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Game- Spider-Man: The Movie
Genre- Fighting/Action
System- Playstation 2
Publisher- Treyarch
Developer- Activision (I might have them mixed up, whatever, it’s not important)
Author- JMC22388

Spider-Man: The Movie 
Full Walkthrough

	Welcome to the second walkthrough I have created, this time not for an RPG 
(So it won’t take so long) but for an Action/Fighting game, SPIDER-MAN: THE MOVIE. 
This game resembles somewhat what the real movie has, but it adds extras to actually 
make it a video-game length. Now before we get started we need to understand the 
basic and advanced combat controls that you will need to understand…

First of all, when you want to start a new game, you can select TRAINING MODE, and 
skip this section, otherwise pay attention or you’ll die pretty quickly…
During your adventures, you’ll notice that in the upper left-hand corner of the 
screen is a picture of Spider-man (This comes in useful later on). Then there are 
two meters, a red and a blue. The red is your health, when it goes all the way down; 
you die, and repeat the level. The blue is your web meter. When you use web ATTACKS 
(Not swing or zip) this meter goes down. When it runs out you can’t use any more web 
attacks. Throughout most of the levels are red spider icons, which restore health, 
and blue spider icons, which restore web. Now that you have that down pat, let’s 
take a look at the combat controls…Oh, and for the record- Spidey = Spider-man, okay?
Before you view this I suggest starting the game with ENHANCED CONTROLS, otherwise 
some of these moves are disabled, making the game harder…

Button Pressed:			Action:

 Left Directional Pad/Buttons		This moves Spidey in the desired direction
					(The controls for movement are a little 
tough to get)
Pressing this next to a wall for a short time will make Spidey crawl upward, in 
which you can then control his movement on the wall (Or the ceiling)

Right Directional Pad	This rotates the camera around Spidey to see below or 
behind. Pressing down returns the camera to normal behind Spidey

Start Button	This pauses the game. Here you can view your acquired combos

L3 Button (Hold down for 2 secs)	This issues a force crawl. While standing 
still on the ground and pressing this button, you begin to crawl on the flat ground 
as if on a wall. Press L3 again to exit this mode

R3 Button	This issues “Look-around mode” in which you can aim a spider icon in 
any direction if you want to web-zip there or shoot impact web, or throw an object. 
Press R3 again to exit this mode

X Button	This issues a basic jump. By quickly pressing X after you are in mid-
air, you can do a double jump to achieve maximum height. If you jump and hold X over 
a normal enemy, you will land on his head, in which you can press square to punch, 
or circle to perform a devastating move

Square Button	When standing next to a bad-guy or next to nothing, this issues a 
basic punch. Pressing this twice issues a one-two punch. When next to a switch or 
other item that requires activation, square becomes the “action” button. When next 
to a civilian, square picks them up. When in mid-air or on the wall/ceiling, square 
fires a punch at the nearest target

Circle Button	When standing on the ground, circle issues a standard basic kick. 
Pressing this twice issues a one-two kick. While web-swinging, pressing circle will 
issue a swinging kick. This is one of the most deadly moves in the game if done 
correctly, and will help against the flying enemies that you encounter

Triangle Button	While on the ground, wall, or ceiling, triangle issues a single shot 
of web at the nearest target. If you hold triangle as it comes in contact with an 
enemy, you will begin “webbing them up”, which will hold them in place. The more web 
you use, the longer they will remain in place. While in mid-air, pressing triangle 
will issue a single shot of web at the nearest target, to do a decent amount of 

L1 Button	When pressing the L1 button, you enter “Camera-Lock” mode. This will 
keep your screen on the locked on enemy so that you don’t lose track of them. The 
lock-on can be switched to another target by use of the right directional pad. Press 
L1 again to exit this mode

R1 Button	When pressing R1 while standing still, Spidey will “web-zip” 
straight up as long as there is a surface to stick to. (For instance he can’t use 
this outside) While on a wall or ceiling, R1 will web zip straight down or straight 
across. By pressing a directional button, then R1, Spidey can web zip in the 
direction he is going. Web-zip is the fastest way to move

R2 Button	While pressing the R2 button, Spidey will begin his “Web-Swing” in 
which he does his classic method of swing from his shots of web. Press “up” on the 
Left Analogue Stick to ascend while you swing, or down to descend. You can press 
left or right to slowly turn in the direction, or you can press X while swing to 
stop the swing, then face a new direction, then start swinging again. You can hold 
R2 while swing to go faster, but turning will be harder. With a few exceptions, web 
swing can pretty much only be used in the city to swing from building to building. 
This is the desired method of movement when fighting your flying enemies

L2 + Square	Holding L2 and pressing square will encase Spidey’s hand in webbing. 
While this webbing lasts, Spidey’s punches will do almost double damage.

L2 + Triangle	Holding L2 and pressing triangle will fire an “Impact Web” at the 
nearest target. The impact web is very strong, but takes out a lot of web fluid.

L2 + X	Holding L2 and pressing X will issue a “Web Yank” in which the nearest 
target will be encased in web and yanked toward Spider-man. 

L2 + Circle	Holding L2 and pressing Circle will issue a “Web Dome” in which 
Spidey covers himself in web and lays on the ground. While under the web, Spiderman 
is protected from all damage. Eventually the web will explode and do damage to 
anything near it. The web dome can be detonated at any time by pressing X. This is 
the most damaging move in the game, but also takes the most web fluid.

