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Title: James Bond 007 Blood Stone
Date: November 12, 2010
System: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Author: Adenosine
E-mail: [email protected]
Version: 1.00

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V 1.00 - November 12, 2010, version 1 finished.

Table of Contents:

Part 1
- Introduction
- Preparation
- Basic Controls
- Basic Strategy

Part 2
I.	Athens - Prologue: Change of Plans
II.	Istanbul - The Key to Crack the Code
III.	Istanbul - Stay With Him
IV.	Istanbul - Who Are You Working For?
V.	Monaco - Your Basic Russian Oligarch
VI.	Siberia - Not All Fun and Games
VII.	Siberia - Keep the Car Running
VIII.	SIberia - A Train to Catch
IX.	Siberia - By Any Means Necessary
X.	Bangkok - An Uneasy Alliance
XI.	Bangkok - One More Step and You're Dead
XII.	Bangkok - One Bad Turn Deserves Another
XIII.	Bangkok - Old Friends, New Enemies
XIV.	Burma - You're in Burma, Mr. Bond
XV.	Burma - The Beautiful and the Damned
XVI.	Burma - I Already Know...
XVII.	Monaco - Epilogue: Meeting Adjourned

Part 3
- Copyright Information

                               Part 1


Greetings to fans of James Bond and spy action! In Blood Stone, you take
control of James Bond (Daniel Craig version) in an adventure that takes
you all over the world, as you use your elegant violence to deal with
evil doers! Use stealth to sneak behind bad guys and then perform some
bone breaking martial arts move to incapacitate them! In the middle of
a heated gunfight, use your Focus Aim to take out enemies with the help
of your trained concentration! Swerve through traffic in your speeding
sports car as you rush to save the day! Hack into complex networks and
disable enemy technology using your SmartPhone! 

You may be outnumbered, but don't forget that you are Bond, James Bond!

* Although the guide was written while playing the PC version, it should
still be compatible with both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.


Make sure that you have configured all of the controls to the keys or
buttons that you feel most comfortable with. You might also want to tinker
with the brightness setting because there are areas in the game where it
is very dark.

Basic Controls:

As James Bond, you are a highly trained MI6 member. You're very well versed
in the art of taking people down, whether by hand or weaponry.

1. Stealthy Take Down - move close to an enemy, and press the F key. Bond
will perform a variety of brutal moves, ranging from bone breaking chops
to neck crushing grapples. This is very good to do on unsuspecting 
enemies and gives you the advantages of remaining undetected.

2. Focus Aim - press the CTRL key and Bond will automatically aim at an
enemy. Simply fire to kill the bad guy in one shot. You can have up to
three Focus Aims at a time. You earn one Focus Aim whenever you use a
Take Down move on an enemy.

3. Take Cover - press the Space Bar when near a wall or an object and Bond
will automatically use it as cover. You can also take cover while running.
Just press the Space Bar while you're running and you're close to an
object that you can hide behind.

4. Vault - you can vault over any low object that you can hide behind. This
is useful for quickly rushing towards a bad guy who is still reloading his
weapon and then administering a painful martial art take down move on him.

5. Run - press the Shift key to run faster, just be aware that stamina
will be drained.

6. SmartPhone - early in the game, Bond will get a SmartPhone, which is
actually an all-purpose gadget that serves as a phone, a computer scanner,
an enemy detector, environmental scanner, and a hacking tool! Simply press
the 1 key to access this super hightech phone! I wonder if they were able
to program a game into it...

Basic Strategy:

1. Always stay near walls or objects that you can hide behind.

Since this is a 3D adventure game, enemies will be coming from all over
the place, and they'll be packing some serious firepower with them because
they're evil terrorists! Although Bond is the best agent the world has
ever known, he is still human and bullets will kill him.

2. Scan the environment for hazardous objects.

From time to time, you'll find yourself simply under bad conditions as
the bad guys pin you down with their superior firepower. If you scan the
area using your SmartPhone, you might find gas tanks near the bad guys
that you can shoot, instantly killing majority of them in one massive
explosion! Sometimes, you can shoot loose hanging objects that'll crush
them to death! Whenever you feel you're in trouble, check the area, 
you might find out that you're actually the one in control! Don't forget
that this applies to you as well, so don't stay near flammable objects
because the bad guys might shoot it and cause you to burn to death.

3. Drive carefully.

Although most of the driving sequences in the game involve you chasing
the bad guys in a high speed situation, going at top speed all the time
will only result in lots of car crashes and delays. It is best to drive
at a moderate speed, especially when there are many obstacles around. 
Avoiding these obstacles will actually make you catch up to the bad guys
a lot faster because you're not crashing into things all the time.

