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Initial Version Completed:      November 14, 2003 
Version 2.0 Completed: DECEMBER 22, 2006 


From SSX Tricky to SSX3
Peak 1
Peak 2
Peak 3
Suggested Race Routes
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The original SSX was the sleeper hit of the North American launch for the 
PlayStation2. The sequel SSX Tricky took all the elements of the original to 
the next level, and was a resounding success. Then, EA Sports Big took a major 
gamble and essentially reworked the series from scratch, a move which brings 
utter failure unless done perfectly. 

SSX3 is as close to perfection as a game shall ever get... at least until 

Since the game has been so greatly retooled, there are a lot of changes to the 
series between SSX Tricky and SSX3; an entire section of the guide has been 
devoted to this issue. SSX3 also introduces online play, which is not covered 
in this guide as I do not have the appropriate hardware and access. 


The first and most notable change is that Rahzel, the narrator from SSX 
Tricky, has been replaced. Further, much like the PlayStation2 North American 
launch title Ridge Racer V, the music in SSX3 is provided via radio (Radio 
BIG), with DJ Atomica at the microphone. He also narrates the opening film, 
but only the first time it is played (after the game has been loaded); on all 
subsequent viewings, his excellent voiceover is absent. 

The opening film provides a great overview of SSX3. In fact, watching and 
studying the opening film can help the player to spot the various obstacles, 
grindable objects, and collectables available on the mountain. The opening 
film of SSX3 is definitely much more extensive and also far more informative 
than that for SSX Tricky. 

Of course, new characters are introduced to the series. American rebel Allegra 
Sauvagess is featured on the North American cover of the game. At age 12, 
American Griff Simmons is a bundle of energy, which could potentially wear 
thin on some players. Nate Logan comes from the mountains of Colorado. Hailing 
from Sweden, Viggo Rolig tends to be happy-go-lucky. Alongside these newcomers 
to the SSX series are longtime favorites Elise Riggs (the Canadian bombshell 
features in the SSX Tricky opening film), Kaori Nishidake (the kawaii Japanese 
girl with an unparalleled level of energy), Mac Fraser (an American with 
a "quiet" attitude), Moby Jones (the British former BMX competitor), Psymon 
Stark (the Canadian who is by far the strangest and most demented competitor 
ever in the SSX series), and Zoe Payne (an American with a somewhat-rebellious 
style and attitude). Unfortunately, there is a powerful overabundance of 
native English speakers in SSX3, and virtually no non-English chatter, taking 
away from the international aspect of the competitors from prior installations 
of the SSX series. However, all these characters are available from the start 
of the game; even former characters in the SSX series will appear in the 
various competitions, but they are only "skins" and cannot be selected (and 
also do not speak). 

Instead of having simply two types of events (Race and Freestyle) with linear 
progress required through each Event Type, SSX3 has a much more open format, 
embodied in the "one mountain, three peaks" concept. Events are split into 
Race and Freestyle groupings, but the player can literally go to any desired 
event at any time (if it has been unlocked) on any unlocked peak via the 
various Transports. This allows players to more easily maneuver from one Event 
Type to the next, sampling all that makes the SSX series the popular 
phenomenon it has rightly become. 

The "one mountain, three peaks" concept provides a great mental reference 
point for the player. Peak 1 is the lowest of the three peaks, and is full of 
beginner-level events. Peak 2 has the intermediate-level events, whereas Peak 
3 has the advanced-level events. Each peak offers varying amounts of money for 
winning events in accordance with the difficulty level of the events on that 
peak. Also, weather conditions and the general mountain terrain on each peak 
vary greatly, with the weather becoming worse and worse (or, depending on the 
player's perspective, better and better) at the higher elevations; this is 
especially true in the backcountry of each peak, where the player will always 
begin when going to a peak with a character for the first time in the game. 

Gameplay strategy is more important now than ever before in the SSX series. 
This is largely because there is no permanent boost awarded for performing a 
given number of Übertricks. Furthermore, more Übertricks must be performed in 
order to receive maximum boost. Plus, tricks can be chained together into 
lengthy combos, thus augmenting the amount of money and the number of trick 
points a player can receive. All this combines together to force the player to 
become much smarter about when and where to perform certain tricks, especially 
to make the maximum use of the boost and to extend its benefits. 