L2 + R1	While on the ceiling, if you press L2 then R1 you will enter Yo-Yo spidey 
mode. Press up or down on the analogue stick to slowly move up or down on your web 
track. This move is great for checking out unfamiliar areas. Press X to jump down 
and exit this mode

Left Directional Button + X	This will make Spidey dodge left

Right Directional Button + X	This will make Spidey dodge right

Up Directional Button + X	This will make Spidey dive forward 

Down Directional Button + X	This will make Spidey do a back flip

Left Directional Button + Circle	This will make Spidey kick left

Right Directional Button + Circle	This will make Spidey kick right

Up Directional Button + Circle	This will make Spidey launch an upward kick

Down Directional Button + Circle	This will make Spidey do a spinning kick

Left Directional Button + Square	This will make Spidey punch left

Right Directional Button + Square	This will make Spidey punch right

Up Directional Button + Square	This will make Spidey do an uppercut punch

Down Directional Button + Square	This will make Spidey do a back-punch
		These are all of the basic and advanced moves of the game. During 
the game you will also find GOLD spider icons. These will allow you to do more moves 
by combining the X, Circle, and Square buttons. To check the moves you have or have 
found, press START and go to COMBAT CONTROLS. Now that we have the basic moves of 
the game and the rules out of the way, let’s get on with the walkthrough!
Level 1- Search For Justice	
After viewing the opening movie, Peter Parker will climb up a building, saddened 
because his Uncle had just been murdered by a member of the Skulls Gang. He will 
tear off his regular clothes and become Spider-man! Well, almost Spider-man. He’s in 
his wrestler costume for the first three levels of the game, and then he gets the 
good costume. The objective for the beginning of the game is to find Uncle Ben’s 
You will begin the level at the tip of a bird statue hanging off of a building. 
Force-crawl under the statue to receive “Field Goal”, this is the first move of the 
game. Now web swing in the direction of your compass. Descend while you swing until 
you reach the building. (Don’t web swing too far down or you will die) Fight the two 
guys here. Now the compass will point somewhere else. You will fight more Skull 
Gangs thugs. Keep following the compass to the different building tops until you 
reach a cut-scene. (Watch out for Skull Thugs with guns, those bullets hurt a lot 
more than punches. Be sure to web swing over their heads and hold X to plop down on 
top of them and punch them to death. Eventually a cut scene will begin where Peter 
threatens to kill a thug if he doesn’t give him answers. The man tells him to go to 
the warehouse. Follow your compass and height meter there. You can fight other gang 
thugs on the other building tops if you want some practice, otherwise head to the 
warehouse to end the level…
Level 2- Warehouse Hunt
	In the opening cut-scene, Peter will hide in a dark corner while a thug 
walks by. Now the level starts. 
	While on the ceiling in a dark shadowed area, the picture of Spider-man will 
get dark. When it is dark, Spider-man can’t be seen by enemies, unless they’ve 
already seen you before. Proceed out of the door and down a hall. Pick up your next 
move in the middle of the hall. As soon as you get out of the hall into the main 
warehouse, stop. From here you can web-zip straight up onto the ceiling. Even if the 
portrait isn’t darkened, they usually can’t see you on the ceiling. The objective is 
to reach the warehouse door or the garage gate without being spotted. This is 
possible on easy, but not on higher difficulty levels. If you do get spotted, it 
will say STEALTH FAILED. This is okay, but you won’t get the bonus at the end. As 
soon as you get through the door (It’s the only open door there, it’s under the 
catwalk) some thugs will attack you. I suggest immediately using a web dome to blow 
them away, then web them all up and take them out one at a time. After the 4 or 5 
are dead, 3 or 4 more will come, this time with guns. Use the same tactics. You can 
go back into the first room and go up on the catwalk to replenish your health and 
web after that brawl, because your web should be almost out. Now go back into the 
room with the big brawl, and then proceed to another garage gate. If you are on 
easy, you will see a blue question mark by it. There is more web for you behind it. 
When you open the garage door, a cut-scene will begin. 
When it ends, you are a pillar. Quickly descend and web-dome because there are many 
guys down here. Use the similar tactics for the other brawls to defeat them. Be sure 
to use your dodge moves to avoid bullets, and your combos to kill off the thugs. 
Always go for the guys with the guns first. Now jump on top of the crates to grab 
some health if you need it, otherwise look for a big truck. SLOWLY go to the front 
of the truck and notice the barrels that lay there. Those could kill you right now 
if you’re not careful. SLOWLY go around to the other side of the truck and notice a 
bulldozer at the end in the dark. You can play it safe by going on the ceiling now, 
or play the hero and just dive out of the way. Either way, the bulldozer charges at 
you and explodes those barrels. One thug will come out that you can kill easily. 
Proceed down the corridor in the opposite direction of the flames. You should see a 
vent cover on the floor. Stand over it and web zip straight up into the vent. Slowly 
move forward until you reach a turn. Instead of going straight, go left and down 
into another room. Go forward and activate the switch to the left. This will shut 
down the power. Now go back into the vent, this time go in the direction that you 
didn’t go before. You will fall right next to a control panel. Once you get 
the “fuse’ you need to bring it back here to exit the level. Go through the door 
directly opposite the control panel. Take out the two guys in this hallway, and then 
go into the next room. Eventually you will here someone say “You ain’t gettin’ this 
fuse!” Once you hear this, look along the walls for a narrow corridor. There is one 
path on the right but it is blocked. Spidey will say “That’s where I need to be” 
Continue down the corridor to go right again, and then press another switch to 
deactivate the power. Now find the one vent that you haven’t used yet, and follow it 
straight across. 
Once you descend, you will begin a fight with a rather strong opponent. He’s not a 
boss, but he is hard. Use your best web attacks and dodge moves to defeat him, and 
then pick up the fuse that he drops. Retrace your steps back to the control panel, 
and press square to activate the fuse. No go back to where the fire is burning. Go 
past it on the ceiling to avoid getting burned, and go through the garage gate that 
was previously locked. There are two more waves of bad guys. Use the rest of your 
web on them. After you defeat all of them, you will hear a door open. Go through 
this door to exit this long and confusing level…
Level 3- The Birth of A Hero
	You start off in the room you left off in. Web zip up the vent that is in 
front of you. Proceed until you can’t go further, then web-zip up again to a higher 
location. Follow the vent straight down into a room full of baddies. Use your web 
dome instantly. Remember to take out the guys with the guns first. There is one guy 
further in the back that has an automatic weapon that can really do it to you. After 
defeating them all, look for some health hidden near the stack of crates and barrels 
near the blue question mark. (If you’re on easy) Follow the blue question mark into 
a steam room. You need to web zip across using look-around mode, but you have to do 
it when the steam stops or you’ll get hurt. Follow the path into the next room and 
pick up my favorite move, Handspring. The next room will be the hardest yet…
	When you get out, and trust me here, use your WEB SWING instantly. TRUST ME, 
use it. Swing out into the open. Then web zip straight up onto the ceiling, where 
you can look down on your competition. You’re about to face 7-15 guys (They’re not 
all here yet) and one dangerous guy. He has a backwards hat and TWO guns. He has the 
key that you need. Hold R1 then press triangle to do a web zip attack straight down. 
Then web dome, web dome, WEB DOME! Do either web domes or impact webs. Forget web 
fists, web yank, or webbing them up because that will take too long. It’s safe to 
say that most of them have guns. Whenever you run low on health or web, go up on the 
ceiling and look around for a catwalk or something, because there’s lots of health 
and web here. Defeat the normal guys first, than take on the harder guy. Using 
handspring here is effective since it will knock all of them down, giving you time 
to web dome, or do anything else. Try to web swing, then camera lock, than do a 
swinging kick by pressing circle while web swinging. This will do a lot of damage to 
them and they will have a difficult time shooting you. This room is huge so web 
swinging will not be a problem.
	After you defeat all the bad guys, take all of the health and web no matter 
what. Go through the door with the red light above it. (This is what you need the 
key for) Go through the halls until you reach a stairwell. Beware of the steamy 
stuff, it will hurt you. Use your web zip to avoid it. When you reach the top, go 
into the final room, in which Uncle Ben’s Killer awaits…