4. Always try to have three Focus Aims at a time.

You can carry up to a maximum of three Focus Aims at any given time. These
Focus Aims are essential if there are no explosives that you can shoot
in the area and you're outnumbered. Whenever you're faced with just one
or two enemies, you can take a chance and sneak around and use some Take
Down moves on them to earn Focus Aims.

5. Use Focus Aims only at crucial moments.

Since you can only earn Focus Aims by doing Take Down moves on enemies, 
it will be very hard to earn when there's more than five baddies around.
Focus Aims are best used when there are hard to reach enemies, such as
snipers, or when you're in a bad position and you need to quickly get to
a better hiding place but there's a lot of bad guys firing at you. When
you use Focus Aims, make sure that there's a good reason for it, don't get
stuck in one place.

6. Always check to your sides and behind you during a firefight.

Enemies are smart enough to surround you, this is why you always have
to check if there are some trying to creep up on you from the sides or
from behind.

7. Use your silenced gun at the right time. 

When you're still undetected, use your silenced gun to quickly take out
bad guys nearby. There's no point using the silenced gun when everybody's
already trying to kill you, unless you have no other choice.

8. Scan the environment for extra information. 

Although not necessary, you might want to find little extra information that
you can read about in the intelligence report, such as things about people,
weapons, vehicles, and even technology.

                               Part 2

I. Athens - Prologue: Change of Plans

The story starts out with M telling Bond that a guy named Greco invited
a bunch of terrorists to kill lots of important people in the G-20 meeting.
Bond quickly takes a detour on his plane to find the bad guy. M tells the
General about the terrorist threat, but being the macho guy that he is,
he tells M that he already took care of everything and Greco is not a
bad guy. He also tells M that it's probably just her "Female Intuition" 
that's acting up.

Meanwhile, Bond finally spots Greco's boat and dives out of his plane!
He parachutes down and gracefully kicks one of the bad guys out of the 

Greco's Boat

You finally take control of Bond! You're currently hidden and there's
a bad guy in front of you. Even though the screen is telling you to
shoot him, simply get out of your cover, run towards him, and use a 
Take Down move to quickly earn a Focus Aim.

From where you just took down the enemy, continue moving forward and enter
the main room to the left. As soon as you enter, the middle door slides
open. Move into the hall and use the left side as a cover. There's
another bad guy in the room ahead of you. Aim your gun and shoot his head.
Once he is dead, continue moving forward and exit to the other side of
the boat.

As soon as you're back outside, go to the right side and move forward to
find a ladder going down. Climb down. Upon reaching the lower portion of
the boat, you'll see three bad guys talking. Two of them will go away
while the one near you will stay. Use a Take Down move on him.

Move forward and you'll find an entrance into the boat again. The two
bad guys are in the room. Fortunately, they are facing away from you!
Go inside and use a Take Down move on the guy nearest you. The other
guy will notice you so quickly hide behind the large comfortable seat.
The bad guy will start shooting at you, but he can't hit you as long as
you're behind the comfortable chair. He'll try to walk going near you
while shooting. While still behind the cover, quickly get near him and
perform another Take Down move.

After you've dealt with the two of them, continue moving forward through
the main hall and then open the doors at the end. You'll find Greco and
quickly administer a forceful palm to his nose, followed by a kick to
his tummy, and then a solid punch to his gut! Fortunately for him, his
guards arrive to save him from you!

You're back in control of Bond! There's two bad guys shooting at you as
you're hiding behind the wall. One bad guy is slowly approaching you as
they both continue firing. Now's a good time to use your Focus Aims! Hold
the CTRL key and fire twice to kill them both quickly. Grab the gun that
the bad guys dropped and switch to it (press Q to switch weapons or use
the mouse wheel button). Continue to the next room and climb the ladder.

As soon as you reach the top of the ladder, Greco will tell the nearest
bad guy to kill you. Since you're near him, just quickly run forward and
perform another Take Down move! Good job! You earned a Focus aim back!
Continue moving forward into the next room, but be careful! A
helicopter will start shooting at you! Simply hide behind one of the
furniture around until the helicopter goes away and Greco boards another
boat to escape.

Bond goes out of the boat and sees Greco escaping. Greco wants revenge and
shoots a rocket towards Bond! Bond jumps out of the boat just in time to
escape an explosive death, and proceeds with the chase using another boat!

Boat Chase

While on the boat, simply follow Greco around. Avoid the obstacles in the
water. There's nothing here to really worry about. From time to time, you
will need to shoot other bad guys on speed boats, but that's about it.
Greco instructs his men to blow up a tower to take you out, but of course,
being James Bond, you somehow find a flashy way to survive! Continue
with the coarse and the helicopter will actually try to shoot rockets
at you! It will then go in front of you to take one final shot, but look
to the right! There's some explosive tanks near the helicopter! Simply
shoot and the helicopter will get eaten up by another massive explosion!

