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Starship Titanic
Douglas Adams
The Digital Village
Simon & Schuster Inc.
© 1998 Windows 95

FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.0
Created: July 4, 2004
Last Update: July 10, 2006

Table of Contents
I.	Introduction
II.	FAQ’s about the background of the Game
III.	Walkthrough
-Getting Started
-Checking In
-Working the SGT room and 2nd Class upgrade
-Fixing the Main Succ-U-Bus
-Disarming the Bomb
-Elevator 4 – What’s the deal?
-Hacking into the Ship creator’s e-mail accounts
-Getting the Parrot his pistachios
-Getting your 1st class Stateroom
-The upside down chevron on Channel 4
-Making of the Titanic Titillator
-Leave the Light alone; there is no reason to touch it…
-Making Music
-Giving the Parrot his hot chicken
-Changing the weather
-Putting Titania’s parts back into her
-Going home
IV.	FAQ’s about game play
V.	Contacts and helpful websites

Part 1 – The Introduction
	Welcome aboard the Queen of the Galaxy, Starship Titanic . . . The ship that 
cannot possibly go wrong… HAH!  If you ask Marsinta the deskbot, not that she would 
be willing to talk to you or anything.  
	You have been chosen by the 5-bot crew of Starship Titanic or mostly the 
Doorbot Fentable to repair the ship.  You learn more as you play but I am going to 
get to the intro.

	This guide is to help you complete the game successfully.  I have tried to 
make this as error free as possible. I would like to mention that every thing in 
section 3 is going to tell you what happens at the end of the game. I hope to make 
walkthrough’s and FAQ’s for some other games also if you like this one.  Also, I 
have placed "Save Game" blocks inbetween each section.  I suggest this because 
incase you were to lose power to your computer or it crashed you wouldn't need to go 
back very far from where you left off.

Part 2 – FAQ’s about the background of the Game
Q: Is Starship Titanic a complete text adventure?
A: No, it is a visual adventure with text interface.  With the text interface you 
can interact with the other characters in the game.  It is possible to complete the 
game with typing up only a few sentences.  But only if you use a walkthrough like 
this.  Part of the game is asking the write questions.

Q: Does Starship Titanic only work on Windows 95?
A: I know that it works on Windows 98 and XP, so it should work on your version of 
Windows.  If you have a Mac you need to get the Macintosh version of the game from 
the Mac website.

Q: Where can I find more information about Starship Titanic?
A:  The official website does have information about 
the game and Tech Support, they would probably be most helpful.  The Digital village 
website contains a tribute to it's founder and seems to have not 
been updated in quite some time.  The Simon & Schuster Interactive who distributes 
the game has nothing that I could find on their site  You 
could also try or 
or another search engine.

Q: Will reading the book ruin the game for me?
A: No, the book doesn’t give away the puzzles in the game, but it makes what 
happened to the ship a lot easier to understand.

Q: Why do I need 3D glasses?
A: There is a point in the game when you will need these.  But I was able to do 
without them, so if you don’t have any you shouldn’t worry.

Part 3 – Walkthrough
-Getting Started: You will start in your house.  You don’t necessarily need to turn 
the TV on but you can if you want.  The next thing you want to do is turn around and 
look at the computer.  Walk to the computer and sit down.  There should be 3 CD’s 
sitting on the desk.  Open the CD drawer on the computer and put the disk that says 
Titanic on it in.  Now, I hope your house was insured.

-Checking In: As soon as you get of the service elevator go immediately to the right 
and “press the button” on the post.  After you watch the semi-entertaining video you 
can walk over to the desk and ring the bell.  The bell will turn into Marsinta the 
deskbot.  She will ask you a few questions about your room.  But you will receive a 
Super Galactic Traveler Class room.  Trust me it’s nothing fancy.

-Working the SGT room and 2nd Class upgrade: After you find your assigned room, 
which might not have been too easy.  You hear the voice tell you that you could have 
already one an upgrade.  Don’t worry you did.  Open the personal maintenance hub 
then open the Executive workspace table.  You can then open the drawers underneath 
if you want to.  Open the fully recumbent relaxation device and then deploy it.  
Open the TV and walk to the bed.  Turn to the right channel.  You don’t need to 
remember the number.  Just go to the Succ-U-Bus in the lobby and get your magazine.  
Take it to Marsinta and get your upgrade.