Boss: Uncle Ben’s Killer
As soon as you enter the room, web zip upward. Use your camera lock until you find 
him, because you can’t lose him. Forget about impact web, webbing up, or web yank 
because he can dodge them. You might be able to pull of a web dome, but only if he’s 
close. Handspring is your best bet because even it can knock him down. If you run 
low on health, zip back up and search the ceiling for health. Go back down and use 
your basic combat moves to lower his health. Eventually he will lay a Flash Grenade 
which will brighten the whole screen. Don’t worry, this move can’t hurt you, it’s 
just meant to buy him time. I suggest using an impact web or web dome while he does 
this because while he activates his grenade he can’t dodge. Use these tactics and 
you should be able to just scrape by with a win.
After the cutscene, the killer will fall out of the window and commit suicide, 
ending the level…
Level 4- Oscorp’s Gambit
The next level takes place years later after Peter graduates, gets a job, and of 
course, gets the newer, better costume. Now you must get pictures for the Daily 
Bugle. First, you need to web swing, then jump while swinging and swing in a new 
direction. Then a balloon target will appear. Now you must Camera Lock on it and 
swing past it. Now you must destroy it by pressing triangle (Only press it once! You 
need to conserve web and it’s only a balloon) Now go back to where you started to 
end the level…NOT! 
Once you prepare to pack it up and head out, two flying mechs begin attacking you. 
Use your flying kick and punches to destroy them, and then some more will come. This 
time use webbing from a distance, but punch and kick at close range. Repeat this 
each time until they are all destroyed. Search the building tops for health and 
webbing, but pay no attention to the robot spiders that are on the sides, you don’t 
need to defeat those. Your main objective is to defeat the flying mechs. After they 
are all destroyed, the level ends…
Level 5- The Subway Station
	After Spidey defeats the mechs, he lands in front of a Jewelry store as it 
gets robbed. A huge bird man makes his way out, but another man in a yellow suit 
tries to make his getaway in a van. Spidey stops the van, and they enter the subway 
station and begin taking out security. When the level starts, you must fight the 
approaching enemies and protect the guard. (If his health runs out, the level is 
over) Don’t worry; web dome doesn’t seem to hurt him. After all of them are 
defeated, the Spidey Sense senses trouble up top. Follow the direction that it 
pointed until you reach a room with enemies in it. I suggest fighting the enemies 
that are gaining up on the civilian first since he cannot fight back. After that, 
defeat the ones ganging up on the security guard. Now another Spidey-Sense will show 
another guard in trouble. Go to where he is and defeat the remaining enemies. Now a 
cut-scene will ensue, with Spidey making fun of “Shocker” as he is called. He will 
then collapse a brick column which is about to fall onto an idiot civilian. He 
doesn’t seem to realize he’s about to be crushed since he’s on his cell phone as 
this is happening! But duty calls, so pick him up with the square button, and follow 
your compass to a spider circle. Drop him off here. Now you must follow your spider-
sense and protect the two guards. After the defeat of the rest of the opposition, 
another cut-scene will happen, and this will end the level…
Level 6- Chase Through The Sewer
	In this level you must pursue Shocker as he attempts to make his escape 
through the sewer. When the level starts, quickly kills the enemies here and pick up 
the key that one was carrying. Open the door and web zip across the sewer river. Web 
swing against the current and go right. Keep going until you reach a large room that 
goes all the way down. Just jump straight down to the bottom and kills the enemies 
here. Press the two switches on either side (One level up) to open the door. Keep 
going until you reach a room with a cut-scene. “Vick”, as he is called, will flood 
the tunnel with water. Follow him into the storage room; he will be the one running 
away. Slow him down by webbing him up, and then finish him off. Pick up the steering 
wheel he drops and put it back where it belongs. While you wait for the water to 
stop, pick up the Gold Spider icon above it. Now go in through the tunnel and 
straight up when you get out. Follow the path to the right. The level is pretty 
repetitive if you keep moving. Eventually you will reach an open room in which the 
door slams behind you. Fight all of the enemies here, and then descend WAY down 
after finding a key. The key will open two doors opposite each other. One has a 
switch to open the door to the end of the level, and another has ADY IMPACT WEB 
inside (It makes Impact Web stronger) Follow the door that gets opened by the switch 
to end this repetitive level. 
Level 7- Showdown With Shocker
	Shocker will retreat inside the tunnels during the opening cut-scene, and 
try to finish off Spidey with huge blasts. When the level starts, you are at the end 
of four subway corridors. The first objective is to reach the end. There are two 
ways to go about this.
1. Web Swing down the tunnel. Each time your Spidey-Sense goes off, drop and use a 
web dome to protect yourself from damage. As soon as the front of the shock passes 
over your head, explode the web dome and continue. Repeat this until the end.
2. Enter look around mode and aim the icon at the corridors in between the tunnels. 
Then use web zip to get there. This method takes longer and is harder, but it’s 
	Either way when you reach the end, Shocker will run away and blast the 
tunnel shut. Go left and pull a lever to remove a subway car and reveal a new path. 
Run up the stairs and quickly jump into the pool of sewage. Make a leap and web 
swing until you get “Uppercut”. It will be moving fast in the current and you only 
have one shot to get it. After this, continue right and you will reach the area that 
Shocker retreated to. Find a path and go right, then open the gates. Shocker will be 
here ready to take you on…

