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One of the rebellious women who have wrested the secrets of magic use from the male-
dominated mage-clans of the East, The sorceress is an expert in mystical creation 
ex nihilo. Although she lacks hand-to-hand combat skills, she does have fierce 
combative magics for both offense and defense.
           Both solitary and reclusive, the sorceress acts based on motives and 
ethics that often seem fickle and even spiteful. In reality, She understands the 
struggle between Order and Chaos all to clearly, And uses this balance and fit into 
her role as a warrior in the battles of DIABLO2

1.Ice Bolt             Level 1
2.Frozen Armor         Level 1
3.Frost Nova           Level 6
4.Ice Blast            Level 6
5.Shiver Armor         Level 12
6.Glacial Spike        Level 18
7.Blizzard             Level 24
8.Chilling Armor       Level 24
9.Frozen Orb           Level 30
10.Cold Mastery        Level 30

1.Charged Bolt         Level 1
2.Static Field         Level 6
3.Telekinesis          Level 6
4.Nova                 Level 12
5.Lightning            Level 12
6.Chain Lightning      Level 18
7.Teleport             Level 18
8.Thunder Storm        Level 24
9.Energy Shield        Level 24
10.Lightning mastery   Level 30

1.Fire Bolt            Level 1
2.Warmth               Level 1
3.Inferno              Level 6
4.Blaze                Level 12
5.Fire Ball            Level 12
6.Fire Wall            Level 18
7.Enchant              Level 18
8.Meteor               Level 24
9.Fire Mastery         Level 30
10.Hydra               Level 30

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