire main quest, and I actually had to play the game again to remember it, 
from a previous save that I hadn’t gone to solstheim. Was quite a bit of work, but 
I grinded through it.

The Main quest- In this guide I will go through the entire main quest, as well as 
cover an option you have along the way. Hopefully this will help you readers when 
making the choice when the time comes.

In order to get to Solstheim, for those of you who don’t know, you must go to 
Khuul, a very northern village on Morrowind. There, you talk to S’virr and travel 
to solstheim. You will end up in a very different place from morrowind. In front of 
you, is a foreboding fort, and it may be snowing. Solstheim is a cold and icy 
place, and orignally was occupied by the Nords. The only settlement here at this 
time that you can access is the fort in front of you, fort Frostmoth. Owned by the 
Empire and mainly run by the East Empire company, which you have the opportunity to 
work for, but im not covering that here.
						Quest 1
In order to get the first main quest, you need to find and talk to Carius. He is in 
the building to your left as you enter the fort, I believe on the third floor. He 
will tell you that the forts troops have had low morale, as you may have seen if 
you tried to talk to them. But, they will talk to you if you have Booze. Anything 
will do. Filn, Greef, whatever. They’ll all “Smell” it on you, and ask you for 
some. Give it to them, and their dispostitions will go way up. If you ask 
about “dry fort”, they will tell you that carious has banned alchohol, and it’s 
putting them all in a bad mood. (Remember, these soldiers were criminals they need 
their daily beer... or three) If you don’t have any beer, as a side note, Carius 
keeps some in his bedroom and in his study across the hall. Go back to Carius and 
talk to him about dry fort, and he’ll say he never banned it. Once again, go to 
your troop that you gave booze, or give up another beer if you can’t find him, and 
ask about dry fort again, and then ask about “Antonuis  Nuncius”. They say he told 
them about carius banning the booze. Go find him in his room near the imperial 
shrine (to the north of the fort) and ask him about it. He’ll deny everything of 
course. So you have to find proof that something has been stopping ths shipments of 
booze. If you go into the armory, (to the east of the fort) and up the stairs, you 
can find Nucius’ office. The desk is locked at 50, and the closet is locked at 90, 
but even if your skills could open that, it wont let you. Ignore the closet for 
now, and open the desk (I suggest using tower key, if you are under the tower sign 
and do not have anything else). In there you’ll find booze and your journal gets 
updated. Go back to Nuncius and talk to him about shipments stop arriving, and 
he’ll confess to keeping the booze so the soldiers would get angry so he could go 
home. Here is a choice. If you choose to tell carius about this, who will keep 
Nuncius there for a long time, or, you can choose not to, in which case Nuncius 
will give you a key to that lvl 90 locked closet, filled with every type of booze, 
even rare expensive kinds ( I don’t believe dagoth or vintage brandy is in there, 
however). Either way, Carius seems to think you did a good job, and will give you 
three cure common disease potions. Your done with that one.
	Quest 2
Carius is loosing all sorts of things. First booze, now weapons. He wants you to 
find out how the weapons are leaving the fort, and he tells you to get one of two 
soldiers help. Artoria, or Lusius. Lusius is a smart but weak fellow who will speed 
the quest along with better suggestions and making characters have higher 
dispositions, he’s a good diplomat, it seems.. Artoria, on the flip side, is dumb 
as an ox, but as strong as one too. She’d be the better choice for a weaker class. 
Theives or healing type mages would probably want her around. Either way, talk to 
your new partner, and they’ll give you suggestions, eventually leading you to the 
armory. If you’re with lusius he’ll suggest that right away, artoria will say to 
ask the soldiers, and then they suggest the armory. In the armory, Faustus is 
pretty uptight about it all. If you are with lusius, his disposition needs to be 
somewhere above 60 or he will not talk. With artoria, it has to be much higher. 80 
or above. The caverns are to the northeast of the fort, and if you leave by the 
north entrance, and head east, you’ll almost be there. The entrance is at the very 
tip of an inlet of water. Inside, are 5 enemies, plus rats, which I’d hope you can 
handle. All of the people inside have paralyzing weapons, and they’re all quite 
tough. Heres where artoria is helpful, shes incredibly tough, and will help you 
take down the enemies. Lucius is almost a liability, and you may want to leave him 
outside if you’re tough, he comes in handy for the end though, so grab him again 
before you see the boss. Once you’ve defeated the four smugglers, go with your 
partner to the boss. He’s near the way back. With Artoria, she’s a dead on sight 
kinda person, you’ll have to fight him. With lusius, you have the option to fight 
him, or leave him alive and get a silver axe. It’s also possible, to leave him 
alive, get the axe, and then kill him. Whichever way you swing, the quest is over, 
you can head back to the fort, which leads you to...

	Quest 3
heading back to the fort, you can see from even a distance, that the fort was 
trashed. You won’t know whats happened, but Carius is gone, and the soldiers will 
tell you whichever partner you did not choose will know what to do. Find them, and 
ask them what happened. If your with Artoria, find lusius, and he’ll lay out 
everything in a grand fashion. If you’re with lusius, Artorias explination is a bit 
dim, and you can turn around and talk to your pal lusius and get his mission 
details anyway.You’ll learn that wolf creatures attacked the fort (apparently 
werewolves have the ability to break down 20 foot high castle walls with only their 
claws, and let leave no one dead). They also kidnapped carius, and left. Now leave 
your partner, behind, and head through the VERY wild wilderness (where you will 
encounter many powerful creatures and monsters, giving the journey a feel of a very 
long hike up, down, and around some kind or mountain or forest.). Go from the north 
of the fort to the northeast, until you find a river, from there, head along the 
river to the north, until you hit lake Fjalding. From there, continue north (not 
along the river) and up the slopes. Ignore the mead hall for now, unless you need 
repairs from the armorer to it’s side. There you will find the Skaal village. From 
here, it’s a whole new quest, subdivided by 6 others.

	Quest 4 (4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6)
Everybody in the skaal village who’s outside will tell you to go visit Tharsten 
Heart Fang in the greathall, which is to the northern part of the village. Once 
there, he will tell you that he had nothing to do with the attack, preferring 
instead to let the imperials choke themselves with their greed. He also says 
finally that it could not have been wolves, but must have been werewolves who 
attacked the fort. Keep talking to him, and select “ your business here” you’ll 
hand over the skull, and he basically scolds you and the imperials. (Yea you grave 
robbers!) He’ll keep talking to you at least, so select the topic “much to atone 
for”. Heart fang doesn’t understand, so he says, how the imperials could be so 
destructive, and he tells you to restore the power of the skaal. Talk to him about 
that, and then the ritual of gifts. He will give you a scroll and a map that give 
you the rough locations of these stones that will return the skaals power. The 
story gives you everything you need, and I will too, in part two of this guide.

Hopefully this is helping. I’m going to try to break this up so I don’t get too 
frustrated writing these. I will try to get one done every day or so, so that the 
entire main quest will be up.

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