Boss: Shocker
Shocker is actually very easy. This time impact web is a good idea because it hits 
him, but don’t web yank or web up. Your best bet is to use your newly acquired 
Uppercut and Handspring. Run away when he flies up and starts a whirlwind, he is 
immune to damage and does a lot to you. If you follow these tactics you will win 
	Spidey will ask Shocker about the flying buddy. Shocker will strangely tell 
Spidey where his hideout is, and Spider-man will quickly make off to the upper-east 
side to find Vulture’s Tower…
Level 8- Vulture’s Tower
	Now that you have defeated Shocker, you must find his flying 
friend “Vulture” and send him to the slammer as well. Anyway, the cut-scene will 
show (This is the stupidest part in the game) Spider-man going to the BOTTOM of the 
tower, which is just stupid because he could simply web zip up the outside to the 
top, making this whole level pointless. However there’s nothing you can do about 
that, so let’s get started…
	At the beginning, follow the path until you reach some spiral stairs. You 
have to go ALL THE WAY up these stairs. Vulture’s Tower is about 50 stories, so 
you’ve got some work to do. 
	The beginning of this level is simple; just follow the stairs around and 
around until Vulture appears in a cut-scene and says “You’re beginning to become a 
thorn in my button!” (Or was it “butt”?) Either way, he will begin to throw some 
grenades down the stairs at this point. Stay on the wall as you climb to avoid 
getting hurt by the grenades. There are also robot spiders that follow you along the 
walls and explode when they get close to you, so you’ll need to web zip in order to 
avoid injury. Keep racing up the stairs until another cutscene opens, in which 
Vulture says “Today you die Spider-Man!” then he will take out one or two stories 
with his flames. After the cut-scene Spidey will say “Ah, the old swinging log of 
doom trick. That one never gets old” As soon as you here this, race up the stairs, 
try to avoid the flames and robots that are still chasing you. (The grenades stop at 
this point) When you reach a point where the stairs break, quickly use look around 
mode and point it upward to the stable section of the stairs. Make sure it is green, 
not red. Wait until the log comes onto the edge of your screen, and then quickly 
press R1 to zip past it without getting hurt, and continue to race up the stairs 
away from the flames.
	If you thought that was tough, here it gets even harder. The good news is 
that there are no flames, robots, or grenades. How ever you will encounter cages 
that block your path up the stairs. Once you encounter your first block, go back and 
look along the middle of the tower for an opening. This is a shaft that runs 
straight up to the top, but it has some ceilings along the way to block you. Once 
you enter the center, look around for another exit. Follow the path up again until 
you reach a break in the stairs. You can go up by double jumping to get either 
health or a gold spider, or go in between. There’s no strategy for this part, just 
patience. Each time you run out of space to go, go back and look for an opening or 
broken stairs. Eventually Spider-Man will say “Who’s your landlord Vulture, Quasi 
Motto?” If you here this, you’re on the right track and you’re getting close. 
Eventually the music will change to action type music. When you hear this, quickly 
get on the ceiling or wall. The good news here is that from here on up there are no 
blocks, just straight stairs. The bad news is that the robots and grenades are back 
for round two. When this happens, make tracks and jet up the walls. It’s just round 
and around from here until you reach the top, and a cut scene will begin. Spidey 
says “It must be a pain to get groceries up here”. At that point Vulture will break 
his stain glass and make his escape with Spidey right behind him… 
Level 9- Vulture Escapes
	This level is very easy on the lower difficulty levels, but very hard on the 
higher ones. There is no cut-scene, so be ready when the level starts. 
Don’t bother shooting web or anything at Vulture, you don’t fight him in this level. 
Pay attention to the new meter at the top of the screen. You’ll see a spider icon 
moving back and forth across it. The closer it is to the right, the close you are to 
Vulture, the close to the left the farther. The object of the beginning of this 
level is to keep close to Vulture, don’t let him escape. This means don’t let the 
meter get too far to the left. I suggest staying above Vulture so that you don’t get 
hit by the razors that he throws. Eventually he will say “This will slow the pest! 
What’s it going to be, Spider-man? A few jewels? Or innocent lives?” Now go straight 
to the sign in front of you. Land down behind it and press triangle. You’ll begin to 
web up the sign. Do this for the other leg to prevent the sign from collapsing. Now 
