Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

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"Some Guy's gun guide" Guide for Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

Here is my gun guide. This is my own weapons guide to Brother's in Arms: Road 
to Hill 30. This is my guide and mine alone. I will only post this onto Please don't copy. My e-mail is Send 
your coments.

Colt .45 pistol - American
Thompson 'Tommy' Sub Machine Gun - American
M1 garand semi-automatic rifle - American
M1 carbine semi-automatic rifle - American
Browning Automatic Rife (BAR) - American
Springfield Scoped bolt-action sniper rife - American
M1919A6 Browning .30 calibur machine gun - American
Browning .50 calibur machine gun - American
MP40 SubMachine gun - German
MP44 Stermgewer (Storm weapon) SubMachine Gun - German
Kar 98-K mauser rifle - German
Scoped Kar 98-K bolt-action sniper rifle - German

COLT .45 PISTOL----- A good weapon to fall back on if you run out of amunition 
for your primary weapon (Thompson, M1, etc.). It carries 7 bullets in a clip 
and you can carry about 11 clips. This was the main sidearm of the US Army 
during World War 2.

THOMPSON 'TOMMY' SUBMACHINE GUN----- The Thompson Submachine Gun is a 
marvelous weapon. It is still used today be some police forces (US). It can 
hold clips of 20 rounds. you can, at the most, hold 6 extra clips. This weapon 
was usually givin to squad leaders and your assult team.

M1 GARAND SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE----- The M1 Garand is an extremely accurate 
rifle, for  semi-auto. When its clip is empty, it is automatically ejected and 
it makes a loud, audible 'ping' noise. Durring WW2, many deaths of riflemen 
were caused by this drawback. It holds 8bullets in a clip; you can hold about 
10 or 11 clips. 

M1 CARBINE SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE----- Originally designed to replace the 
Colt .45, the M1 Carbine has a clip of 15 bullets. It can fire really fast or 
single shot. IF you fire it fast, which is a good technique for suppressing, 
you will be extremely inaccurate; whereas single shot will be very accurate. 
The shots are not very powerfull. For example, if you were to be shot in a 
limb with it, you would not be very happy.

BROWNING AUTOMATIC RIFLE (BAR)----- The BAR is one of the first fully 
automatic weapon. It can be fired fully automatic or single shot; that makes 
it good for both supressing, flanking, and/or sniping (picking off targets). 
Its 20 round clip goes fairly fast, so be careful. You can hold 11 clips of 

SPRINGFIELD BOLT-ACTION SNIPER RIFLE-----This old fashioned bolt-action rifle 
was used as an American sniper rifle since the Civil War. It holds 5 bullets 
and you can hold 11 clips. Its bolt action means that every bullet has to be 
loaded one-by-one. It should not be used for anything but sniping and picking 
off those Nazis.

M1919A6 BROWNING .30 CAL MACHINE GUN-----This MG is always mounted on a Stuart 
light tank. This is also used as an anti-infantry gun.

BROWNING .50 CAL MACHINE GUN---- this MG is always mounted on a Sherman medium 
assult tank. This is an effective anti-vehicular weaapon. 

MP40 SUBMACHINE GUN----- This German SMG is effective againt Allied soldiers. 
This weapon has 32 bullets per clip. You can hold 6 clips. This deadly weapon 
had caused fear  to run down the spines of allied soldiers on the European 



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