Spiderman Boss Guide - Guide for Spider-Man

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Spiderman Boss Guide

Boss 1: Scorpion
To beat this boss, use the web shooter to get him tangeled up in your web. Then, 
jump and either press the square or circle to attack.

Tip: Protect the guy in there from dying.

Boss 2: Rhino
This boss is one of the easiest bosses to beat. To kill him, run in front of the 
flammable gas tanks. Then, when he's running towards you, jump out of the way so he 
can hit the tanks

Tip: You can also use normal attacks to beat him also.

Boss 3: Venom
To beat him, just attack him like you would on an enemy, but after a few hits, 
he'll teleport to a different location.

Boss 4: Venom (pt. 2)
To kill Venom again, just do the same thing as the last time you beat him.

Tip: NEVER turn on the switches.

Boss 5: Misteria
This boss is hard, but possible to beat. First, use your impact webbing
(triangle+left at the same time) to hit the yellow and green diamonds on his knees, 
thighs, and on his capeholders. Then, hit the red part on at all the same locations 
as last time. Next, the rim around you will turn blue and will become electrifying 
to you. Jump to the top where his head is. Then, hit the two golden diamonds. 
Finally, hit his glass mask until he dies.

Boss 6: Doc Ock
This boss is super easy to beat. First, hit all the GO signs with impact webbing. 
Now he'll be vulnerable to attack. I'd prefer if you use impact webbing to attack.

Boss 7: Carnage
This boss is easier then Misteria. All you have to do is attack him until he falls 
in the shockwave bubble.

Boss 8: Monster Ock
To defeat the last boss, run away from him so you can get to the end before him, 
because if you don't, he'll kill you and you will have to start from the beginning 

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