Greco thinks you're dead, but his guys spot you and begin firing. Bond
does the only logical thing to do, and it's to rush the boat to a raised
platform and try to crush the puny bad guys with his boat! After somehow
getting back on land unhurt, you take control of Bond again.

Chasing Greco on Land

Shoot the two bad guys in front of you while hiding behind cover. Look to
the left and you'll see an open building. Go near it and hide behind 
covers and take out the bad guys in the main room. Go inside and take
the hall to the right and continue along the path. Open the doors and you
are back outside. Move forward into the covered area and look to the
left. There's a bridge, so cross it. After crossing the bridge, turn
right and move on. Quickly take cover as two more bad guys appear, then
take them out.

Enter the building the bad guys came out from and turn left and continue.
Upon reaching the main room, quickly hide behind some furniture and kill
the two bad guys. Be careful, one of them will throw a grenade, so get
out of the way!

Once they're dead, open the doors on the left side of the room. Continue
and open next set of doors. You're now in the parking lot, quickly run
to the left because the bad guys will be firing at you! The cars parked
can explode! Wait for the bad guys to hide near the cars and then shoot
the cars!

When they're dead (and after you've blown up all cars), stick to the left
side and continue moving forward. More bad guys will show up, so take them
out fast. Enter the building on the other side and Greco will attack you.

After beating him up, the car containing the bomb will speed away! It's
time to chase it! For some odd reason, your car is conveniently parked
outside the building that you threw Greco out of!

Car Chase

Simply follow the car as you maintain moderate speed. The only time you'll
really need to go full speed is when your contact tells you to ram the
car as you're going through the tunnel. After ramming the car, the enemy
goes tumbling and the bomb intended to kill the important political 
people explodes in a fiery display of justice, Bond style. Notice how
the bad guy driving the car is still holding the steering wheel as he

Meanwhile, at the G-20 event, the General notices the explosion and
wonders about fireworks. M simply says she was expecting the fireworks.
The General asks her how she knew about it, and as an act of witty 
vengeance, she answers "Intuition" as she leaves the General alone with
her chin held up high. The event goes on as planned without anybody hurt
(except for the terrorists), and Bond gets his martini.

The opening credits finally start, of course in the flashy James Bond
style, with lots of diamonds, enemies that explode into diamonds when 
punched in the throat, sexy figures of women, and more diamonds. 

Afterwards, we see an almost naked lady in bed, most likely another one of
Bond's "conquests". Bond is then contacted by M about another important
assignment, this time, involving biochemicals which could be turned into
weapons at the wrong hands. A helicopter fetches Bond from outside his
hotel room, freeing him of any morning consequences that a man might have
after waking up with a girl from a one night stand.

II. Istanbul - The Key to Crack the Code

Journey to Catacombs

You're finally in Istanbul for your new assignment! After parking the car
you regain control of Bond. Move forward and you'll be talking to Tanner
about your assignemnt. Turn right and head into the construction area.
The hardhat guy will tell you that he can't let you continue into the
site... if you don't wear a hardhat. Bond takes the hardhat to satisfy
the moustachioed man's safety order.

Continue into the site as Tanner tells you about the uses of your new
SmartPhone. Press the 1 key and you'll see two blue "evidence" type
icons. Follow the one nearest you, which is inside a small room. Open
the door and enter the room and go towards the computer. With the
SmartPhone still active, you'll find out that you can actually scan
the computer. Hold the E key down (or whatever it is you configured) to
scan the computer. Go to the last blue icon, which is inside another
room and scan it as well.

AFter scanning the second computer, one of the hardhat guys will ask you
to follow him because the foreman's ready to meet you. Follow him and
head into the room. Scan the computer.

Oh no, it's a trap! A giant claw grabs the cabin you're in with the intent
of dropping you into a giant hole! The door will swing open! Run out and
jump to grab onto something and slide to safety! Strangely, the bad guys
weren't watching you closely and have no idea that you were able to
escape their trap!

Now you're hiding behind some construction material, and two bad guys are
in front of you. Use Take Downs on these two! Look to the right and you'll
be able to continue on. 

Press 1 and you'll notice that somebody's coming. Hide near a wall and
then use a Take Down move on the poor guy when he gets near enough. Move
on and you'll find a giant yellow machine in the middle with a wall
behind it. The window on the left has a bad guy facing somewhere else. 
There are more bad guys nearby and one of them is approaching. We have to
take them out quickly and strategically without being noticed.

From where we are (just in front of the big yellow machine), quickly go
to the open window on the left where the bad guy is standing. Use a 
Take Down move on him. Another bad guy will walk, but he'll go and guard
the other door on the right. 

When the bad guy is already standing guard on the door to the right, vault
into the area from the window and then use a Take Down move on the guy
guarding the door to the right. After you've dealt with him, get back
into the room and it's time to take out some more guards who are being
lazy. Use another Take Down move on the two nearby guards.