-Fixing the Main Succ-U-Bus:  Go to the Parrot Lobby at the top of the well.  It’s 
across from the Embarkation Lobby.  Go to the cage and take the parrot and put him 
into your personal luggage.  And walk out of the room.  He will get out but you will 
have a feather.  Walk through the Embarkation Lobby to the service elevator and go 
to the bilge room (middle button) and walk to the big Succ-U-Bus in the middle.  
Stick the feather in the tray and press Send.  He will sneeze out Brobostigon.  
Magnify him and take Titania’s Olfactory Center and the Blue Fuse.  

TIP: I waited until the end of the game to put all of Titania’s parts in.  That way 
I could keep track of what I still had to find.

But if you accidentally turned it on you can A.) Solve the puzzle or B.) Type nobody 
likes a Smarta** you’ll actually have to type it in the game but I am going to 
censor this.  

-Elevator 4 – What’s the deal?: The deal is somebody or something took the Liftbots 
head.  Take elevator 1or 3 to the bottom of the well (Floor 39).  Walk to the middle 
of the lobby and look towards the floor.  You should see a head on the floor that 
looks like an oversized marble with a face.  Pick it up and get back on the elevator 
and go to the Top of the Well and go to elevator number 4.  Take out the current 
head, which you will find to be Titania’s eye.  And place the head in.

TIP: Elevators 1 and 3 cover the whole ship but elevators 2 and 4 only cover 1st and 
2nd class.

-Hacking into the Ship creator’s e-mail accounts: Just know that this is not 
necessary you can skip to the next section.  Hacking into the e-mail just gives you 
more background information.  To start with go to the fuse box and turn the red 
switch to the side and take the red fuse.  Go to the Creator’s room where the 3 
busts are.  Flip the lever on the wall.  Now you can see the message behind the 
creator’s head.  Go back to the e-mail screen in Titania’s room and type in the user 
name and e-mail.  The names are Leovinus, Scralinotis and Brobostigon.  The 
passwords are THIS, THAT and OTHER.

-Getting the parrot his pistachios: Go back to the parrot lobby and grab the parrot 
and drop him in your bag.  Quickly walk to the Succ-U-Bus and drop the parrot in the 
tray.  He will then be put into a capsule.  Drop your room number in and press 
send.  Make sure it’s your 2nd class room.  Press Send.  Then head down to your room 
and go to the Succ-U-Bus in the middle of the room and press Receive the capsule 
will pop out.  Click on it, the parrot will fly away but he is stuck in your room.  
Walk over to the bowl of pistachios and click on it.  The parrot will come and eat 
the nuts.  He will fly away.  But wait, is that Titania’s ear, it is!  Take the ear 
and drop it in your luggage, you may have to turn the dial in the middle.  A new 
bowl will pop up and fill with nuts.


-Getting your 1st class Stateroom:  Before you go and ask Marsinta for your upgrade 
it is advised that you go to the sculpture room and find the sculpture that looks 
like Marsinta.  Mess with the sliders on it. They will move and go back to their 
original positions.  Then go to the Embarkation Lobby and ask Marsinta for an 
upgrade.  If you found the right sculpture Marsinta should be in a very good mood 
and give you your upgrade.  All you have to ask is “May I please have an upgrade?”

-The Upside down Chevron on Channel 4.  Go to your 1st class stateroom and walk to 
the TV and turn it on to channel 4.  The Chevron is upside down so if you’re going 
to make your own remember it’s upside down.  Although every time I have played it 
the room was Floor 7, Elevator 2, Room 3.  But why do I need to go to this room?  
That is Titania’s eye looking at the ceiling.  Go to that room and look towards the 
lights in the middle.  Turn them on and off.  You may notice a bulb not working, I 
didn’t but the eye was still there.  Call the Bellbot Krage.  Tell him to “Fix the 
Broken Light”. He will do so and give you the eye.