Character advancement is quite different in SSX3 than in previous games in the 
series. Previously, each character had a particular strength in competition, 
and the player could adjust those strengths by winning medals in events and 
using the medal-attached points to modify each character's stats. In SSX3, 
however, all characters start with near-atrocious stats. As the player earns 
money by successfully completing tricks, winning events, and meeting various 
challenges (such as earning a given amount of money on a particular peak), 
that money can be used to buy better stats for the current character (in a 
Lodge). Money is also used to buy customized outfits for each character, with 
each element purchased separately (goggled, boards, hats, boots, gloves, 
accessories, etc.) - also in a Lodge. Note that character advancement and 
outfit purchases can only be accomplished in Conquer the Mountain Mode (the 
primary gameplay mode), but also take effect in other gameplay modes. 

SSX3 introduces M-Comm. This is the PDA-style device which all characters in 
the game carry. This is how they can listen to Radio BIG, and they can also 
call for transports, check messages left by other characters, and accomplish 
many other things. 

As mentioned before, Radio BIG provides the music in SSX3. DJ Atomica also 
monitors all the happenings on the three peaks with his 262 mountain cams and 
provides information for the listeners. As the player accomplishes certain 
feats (such as winning a medal) or approaches certain areas, DJ Atomica may 
make mention of that fact for the listeners. Various "unrelated" events are 
also mentioned from time to time on Radio BIG, such as mountain history, 
the "big orange cat," and the misadventures of Dangerous Dave. At times, 
members of the bands whose music is playing on Radio BIG will give a quick 
station promotion. At other times, DJ Atomica will talk about other 
characters. While obviously unrelated to the gameplay experience itself, these 
(tall) tales and other "extras" do help to bring about a more realistic radio-
style experience. Unfortunately, what is missing is a good set of commercials; 
while this may seem incredibly strange to ask for in a game, this was done 
exceptionally well in the DreamCast game Metropolis Street Racer, and really 
added even more realism to that excellent game. 

One of the most impressive advancements made in SSX3 is that the player can 
truly ride from the top to the bottom of each peak, with minimal loading times 
and no slowdown in gameplay or graphics rendering. There may be an occasional 
pause of about one-eighth of a second when Radio BIG begins to play another 
song, but this is the only slowdown of any kind in the game, which is highly 
impressive and is obviously the effort of behind-the-scenes technological 
breakthroughs on behalf of the game developers. In essence, it appears that 
SSX3 loads the upcoming terrain as necessary, without affecting gameplay. 


Peak 1 is essentially the beginner peak. Money awards for winning medals in 
events is fairly low, and the competition is not particularly difficult once 
the player has become accustomed to performing tricks (if a newcomer to the 
series). Two Lodges with adjacent Transports are located on Peak 1. 

Event Type Event Name Description 
Race Snow Jam Actually somewhere between "beginner" and "intermediate" in 
difficulty, Snow Jam is a definite thrill ride.  
Metro-City For a "beginner" circuit, this one is rather difficult. This is 
essentially the SSX3 "version" of Merqury City Meltdown from previous 
incarnations of the series, with even more shortcuts.  
Happiness This is a race through the Peak 1 backcountry which must be 
Peak 1 Race This is a race against the clock from the top to the bottom of 
Peak 1, and must be unlocked.  
Freestyle R&B This Slopestyle course has a relatively high time on the 
countdown clock, with plenty of opportunities to grind and grab some air.  
Crow's Nest This relatively short Big Air course is all about performing as 
many Übertricks as possible.  
The Junction The beginner-level Superpipe competition takes place here in a 
relatively-simple layout.  
Happiness Jam This is a points competition in the Peak 1 backcountry which 
must be unlocked.  
Peak 1 Jam The player must score more points than the rival from the top of 
Peak 1 to the bottom. This event must be unlocked.  
Freeride   Roam the mountain. Green Station and Blue Station are the locations 
of Lodges and Transports.  

Access to Peak 2 is made via one of the following options:

Earn a medal in all Race events 
Earn a medal in all Freestyle events 
Find collectibles and complete the Big Challenges 
Earn $100,000 (cumulative)


Peak 2 holds the intermediate-level events. Competition in the races is more 
physical and competitors are more prone to taking the shortcuts available. 
Competitors' scores in the Freestyle events are also appropriately higher 
(note that the player's chosen character is always last to make a run in the 
Freestyle events which do not take place on a particular course). Those with 
extensive experience with the SSX series may still encounter some difficulty 
in scoring Gold Medals. 

