Spider-Man FAQ - Guide for Spider-Man

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Game Basics 

Spider-Man is a pretty straightforward 3D action game where you play as Peter 
Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man (hence the title "Spider-Man"). Throughout the game, 
Spidey will be on the run as an imposter has begun causing trouble, and of course 
people think our friendly neighborhood web-slinger is the one to blame. 

Thankfully Spidey has a wide arsenal of moves to combat his foes, which you will 
find explained below: 

Basics Controls 

X: Jump
L1: Web Target Mode
R1: Zip-Line
R2: Swing Forward 

Advanced Moves 

Web Dome: TRIANGLE+Right
Web Gloves: TRIANGLE+Left
Web Pull: TRIANGLE+Down
Web Pull Left: TRIANGLE+Down+Left
Web Pull Right: TRIANGLE+Down+Right
Jumping Punch: X then SQUARE
Jumping Kick: X then CIRCLE


While Spider-Man doesn’t have the bottomless utility belt full of gadgets that 
Batman does, he does have some equipment that he is able to find scattered 
throughout the levels, including some very cool looking Spidey Armor. Below you will 
find pictures of each of these items, as well as descriptions of what they do: 

This refills a small amount of your precious life bar. 

Web Cartridges: 
These add to your available web fluid. The default Spidey Costume can hold a total 
of ten.

Spidey Armor:
Spider-Man will be coated in blue and white armor when he picks up this item.

Question Mark:
Only found in the early levels, this item will give you a clue to how the game plays.

Flame Cartridges:
If you want to have fun torches Symbiotes with webs of fire, this is what you’ll 
want to use.

Comic Book:
32 of these classic Spideman comics are hidden throughout the game. 


Spiderman has some of the most famous villains in the world of comic books. From the 
Green Goblin to Venom, they are as recognizable as the web-slinger himself. 

In the game, Spidey will face off against some of the most popular villains from the 
comic, as well as a couple made up just for the game. Below you will find a list of 
all enemies and bosses in the game: 

These are one of the first enemies you will face. They are pretty common in the 
first couple levels, and have basic attacks including punches and guns. 

Bank Thug:
These are stronger version of Henchmen, which are found in the bank level. 

The Cops of the city are against Spidey, and can be found in the levels where 
Spiderman is on the run. 

SWAT Cop: 
SWAT officers are stronger versions of the Policeman enemy. 

Found in the Sewers, these beasts are creations of The Lizard. They can spit acid at 
Spidey as well as perform normal attacks. 

Piles of pink goo, Symbiotes are immune to webbing and can hit pretty hard. They are 
only found near the end of the game. 


First Appearance: Amazing Spiderman #20
The Scorpion is a result of an experiment J. Jonah Jameson put Max Gargan through. 
Gargan forever blames Jameson for his suffering. 

First Appearance: Amazing Spiderman #41
A classic example of Brawn over Brains, the Rhino is a walking tank that can do 
serious damage with his large horns. 

First Appearance: Amazing Spiderman #299
Venom is the result of Eddie Brock merging with an Alien Symbiote that once served 
as Spiderman’s costume. 

First Appearance: Amazing Spiderman #13
One of Spideys’ oldest foes, Mysterio relies on illusions and gadgets to mess with 

Doc Ock
First Appearance: Amazing Spiderman #3
Another one of Spideys’ oldest foes, Dr. Otto Octavius was driven mad when four 
robot arms were fused to his body. 

First Appearance: Amazing Spiderman #361 
Carnage is the result of another Alien Symbiote that merged with Cletus Kasady – a 
very sick individual. NOTE: The game says the first appearance was issue #261, when 
in actuality it was issue #361. 

First Appearance: Exclusive to Game
Monster Ock was created when the Carnage Symbiote merged with Doc Ock. 


Level 1: The Bank Heist 

At the start of the level, Black Cat will appear and instruct Spidey on some of the 
basics of the game, such as using your compass to find your destination. Whenever 
you see a "?" you can call in get you a little help. 