follow your compass to Vulture and continue your pursuit. Eventually he will do the 
same thing for a water tower. Follow the same procedure to fix the water tower, and 
then follow Vulture again to the end of the level…
Note: This only happened to me once, and I don’t know what triggers it, but there is 
one scenario in which Vulture will go to a construction site and blow up an I-Beam 
on a crane. If this happens, just web up the crane as usual… 
Level 10- Air Duel With Vulture
Boss: Vulture
When this level starts, you are in mid-air swinging. Put on your camera lock to 
follow Vulture so you don’t lose him. If you look on the upper-right hand corner of 
your screen you will see HIS health, just like all of the other bosses. You’ll also 
notice that half of it is blue, half is red. The blue is his air-borne health; the 
red is his regular health. Use your mid-air web attack, your flying punch and your 
swinging kick to bring down his blue health. Once you deplete his blue health, he 
will say “Agh! I can’t stay air-borne!” At this point he will land on the building 
and attempt to fix his wings. At this point, use web dome, web fists, and impact in 
combination with your combo attacks. While he’s on the ground, he can’t fight back, 
so knock it to him real good. Eventually he will start flying again, and his blue 
meter will go back to max, but his health will remain down. Do the same procedures 
to ground him again and quickly take him out on the ground. The only way to defeat 
him is to kill him on the ground. (Or building in this case) Whether he fixes his 
wings once, twice, or three times depends on how quickly you deplete his red health. 
He has no devastating moves in the air, just small razors and tiny bombs that can 
chip away at your health. Try to mix up your aerial attacks to keep him guessing…
	Follow these tactics and he will die sooner than you think…
Level 11- Corralled
	A small cut-scene will show Peter in an elevator, talking to himself. 
(Weird…) Then he will hear an explosion, and jump out of the elevator in his Spider-
man suit. Many Spiders will emerge out of the sewer chasing a man in a scorpion 
suit. This keeps getting weirder and weirder…
When the level starts, do a quick web dome to blow away the 2 or 3 spiders that are 
close to you. Fire impact webs at them to kill them quickly, or use your combo moves 
on them. Stay close to Scorpion; you need to protect him in this level. Use web yank 
to pull the spiders off of the walls. One last tactic is a cool one. You should have 
noticed by now that this is a parking garage, and there are roughly 10-20 cars 
parked here. Well surprisingly enough you can PICK UP the cars! Pick them up with 
the square button while standing next to them, and hurl them at the clumps of 
spiders. It will hit them to do damage, and then explode to do additional damage. 
Try not to throw it near Scorpion, because even though getting hit with it doesn’t 
hurt him, the explosion will. 
Eventually he will move up to the higher levels. Be sure to stay close to him. Use 
your camera lock to find lingering spiders. Once all of the spiders are defeated, 
the level ends…
Level 12- Scorpion’s Rampage
	Scorpion will attack Spidey in the beginning, saying that he can “tell” that 
Spidey works with the secret government. Now oddly enough you have to defeat him in 
this level…
Boss: Scorpion
At the start, use a quick web dome to blow him away. Don’t try impact webs, he can 
dodge those. Scorpion is very agile; he jumps very far and can avoid your web 
attacks. You’ll also notice that this is a darkened level of “The Subway Station”. 
As you might remember, the station was big, so try web swinging and using some 
aerial attacks. There are many pickups laying around, and one gold spider icon along 
the side. Whenever Scorpion’s tail begins to glow bigger and bigger, RUN! This is 
his “Heavy Tail Laser Attack”, a devastating attack that can surely do it to you. 
However it needs to charge up so run away when you see it start. Other than that you 
should be able to defeat Scorpion pretty easily… 
Level 13- Coup D’etat
	This next level takes place at a World’s Peace Parade. The Green Goblin 
makes his first appearance here, and for the next 4 levels. Anyway, the beginning 
cut-scene will have Spidey making fun of “The Emerald Elf” and he calls Green Goblin.
	At the start, swing onto the big panda bear and save Mary Jane. Bring her to 
the right, where you will see that Spider-circle. Press square to drop her off, and 
a really funny cut-scene will begin. (Watch this one!)
	You will see MJ thanking Spider-man in an awkward way. Now look closely in 
the background and you will see the panda bear float collapse and fall on the people 
below. (You can here them all screaming) I thought that was hilarious when I saw it, 
hopefully you’ll like it too. 

