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Upgrade your items!!

Once you receive the fairy ocarina from Saria, get all 3 spiritual stones and go to 
the Temple of  Time. On the way there you will see Zelda and Impa ride away. Zelda 
will throw an object into the moat. After the encounter, run over to the moat and 
jump in and get the item. When you surface Link will be holding the Ocarina of 

Hookshot to Longshot -
 Get ready for a long one cause this took me forever!!! Go to the main room of the 
temple, which can be done b discarding the iron boots, the door you need to enter is 
on the right side. Follow Ruto to the top of the water, and you can use Zelda's 
lullaby to change the waters level. Defeat all of the enemies inside the door and 
get the chest. Now make your way back and jump down into the big hole, not this 
again, don't you remember the last time you were with Ruto, all the holes in Jabu-
Jabu! Use Dins Fire to light up the 2 torches at the same time then you will be able 
to enter the next room and kill all of the enemies in there. Go all the way through 
into the next room and discard of the claw creature, and then you can get the 
treasure chest. Go to the room which contains the large main room and climb up into 
the block and then down into the hole. Again, sink down into the hole by using the 
iron boots, go through and then come back up hitting the diamond switch. Now go 
through into the next door on the other side. Hit the switch and then you need to 
get up to the gate. Go through the very first large room you were in and use the 
hookshot to get into the secret passage, using the diamond switch inside. Go back to 
the very first room, same as before and go into the door next to the large pillar. 
Raise the water level and make your way through the tunnel and then in the next 
area, push the red block into position, then once again return to the main room of 
the level. Get into the room with the waterfalls and then make your way down onto 
the last platform. You will have to use the hookshot to get across to the next door, 
then raise the water level and get back across over to where the statue is. Lower 
the level again and then get back across over to the platform, then get to the other 
side of the statue, so when you raise the water, the statue and you will go with it. 
Go through the spikes, and you will have to fight Dark Link, once he is dead enter 
on the opposite sided door. Now you will get the longshot out of the chest.
Red tunic-
As adult link, go to  Goron City  and stop the rolling goron only to find out that 
he is Daruina's son! He'll give you the red tunic.
Blue Tunic-
As adult link go to zora's domain to find out that it has been frozen over!Get past 
King Zora and go beat the Ice Cavern. Bring back blue fire and melt the red ice 
around the king and he will give you the blue tunic.

Hylian Shield-
Go to bazaar's shop in the Market 
( Or  if adult go to bazaar's in kakariko) and just buy one!!!
Mirror shield-
After getting the Silver Gauntlet, turn into an adult and enter the Spirit Temple. 
Go up steps and go to the right, then grab and push the large gray block until it 
goes into a hole. Go into the new area to find three doors. Open the center door, 
then go to the other side of the room and climb up the brick wall to reach floor 2F. 
Push the bar to rotate the cobra statue to shine light onto the light switches until 
a door unlocks.
Enter the door to appear in the room with a large statue. Go up the steps to the top 
and enter the locked door, then go through the next door, defeat all the enemies in 
the room and enter the door near the floor switch. Hit the Armos statues to make 
them come to life and entice one of them onto the blue floor switch. When a statue 
is on the switch, enter the door that is unlocks. Go up the steps and enter the 
door, then go right and defeat the Iron Knuckle enemy to unlock the next door. Enter 
the door, go up the ramp to appear outside and open the big treasure chest for the 
Mirror Shield
Master sword -
After getting the Ocarina of time , go to the temple of time. Play the song of time 
and a huge door will open. Inside is a really big room. Go in and there's the master 
Biggoron's sword-
First, go to Kakariko Village and talk to the lady behind Impa's house(the one that 
gives you the bottle as a kid for finding all of her Cuccos.) Talk to her and she 
will give you an egg. 
Play the Sun's Song two times so that a day will pass, and a Pocket Cucco will 
Take it into the house somewhat near the entrance to the village, where you will 
find Talon asleep. Use the Pocket Cucco on him to wake him up. 
Now, go back to the lady and show her the Pocket Cucco. She will take it back and 
offer you Cojiro. Of course you want to take it! 
Now, with the Cojiro, go to the Lost Woods in the Kokiri Forest. As soon as you walk 
in, take a left and you will find the lady's brother. Show him Cojiro and he will 
give you the mushroom.
Now you have to hurry or the mushroom will spoil and you'll have to try again! Head 
to Kakariko Village. Make sure it's daytime and head to the potion shop near the 
entrance to Death Mountain. Leave through the door on the left and enter the next 
house. Give the mushroom to the old lady and she will give you the Odd Potion.
Now take the odd potion back to the spot where the Pocket Cucco lady's brother was. 
There will be a Kokiri girl in his place. Give her the odd potion and take the 
Poacher's Saw.
Now, leave to the Hyrule Field and summon Epona with Epona's Song. Ride her to 
Gerudo Valley. Once you're there, speed up and jump over the gap between the two 
broken parts of the bridge. On the other side, give the Saw to the man there and he 
will give you the broken Goron's Sword.
Take the broken Goron's Sword to the top of Death Mountain and show it to Biggoron, 
who is at the very top of Death Mountain near the entrance to Death Mountain 
Crater/Great Fairy's Cave. He will give you the prescription.
Take the prescription to King Zora in Zora's domain (you must have unfroze him with 
blue fire, which you can get in a store or from the Ice Cavern) and show it to him. 
He will give you the Eyeball Frog.
Now, quickly leave Zora's River and ride Epona to the laboratory at Lake Hylia. 
Remember, DO NOT WARP, or it will spoil automatically. Show the old man the Eyeball 
Frog and after finding out that it's for eyedrops, not dinner, he'll give you the 
Quickly take the Eyedrops back to Biggoron on the top of Death Mountain(remember, 
don't warp!) Give them to him and he will give you the Claim Check.
Now play the Sun's Song several times and revisit him. If he says he's finished give 
him the Claim Check and he'll give you Biggoron's Sword!

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