Move forward and then vault into the next part of the room. Another bad
guy is still unaware of your presence, so use another Take Down move.
Continue into the next room while using the wall as cover, then quickly
use another Take Down move on the guard.

It is unavoidable since the two other guards are in front of the guy you
just took out, and they'll start firing at you. You don't need to use
Focus Aim here, just wait until they stop firing and then shoot them 
manually. After killing the two, you can get out of your cover and

You'll find out that you can jump from platform to platform, so do it.
When you reach the platform on the other side, you'll notice that you can
shoot the weak part of the equipment so that your platform will be
lowered. Shoot it.

The Catacombs

After reaching the bottom, Bond contacts Tanner and informs him that
he's going to continue on into the catacombs. Proceed forward. One guard
will walk accross the area because one of his buddies needs help. Sneak
to the otherside and then use the wall near the entrance of their door
as a hiding place. When the other bad guy tries to get out, use a 
Take Down move on him, run to the other bad guy, and take him out too.

After you're done with them, move to the other side of the room and move
on to the next area. When you reach the end of the area, you'll hear
some more guards talking. Use your SmartPhone to check them out, you'll
notice that one of them is walking towards your place. Use the wall as
cover and then use a Take Down move on him when he's near.

Get out of the room and into the train area where some more bad guys are.
There's a guard nearby who's leaning on some metal and another one walking
back and forth. Wait for the walking guy to be far away, then run to the
lazy guy and use a Take Down move on him. Hide behind the metal and wait
for the walking guy to walk away once more, then go to the pile of woods
that he normally walks to and wait for him there. Take him out when he
walks near you.

Proceed to the area that he was guarding and continue. You'll find two
guards talking in the next area. Wait for the other one to leave, then
go near the guy resting near the big machine and use a Take Down move.

In front will be a white box machine and three bad guys are on the 
other side. Hide behind the white machine and wait for one of them to walk
nearby then take him down.

Circle around to the other side so that you'll remain undetected. Use
the railing at the center of the room as a way to go around. One bad guy
is resting near a yellow machine, so use a Take Down move on him. There's
a hallway nearby, but hide behind the wall first because there's another
bad guy coming. Take him down as well.

Move forward and turn right into a room. It has a "Points Switch", so
use it. Quickly get out of the room, turn left and move forward and
hide behind the pile of wood. An elevator will be going down. Press 1
to find its weak spot and shoot it to kill the bad guys!

After killing them all, continue moving forward into the train room. More
bad guys appear, so take cover and kill them one by one. Get on the train
when you're done and Bond will crash it through the barricade and get
to the other side.

The Drill Trap

After the train stops, go around it and move up the platform and continue
on. You'll talk to Tanner again on your SmartPhone. Continue forward and
make your way around the unfinished area. Go up the ladder. Suddenly, the
massive drill starts moving, ready to crush you! Nothing to worry about
though. Run and you'll find another ladder, so climb it. Continue on and
jump to safety. The drill is still coming, so move quickly. Grab the 
pipe above you and go to the left. Drop down and continue running and 
then jump to grab onto another pipe. Go left again then drop down. Run
and then jump to the next platform. Continue on and then jump to the
open door on the left. Good job, you've escaped that drill!

Rescue the Researchers

Drop down into the room below. Move forward and you'll find another bad
guy. Run to him and use a Take Down move. Continue moving to the next

There's lot of water in this area, and there's also an upper level. There
are some enemies around as well, and it's a fight that you can't avoid. 
Make your way to the right side and hide behind the columns. Manually aim 
for the guy on the right side. The others will notice it.

Another guy from the upper level will come and jump down into the water
to check on the first guy you killed. He will then try to find you where
you're hiding. Wait for him, then use a Take Down move. Another bad guy
will try to look for you, simply wait for him and use another Take Down
move if you wish or just gun him down.

A few more of them will appear, and it's up to you if you want to do it
the safe way, which is to wait for them and then use Take Down moves or
just go for a straight out gunfight. Just make sure that you have filled
up all three Focus Aims before deciding to finish them all.

When you're done, proceed through the tunnel and climb up to higher
ground. Continue moving forward and you'll reach a prison area. There are
four guards. One will start moving near the beginning of the room. Hide
behind a wall and wait for him there and take him down quietly. 

Three bad guys left in the prison area. There's one on the far left, one
in the middle who walks around, and another one guarding a cell to the
right. Wait for the guy walking around to stand in the area near the guy
on the far left. Use your Focus Aim to kill these two with your silienced
gun quickly. Only one bad guy left, he's the one guarding the cell.