Boss: Green Goblin
Anyway after the cut scene the compass will point to Green Goblin. Lock him on with 
Camera Lock and begin your aerial attacks. (Be sure to mix them up, because if you 
use the same attack over and over, Green Goblin knows what you do and knows your 
weakness, so he knows where to throw his grenades or shoot his machine gun. After 
you deplete his health to a certain point, he will start flying towards a bridge. 
Follow him now. He will do the same thing that Vulture did and try to break the 
bridge. However, this one is harder because you need to land on the platform below 
the bridge and fix it from the while Green Goblin is trying to kill you. After you 
fix the bridge, follow him again and he will do the same thing to a radio tower. 
This time you need to fix 4 legs, but you have 1 minute to do it, and that is more 
than enough time.
	After you fix the tower, follow the Goblin yet again to end the level…  
Level 14- The Offer
Boss: Green Goblin
When the level starts, you are yet again swinging from the buildings with Goblin on 
your tail. In this level your objective is to defeat Goblin once and for all. Use 
your combination of aerial punches, kicks, and webs to defeat his blue meter (This 
fight is similar to Vulture’s) Once you deplete his blue meter, he will 
say “Amazing! I didn’t think my glider could be damaged!” and Spidey will say “Never 
too late to learn new things, is it?” Grab some health if you need it, and then head 
into the room that he fell into. You now have to go one on one combat with the Green 
Menace. Forget about impact web, webbing up, and web yank, he can dodge those 
easily. Unfortunately you even have to forget about web dome. When you go down into 
the dome he instantly kicks the dome and explodes it, doing damage to YOU, so don’t 
use it. Don’t hold X and try to get on his head either, because he avoids it and 
throws you on the ground with a body slam. Your best bet is to use Handspring, 
because amazingly it still knocks him down no matter what (This move is a surefire 
hit). He will begin firing pumpkin rockets and pumpkin grenades at you. Use all of 
your dodge moves (D-pad buttons + X) to avoid taking some major damage. You don’t 
have to deplete all of his health just yet, since a cut scene will start and he will 
run outside and grab his glider. At this point, grab the gold spider icon in this 
room and run out the way he did, picking up the health at the door. Now you must 
fight him again in the air, using the same tactics as before. (Aerial combat is much 
easier than ground combat with the Goblin) Just remember to randomly use your aerial 
moves to keep him guessing. Once the blue is depleted again, he will jump into 
another building. Grab any health and web that you still see outside, then head into 
the same building that he did. Use some more handsprings and watch out for the 
electricity. He should have very little health here, so defeating him at this point 
shouldn’t be a problem…
	Once he is defeated, he hops on his glider and rides away. Now Spidey has to 
disarm the many bombs that he has scattered around the city…  
Level 15- Race Against Time
	This level is one of the hardest levels of the game. Maybe it’s not so hard 
on “easy”, but definitely on normal, hero, or super-hero. 
	As soon as you start, do a double jump and an ascending web swing. The 
building straight in front of you has the first bomb. Press square next to it to 
disarm it. Now go right and ascend high. Go around the building by swing left, the 
turn a hard right. The next bomb is in between two buildings. If you follow your 
compass you should be able to get to it. Descend from here and follow your compass 
to the next bomb. As you are traveling from bomb to bomb, be sure to stay out of 
those spot-lights. If you go into them, the mechs will be activated and you will 
surely die. (You can avoid it if you go fast enough, but that’s rare on the higher 
difficulties) As soon as you get the next bomb, turn around towards some health at 
the edge of the same rooftop. Grab it if you can but swing in the direction of your 
compass. The next 3 bombs are the hardest to get because you only have 1:00 (On 
easy) to get ALL THREE bombs. Follow the compass and ascend as you swing. I suggest 
landing on the side of the building where the bomb is located and web zipping up to 
the top to avoid the three or four spotlights here. Grab this bomb and follow your 
compass again. You’ll come up on a bomb near a sign. Stay above the sign and fall 
directly over the bomb. Forget about the health here, you have NO time. Disarm the 
bomb and quickly head left of the sign and do a hard ascent. (If you wait for your 
compass to appear, you’ll run out of time) Navigate past the building; the compass 
should be there by now to guide you in the right direction. By now you should only 
have 15-25 seconds remaining. Forget about avoiding spotlights or whatever, just 
focus on the bomb. When you disarm it, do some dodge moves to avoid shots while the 
compass appears. Follow the compass to the 7th and final bomb. (This one is much 
easier) Once you disarm the 7th bomb, the level ends…
Level 16- The Razor’s Edge
	After a cut scene with the Green Goblin, you appear web swinging above the 
city. A wave of small razor bats with attack you. Whenever you are close to the 
wave, use your aerial punch. Whenever you are far away, wait for the camera-lock 
arrows to turn green, and then fire your web attack. You have to defeat 50 razor 
bats, but they all die in one or two hits. Once you defeat 50, more will come, but 
DON’T FIGHT THEM. Instead, follow your compass and height meter to a construction 
sight, and find the large spider icon to end the level…
Level 17- Breaking And Entering
	After Peter discovers that the Green Goblin is working for Oscorp, he 
decides to pay an unexpected visit to their Weapons Division and find Norman 
Osborn’s office. But before he can get there, he needs to get into the locked 
portion of the Oscorp building. In order to get there, he first needs to get past 
the midnight security…
	At the start of the level, run straight through the vent and left, where 
another cut scene will begin. After this, aim look around mode to the farthest 
corner in the dark, but keep it green. Web zip to this spot. There is one guard here 
and one alarm. (The rule of this level is basic- if you stay on the ceiling in a 
place where the Spidey picture is darkened, the guards can’t see you. If you’re on 
the wall in a place where the picture is darkened, they still can’t see you. If the 
do spot you, they’ll either fight you or run to the nearest alarm. The best possible 
solution in this situation is to web up the guard and fight him until he dies. If 
they do happen to raise an alarm, don’t panic! Just go to the nearest spot on the 
ceiling where your picture is darkened. Eventually some Super-Mech warriors will 
enter the room you’re in. DON’T TRY TO KILL THEM! If you’re in a dark spot they 
can’t see you, and eventually the alarm will stop and they will leave) From this 
point, use look around mode and point the icon at the spot above the door. Web zip 
to this point, then press X to drop. Go through the door slowly, then web zip onto 
the ceiling. Crawl left above the security camera (They raise alarms too) and time 
it so that you drop down when the camera looks the other way. Go through the door 
and web zip onto the ceiling. Crawl straight into another door, where a cut scene 
will begin.
	After the cutscene, web zip onto the ceiling. You are now in one of the 
three cubicle offices. There is one active computer here near the end. Use camera 
lock as you crawl along the ceiling to spot the one guard here. When he walks away, 
press square next to the computer to obtain 1/5 of the pass code. You can also grab 
the gold spider icon here, but don’t get caught. Now go back onto the ceiling and 
move in the opposite direction of the door that you came in. You will crawl along 
the ceiling and then move to a higher ceiling. Now go right towards the next cubicle 
office. Keep going until you see two doors on your right. (Don’t drop all the way 
down below the doors, that’s were the super mechs stay when the alarm isn’t off) 
Drop next to the double door. If you look opposite the door you will see the blast 
door from the cut scene. Once you get all of the pass words you need to go back 
there. Go through the double door and web zip to the ceiling. There is one active 
computer near the door and one at the end of the cubicle office. Once you obtain 
both pass codes you should have 3. Go back out of this office and go in the opposite 
direction or the first office. This next office is like a mirror image of the first 
one. There are two more pass codes here. Once you obtain them, follow the compass to 
the blast door…
	That whole thing is difficult to understand so I composed a diagram to help 
		          	         |  1 |  
			_________________|    |________________
			|		_________2__   	        |
			|  7		|	    | 		|		
	                |		|        5  |  		|
			|		|	    |		|
			|		|	    |  	 	|
			| 6	        |   4	    |  	     3  |
			|		|	    |  		|

