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Walkthrough to Spider-man for the PSone

X					Jump (Twice to web swing in kid mode)
Triangle				Trap web
Square				Punch
Circle				Kick
L1					Targeting Mode
R1					Zip line
R2					Web Swing (Not in Kid Mode)
L2					Enter Stealth Mode (Spidey Unlimited only)

Square x2				Punch 2 times
Square x3				Punch 3 times
Circle x2				Kick 2 times
Circle x3				Kick 3 times
Circle/Square, then web	Punch/kick, then impact web
Triangle, then left		Web Spikes
Triangle, then right		Web Dome
Triangle, then down		Web Yank
Triangle, then Up		Impact Web

Web Yanks
Triangle + down and left	Web Yank Left
Triangle + down and Right	Web Yank Right
Kick/Punch x2, then web	Punch/kick twice, then overhead web yank

Basic plot:

You are attending Doctor Otto Octavius’s (More commonly known as Doctor Octopus). 
There is a sudden panic as an impostor spidey takes out the security guards and 
steals Ock’s device. You bump into Eddie Brock, who is half of the villain symbiote 
known as Venom, which can only more trouble. You decide that there is only room for 
one spidey – you!


Black Cat
She will help you in the first level, and even talk to you in later levels.

You must stop the water flowing so she doesn’t drown in SPIDEY VS. VENOM AGAIN!

Human Torch
Only revealed in What If Contest mode in BANK APPROACH

Only revealed in What If Contest mode in SPIDEY VS. CARNAGE!

Movie only

Movie only

Captain America
Movie only


Doc Ock

Right, let’s get stuck in to it! This is the walkthrough for easy and medium. Kid 
mode and What if alterations at the bottom.


Level 1: Get to the Bank

Basically, this is a training level. Run into each ? and do what Black Cat tells you 
to. Beat up each Henchman and swin to the building near the helicopters.

Level 2: Bank Approach

Swing to the next building (Don’t bother with the building that has the 4s at the 
top) and then swing to the big building. Climb to the top and kill 5 Bank Thugs to 
end the level.

Level 3: Hostage situation

Go out into the corridor and kill the bank thug. Proceed until your spider-sense 
rings and kill another thug. You will see a man inside a glass room. This is a 
hostage. Go into the next room and thrash the Bank Thugs. Then when spidey’s spider-
sense goes off again, zip-line up to the ceiling (L1 by default). Crawl into the 
vent and fall into the security room. Push all 3 switches here and kill 3 more bank 
thugs. Go into the next room to kill 3 bank thugs and release the last of the 
hostages. Go out into the corridor and into the lift to end the level.

Level 4: Stop the Bomb!

Now exit the corridor and kill the thugs in the room to release the hostages. Zip 
line to the ceiling and crawl into the vents and fall into the room and kill the 
thugs to open the security doors. Kill another thug and open the safe. Then open the 
bomb room. Take out the Bank thugs and carry the bomb to the safe and close the safe 
to finish the level.

Level 5: Race to the Bugle

Just follow the Spidey compass before Scorpion reaches Jameson. Ignore those 
henchmen (In fact Spidey Unlimited works nicely here)

Level 6: Spidey vs Scorpion:

First, web Scorpion to make sure Jameson can hide. Then just throw objects at him. 
Then when he breaks through to the other room, follow him and create web spikes 
(Triangle + left, although I’m not sure) and punch him till he falls.

Level 7: Police chopper chase

Put simply, evade the helicopter’s machine gun fire. Get to the derelict building to 
end this level.

NOTE: You will not be able to save until after police evaded level.

Level 8: Missile Attack

Evade the chopper’s missiles and climb to the top. About half way, a sniper will try 
to hit you. When “CHECKPOINT” appears at the bottom of the screen, don’t go down or 
a cutscene will play where Spidey is stationary while bombs attack him (What an 
IDIOT!) Evade when your spider-sense tingles, and climb to the top to end the level.

Level 9: Building Top chase

Another level where you evade the chopper’s machine gun fire. Get to the 
construction building to end the level.

Level 10: Scale the Girders

Get to the top and avoid the machine gun’s fire again. When you get to the top, the 
sniper may target you again. When you are at the top, get onto the crane and jump to 
the crate to end the level.

Level 11: Police Evaded

Do the same as the last levels, except when you get onto a crate, quickly zip-line 
up or you will die. Follow the buildings until you come to a crane in front of a 
building with 2 towers, then swing to that building to end this level and part of 
the game.

Level 12: Spidey vs Rhino

Even easier than the Scorpion. Just let him see you, and hide behind a generator as 
he (stupidly) rams his head into it. Do this until the level ends. Or let him ram at 
the walls and pound at him. Even better, let him charge at you when you’re in front 
of the barrels then pound him when stars appear around his head.

Level 13: Catch Venom

Follow Venom to his hideout. Don’t go too far behind, otherwise Venom will disappear 
and the level is failed.