Go to the perimeter of the cell that the last guy is guarding and hide. 
You can actually sneak up to him as long as you are using the wall as
a hiding place. Take him down quietly to regain a Focus Aim. Kick open
the cell and you'll talk to the poor tortured prisoner.

The prisoner's name is Remy, one of the scientists involved in the
bioweapons. At first he asks you for help, but suddenly he changes his
mind and tells you that he'll never make it. He also tells you that you
should just try to save Tedworth.

Look to the left when facing Remy and you'll find that you can climb the
beds. Grab the ledge and move to the left and then climb the platform.
Move along the platform and upon reaching the end, look to the right.
You can jump to an opening which leads to another area.

To the left is an open hall so move through it. You'll reach an area with
water again and hear the bad guys talking to someone. Make your way around
and move through the tunnel at the end. Climb up to higher ground and
continue moving forward.

You'll find that there are two bad guys guarding the end of the tunnel
leading to another area. You have two choices. If you check the area using
your SmartPhone, you'll find an explosive item near the two bad guys that
you can shoot. An alternative solution is to use two Focus Aims to kill
them quickly with the silenced gun. 

Anyway after you take care of them, everyone will be alerted of your
presence and try to kill you. You have no other choice. You'll have to
go to the next area and find the nearest wall or object that you can hide
behind and kill the bad guys. If you saved your Focus Aims, they'll be
very useful in this gunfight.

Clear some of the enemies and make your way forward and then climb the
ladder down. Continue on the way and carefully take out anyone who gets
in your way. There are lots of covers here so it shouldn't be a problem.
Climb up th eladderes that are in your way and continue on. Jump from
platform to platform. One of them will collapse, so jump to the next
one. As soon as you land, an enemy will attack nearby, you can use a
Take Down on him if you're fast enough.

From that platform, climb down and make sure you kill the enemy nearby.
More will show up as you move on, be careful as they have grenade 
launchers. When you're done with them, continue on your way through
the door. Bond will talk to Tanner again about some information.

Continue on your way and Bond will witness the torture of Tedworth. After
spitting out the password, he gets killed, and Bond delivers some quick 
justice to the criminals. Bernin, the leader, escapes but Bond is on his
trail. As Bernin gets away in his car, Bond "borrows" a nearby vehicle
to continue the chase.

III. Istanbul: Stay With Him

Follow the car that is trying to get Bernin to safety. The road has a lot
of stuff that you can crash into, such as innocent cars and other little
obstacles. Also note that there are a lot of curves, so you'll have to
control your speed.

You won't really need to use the handbrakes if you don't go full speed
most of the time. The only time you need to use it is when you reach
the tunnel and you have to make a U-turn. After that, proceed normally.

Just avoid the armored vans and don't mind the other cars that are shooting
at you since they rarely hit anyway. After a while, more armored vans will
appear and some shooting escorts will join Bernin. Just continue following
and Bond will get into another big vehicular stunt and wreck his car.

IV. Istanbul: Who Are You Working For?

After the car crash, Bond gets out of his car unhurt as always. Bernin
tells his men to check if Bond's dead. You regain control of Bond as you
are hidden behind the car. Wait for the bad guy and then use a Take Down
move to earn a Focus Aim. A few more bad guys will be in front of you.
One will be hiding behind cover. Wait for him to fire his shots and
he'll try to reload. At this time, rush and hide behind the cover he's
using and use a Take Down move on him for another Focus Aim.

Two bad guys in white attire will arrive. Take them out manually. Continue
moving along the path. A bad guy in black with a hand gun will try to
meet you while firing. Try to dodge the bullets and run towards him and
then use a Take Down move for a third Focus Aim. Move forward.

You'll find Bernin using his men as human shields. Take them out and
continue chasing him. You'll eventually encounter an area with around
four bad guys. Take them out manually or use your earned Focus Aims to
take them out quickly.

Continue on your way and drop down the the next area. More bad guys
will attack you. If you have Focus Aim, now's the time to use them,
otherwise simply take them out one by one. Be careful, two bad guys will
be on upper levels. Check the left and middle upper areas for these
two. After getting rid of them, climb the ladder on the left.

There's a "wooden support" that you can kick which will become a bridge
that you can cross. Kick it and cross to the next area. Follow the path
and drop down to the new area.

Continue chasing Bernin and an armored vehicle will come crashing in,
delivering some more bad guys. Don't bother waiting, simply rush to the
armored truck and ambush the bad guys as they are trying to get out.

The middle area will be dangerous as there's a guy with a grenade launcher
in front and some other guys hiding in the sides. Move forward but don't
go into the open area. To the left of the truck is a path leading to
a higher level. Move to this higher path and continue.

Hide behind the walls and use your Focus Aim to quickly take out three
bad guys below. Next, quickly take out the guy with the grenade launcher
and you'll have no more trouble getting rid of the remaining bad guys.

