Sonic's Level-up Items - Guide for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

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Magic Gloves: (City Escape) You need the Bounce Bracelet and Flame Ring. After the 
loop and running down the building, there will be iron boxes in the ground. Use the 
Bounce Attack on the boxes. The Magic Gloves are under the boxes. To use this push Y 
near an enemy until "Magic Hands" appears in the right-top corner of the screen and 
push B.

Light Shoes: (Metal Harbor) After the long string of Enimies, you land on a platform 
with a pulley on it. The Pulley leads to the Light Shoes. To use this, press B at 
the begining of a row of rings and push B.

Ancient Light: (Green Forest) Walk toward the camera on the third level of the 
large, multi-tierd room, and you should see an enemy floating. Do a homing attack on 
him, then immediately do another on the itme box behind him, and another one on the 
item box on the platform. The Ancient Light will be on the platform. To use this, 
hold B near enemies and release it when Sonic stands up.

Bounce Bracelet: (Pyramid Cave) This level-up item is on the main path and is almost 
Impossible to miss. This lets you use the bounce attack when you jump up and push B.

Flame Ring: (Flame Ring) After the aforementioned warp toob, you'll be on a ceiling 
of a long room. Near the end of the room is gravity switch. Use it turn the gravity 
back to normal. Walk toward the screen, and bounce on one of the springs in the 
corners. The Flame Ring is tucked behind some iron boxes. This level-up items lets 
you destroy iron boxes with the summersalt.

Mystic Melody: (Final Rush) Make your way to the platform with the orange and purple 
rails. Grind the orange rail, Crouching on your way down for speed. (Hold B on the 
rails to crouch) As you fly off the end of the rail push forward on the Control 
Stick to land on a platform with a rocket. Take the rocket and you'll go on another 
platform. Jump to the platform ahead with a spring on the platform. (A sheep is 
located on the platform. Take the spring, run forward, grind up the vertical rail 
and you'll see the Mystic Melody ahead. To use this go to any ancient shrine and 
press B and you'll mysterious melody. You need this level-up item to complete the 
third mission of every level.

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