Special Match Hints - Guide for WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role

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Special match Hint 

Get Opponent in the Casket During Casket Match: 
When in a Casket match, press either Circle to Irish Whip or press X to beat your 
opponent into the casket. Once they are in the casket they will try to grab onto the 
side. Press X to use your normal attack to knock down and close the casket.

Get Outside During Hell In A Cell Match: 
When in a Hell In A Cell match, to get outside you must dive into the side paneling 
in the center. To do this, press Square while running. Once outside, press R1 to 
climb to the top. Notice the center paneling is a different color once on top. 
Execute a powerful move on there and they will fall through.

Piledriver on the Table During Table Match: 
When in a Table match, press Circle to Irish Whip your opponent onto a table. Then, 
press Down + Circle. You will execute a Piledriver on the table.

Another way of getting the TLC Match:
Select a wrestler and go to the King Of The Ring event or RAW. After a few matches, 
you will fight in a Table, Ladders, and Chair match. 

Max Damage in a Ladder Matche:
In a ladder match, beat your opponent down until he stays down for at least thirty 
seconds, grab the ladder and set it up in the ring, as close to the ropes as 
possible, pointing towards the announce tables, grab your opponent and beat on him 
some more, then place him on either announce table, run inside the ring and climb on 
the ladder then do a aerial move for mega damage and an easy win. 

Max Damage in Hell in the Cell Match:
In a Hell In The Cell match, get outside of the ring (jump through the doors) and 
beat on your opponent for a fairly long time, then place him on the announce table 
and climb to the top of the Cell, execute an aerial move for awesome damage, this 
is, however almost impossible to do, but when it is pulled off, it realllllly pays 

Easy Wins in a Table Match and Tornado Tag Table Match: 
In a table match, place your opponent on a table and do a aerial move off the top 
rope for an automatic win and you can do it on the announce table.

To get WWF New York Backstage Area: 
Play through season mode and at the beginning of December during Year 1, Michael 
Cole will introduce you to WWF New York and the restaurant will officially be open.

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