Continue on into the next area and try use Take Down moves on the lone
enemies who get in your way. Move forward and you'll be in another open

Rush to the nearest cover where another bad guy is hiding and use a Take
Down move to earn another Focus Aim. Carefully take out the others using
manual aim while you're hiding. If you see an enemy hiding behind a 
cover, then you can rush in and use a Take Down move to earn some more
Focus Aims.

When they're all dead, continue on into the structure and chase Bernin.
Go to the next open area and some guys in white will attack you. Try to
use Take Down moves on guys who are hiding and manually kill the others.
Be careful, there's a busted gate that's open to your right, a bad guy
is hiding there to ambush you. Take him out.

Continue moving up and more bad guys will appear, take them out. Climb
up the ladder and Bernin will run away. Continue the chase and jump the
gap. Take out the first bad guy with a Take Down, and then manually shoot
the second one.

Continue forward and you'll find Bernin giving the guys in the helicopter
the info that he got. Unfortunately for him, you kick his leg and he
gets left behind. After a litte exchange of words, Bond discards Bernin
after getting the information out of him, just like how Bernin killed
the poor scientist.

V. Monaco - Your Basic Russian Oligarch

Garden Area

Bond reports to M about his findings, especially about a guy named Pomerov.
M checks information about the guy and tells Bond that he should go to
Monaco to find out more.

At the airport, Bond is met by Nicole, another MI6 agent. From her 
sophisticated elegant looks, one could tell that she's the latest "Bond
Girl". Bond asks her for more information about Pomerov, but she ends up
sounding more like a gold digger than an agent.

After arriving at the casino and serving as Nicole's driver, Bond is 
finally free to do some investigating. Just follow the path and Nicole
will inform you about the situation. Continue on and you'll reach a small
white structure that you can climb, so climb it. Grab the ledge and
move left.

A guard is standing in front of a broken window. Use a Take Down move and
enter through the window. Move down and hide near the door, another guard
will be coming. Take him down. Continue on and follow the path going up.

Hide and peek around the corner, two guards are chatting. They'll go
their separate ways after a while and one will be standing nearby. Take
him out and move up the stairs.

Three guys are here, one will move far away while the nearby one remains
relaxing. Take him down. Move forward and get behind the two bad guys
talking. Use Focus Aim to kill them both quickly.

Move on and open the door. There's a security camera. You'll need to 
hack it to disable it. Use your SmartPhone and then scan it. You'll 
enter into a mini-game where you need to press the right keys whenever
the blue circle passes over them. After disabling the camera, proceed
and open the gate.

Enter the new area and you'll find another security camera. Wait for it
to look the other way and then vault over the cover nearby and hide in a 
corner. You can now scan it and disable it freely. Proceed through the 
gate and Nicole will tell you that Pomerov isn't around yet. Continue on
your way.

You'll find three bad guys in the next area. One will be stationed at the
lower left, one on the upper right, while the last one will be walking
around. Sneak around and get into cover behind the guy on the lower left.
Wait for the walking guy to pass by and then use a Take Down move on the
guy in front of your cover. Quickly follow the walking guy and take him
down as well, and then do it one more time for the last guy remaining.

Proceed to the next area and go through the gate. Go down the stairs and
hide behind the wall near the bad guys. Wait for one guy to get near you
and take him out. Take out the second guy quietly as well.

Go to the next area and you'll find a security camera and a guy walking
around. Use the covers and wait for the guy then take him out. Go near
the camera and then disable it. Proceed to the next place.

Continue up and you'll find two more guards. One will be walking around.
Wait for him and take him out, then take out the second one as well. Move
forward and you'll find an open window with a guard who's facing away.
Take him out.

Inside the Casino

Open the door to your right and enter the next area. It's guarded by
four guys. Use the walls as cover and sneak to the very right, nearest
to the wall. Use the furniture covered with white sheets as cover and
make your way to the other side. Use the wall as cover and then take out
the guy who's walking around when he's near.

There's another guy in the middle of the area who's walking around. He may
or may not see the guy that you just killed. Anyway, if he sees the dead
guy, he'll come near him, so just use the wall as cover and take him out
quietly. If he doesn't see the dead guy, then simply use the furniture
as cover and sneak up on him to take him out.

When you're done with the first two, it's time to kill the two remaining
guards. Take out the one near the corner on the other side of the room,
and then finally sneak around and kill the last guy at the center. When
the room is clear, Bond will talk to Nicole and learn that Pomerov is

Search the room for a big double door and open it. Move in and you'll find
another set of doors to open. Open the doors and a guard will walk past
you. Take him down quietly. Follow the path to the left and you'll find
a computer terminal, but you don't have the keys yet.

Finding the Key Codes

Activate your SmartPhone and continue following the left path. You'll 
notice that a blue icon will be near below you. Go near it and you can
scan the guy for the code from above. Continue on your way.