			  ________________      ________________
1- Where you start the level				5. Location of 3rd Pass Code
2. Where the stairwell and cutscene occurs		6. Location of 4th Pass Code
3. Location of 1st pass code				7. Location of 5th Pass Code
4. Location of 2nd pass code				8. Blast Door

In order to open the blast door at the end of the level, you need to insert the 
passwords in the correct order. Look at the pass codes carefully. Each one changes 
color in the middle. Start with the one that is all blue, then the one that changes 
from blue to purple, then the one that changes from purple to red, then the one that 
changes from red to bright red, then the one that is all red. If you look at the 
lines on the pass codes, you’ll also see that they line up when put into the correct 
order. When you put them in the correct order, the level ends…
Level 18- Chemical Chaos
	Brace yourself for THE hardest level in the game, as if you didn’t have 
enough already with Race Against Time. But however I have an elaborate walkthrough 
that will take you through this confusing maze.
	After the opening cut scene, if you don’t understand already, your objective 
is to deactivate the chemical weapons division of Oscorp. There are 4 control rooms, 
and one central chamber. The control rooms are marked A, B, C, and D for 
convenience. You have to activate the first two control rooms, A & B, then go into 
the central chamber and press the AB control terminal. Then you go back and activate 
control rooms C & D, then press the CD control terminal to end the level. Trust me, 
that is WAY easier said than done. The security here is almost DOUBLE that of the 
last level. There are more security guards, cameras, and this time there are laser 
traps that trigger alarms. Now that I’ve scared you, let’s get started…
	Exit the room you start in to trigger a small cut scene. Exit the room again 
and web zip onto the ceiling. You’ll come across a fork in the path. The one to the 
right has guards and security cameras, and the one to the left is empty. Take the 
empty path and walk along the ceiling. Keep going until you see a door below you. 
Hide in the corner and enter look around mode. You should see three halls- the one 
you came through, the one I told you not to go through, and another hall. A guard 
will appear soon, but he won’t see you. As soon as he turns down the other hallway, 
drop down and go through the door, but don’t run! As soon as you go through the 
door, make a left into the corner on the ground. There is a huge laser wall in front 
of you. Enter look around mode and aim for the wall to the right side of the laser 
traps. The lasers move up and down the wall, giving you about 2 seconds zip once 
they leave the bottom. Time it right and zip through. You should be on the wall now. 
Go higher as you move forward and DON’T ZIP. The next section of the hall has 
cameras guarding the ground and lasers on the walls. Stay to the right and walk 
through this laser contraption, going up and down when you need too. If you do 
trigger an alarm, hide in the corner until it stops, because yet again the super 
soldiers will try to attack you. Once you pass this wall of lasers, drop down. 
The “Doc” that gave you his walkie talkie should come on now and say “You’re getting 
close to the first control room, keep your eyes open” Straight ahead is a door, but 
don’t go through it just yet. Follow your compass to the hall on the left. Here 
there is a camera and one security guard. I suggest webbing up the security guard 
and taking him out because you’re going to be using this hallway a lot. Follow your 
compass to the end and enter the last door on the right. This will trigger a cut 
scene that explains what I said above. Now press square next to the flashing button 
to activate control room A. Go past the camera and follow your compass to control 
room B. Go back towards control room A but stop at the big opening automatic door. 
Go through the two doors here. This is the central chamber. A cut scene will trigger 
and Spidey will say “There are two control panels here, which one do I use?” Go to 
the one on the right that says AB on it and press square. Now follow your compass 
back to the door that I told you not to go in just yet. You will enter the most 
difficult room of the most difficult level…
	To this day I still don’t know how to beat this room without tripping a 
wire, but I came close once. If you jump up on the cases you can look towards a blue 
wall. That’s not a blue wall, it’s millions of lasers crammed together, along with 5-
10 cameras. One time I managed to web zip to another case near the exit door, but I 
tripped a laser trying to make a jump for the door. Under normal circumstances you 
will trip the wire. Run through the door here and run through the next wall of 
lasers since the alarm should be running. The super soldiers should be there to 
greet you. You’re in a room that looks like two hallways but it’s just one big 
circle. Try to web swing into a dark corner until they leave. If they’ve already 
spotted you in the corner, use 2 or 3 web domes to try to destroy them. (Web domes 
and impact webs are the only thing that can kill them) Once they are all destroyed 
the alarm should still be running. Find a quick hiding spot and wait for it to stop. 
Now go through the next door in this hallway. There are some more guards here so web 
zip to the ceiling. Follow your compass to Control Room C. Repeat the same tactic as 
for A and B. Go down further to Control Room D and open it. Just when you thought it 
was over…Control Room D is locked…
	Spidey will radio in to “Doc” and he says that another scientist is on the 
way with the key, but he super soldiers with him. Zip onto the ceiling immediately 
after the scene. The scientist will appear below you and order the super soldiers to 
find the intruder. Fire one impact web at the scientist to kill him. Grab the key 
that he drops and open the control room. Press the switch for the final control room 
in here. Go out and high tail it back to the central chamber! Run through the laser 
walls, it’s no doubt the super soldiers are right behind you. When you get to the 