Continue forward, and use R2 to swing to the building ahead. On top, you will find 
another "?" as well as a web fluid cartridge. Swing to the next building and your 
Spidersense will begin to tingle – notifying you of danger ahead. KO the baddie 
there, and then jump down to the next level to defeat another enemy and locate both 
health and a web cartridge. 

Swing to the building ahead and into the "U" shaped section to knock down another 
enemy. Then swing to the next building and climb to the first ledge. Be careful 
here, as there is an enemy patrolling here. Defeat him and then swing to the next 
building to end the area and view the cut scene. 

From the helipad, swing forward to find another "?" and more health. Diagonally to 
the right of this perch, you will find a large building. But first, swing to the 
building to the left, and from there you can gain access to the roof of the Four 
Freedoms Plaza, where you will find the first hidden comic book. Then, return to the 
last building, and look at the building diagonally to your left. Swing over there 
and Spidey will say that he will be able to access the bank from the roof. Once on 
top, you will find five enemies (who aren’t too aggressive), as well as heath and 
web fluid. When all five baddies are defeated, Spider-Man will break a window and 
enter the bank, thus ending the area and bringing you to the first save point. 

Once inside the bank, exit the room you arrived in and defeat the enemy to the left. 
Walk forward a little further and enter the door to your right and quickly defeat 
the enemy there. After that climb up the wall get onto the ceiling, which will give 
you a safe vantage point to check out the status of the area. 

Tip: Inside the elevator, you can find a web cartridge. 

Spidey will notice that there are hostages being held in the bank, and of course you 
must save them. To safely rescue the one in the cubicle, climb along the ceiling 
until you are a little ways behind the terrorist guarding him. Jump down, use your 
web shooter to tangle him up, and then immediately turn around and defeat the other 
terrorist using punch and kicks. If you successfully defeated the enemy near the 
elevator earlier, the hostage will be able to escape. 

Tip: You can find a web cartridge inside the cubicle. 

The next objective is to open the security doors. To get inside the control room, 
get onto the ceiling and climb into the open vent, follow the passageway directly 
into the control room. Hit the buttons in order (1, 2, and then 3), and once you hit 
the third button two more enemies will appear. Run towards the windows, then jump 
over the cubicle to find two more hostages being held at gunpoint. Web one enemy, 
then quickly punch and kick the other to save the day once again. Also, you can find 
a hidden comic in this area by lifting up a chair in the first cubicle. Find the 
hallway in the corner of the room to enter an elevator and end this area. 

In the next room, your Spidersense will immediately begin to tingle as you reach the 
end of the hall. The reason for this is an enemy standing in the doorway, as well as 
a terrorist/hostage combination in every one of the partitioned areas in the room. 
Dash into each one on your way through the area and kill the enemy before they can 
get a shot off. Once that is done, pull yourself up to the open vent to access the 
secured area. 

You will find two enemies here, one on each side of the room, and a third will 
appear once the second one is down. After he is dispatched, you will find two more 
hostages, two more terrorists, as well as a bomb. In the room right before those, 
you will find two switches. Use the one marked "2" to open the safe, and then flip 
the first switch. Once you do that, the terrorists will activate the bomb and decide 
to kill the hostages. Dash in, web one or two, and then beat up the third before 
they can kill the innocents. Then quickly run back to the first metal detector to 
find a hidden comic revealed. As for the bomb, pick it up and carry it over to the 
opened safe. Toss it in, and then flip the switch to close the giant door. 

Level 2: Sting of the Scorpion 

This is the first "race" level, and you will see more of these later in the game. 
The goal here is the race the Scorpion to the Daily Bugle as fast as possible. While 
you will encounter many enemies here, it is best to avoid them in order to get to 
your destination as quickly as you can. 

Jump and swing forward to the first building, then to the one to diagonally left of 
that one. While still on the wall there, jump off the swing to the building ahead. 
Cross two buildings while still heading forward, and then climb up the large 
skyscraper to the small roof to the right, where you will find a hidden comic. 

Continue following your compass until you reach the Daily Bugle where you will 
encounter the first boss of the game – The Scorpion. 

