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Spider Man 2 Boss Guide And Cheats

(I have removed the walkthrough, costumes and training because I haven't had time 
to finish them. Sorry. I left the cheats and other stuff to keep it interesting.)


1. Spider Man's Moves
2. Powerups
3. Boss Walkthrough
4. Cheats
5. Sites 

1. Spider Man's Moves
These are all of Spider Man's Moves

Basic Moves:
Jump: X
Punch: []

Advanced Moves:
Webbing: /\
Web Swing: X Then X Again
Zip Line: L1 
Impact Webbing: Up+/\
Web Yank: Face A Enemy Then Press Down+/\
Web Yank Left: Face A Enemy Then Press Down+Left+/\
Web Yank Right: Face A Enemy Then Press Down+Right+/\
Web Yank Over Head: Face A Enemy Then Press Square Then /\
Web Dome: Right+/\
Web Spikes: Left+/\

3. PowerUps
There are powerups spreaded through out the game here's a list of them all

Health Cartrige:
These will restore you'r health. 
Cartrige Color: They are white cartriges with a red cross on them.

Web Cartrige:
This will give you more webbing. 
Cartrige Color: They are blue cartriges.

This will protect you from enemies. NOTE: The Spidey-Armor will take damage and you 
won't, but if you take enough hits, you will lose your Spidey-Armor. 
Cartrige Color: They are golden cartriges.

Freon Web:
Collect these and you will have ice webbing. NOTE: You can't use web yank with the 
freon web.
Cartrige Color: They are white(?) cartriges.

Electric Web:
Collect these and you will have shocking web. 
Cartrige Color: (I don't know what color they are yet.)

Serum Cartriges:
NOTE: These are only in The Lizard's boss stage. Pick up these cartriges to defeat 
The Lizard.
Cartrige Color: They are purple cartriges.

Question Mark Icons:
These are only in the early levels of the game, these will give you a clue on how 
to do things.
Color: They are blue.

4. Boss Walkthrough
Boss 1: Shocker

This Boss is simple to beat, but you have to defeat him quickly before the fire 
reaches the barrowls! (There's a bar at the bottom of the screen with a simble 
representing fire that's heading twords a simbal representing barrowls). Just use 
you impact webbing by pressing Up and Triangle at the same time and you should 
defeat him.

n't see you.

Boss 2: The Plane

This isn,t really a boss because you have to save it not destroy it.
To do 
this, you will have to clear a path for the plane by throwing barrowls out of the 
way and 
not let it's energy bar go down since the plane is moving by it's self. And when 
you get to gararage door that's blocking you'r way, don't worry, just shoot the 
lever with your inpact webbing or regular webbing ( The levers are always on the 
left of the gararage doors). There will also a second but last door, but just 
repeat what I told you and you will make it. WARNING: Don't let the plane run over 

Boss 3: Sandman

This one also isn't really a boss but should be treated like one! First of all, 
just ignore Sandman and focus on catching up to the train but watch out for the 
sand walls. When a sand wall pops up just shoot at it constantly with your impact 
webbing until it's energy bar goes down and just doge Sandman when he pops up out 
of the grownd, then after the sand wall sinks to the grownd, just keep trying to 
catch up to the train. Repeat this till you finish the level.

Boss 4: Hammerhead

Hammerhead is a simple boss. First, try and pull his gun away from him by pressing 
down and up at the same time. But don't be in the way or you get ramed! after you 
pull his gun away, use impact webbing on him. Repeat this until you defeat him.

Boss 5: The Lizard

The Lizard is a tough boss! First, get the purple cartriges to defeat him. Don't 
try using your impact webbing or punching or kicking, that'll take forever!

Boss 6: Sandman (Part 2)                                  

Now you can fianally take sandman down! First of all, go to the main water switch, 
then use your impact webbing on it to turn it on, then the meter on the right of 
the screen should start filling up, then after it finishes, go to one the near by 
water switches and turn it on, but make sure Sandman is in the right position. Then 
after Sandman is getting hit by the water, use your impact webbing on him until the 
water meter runs out. Repeat this until he is defeated.

Boss 7: Electro

In this level you and Electro are in a small room, but just keep using your 
impact webbing on him. Also try jumping on his platform and constantly punch and 
kick him. But watch out, he can use
everything in the room to try and defeat you!
(Hyper Electro Coming Soon)

Cheats (BONUS!!!)
How to enter the cheats:
At the main menu, go to the Extras section and then go to cheats section and put in 
the cheat you want.

Cheat:    Function:               Efect: 
AUNTMAY   Unlock Everything       This unlocks everything in the game
ALIEN     Big Head Mode           While playing, you will have a big head
STACEYD   Big Feet Mode           While playing, you will have big feet
VVISIONS  What If Mode            This Code Allows You To Enter The What If Mode  
DRILHERE  Debug Information       This Displays Debug Information
DRKROOM   All Gallery Entries     This Code Unlocks All Gallery Entries
WASHMCHN  All Costumes            This Code Unlocks All Costumes
CEREBRA   All Training Challenges This Unlocks All Training Challenges
NONJYMNT  Level Select            This Code Lets You Choose Levels To Play On
VVHISCRS  Programmer High Scores  This Code Displays The Programmer High Scores

Well That's It, You Can Leave Now. I Hope This Helps You Beat The Bosses. And Enjoy 
The Cheats!
For more Cheats and Hints, go to: www.cheatplanet.com. It's one of my other 
favorite cheat sites!


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