As you go along, you'll notice that there are two open places you can 
go to, one to your left, and one in front of you. Go to the left one first.
Prepare for a gun fight. Anyway, follow that path and then open the doors.
Try to sneak in.

There are five guards in this room, and one has part of the key code that
you need. Position yourself behind a cover near the middle, then use your
Focus Aims to kill three of them quickly, then manually kill the left overs.
When they're all dead, use your SmartPhone and find the guy who has the
code and scan it.

When you're done, get out of the room and back into the main hall. This 
time, take the open area to your left and follow it. Activate your 
SmartPhone and you'll find another guy who has the last piece of code just
below you. Scan it and you're done collecting the codes.

Continue along the path and you'll be brought back to the main hall. Just
continue until you find the computer terminal, then use it. The gate will
open and you can now access the elevator, so push the button.

Getting More Information

Take the elevator and get ready. When it opens, three bad guys will be
in front of you. Use a Take Down move on the guy nearest to you, then 
take cover and dispose of the last two.

Go through the door and follow the hall going to the left. You'll find
another computer terminal so use it. Unfortunately, this one can't be 
hacked, so go the other way and go into the room.

The balcony is open so go out and jump over. Look to the left and you'll
find that you can jump from one balcony to another, so make your way to 
the other end. When you're on the other side, look to the left and you'll
find an open room, go inside. Use your SmartPhone and scan the safe. 

After hacking the safe open, the bad guys suddenly arrive, get ready to
fight for your life! Hide behind the sofa and quickly take out the bad
guys. Get out of the room and follow the path to the right. More bad
guys appear, take them out. Get in the elevator and Bond will tell Nicole
about the situation.

Escape From the Casino

Get out of the elevator and then go through the doors. Quickly hide 
behind the pillar on the left because a lot of bad guys will shoot at you.
If you're fast enough, you can take out the first group of 3 in one burst
of any rapid firing gun that you have. As long as there are lots of
enemies, don't go in the middle of the room because they can easily 
surround you. The best way is to hide behind the pillars that you can find
on either side of the room.

When the room is clear, continue on and open the doors at the end. More
enemies! Quickly hide behind one of the pillars and wait for one of the
bad guys to get near. Quickly use a Take Down move on him, then wait for
the other guy and do the same to him. You now at least have two Focus Aims.
Continue using the pillars as your hiding place because there will be lots
of them coming from both sides at the far end. Don't forget to take out
the bad guy on the elevated area. When there's nobody left, go to the
end of the room and open the door.

In the next area, you're on top of the stairs and bad guys will be coming
from below. Stay up there because it gives you a good view of what's
going on below, and you'll be able to easily pick off one bad guy after
another. After the first way, go down the stairs, more bad guys will
arrive. Quickly get back up and hide behind your previous hiding place
and continue killing one bad guy after another. There's a total of three
or four waves of enemies. 

When everything's quiet, get back down and continue on. Bond will finally
be able to get out and escape with Nicole.

After escaping, M contacts Bond and tells him more about what he's 
getting into. It seems that one of the refineries in Siberia has been
re-activated and has some sort of connection to the biochemicals that
they've been chasing around. M also suggests to Bond to ask Nicole to
find a way to get there. As always, Nicole somehow gets things done with
the help of her gold digger charm.

VI. Siberia - Not All Fun and Games

Bond and Nicole continue their chit chat in a borrowed car. Bond ends up 
as Nicole's "bodyguard" for this mission. After delivering Nicole, Tanner
contacts Bond and tells him that there's more information to be gathered
from one of the servers in the refinery.

Get out of the shed and look to the left. You can hack open the door using
your SmartPhone and get some extra information from the computer inside.
Get out and then follow the marker to Pomerov's car. Scan it and you'll
cause it to use its alarm!

The right gate in front of the car will open with one of the guards 
running to check what's wrong with the car. Go through the gate and then 
follow the marker and go inside the building.

Upon entering the building, follow the path to the left. Use your 
SmartPhone and hack the door to the servers. Go down and quickly use a
Take Down move on the lazy guard. Use the wall as cover and peek around
the corner. Two guys are talking and there's a security camera. Wait for
them to stop talking and they'll go their separate ways. Wait until one
of them is near you and then take him down quietly. Hide behind the
little tray with the monitor and then scan the camera from there and
hack it. Continue on and then run to the last remaining guard and take him
out quietly. Use the mainframe terminal.

Gathering Biometric Data

Unfortunately, the information isn't there! You need to go elsewhere, but
you'll need Pomerov's biometric data. Go back up. Move towards the stairs
and you'll notice two guys go out of a door nearby. Open the door and 
you'll find a theater inside showing a film of Pomerov talking. Scan it
and you'll get his voice data. Next, go up the stairs and follow the path
to a mini-bar. Scan the drink and you'll get his fingerprints.