Boss 1: Spidey vs. The Scorpion 

Each boss in Spider-Man has one special way to defeat him, which you will learn with 
this battle. Fighting Scorpion in close quarters is kind of tough, so you’ll want to 
hit him from far away. Thankfully, there is plenty of furniture scattered around the 
room to toss at the armored nemesis. While fighting him, you also have to protect J. 
J., because if he dies – it’s game over for you. 

Scorpion has a couple attacks you need to worry about. For one, he tries to impale 
you with his large tail, which can be avoided by jumping out of the way. His other 
special attack is a plasma beam that comes out of his tail, which thankfully 
immobilizes him for a short period of time where you will be able to get a couple 
hits in. 

When you get Scorpion down to half (or less) life, J. J. will flee to the next room, 
with Scorpion right behind him. Also, if you destroy all the furniture in the first 
room, a hidden comic will appear. In the next room, keep tossing furniture and web 
balls at him until he is dead. 

The second race area has you being chased, instead of the previous one where you 
where chasing someone. Your pursuer is a very nasty police helicopter that happens 
to like blowing up anything that you are near. 

Tip: You do not need to be directly facing a building to swing to it. 

You can easily see and avoid what will explode next via the targeting arrows that 
will appear. Follow you compass, and avoid as many enemies as possible, and you will 
come to the next section of the chase – the climb. Before you jump to the building, 
you can find a comic under one of the boxes that the chopper will blow up on the 
final building. 

When you reach this large building, you will need to keep the chopper behind you 
while climbing through three sections. The first two sections has the chopper firing 
missiles at the boarded areas. As long as you do not crawl on the boards, you will 
be fine. After the checkpoint, the police will start firing at you, so as soon as 
your spidersense tingles, move down or away until it stops. Finally, you will come 
to the third and final area, and the chopper will once again being firing missiles 
at you. You are forced to walk on the boards this time around, but keep an eye on 
the missile targeting so you can tell where one will hit next. 

After the climbing section, you will move on to the next area of the chase. After 
the first girder area that you will cross, you will see a crane in the distance with 
some pumpkin graffiti on it. If you swing over to it, and enter through the top, you 
will be able to find another hidden comic as well as some spider armor. Once again, 
follow your compass and avoid battles whenever possible. 

In the next area you will first arrive at a very large building. If you climb on the 
left side down to a ledge, you will find another comic. Then, head to the girders 
and begin climbing to the top. If you climb on the outside, the chopper will fire at 
you. However, if you take the inside route, the only danger you will have to deal 
with will be some minor thugs. 

After that short climb, you will be in yet another roof top area. When the chopper 
blows the skylights out of one building, drop down inside to KO the two thugs. Once 
they are down, toss a web at the cracked glass on the wall to locate another comic. 

At the end of the area, you will view a cut-scene and then be taken to the next 
level and boss, Rhino. 

Level 3: Rhino’s Rampage 

Tough guy Rhino actually turns out to be a rather simple boss to defeat, which makes 
this "level" the shortest in the game. Even though he is very strong, he isn’t too 
smart, so you get to use that to your advantage. 

Line yourself up with your back towards one of the electric pillars. When Rhino 
charges at you jump out of the way and allow him to hit the pillar, and he will take 
damage. You are able to repeat this tactic two times with each pillar. When they are 
all destroyed, move towards the corners of the areas, and allow Rhino to charge into 
the explosive barrels until he is KO’ed. 

Hidden Comic: If you destroy all of the barrels in the level (by having Rhino ram 
them), you will find the hidden comic. 

After he is defeated, you will view a cut-scene showing Doc Ock helping the police, 
and then be taken to the next level where you will be introduced to Venom. 

Level 4: Enter Venom 

Venom’s first appearance in the game is another race level. Spidey will be chasing 
Venom to his hideout, which makes the level pretty short and fast-paced. 

Tip: At times Venom will stop and wait for Spidey to catch up. 

The goal in this area is to simply not allow the Spidey Icon to reach the far-left 
end of the bar. If it does, then you will have lost Venom and will have to start 
over. Thankfully, the level isn’t too long, and it only gets a little tough after 
the halfway point. 