Level 14: Spidey vs Venom

Not as easy as the last two fights. When Venom appears, chuck that car at him or 
fire two impact webs each time he reappears until he falls.

Level 15: Sewer Entrance

Follow Venom through the cave. Kill 2 lizardmen. There may be more on the 4 pipes 
you have to swing to (ONLY ON MEDIUM MODE) and go into the cave to kill 4 lizardmen. 
This will end the level.

Level 16: Sewer cavern

Follow Venom to the second pipe (Again, a lizardman will be here is medium mode) and 
swing across the pipes into the cavern. Kill 4 lizardmen and follow the tunnel to 
the subway to end the level.

Level 17: Subway

Just survive until the meter at the bottom of the screen disappears. An endless flow 
of lizardmen will come. Another level where Spidey Unlimited works well.

Level 18: Sewage plant

Kill the 3 lizardmen and go along the tunnel and kill 4-6 more lizardmen. Go right 
and kill 3 more lizardmen. Zip-line up to the next place. Kill 2 lizardmen, and then 
pull the switch in the water room. Now hurry down there and zip line up into the 
tunnel with the switch (Right about now, the water room will refill in medium mode). 
Go inside and pull the 3 levers, then return and kill 3 more lizardmen Pull the 
switch then to drain the water). Go out and zip line into the corridor with the door 
now open and pull the switch in the water room. From here, the instructions are the 
same as the first water room, except 3 lizardmen will be waiting for you in the 
switch room. Once all 3 switches are pulled, go back to the corridor and drop into 
the first corridor. Pull the switch and drop after the water has drained to end the 

Level 19: Hidden Switches

Go out into the main room. Go left and push the switch (To start a seemingly endless 
stream of lizardmen) to drain some of the water. Go to the opposite side and pull 
the switch there. Repeat until all the water is drained and the gate is open.

Level 20: Venom’s puzzle

Basically, push the switches that have 2 light sticks on them inside the waterfall 
room, and then return to the now open gates.

Level 21: The Lizard’s maze.

Go into the room and hit Venom a few times so he disappears. Then jump onto the 
platform and zipline to follow the grate. Go past the machine and turn left at the 
first cross. Venom may reappear here, so beat him til he vanishes. Zipline up and go 
right past the 2 machines and when there are 6 ways to go, skip the first right and 
take the second one to end the level.

Bug notice: Play as Captain Universe and repeatedly beat up Venom to defeat him. He 
will disappear after he gets back up (WHAT THE???)

Level 22: Spidey vs Venom Again

First, turn off the switch. Then use web spikes and impact webs as before to defeat 

Level 23: Symbiotes infest Bugle

Kill the first symbiote, then fire web at the switch to release a hostage. Then go 
into the next room where a symbiote will appear. Dispose of him and go into the 
glass room to release 2 more hostages. Kill the symbiote, then when your spider-
sense goes off, zipline into the vent and kill another symbiote. Go down the vent 
with the health and pull the switch to release the hostage. Continue and kill 
another symbiote. Go to the lift and kill one last symbiote and open the lift. Jump 
down to end the level.

Level 24: Elevator descent

Kill the symbiote on the elevator, then drop and kill another one. The elevator will 
destroy 2 slime floors before stopping. Get into the switch room and push the switch 
to start the elevator. When you are at the bottom floor, open both doors and go into 
the door with no goo inside. Destroy the symbiotes outside and the symbiotes break 
the cable of the other elevator. Go to the door to end the level.

Level 25: Stop the presses

Destroy the generator and the symbiote, then move on to the next room and destroy 
another generator. Spidey Unlimited works well here too. Once the generator is 
destroyed, move on to the next room and destroy another generator. Move into the 
room on the left (from the entrance to this press room looking in) and crush 2 
symbiotes. Open the door behind the “giant toilet paper roll” and retrieve some fire 
webbing. Impact web symbiotes to destroy them with fire (or holding web works too) 
and destroy the last generator to open the door. Go left and kill 2 more symbiotes 
and fall down the hole to finish here.

Level 26: Bugle Basement

Go left and destroy the generator and symbiote. Note the opening grill. Exit and go 
left, through the fire and destroy 2 more symbiotes. Follow “you” over the elevator, 
and go left, then go right at the end. Kill another symbiote and zip line into a 
hidden room. Kill the symbiote and pull the switch. Return into the corridor and go 
left twice. Destroy the generator and symbiote that lies in wait. Behind the 
generator is a secret room disguised by a hologram wall to grab 2 web cartridges and 
a flame cartridge. Exit the room and go left to end the level.

Level 27: Spidey vs Mysterio

Okay, just aim impact webs at the yellow points and you’ll be OK. When his life 
regenerates, go to the top floor and knock out the two yellow points generating 
lasers. Then aim at his head and fire another impact web to end the level.