Event Type Event Name Description 
Race Ruthless Ridge Ruthless Ridge is definitely an intermediate-level course, 
with numerous blind, tight corners and several significant jumps.  
Intimidator Intimidator requires a keen eye and fast reflexes. This expert-
level course has numerous lengthy jumps requiring Boost to safely clear, and 
the final portion of the course features numerous falling trees (just like in 
the game's opening film).  
Ruthless This is a race through the Peak 2 backcountry which must be unlocked. 
Peak 2 Race This is a race against the clock from the top to the bottom of 
Peak 2, and must be unlocked. 
Freestyle Style Mile This Slopestyle course is somewhat complex, with 
multitudes of opportunities to grind and grab some air. 
Launch Time This Big Air event certainly delivers the hangtime. The course is 
longerthan Crow's Nest (on Peak 1) and the required scores are higher, but 
success is still fairly easy to obtain.  
Schizophrenia Yet another Superpipe competition, this one is quite fun!!!  
Ruthless Jam This is a points competition in the Peak 2 backcountry which must 
be unlocked. 
Peak 2 Jam The player must score more points than the rival from the top of 
Peak 2 to the bottom. This event must be unlocked. 
Freeride   Roam the mountain. Yellow Station and Red Station are the locations 
of Lodges and Transports.  

Access to Peak 3 is made via one of the following options:

Earn a medal in all Race events 
Earn a medal in all Freestyle events 
Find collectibles and complete the Big Challenges 
Earn $250,000 (cumulative)


This is the absolute summit of SSX competition. Peak 3 has the absolute worst 
snowboarding conditions in its backcountry, making even simple joyrides an 
extreme nightmare at best. Peak 3 has the toughest level of competition, and 
simply winning a Bronze Medal in any event is quite a feat for all but the 
most experienced of SSX3 experts. 

Event Type Event Name Description 
Race Gravitude Even experts will have trouble at Gravitude, the steepest of 
the constructed race venues. When taking shortcuts, the chosen line off a jump 
must be flawlessly perfect in order to make a successful inbound landing.  
The Throne This is a race through the Peak 3 backcountry which must be 
All Peak Race This is a race against the clock on all peaks, and must be 
Freestyle Kick Doubt Peak 3's Slopestyle course is absolutely fun, with 
seemingly infinite grinds and jumps. The trick to success here is avoiding the 
snowmobile at the start, and hitting as many points multipliers as possible.  
Much-2-Much This final Big Air course is straight as an arrow, with plenty of 
hangtime opportunities. The trick here is to rack up as many Übertricks as 
possible... and then some.  
Perpendiculous This is the final Superpipe event in SSX3.  
Throne Jam This is a points competition in the Peak 3 backcountry which must 
be unlocked. 
All Peak Jam This is a points competition on the three peaks.  
Freeride   Roam the mountain. Black Station is the peak's sole location of a 
Lodge and a Transport.  


In the races, crossing the Finish Line first is all that matters; no matter 
how many wipeouts occur or how many times the player's chosen character slams 
into obstacles, winning is everything. This section provides a suggested route 
for each race, along with screenshots to show important landmarks. Note that 
the Peak Races primarily use the courses noted for the shorter, "mundane" 

Snow Jam 
 Shortly after the start of the race, look for the two narrow jumps with the 
orange paint. Each time, jump off the top-right edge performing as many tricks 
as possible. This will moderately shortcut the course.  
 Jump off the blue-green paint to the right of the upcoming billboard to 
perform more tricks and again moderately shortcut the course.  
 Now entering the section with the massive trees, jumping between the trees 
will provide a minor shortcut, and can also permit the gathering of 
collectibles if the jumps are timed just perfectly.  
 Note the dark-colored curving rail ahead on the right side of the course. 
This leads to an Out of Bounds section which is a "shortcut" only in that 
there are no jumps - minimizing the amount of time spent in the air maximizes 
the amount of speed and momentum.  