-Making of the Titanic Titillator: Jump in the Pellerator and go to the bar.  Look 
at the TV and notice the recipe but don’t copy it down the next few steps will get 
it for you.  Walk to the bar and ring the bell.  The Barbot will come over and give 
you a glass.  Take the glass and leave.  Go back to the top of the well.
-Crushed Television: Go to the Parrot Lobby and call Krage the Bellbot.  When he 
gets there   tell him “Throw the Television Down the Well.”  You might have to do it 
more than once.  He will happily comply.  Quickly go to elevator 1 or 3 and go to 
the bottom of the well and pick up the TV.  You have to go quickly or it will 
-Pureed Starlings: Head to Titania’s room and go to the fuse box and plug in the 
blue fuse and turn the knob, then turn the yellow knob and take the yellow fuse.  Go 
back to the Pellerator.  Go to the Promenade Deck.  And go to the fan and turn it on 
and turn the speed up to fast.  You will see the Starlings get pureed.  Go to the 
Top of the Well and get on elevator 1 or 3 and head to any SGT floor (Floors 28-
38).  Go to the 3rd class restaurant (The gold doors in front of you when you get of 
the elevator) and flip the switch and get a chicken.  Place it under the left pipe 
and it will be covered in pureed Starlings.  While the chicken is being covered hold 
the glass under it.  You’re glass should fill up with the Starlings if it doesn’t 
try it again.  Stick the glass in your bag.
-Lemon: Go back to the Parrot Lobby and find the perch on the bags take it.  Go the 
Pellerator and head back to the Promenade deck.  Go to the spaceship looking thing 
and Move the perch over the purple button on the top 3 times you should hear 3 
beeps.  The Doors will open and you can take the hammer.  Go back to the Top of the 
well and take Elevators 1 or 3 to a SGT class lobby.  Go to the room at the end of 
the lobby and you Will notice a stick in a glass case.  Move closer to it and move 
the hammer across the glass And hopefully the glass will break and you can get the 
stick.  Head back up to the top of The well and take the gondola to the Arboretum 
and walk to the gate and you’ll see all the Lemons hanging in the tree.  Using the 
long stick move it around in the trees a lemon will Fall out.  Take it and get on 
the Pellerator and head to the bar.  Get out and go to the Barbot.  Give him the 
Crushed Television he will put it into his head.  Give him the lemon He will do the 
same with it.  Give him the Pureed Starlings.  He will ask what it is so Tell him it 
is “Pureed Starlings”.  After he pours in the starlings tell him “Get the Vodka” He 
will and he will have a rather lengthy outburst.  When he is done say “Get the 
Vision Center”.


-Leave the Light alone; there is no reason to touch it…: Go to the Parrot lobby.  Go 
towards the broken light next to the Succ-U-Bus, you’ll notice that the parrot 
starts yelling about not touching the light.  That obviously means there is 
something there.  Go out to the Top of the well and ride the gondola down to the 
arboretum and go to the left.  You will notice that there is something on the right 
that looks like a pellerator.  Go over to it and open it you will see a hose.  Take 
the hose off the wall.  Go back to the Parrot Lobby.  Place the hose on the light.  
The hose should connect to it.  You’ll notice in your Personal Luggage that there is 
a block with the image of the end of a hose.  Take that end and stick it in the Succ-
U-Bus.  Push Send.  The Succ-U-Bus will blow air into the bottom of the light and 
out will pop Titania’s nose.  Take it.  You can then put the hose back into your 
bag.  While you’re still in the Parrot Lobby go to the Chevron List and save the 

-Making Music: Go to the Pellerator from the Parrot Lobby and push the button to go 
to the music room.  If you’ve been to the first class restaurant yet you might have 
noticed the bad music.  Time to fix it.  So here are the settings:
Upper Left: You can’t change it it’s already correct.
Upper Right: Vertical slider third from bottom, horizontal slider second from right, 
upper knob top to the right lower knob top to the right.
Lower Left: Vertical slider at the bottom, horizontal slider furthest left, upper 
knob top to left, lower knob top to left.
Lower Right: Vertical slider second from the bottom, horizontal slider furthest 
right, upper knob top to the left, lower knob top to the right.
Make sure all the green lights are on and press the red button.  If you did it right 
it will end with a “ding” from the piano.  It will last roughly 1:40.  Go to the 
phonograph behind you and take the speaker, the speaker is Titania’s ear.  Go down 
towards the phonograph and press the circle button (record).  Walk back over to the 
conductor’s stand and press the red button.  When the song is done go back to the 
phonograph and press the square button twice (stop/eject).  Take the cylinder and 
get back onto the pellerator and head to the first class restraunt.  Go in and walk 
to Maitre d’ bot.  And pick up his arm and poke him in the center of his buttocks.  
He will say things like “You are poking my Achilles buttock.”  But if he mentions 
his heel you are to low.  After you “fight” him he will let you sit at the table 
with Scralinotis.  Take Maitre d’ Bot’s other arm, the napkin and the green fuse.  
Head out the First Class Restaurant lobby and walk over to the podium and unlock it 
with the arm holding the key.  Take the cylinder out of the slot and sit it aside, 
then put the one you recorded into it.  Press play, you can close and lock the 
podium if you want.  Walk back into the room and go over to Maitre d’ Bot and his 
arms will release the key and the Auditory Center.


