Some Cool SA2B stuff Part1 - Guide for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

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Chapter 1: Hi, I'm not a loser
Chapter 2: Sonic Adventure 2
Chapter 3: Upgrades
Chapter 4: Unlockables
Chapter 5: BATTLE!!!
Final Chapter: Sonic Adventure 3???(NOT SONIC HEROES!!!)
     SSSSSSSSSS           A                 2222222          BBBBBBBBBBBB
    S                    A A               2      2          B           B
   S                    A   A                    2           B            B
  S                    AAAAAAA                  2            B           B
   S                  A       A                2             BBBBBBBBBBBB          
     S               A         A              2              BBBBBBBBBBBB
       S            A           A            2222222         B           B
         S                                                   B            B
           S                                                 B           B
SSSSSSSSSSSS                                                 BBBBBBBBBBBB
Chapter 1: Hi, I'm not a loser!
Hi, I'm Cheato the Hedgehog! I'm a Big Zelda Fan, BIGGER Sonic Fan.
My other FAQ's are Super Smashers(And Friends) for super smash bros. for the N64.
Chapter 2: Sonic Adventure 2
This Game is NOT Sonic Adventure 2. 1. Sonic Adventure 2 is for the Dreamcast(If 
you don't know what that is, GO AWAY!!!) 2.This is the events AFTER Sonic 
Adventure, so if you don't have a Dreamcast, (Like me) and want to know what 
happens before SA2/SA2B, go buy Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut. It's got cool 
shiney effects, and is essentially Sonic Adventure if you take away the mission 
mode and (I think) the Mini-Game mode, and the cool graphics. NEXT CHAPTER...
Chapter 3: Upgrades
Okay, we'll skip the Character intros, and course explanations and go right to 
Name: Flame Bracelet
Char: Sonic/Shadow
How to get: For Sonic you MUST get the item, so I'll tell you it's in CRAZY GADGET.
For Shadow, it's in the Speed Highway stage. Youy MUST have the Air Shoes for this.
Get to a point in the level where theres a rocket and a long trail of rings in the 
air(no ground under them) get close to a ring, wait for B:Light Dash to appear in 
the top right and press B. Right in front of you should be the flame bracelet.
Lets You:Destroy metal contaners while using the somersault. Somersault will now be 
surrounded by fire.
Name:Mystic Melody
Char: ALL
How to get: SECRET!!!!
Let's you: Complete third mission of everystage. More details later.
Name: Light/Air shoes
Char: Sonic/Shadow
How to get: Sonics are in Metal Harbor, and shadows are in White Forest.
Let's You: Do light dash.
Name: Shovel Claw/ Pick Nails
Char: Knuckles/ Rouge
How to get: Knux: In front of you at pumkin hill.
Rouge: The Egg Fish chamber in the Key stage.
Char 4:Unlockabeles: Im tired no more
Char 5:Battle: LATER!!!
Final Ch[ter: DSSUXXX

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