 The landing zone of the first massive jump provides a three-way split in the 
course. The two main routes are to the left and the right. However, taking the 
narrow route directly ahead bypasses all the twists and turns of the main 
 Once the three routes rejoin, the main course curves to the left ahead. 
However, the narrow jump leads to another shortcut, which again bypasses the 
twists and turns of the main course.  
 After rejoining the main course, the Out of Bounds sign ahead on the left 
presents another shortcut, although this one has two significant obstacles. 
First, it is best to go to the left around the Out of Bounds sign, as there is 
a telephone pole almost directly behind the sign. Second, this shortcut can 
ONLY be used successfully with A LOT of speed, as the shortcut has a jump 
leading up over some really tall buildings; a lack of sufficient speed will 
result in a collision with the building and a long hard fall to the main 
course below.  
 Once back on the main course, the rail to the left presents another 
significant shortcut.  
 Near the end of the course, this long pipe leads to a trench, providing a 
straightline shot through a trench to the Finish Line; meanwhile, the main 
course splits in half and goes around this area, with plenty of super-moguls 
to disrupt momentum. The trench itself is not without any dangers, however, as 
there are a number of low metal crossbeams.  

 At the very beginning of the race, it is important to veer HARD to the left; 
by the time the two initial paths rejoin, this will put the player's character 
well in the lead (unless there have been a lot of wipeouts). Throughout this 
race, it is best to always keep hard to the left; this tactic will also bypass 
the avalanche.  

Ruthless Ridge 
 There are no true discernable shortcuts until about 63% of the way through 
the course. Here, there is an Out of Bounds sign underneath a pair of 
billboards. Even this on only a very minor shortcut at best, but from this 
point throughout most of the rest of the circuit, keeping a more-or-less 
straight line (until the area with the chair lifts) will save time in the long 
run, as the course winds back and forth down the mountain.  
 One must not be fooled by the near-vertical strip of ice ahead. While this 
strip of ice is great for launching into the air to perform a few tricks, the 
course itself makes a pair of semi-steep perpendicular turns to the right, 
essentially forming a double-apex corner; it is best to approach this section 
as a single hairpin turn.  
 Kaori is off the course to the right here, but for a very good reason. 
Remaining on the course provides a jump which is not necessarily enough to 
clear the gap and make it to the top of the ski jump (ahead). On the other 
hand, keeping off-line here will momentarily slow the player's character, but 
there is no jump, so the player will spend virtually no time airborne and can 
speed to the Finish Line at the base of the ski jump. There are some moguls 
underneath the ski jump, however, which can make things a little challenging.  

 Note the gap to the right ahead between the rail and the green fencing. The 
course actually doubles back to the right, so veering to the right off the 
course will be a nice shortcut. Also, due to the steep incline of the railing, 
it WILL slow the player's character A LOT, making the aforementioned shortcut 
even more important.  
 In the Japanesque section, after the Speed Boost comes three green rails to 
grind. It is best to use the middle rail. This is the first of a set of three 
rails, and it is very easy to perform jump-spins from one rail to the next to 
increase the trick combo and gain more cash.  
 Coming off the last rail in the section, however, can be tricky. It is best 
to jump or veer slightly to the left coming off the final rail. Otherwise, the 
character will risk crashing into the final rail coming off the set to the 
right, thus losing any trick combo and any cash.  
 After coming over the icy, arched bridge, the main course curves to the left 
ahead, but there is a small jump which continues straight ahead (to the right 
of the main course). This jump is a moderate shortcut.  
 At the next major jump, it is best to slow greatly and veer heavily to the 
right before going over the cliff. This will put the character onto a 
completely different line through the final portion of the course, which can 
itself be shortcut by continuing to the right through the Out of Bounds sign; 
this is not quite as challenging overall as the main line, and has fewer 
jumps, thus giving the player's character more opportunity to build momentum.  

 In general, the best line is to keep to the right at all times in this race.  