-Getting the Parrot his hot chicken: Go to any SGT class floor (Floors 28-38) and go 
to the restaurant and flip the switch for the chicken.  Remember the napkin you 
took, wipe the chicken off in your bag with it.  Do this by moving the napkin across 
the chicken a few times and then let go of it over the chicken.  Take the chicken 
and put it under the left pipe (Starling Puree) and do that until the chicken is 
covered in starling puree.  Put your saved chevron from the Parrot Lobby into the 
Succ-U-Bus then put the chicken in.  If you don’t cover the chicken in Starling 
Puree the Succ-U-Bus will eat it.  Press Send and quickly go up to the Parrot Lobby 
and go over to the Succ-U-Bus and push receive.  Take the chicken and drop it in 
your bag.  Wipe it off with the Napkin like you did before to get the Starling off.  
Go over to the parrot cage and hold the chicken off to the left of the cage.  Wait 
until he is all the way off the perch and grab it (it being the perch).  The perch 
will be Titania’s central intelligence core.  If you want you can put the perch from 
earlier into the cage.

-Changing the Weather: Go down to Titania’s room and go to the fuse box and plug in 
the green fuse.  Turn the knob.  Go back up to the Arboretum and approach the now 
working arboretum and change the setting to fall.  You will see another part of 
Titania hanging down.  Use the long stick to knock it free and take it. Change the 
season to winter.  Go over to the side with the thing you got the hose from.  Turn 
around and go towards the Rowbot.  Click on his chest.  It will move and you will 
see to levers.  You need to put both of them down at the same time to stop his 
singing.  Use Maitre d’ Bots arms to do so.  Hook one on the left lever and the 
other on the right.  These have to be empty to work if they aren’t, see the “Making 
Music” section.  Once he stops singing take his mouth, which is really Titania’s.  
Go back to the Arboretum and change the season to spring.  Get on the gondola and 
head back to Titania’s room.

-Putting Titania’s parts back into her:  You now should have all 11 parts of 
Titania.  Two eyes, two ears, nose, mouth, central intelligence core, and four 
Titania’s center should be arranged like this:
      Yellow        Red
      Blue          Green
That is the way they should be when your looking at them they DO NOT need to be 

-Going Home: Enter the bridge, and go to the hanging helmet.  Put the photo of your 
home into the slot.  Push Tab to switch to the photo of your home.  Pick 3 stars 
that are directly over your house and fairly close.  Take the first star and click 
on it.  There should be a red cross around it. Press Set destination and push tab 
again you should see a 3D visual with the star you picked in a yellow diamond using 
your mouse get as close as you can to the star and press “L” to lock the destination 
if you did that on the wrong star press “D” to unlock it.  Do this with the other 2 
stars and you should get a triangle once you do go up to the Wheel and press go.  
You should get to go back to Earth.

Part 4 – FAQ’s about game play:
Q: How do I solve all the puzzles in the game?
A: Every puzzle has its own hints.  You can usually summon Krage the Bellbot and 
interrogate him to give you an answer.  You can also ask Marsinta the Deskbot or the 

Q: How do I find my room?
A: Go to your saved chevrons and click on each one until you find the one that 
says “Assigned Room, Class #, Elevator #, Floor #, Room #.  SGT class is probably 
the toughest to find the room.

Q: What do the little dials on the PET stand for?
A: The bottom dial is the robot’s current usefulness to you.  The middle dial is the 
robot’s cellpoint settings and the top dial is the robot’s attitude towards you.
Q: Do the sculptures serve any useful purpose?
A: Yes they control each robots setting.  Each sculpture corresponds to a robot.  
The parrot will give you helpful hints.

Q: Can I make the parrot stop talking?
A: No, I know that it will get very annoying but the parrot will give you helpful 
hints throughout the game.

Q: Where is Titania (Room)? 
A: Titania’s room is located above the top of the well.  To get there, take the 
stairs near the Top of the well on the side closest to the embarkation lobby.  Turn 
around and you will see a small.  Go through the door and up to Titania.

Q:I had a long stick earlier, and now its gone! What happened to it?
A: This appears to be a bug in the game.  I didn’t have that problem myself.  The 
long stick disappears for some people and then you can’t get another one.  Contact 
Simon & Schuster with your problem.  I can’t help you, sorry!

Part 5 – Contacts and helpful websites.

This guide is to help you complete the game successfully. 
The official website does have information about the  
game and Tech Support, they would probably be most helpful.  The Digital village 
website contains a tribute to it's founder and seems to have not 
been updated in quite some time.  The Simon & Schuster Interactive who distributes 
the game has nothing that I could find on their site  You 
could also try or 
or another search engine.

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- I hope that this was helpful to you and that you enjoyed playing the game.

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