Also, both of the hidden comics in the level are rather easy to find, as they are 
right out in the open. The first comic is located in the construction site that 
Venom leads you to, right next to the Spidey Armor. The second is located right 
after the halfway point, on the right side of the building. That comic can be a 
little tricky to get as unless you swing directly at it, you will stick to the 
building and loose track of Venom. 

Boss 2: Spidey vs. Venom! 

Compared to Rhino, Venom is a little tougher to defeat, but this battle requires 
less running around than the previous one did. With any luck, you will still be 
wearing the Spidey Armor that you picked up during the chase w/ Venom, so that will 
give you a little padding in case Venom gets some hits in. Also, before you really 
get into the battle, pick up the car in the corner to locate the hidden comic in 
this level. 

To defeat Venom, the best tactic is to hit him with Web Balls. After two hits he’ll 
teleport to a different place in the level, and then repeat the hits. As long as you 
hit him the instant he re-appears, he will be unable to grab you and you will be 
able to defeat him easily. 

After the battle, Venom will jump into the sewers, with Spidey right behind him. 

Hidden Comics: 

In the entry hall after you enter the cavern. 
Behind the waterfall. 
Down the left section of the first hall in the Plant. 
On the second box after hitting the switch on the first in the Tunnel Crawl. 
After you speak to Lizard (in the maze), it will appear nearby. 
Finally, after a couple levels of chases and races, you arrive at a normal stage 
that you can take your time to go through. 

From the main hall, turn right into the tunnel where you will encounter two lizard 
men. These guys are about as tough as the previous foes you have faced, and don’t 
take too many hits to take down. The only time when they can get annoying is when 
they attack in large groups (which they will later in the level – but we’ll deal 
with that when the time comes). 

Continue down the hall and enter the large cavern. Before going any further, turn 
around and walk back through the tunnel to find another hidden comic. Then, return 
to the cavern and swing to the large pipe. There is one lizard here, as well as one 
on the second to last pipe. You can either fight them or ignore them – the choice is 

As soon as you enter the next tunnel, a door will slam shut behind you. If that 
wasn’t bad enough, four lizards will come out of hiding to fight you. While two at a 
time were easy to take care of, four can be trouble. One good way to deal with them 
is to use the Web Dome, which will damage multiple enemies when it explodes. This 
will weaken them enough so that you can take each one out with a couple hits. When 
you reach the end of the hall, Venom will appear to taunt Spidey, and then you will 
enter the next area of the sewers. 

The first part of this area has you swinging to horizontal pipes with lizard just as 
in the previous zone. The second part is a little trickier. There are vertical pipes 
that you need to swing to, as well as a hidden comic. To get onto the pipes you need 
to hit L1 to go into manual targeting mode, and then swing to the pipe with the 
green lights. The hidden comic is located behind the waterfall. Continue along the 
vertical pipes, and you will locate another tunnel with four more lizards, and then 
you will arrive in the Subway. 

Your goal on the Subway is to simply stay on top of the cars until it reaches the 
end of the line (shown on the bottom of the screen). The whole time, lizards will be 
dropping from the ceiling attempting to kill you or knock you off (which will also 
kill you). Thankfully, there will only be three lizards at a time to fight, and 
health and web cartridges will appear all the way through the subway tunnel. 

At the end of the line, Spidey will be dropped into the Subway Plant, with three 
lizards running directly at him. Continue down the hall past the two generators 
until you come to the T-Section to encounter three more lizards. Go down the right 
hall to find three more reptiles, as well as a hole in the ceiling. Zipline yourself 
up into the hole to find two more mutants, as well as a switch at the end of the 
hall, that controls the rise and fall of the water. 

What you need to do is flip the switch, and then jump down the instant the water 
clears. Then run quickly (the water will re-rise) to the end of the hall down here, 
and then zipline yourself up to find a round room and three more switches. Flip 
them, and a door will open revealing three lizards and yet another switch. Kill the 
reptiles, and then flip the switch to once again lower the water. Continue this 
pattern until all of the switches in the level have been activated, and then you 
will gain access a large room with water in the middle, and covered switches in each 
corner of the room. Simply flip each switch as they are uncovered and you will 
access the next area. 