room with all of the laser traps and cameras, don’t bother! Run! (Or swing in fact) 
Bust through the door where some super soldiers will greet you. Use some aerial 
dodging moves and get into the automatic door. Hit the CD panel on the left this 
time to FINALLY end this level…
	There, that wasn’t so hard was it?
Level 19- Oscorp’s Ultimate Weapon
	It’s one hard level after another here folks. Now that you’ve made a mess of 
things in the chemical weapons division, the giant super Mech warrior wants to 
tango. When I mean giant, I ain’t kiddin! It would take you one minute to run from 
one side of his head to the other. Yes, this thing is big. In fact it’s “Bigger than 
Long Island and it doesn’t look very friendly!” as Spidey puts it. Anyway, your only 
hope at defeating this thing is to take out the 10 generators. I’ll tell you where 
they are. 
	The first two are the easiest; they are below his shield sensor array. Use 
your web dome to destroy them because the cannon things that try to kill you CANNOT 
be destroyed. The next 4 are located on his back, which is like a runway. Use web 
dome on these too because WWII type fire-power will be coming at you. We’re talking 
rockets, laser beams, bombs, you name it. After you defeat those 4 there are 4 left. 
They are at the far side of this arena. But beware, as soon as you get close to 
them, the mech loads up a super cannon that can toast you with one touch. Quickly 
get to each generator here, and use a web dome to protect yourself. As soon as you 
defeat each one, swing TOWARDS the mech. If you do this the cannon will stop. Repeat 
this for each generator until you destroy all 10. If the is any consolation it is 
that this board has more web and health than any board in the game. If you look 
carefully you can find at least 20 red spiders and 20 blue spiders. Be sure to grab 
some after you defeat each generator. 
Boss: Super Mech’s Sensor Array
After you get all 10, grab all the health and web you can get, and then go back to 
where the first two generators were. This time the shield around the sensor array is 
gone. Now the mech’s health appears in the corner. Go on top of the sensor array and 
use two web domes, maybe three, to wipe it out and win the level…     
Level 20- Escape From Oscorp
	Now that you have raised enough trouble, the guards and security personnel 
are sure that you are in there somewhere. After Spidey finds Osborn’s office in the 
cut-scene, he then has to make his escape out of the same level as “Breaking and 
Entering”, only this time, the alarm is permanently on, and the super soldiers don’t 
stop until you die.
	You start the level near the blast door. Web zip forward to grab “Haymaker” 
Otherwise go left of the blast door down the hallway. You will see a blue spider, 
but don’t get it yet. Go right and into a door. Web up the super mech with the 
entire web you can. Now go and deactivate the laser wall by pressing square near the 
control panel in this room. When you try to leave this room, more super soldiers 
will be at the door. Web them all up, but don’t kill them because you don’t have 
time. Now grab he web and fly down the hallway with web swing. Go to the room 
opposite the one you were just in and deactivate the gun turrets with this panel. 
Now make your escape the same way you got in. The door you came in from will be 
guarded with electricity. Turn around and hit the electric switch here to deactivate 
the electricity. Run through the door and fly down the stairs. When you come out of 
the stairwell door, a mech will be waiting. Web him up, then open the next door via 
the switch next to it (Some security measure) This door takes a million years to 
open, so keep the mech webbed up. When it finally DOES open after a million years, 
you need to web swing down the corridor toward the vent that you came in through. 4 
or 5 super mechs will try to stop you, but don’t worry, just fly towards the vent to 
end the level…
Level 21- Mary Jane Kidnapped
	This level is similar to “Vulture Escapes”. It starts off with Goblin 
kidnapping Mary Jane. Now you must follow him and keep up with him by use of the 
same meter from “Vulture Escapes”. Watch out for the floating distortions he leaves 
behind, they explode when you crash into them. Unlike “Vulture Escapes” if you play 
this level enough times you can learn Goblin’s path, and cut him off at certain 
places since he likes to swing around buildings to confuse you. As long as you stay 
close to him the level will soon end.
Level 22- Face-Off At The Bridge
	Now you’re at the final level of the game! As soon as it starts, forget 
about Goblin and go straight ahead to where Mary Jane is situated. Pick her up and 
carry her to the left down onto the main bridge. Run towards the cop cars until you 
find the Spider Circle to drop her off. Now you can take on Goblin... 
Boss: Green Goblin
This fight works like “Air Duel With Vulture” and “The Offer”. You need to deplete 
his blue meter to put him on the ground. Once on the ground, use the same tactics 
as “The Offer” to defeat him. On top of that, there are also cars on the bridge that 
can be used just like “Corralled”. Yes, you can throw cars at Green Goblin (But it’s 
tough to pull off) that will surely take a toll on his health. If you combine these 
tactics with your aerial skills and dodging ability, you should be able to defeat 
Green Goblin and win the game…
Game Rating For Spider Man: The Movie-

Great gameplay
Lots of Action
Tons of moves to enhance your strategy
Good Graphics

Levels were too short, some too long
Bad relation to the movie
Not enough extras to keep you busy

Graphics: 7.0
Gameplay: 8.0
Game Length: 4.0
Story: (Compared to Movie) 5.0
Overall Rating: An average 6.0

There you have it, an average rating for an average game...
Once again thank you for reading my walkthrough. I hope yet again that I 
helped someone out there who was stuck on a level or boss. This walkthrough isn’t 
nearly as long as my last one but I hope it is just as good (In fact it was kind of 
rushed). Once again enjoy the game, enjoy the ending, and enjoy the walkthrough…

Author- JMC22388
Thanks to: Cheatcodes.com for publishing it

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