Level 28: Waterfront Warehouse

Zip line and drop to the metal slats to get a flame cartridge. Then destroy the two 
generators and web-swing into the wooden corridor and go left to take out two 
symbiotes and a generator. Go back and left into another warehouse and destroy 2 
more generators and symbiotes. Then go along the vent and drop and go down the fan 
shaft. Follow the passage until your spider-sense rings. Climb the walls and drop 
onto the small platform. Web the gate and collect some health and a web cartridge 
(And maybe a comic). Then drop down the shaft into a lower corridor to pick up the 
spidey-armor. Then drop down the end the level.

Level 29: Underwater trench

Follow the passage to a laser room. Follow this path until you come to a lit up 
hall. Go in to end the level

Note: No path in medium mode, you’ll just have to web swing from platform to 

Level 30: Stopping the fog:

Go in and pick up the fire cartridge. The go into the security room and web the 
switch. Now go into Control Rooms A, B and C and pull the switches here. Oh and 
there are never-ending symbiotes in the main shaft. Once you pulled the switches, 
Cat is free and you can find out who’s behind this.

Level 31: Spidey vs. Doc Ock

Basically, attack the ON switches to lower Ock’s shield and then impact web him. 
Repeat until Ock falls.

Level 32: Spidey vs Carnage

Sonic Bubble in the centre, symbiote as a boss, and symbiotes hate Fire and sonics. 
It’s this simple. Go into the sonic bubble (No, it won’t harm you) and web yank 
Carnage into the bubble. Then Web him so he can’t escape. It’s that easy.

Well, you got this far, now time for the real challenge…

Level 33: Spidey vs Monster-Ock

You’d assume by the title, that you fight Monster-Ock. WRONG! You must run from him. 
If he catches up to you, you’d better jump a bit more or you die! Do running jumps, 
web swings down long tunnels and zip-line when your spider-sense goes off.

If you can make it, you are rewarded with the Symbiote Spider-man costume.

_ = Space
Costume Cheats

Spider-man 2099		
Ben Reilly				BNREILLY
Scarlet Spider			LETTER_S
Spidey unlimited		PARALLEL
Quick Change Spidey		ALMSTPKR
Peter Parker			MJS_STUD
Symbiote Spider-man		BLKSPIDR
Amazing Bag Man		AMZBGMAN
Captain Universe:		S_COSMIC
Infinite/full codes

Full Health			DCSTUR
Invulnerability			RUSTCRST
Unlimited Webbing		STRUDL

Other cheats

Debug mode			LLADNEK
What If Contest mode		GBHSRSPM
Storyboard viewer		CGOSSETT
Character Viewer		CVIEW_EM
James Joel Jewett		RULUR
Movies				WATCH_EM
All in-game comics		ALLSIXCC
Level Select			XCLSIOR
Everything				EEL_NATS


Costume	Powers
Spidey Unlimited	Stealth
Scarlet Spider	None
Ben Reilly	None
Captain Universe	Invulnerability, Unlimited Webbing,
Enhanced Strength

Symbiote Spider-Man	Unlimited webbing
Amazing Bag Man	No Spidey Belt
Quick Change Spidey	No Spidey Belt
Peter Parker	No Spider Belt
Spider-man 2099	Enhanced Strength

What If mode differences

Bank Approach: The Watcher introduction, Human Torch on 4 building
Hostage Situation: Dancing mat inside glass room
Stop the Bomb: HANS WAS HERE written inside safe.
Race to the Bugle: Meteors falling from the sky.
Police Chopper Chase: Blimp near beginning of the level. Jump on to it to restart 
the level on the blimp with no police.
Building Top Chase: Helicopter pilot sings tune over PA.
Catch Venom: Roxxon Building as a 12 hour fitness centre
Symbiotes Infest Bugle: Hostage says: “kill me! Please kill me!”
Spidey vs. Mysterio: Fish inside Mysterio’s head
Waterfront Warehouse: Armor behind a box with the “Ark of the Covenant”
Underwater trench: Race against a submarine to the end of level to get STRUDL (see 
above) code.
Stopping the Fog: Black Cat is dancing in her cell, “Banana in a tailpipe” taken 
Spidey vs. Doc Ock: Room textures change to “Hippy” style, Doc Ock changes to Mini-
Spidey vs. Carnage: Carnage has a helium voice.

Enjoy these “jokes”!

Kid mode levels and differences

Hostages don’t die!
Cannot skip cutscenes
Catch Venom: Not as many buildings in the way.
Symbiotes infest Bugle to Bugle basement: Only 1 web to destroy generators.
Spidey vs. Doc Ock: When ON buttons pressed, no shields come out of the generators.

Well, this is all I have to offer so far here, so until next time, true believers…


Gareth Thomas (Me, obviously)
Marvel (For creating Spidey in the first place!)
Activision (For creating this game)
Neversoft (As above)

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