 At the very beginning of the Gravitude course, there is a fork. It may be 
best to veer to the left. However, keeping as close to the barriers (ahead) as 
possible will permit the player to pull a few tricks in the air; typically, a 
double misty/rodeo is easily attainable here. This will help to fill the boost 
meter to go even faster.  
 45% of the way along the course, there is a downed tree which forms a grind-
jump to a lower level, entering a sort, icy tunnel. The player must have FAST 
reflexes, as the character will truly speed along the ice. Once outside the 
tunnel, there is a long jump back down to the main course below, allowing time 
for more tricks to refill the Boost Meter.  
 At the landing zone from the shortcut mentioned above, the main course 
continues to the left. Continuing straight ahead instead, however, provides a 
minor shortcut; this is also the preferred line here simply due to momentum 
and trajectory, as turning to retake the main course would scrub off a little 
 At the very end of the course, it can be a great benefit to ride the rails on 
either side of the course. The course ends in a multi-tiered drop, but the 
rails are aligned perfectly straight, so once on a rail, the player can simply 
ride that line to the Finish Line. Combining these grinds with use of the 
Boost can provide an edge over competitors in the snow.  

The Throne 
 It is best to keep to the right until about 42% of the way down The Throne, 
when this formation appears ahead. Upon landing, take the fork to the left, 
then descend to the right.  
 Yet another shortcut exists here by continuing straight ahead and jumping the 
small gap.  
 In this natural halfpipe section, it is imperative to get through here as 
quickly as possible... which means NOT performing tricks on the sides. The 
fastest route is to remain in this initial halfpipe and cut SHARPLY to the 
left upon entry, then following the natural contours all the way to the Finish 


Money (in Dollars) is introduced into the SSX series for the first time, and 
it plays a very important role. In SSX3, money is earned in several ways:

Method Description 
Earning Medals Winning a medal in an event grants money. However, if the 
character has already received a particular medal when competing in an event 
again, the amount of money earned is half of what was originally granted; for 
example, winning a Gold Medal at an event may grant $10,000 the first time, 
but only $5,000 for each subsequent win. Note that the amount of money varies 
depending on the peak upon which an event is located.  
Meeting Objectives On each peak, there are four objectives: completing all the 
peak's Races, all the peak's Freestyle events, collecting a given number of 
collectible items (per peak), and earning a cumulative amount of money (total 
per career). Each time an objective is met, more money is awarded; other items 
may also be awarded, such as trading cards, toys, new boards and outfit parts, 
Performing Tricks Simply performing tricks will add to the amount of money the 
player's chosen character earns. Even a simple spin can grant $1 of earnings. 
This occurs even in Freestyle Mode.  

Once earned, money can be spent in several areas: 

Item Description 
Cheat Characters Somewhat of a misnomer, "Cheat Characters" are bonus 
characters. Some are unlocked by accomplishing certain feats (such as earning 
$1,000,000 cumulative across the chosen character's career), but others can be 
purchased; of those which can be purchased, the ones available depend upon 
which peak the player's character is currently located. To purchase a Cheat 
Character while at a Lodge, go to Rider Details, then Rewards, then Cheat 
Characters. However, Cheat Characters' names are not used even if a new 
score/time record is set using Cheat Characters.  
Gear A character's appearance - including clothing, boards, and accessories - 
can be modified by purchasing items at a Lodge in the Buy Gear section. 
However, not all potential character-specific items are available at all 
Lodges; in fact, the "best" items are typically located in the Lodge on Peak 
Music The Radio BIG music can be customized. In a Lodge, selecting Music and 
then Edit Playlist will present the player with all the music available in 
SSX3. The player is given five free credits to spend on any five desired songs 
for the Radio BIG music; after the initial five songs, any further music 
customization is done by "purchasing" the desires songs.  
Rewards In a Lodge, selecting Rider Details and then Rewards allows the player 
to access all sorts of bonus items, ranging from "toys" to posters to videos 
and more. Many of these Rewards must be unlocked by accomplishing certain 
feats in the game, but many more can be purchased. (Note that the Cheat 
Characters above are officially rewards, but are covered separately because 
they can be so bizarre!!!)  
Stats This is the most important usage of money in SSX3. Each character begins 
with minimal stats. As the player earns more money with a particular 
character, stats can be improved by "buying success" - in a Lodge, select Buy 
Attributes. Obviously, this does not mean the player will necessarily have 
better success - that still depends upon the player's own skill and 
Übertricks In a Lodge, selecting Rider Details and then Übertrick Setup allows 
the player to customize a given character's repertoire of Übertricks 
by "buying" the desired Übertrick. Before purchasing, each Übertrick can be 


Whenever possible, saving records and game progress is essential. There is 
nothing worse than playing for hours and making numerous advances in the game, 
and then lose it all due to a power outage, Records can be saved whenever the 
player makes a top five score/time. Game progress can be saved in any Lodge, 
when leaving a Lodge, and when returning to the title screen. 

