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By: CarstonZ ([email protected])
Version 1.2
Last Updated: 2/5/02

SPIDER-MAN 2: Enter Electro

Version Update Overview:
Version 1.1 (1/15/02)-Original Copy (Had to re-submit 4 times because the 
view/download from the site wasn't working!)
Version 1.2 (2/5/02)-Same as original, but included specific methods for E-mail 
communication (due to my filters I have set-up) and now with 
Version Update 
Version 1.2a(12/3/03)-Had to change my E-Mail address
     Overview Section!

Boss Methods:
These Methods may not be the best way, or the easiest, to defeat the bosses, but 
they work!

Shocker:  When the battle begins, Quickly line yourself up with both a hanging crate 
and the Boss in view. As soon as this is done, L2 target 
Shocker, and Web 
Yank with triangle+back. If done right, he will fall to the ground, and quickly do 
the same to the hanging crate. When executed correctly, it will be a 
one-hit kill. 
Easy as pie! Don't worry, if it doesn't kill him instantly, just repeat until he's 

The Plane: This really isn't a Boss, but should be treated with the same Respect; as 
soon as the level starts, Start web slinging to get ahead, 
destroying crates and hitting switches (Note: you can launch impact webbing by 
repeatedly hitting triangle+up DURING the web-sling:). Stop and 
destroy crates 
only when you need to). As soon as the path is clear, make sure you are in the very 
end room, on the RIGHT side (opposite the stairs and 
platform). Also make 
sure you are also a little ways in, or the plane will turn into the wall. Then when 
the plane is in view, start gumming up the engines with your 
webbing (hold down 
triangle). If the plane is webbed up al the way, It will start turning in a circle. 
Quickly Jump out of the way, or else you will be run over! When in 
position on the 
other side, Quickly Web up the other engine and the plane should stop. Way to go!

Sandman+his sandbarriers: This to is not really a boss battle, but respect is still 
needed!; When You start, Get in to a steady web-sling until you see 
a sand wall 
pop up. Without running into it, make a landing and start scrounging around for 
crates and barrels. Barrels do the most damage, while crates do half 
as much. 
the only other thing that works is Impact Webbing, but the damage is very minimal. 
Watch out! Sandman will be attacking you the entire time you 
are doing this, 
and has a nasty habit of reforming on top you, destroying what ever you are 
carrying. You spider sense will forewarn you ,but be on guard. Just run 
around him 
and don't bother attacking him, for he will just rejuvenate after a while. when the 
first wall is destroyed be throwing crates and barrels at it, proceed 
to the next 
walls and repeat. After all Four walls, Hightail it to the caboose and hop on for a 

Hammerhead: When you start this battle, quickly jump to the ceiling or you will be 
plowed over by one of his charge attacks. After he has passed, 
jump down and 
web yank his gun. If you attack him while he still has it, much of your damage will 
be deflected. If you yank his gum he will run for it, leaving 
himself open for 
attacks. Just don't be in a direct line between him and his gun, or he will charge! 
Repeat this method. After about half of his energy is depleted, he 
will crash 
through a window, and you will be out on the balcony. Watch out! Now there is a 
helicopter and it will shoot at you! the Best way is to make your 
way back into 
the Room so the helicopter wont attack you and fight him the same way you have been. 
Soon enough, he will fall. Congrats!

The Lizard: Arguably the toughest battle in the game, you will need a lot of skill, 
much antidote, and a little luck! When it starts, make your way to 
the computer 
in front of you. You will start a game of line up the balls in the green zone. Press 
the corresponding buttons when the ball is in the correct place in 
the tube. 
When you have accomplished this, all the lights at the bottom of the screen will be 
lit up green and hit release override. When you are ready, exit to 
battle. The Lizard is invulnerable except for when you hit him with an antidote 
shoot (hit triangle to shoot). The antidotes can be found in the rooms 
with the 
power generators and the one with the ray gun (Purple icons). Be careful when 
shooting, because you only can carry 3 shoots at a time. To get a 
good aim, when 
you get the first batch, quickly run into the end room on the other side and turn 
into the corner. Turn around and wait for him to enter the room. As 
soon as he 
does, hit him with a shoot and pound away. When the shoot wears off, quickly run 
around him and proceed to the other end room, and repeat the 
process, only 
stopping to replenish health and antidote supply. Soon enough, he will fall.

Sandman (Again): when this battle starts, head to the main water switch, near the 
trailers in the outcove. Hit the switch, and the water pressure 
gauge on the 
right should start filling. When it reaches full, hit one of the near by water 
switches to create a flow of water. For it to work, Sandman must be in the 
line of fire. If 
it works, he will stop moving and moan and groan in agony. That's your cue to pound 
on him. It may take several showers before sandman is done, 
but it won't 
be long before he's a big pile of mud.

Electro: This battle starts you in a tiny circular room with one angry Electro. 
There is one of two ways to deal with him. The first is to get to the top 
platform and 
:Hit him with Impact web when he is floating in the air (Except when he is attacking 
with the UFO in the room, then jump to the ceiling to avoid. Also, 
When he is 
standing on the Platform, Jump Toward him and Use on of your diving attacks, after 
one hit, he will initiate a electric shockwave, and you know he 
will try this 
when he crouches down. Quickly jump away, Back up to the platform. Repeat until he 
falls. The other way is to run to the foot of his platform (not 
touching the 
electric field below). When there, jump up onto his plat form and punch him until he 
knocks you off. This will not do very much damage, and is more 
reliable than 
the first method. Just repeat. Beware, because either way he will activate death 
rays when he gets down to about half health. All they do is alternate 
and shoot 
down around his platform.

Hyper-Electro: This is it! The last battle is very hard, but not really if you know 
what you are doing. To start, YOU MUST go over to the tower where 
he powers up 
and destroy the generators on it. When you have done this, Go to the area with the 
antennae and destroy ALL the boxes attached to the generators 
over there. 
All the meanwhile dodging Electro's attacks. When this is done, Stand near a 
generator and wait for Electro to teleport near you. When he has, run 
to the 
opposite side and wait for him to fire a bolt. If done right, the Generator will 
absorb his attack and He will become vulnerable for a short time. Use 
this time to 
jump over and attack him. After getting off a couple of hits, run away to the next 
generator and repeat, and dodge his electric mine field. When he 
gets about 
down to half health, he will try to return to the tower to recharge his health. If 
you destroyed the generators, he will recharge a minimal amount and 
the tower 
will collapse. Then proceed to fight him the way you have been. Just remember in 
hard mode you can't touch him or you will fry, even when he's 
vulnerable. To 
remedy, just fire impact webbing instead of attacking him physically. Soon you will 
finish and be able to reap your harvest.

If you find any mistakes on this strategy guide, wish to submit new ideas or 
methods, or wish to give an important tip, then I can be reached by 
[email protected](IMPORTANT: Include "Spiderman" in the subject line of the E-
mail so that it can get to me and I know what to look at!!!!)

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me via E-mail Request. If any one finds this strategy guide 
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