In the Tunnel Crawl, you need to climb on the ceiling while avoiding the water. The 
best way to do this is to wait until the water starts to drain, then move. When you 
reach the second bump, do the same – wait for the water to drain, and then move. 
When you exit out of the tunnel, you will need to swing across a large pool to flip 
a switch. After that is done, the water will drain and you will be able to drop down 
to three boxes. There is a switch on one of these boxes that will open up a doorway, 
which gives you access to the next area. 

The next area has a small puzzle for you to solve. Venom has hidden behind a bunch 
of steel doors, and you need to open them. Enter the large room, but stay in the 
entrance. There are numerous switches in here, but the two you need to hit are the 
one below you (go down two platforms), and the one to the left of the entrance. With 
the doors open, you will be able to access the final area before the boss fight. 

In the maze, head forward to the first intersection and go left. Then go right and 
continue forward all the way past the two slamming traps, and then go into the 
middle passageway to reach the boss battle. 

Boss 3: Spidey vs. Venom, part 2 

Your second battle with Venom is played out almost the same as the first, with only 
one minor change. This time, Mary Jane Parker is dangling in a water trap, which is 
controlled by four switches around the room. Throughout the fight you must make sure 
that all four switches are off so that water will not pour into her capsule. 

Where you were able to hit Venom with 2 Web Balls in the last battle, this time you 
will only be able to hit him once before he vanishes to a different location around 
the level. You need to jump around and prevent him from turning on any switches, 
while at the same time hitting him with one ball each time he appears. 

Level 5: The Symbiote Invasion 

Once Spidey discovers the Symbiotes invading the Daily Bugle, you will once again 
have to run around and rescue hostages. Thankfully, they will not be held at 
gunpoint this time around, but they can be released by flipping switches. 
Unfortunately, you will have to deal with the slimy Symbiotes in this level, and 
they can be a pain. They are immune to your webbing, so you will need to resort to 
punches and kicks to take them down – and they can take quite a beating. 

The first switch can be found directly in front of you when you start the level. 
Simply shoot some webbing through the glass to flip the switch and free the first 
hostage. Next, head to the back corner of the room and run through the hall. Ignore 
the opening in the ceiling for now, and head into the next room. You’ll find a 
hostage behind some glass, and simply breaking it will release him. Then go over to 
where you see a health power up and zipline yourself into the airshaft. Inside, you 
will find the final switch that will release the final hostage. Then, move to the 
end of the shaft and drop down into the next room. In the far corner, you will find 
an elevator shaft blocked by Symbiote webbing. Hit the switch on the wall to clear 
it, then jump into the shaft to continue to the next area. 

The elevator fall is actually a little similar to the subway level, where you will 
be on a single moving object for most of the area. As the elevator falls, it will 
break through Symbiote webbing, and the slimy beasts will drop down to fight you two 
at a time. After two barriers have been broken, the elevator will stop moving. Enter 
the door to the left and flip the switch to make it move once again. The car will 
break one more barrier, then drop down to another webbing platform. Flip the left 
switch and enter the door quickly (the monsters will break the cables, and the 
elevator will fall – killing you in the process) to exit the area. 

Your next task is to run around a large area, and destroy a set number of Symbiote 
generators. The first one is directly ahead of you as you enter, and like the 
Symbiotes, the generators are immune to your webbing. Continue forward, turn left, 
then right, and then walk up a ramp to find another generator. Exit that small room 
and head to the left into another large room to find another generator between two 
printing presses. The final generator is up another ramp, where you will also be 
able to find some flame webbing (that can kill the Symbiotes) by hitting a switch on 
the wall. To exit the area, follow your compass, and it will lead you to the exit. 

