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Uncle Ben's killer
This guy is kind of easy! Just web zip on the wall until he charges his gun.
Then get down there and kick his butt!! Do the same thing until he falls out of the
window. Don't fire impact webbing... He can dodge it!!

This guy can fire lots of eletricity, jump very far, jumps up and down with 
eletricity and do a tornado! But he's easy! When he comes near you use your 
advanced web dome. To finsh it of, use your combat. WATCH OUT FOR HIS TORNADO!!!

You have to fight him in the air. He is easy! Use your air combat until he lands. He
can't fight back though. Do the same thing over and over until he fanits!

This guy is hard for a rookie but read up! Use your better web dome. Then finsh him
with combat.

Green Gobiln on glider
Save Mary Jane, then fight Goblin until he flies to a tower; he bombs it.
Web up the damages! Fight Gobiln again until he flies to a tunnel bridge he bombs
that too! Fix the damages! Again! Fight him  until he flies to a different area. 
Fight him until he flies away!

Fight him until he brakes into a building! (On foot)
Fight him then he gets back on his glider. Fight him!
Then he brakes into another building! Fight him until he leaves!
Watch out for eletricity!

You are poisoned don't just stand there fight! But when he drink his
potion use your web dome over & over! Then you can take him out.

Green Goblin
You have to get him off his glider to beat him! Well do it!! OK! Use your web Ball 
to beat him.

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