To earn money quickly, the player may find it best to work through the 
Freestyle events on each peak first. Since these events are about accumulating 
points and not about finishing ahead of other competitors, there is less on-
course pressure - and no threat of any Knockdowns. 

Knockdowns are an important tool in Race events. Successfully knocking a 
competitor to the ground will fill the player's Boost Meter and grant access 
to Übertricks. A well-timed Knockdown could be what is required to win a medal 
in a race. 

Übertricks are handled differently in SSX3 than in SSX Tricky. In SSX3, there 
are three "levels" on the Boost Meter. When the Boost Meter is full, it turns 
yellow; during this time, the player must perform four Übertricks 
(spelling "Über") to extend the duration of the Boost. The next level is 
orange and extends the boost duration again; here, the player must perform 
five Übertricks (spelling "Super"). In the final level, the Boost Meter is 
red, and this is the period of longest Boost duration. At each level, the 
amount of points given per Übertrick is progressively higher. 

At each of the five Lodges on the mountain, the player can buy enhanced stats 
and also outfits for the current character. However, not all outfit parts are 
available at all Lodges. Therefore, once all three peaks are available for the 
character, the player may need to go to all five Lodges to find and buy a 
particular desired item. 

At any time on the slopes, the player can call for a Transport by using the M-
comm (by pressing the Start button). An event can also be restarted via this 
manner, plus other elements of the game can be fine-tuned to the player's 

Unfortunately, the characters in SSX3 do not have any inherent strengths or 
weaknesses - for example, in SSX Tricky, Kaori was a trick specialist, whereas 
Brodi was a race specialist - because all characters in SSX3 start with the 
same identical miserable stats. This means that typically the quickest way to 
earn money (via winning medals), and unlock more events and peaks, is to focus 
first on the Freestyle events. The money attained can then be spent upon stats 
to improve the chosen character's abilities to increase the chances of success 
in other events. 

After being transported to an event, the character must traverse at least a 
short distance of near-virgin snow to reach the actual event site. In the 
interim, tricks can be performed to both gain a few extra Dollars and to begin 
filling the Boost Meter. The bonus in this is that any Boost in the Boost 
Meter upon arrival at the event site carries over to the event itself :-)   
However, this advantage is instantly lost should the player restart the heat 
or event. 

When the character becomes unstable while performing a trick, or falls to the 
ground, recovery is possible by quickly pressing the Square button repeatedly; 
failing to recover quickly typically results in a sliding faceplant down the 
slope. However, depending upon the situation, it may be faster to simply 
reposition the character on the mountain by pressing Select. In either case, 
whatever amount of Boost is in the Boost Meter will be noticeably decreased 
as "punishment" for the mistake, and the level/color of the Boost Meter may 
also be downgraded; any potential combo bonus will also be instantly 

There are some Big Challenges where the player must attain a given number of 
points (in some cases, without falling), achieve a certain combo multiplier in 
an event, etc. A good way to successfully complete these Challenges is to find 
a natural bowl in the mountain, then perform continual jump-spins until the 
current Challenge is completed. This will only grant 30 points each time, so 
even with a large combo multiplier (say, 500x), it will still take a while to 
hit the given number of points. This is also a good way to gain a few extra 
points at the end of a Freestyle event - so long as the countdown timer does 
not expire before crossing the Finish Line. However, because of the way the 
game handles camera movement/placement, it is best to do this WITHOUT looking 
at the screen, as the images will very quickly become quite disorienting. 

Knockdowns can be an important tool in race events, creating a hole in a pack 
of traffic for a clearer path ahead. Scoring a Knockdown instantly fills the 
Boost Meter to provide an even greater advantage over the competition. 
Rails, park benches, certain rocks, wires, barricades, and other elements are 
usually grindable surfaces. 
Of course, the very best tricks are those performed while airborne... and SSX3 
certainly provides plenty of opportunities to fly through the air!!! Of 
course, the money and points for performing tricks is negated if the landing 
is not right.  
Even the distant in-game scenery is breathtaking.  


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