The next challenge takes place in the basement, where you need to destroy two more 
generators. Walk forward, and turn left into the first opening to find the first 
generator, as well as a switch on the wall. By hitting the switch, you will be able 
to access a hidden room at the top of the furnace (use L1 to look towards the 
opening and web yourself up) where you will find webbing, flame webbing, and health. 
Exit the room, turn left, and swing over the furnace ahead where you will see the 
Spidey imposter run away in the distance. Run to the end of the hall, hit the 
switch, then turn right and run into the next hall. Turn left and run to the end of 
the hall, and then turn right and zipline yourself up to a small hidden room. 
Inside, you will find another switch as well as a Symbiote. Flip the switch, and 
then exit the room, turn left, and then left one more time to find the final 
generator. Exit that room, and run to the end of the hall to come face to face with 
the imposter. 

Boss 4: Spidey vs. Mysterio! 

The dome-headed Mysterio is one annoying boss. You have to actually defeat him 
twice, and his attacks can become very irritating. 

His first form has six round weak spots. Two near his head, two on his waist, and 
two on his legs. You need to jump between the three levels and toss web balls at 
head spot until they are gone. 

Once that is done, Mysterio will electrify the different floors, and he will have 
two more weak spots near his head that you need to take out. The difference this 
time is that they fire lasers at you. Jump over the lasers, and hit both spots with 
web balls. Then web ball his head until he falls. 

Level 6: The Masterminds 

You start the final level of the game in a large warehouse with a familiar goal – 
destroy Symbiote generators. Directly to the left of where you start there is one 
(on top of some boxes), as well as another one directly ahead of your starting 
point. From that generator, there is an opening high on the wall. Swing up to it, 
drop down, and turn to your left to find another generator. Exit that small tunnel 
to the right, to find the final two generators in clear view. Exit through the small 
tunnel, and follow the shafts down until you reach the next area. 

In the next area, you will arrive in a large room with electrified floors, and laser 
cannons on platforms. You can cross this (and the next two rooms, which are exactly 
the same) two ways. One, you can swing to platform to platform and destroy the 
cannons using web balls, or two, you can try to swing UNDER each platform all the 
way to the end. The second tactic is a little tougher to pull off, so you may want 
to go with the first. 

The next level is your final challenge before the boss fights. Swing over to the 
only door where the sign is lit up, and enter it to find Black Cat. Flip the switch 
to unlock the Port Rooms, and then exit. Enter each room one-by-one, and flip the 
switches to remove the fog from the city, and then you will be able to continue on 
to the final boss battles of the game. 

Final Battle 1: Spidey vs. Doc Ock! 

The first of the three final battles is the easiest (of course). Doc Ock it in the 
middle of the room behind a force field. You need to run around the room to the left 
or right while dodging his attacks and waiting for four switches to come down from 
the ceiling. When each one does, hit it, and another force field will appear that 
will begin to drain power from the center one. Once all four switches are hit, the 
center field will drop and you will be able to attack Ock. With enough speed (and 
luck) you may be able to kill him with Web Balls before the field re-appears. If 
not, simply repeat the earlier process. 

Final Battle 2: Spidey vs. Carnage! 

Spidey’s battle against Carnage is a little tougher than his fight with the good ol’ 
doctor, but it still can be easy if you get into a good pattern. The goal here is to 
knock Carnage into the sound barrier in the center of the room. Since Spidey’s third 
kick animation is perfect for shoving someone out of the way, use kicks to beat 
Carnage into the area, and repeat to get one sad Symbiote. 

Final Battle 3: Spidey vs. Monster-Ock! 

The final boss of the game really isn’t a fight at all. Rather, it is another race. 
You must run, jump and swing to stay ahead of Monster-Ock, because if you don’t you 
will die (even if you are using the invincible Capt. Universe suit). The level is 
pretty much trial and error, but here are some tips: 

1. Run and jump…save the webbing for when you REALLY need it. 
2. Only use your precious webbing in long straight a ways, and always try to swing 
straight. The worse thing that can happen is getting stuck on a wall. 
3. When you need to zipline up a shaft, immediately swing at the top, which will 
give you some extra speed. 
4. Even if it looks like Monster-Ock has overtaken you, don’t give up. Sometimes you 
can still pass him up if he gets a little ahead of you. 

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