Go back down the stairs and then find the marker to the Computer Center.
Scan the terminal and the door will open. Continue on.

There are four guards in this open area. Hide near the exit and wait for
one to get near then take him out quietly. Whether you get noticed or not,
there are lots of covers here, so it should be possible for you to take
them all out without firing a shot.

Enter the building after dispatching of the bad guys.

Computer Center

Follow the path and head down the stairs. Go inside the room to the right
and use the computer terminal. It seems that Tanner is having trouble 
getting the information so Bond will have to stay near it using his
SmartPhone. Unfortunately, bad guys pop up and attack! Quickly hide behind
one of the tables and kill them one by one. There are two exits that you
should watch because they may try to sneak up on you.

After the first wave, which comes from the exit on the left, the second
one comes from the right exit. Kill them all and the third wave will come
from both left and right exits, so be careful!

When everybody's dead, scan the terminal again. M contacts Bond for
updates on the situation, but suddenly, the room is shut down and poisonous
gas starts flowing in! Quickly look to the right and find the ladder!

Quickly climb the ladder, move right, then climb another ladder and move
right again. Jump from platform to platform until you get to the part
where you have to drop down. Look to the left, the door opens, so exit
the room! Good job!

Follow the path and go through the door. Quickly get into a hiding 
position and take out the bad guys! Be careful of the ones on the higher
level. After taking them out, continue on your way. More bad guys will
show up, so hide and kill them all. When you're done, just go to the
marker to continue.

VII. Siberia - Keep the Car Running

Destroy the Refinery First Part

You're finally out of the Computer Center! Follow the path and get ready
for more battles! Peek around the corner and bad guys will show up. Go
back to where you started and most of them will go away. One guy will
be left. Take him out quietly.

The others will be waiting to ambush you, fortunately there's another
path available which gives you the ability to ambush them yourself! Take
the first left path from where you quietly killed the first guy (not the
one in front). You'll find one guy hiding there, so quietly kill him. The
last two guys will notice this, but you can easily take them out manually.

Open the door on your path and quickly take out the lone bad guy. Two more
will burst into the room, just kill them manually and then cross the 
metal bridge to the next area.

Take the left path and hide. Watch the three guys at the bottom of the
stairs. After a while, they'll separate and one guy will go up to where
you are. Wait for him and take him out quietly.

Sneak down the stairs and also quietly kill the guy nearby. Continue on
into the building and open the door. You'll finally be in the Central
Control Room. The scientists will run away. Tanner asks you to use the
computer so do it. After running some tests, he advises you to simply
blow them up.

There are two ways open to you, take the left path first. Follow this
path and go through the door. Quickly go near the exit and hide behind 
the wall, a bad guy is approaching. Take him out quietly.

Exit and go up the stairs. You'll find two guys talking so hide. Wait
for them to separate and then take out the nearest one quietly. Follow
the other guy and then quietly kill him.

Continue on the path and you'll find another unattentive bad guy. Kill
him quietly as well. Use cover and sneak down the stairs. Quietly kill
the lazy bad guy around the corner, then also quickly but quietly kill the
last two remaining guys. Finally, turn the wheel and watch stuff blow
up real good.

From the wheel, turn right and follow the path down. More bad guys show
up. Fortunately, there's a lot of cover. Wait for one of them to look for
you and then take him out quietly. You can actually use the covers to
travel around and then take them all out without firing your guns. When
you're done, continue along the path and you'll fight some more bad guys.

Two bad guys will be on a higher platform, so take them out from a safe
cover. Move forward and more explosions occur. You can take the left or
right path. The left one is full of enemies and you'll be left open, so
take the right path. Hide behind the wall and immediately take out the
nearest two bad guys. Sneak to the right along the wall and use a Take
Down move on the nearest enemy who's looking for you. More bad guys will
be alerted, but you can easily take them out manually from your position.

Continue on your way and you'll find yourself inside the Control Center
building again. When you first get in, watch out for the bad guy who pops
up in the long hall way. Shoot him or run and then use a Take Down on him,
your choice. Move on and you'll be back to the main Control Center. Now
it's time to go blow up the other section, so continue on through the other
open door.

Destroy the Refinery Second Part

Move along the path and you'll find a room that leads to a freezing area
with lots of explosive tanks! There are four bad guys here. One will be
wandering around the corner in front of you, two will be stationed 
looking at the middle of the room, and one will be on the far right
side just being lazy. Sneak to the right side and take out the lazy guy.
Next, wait for the wandering guy to be out of view. Position yourself 
hidden behind the two guys and then vault over. This will take out the
first guy, then quickly use a Take Down move on his buddy. Quickly hide
behind the cover again so that the last guy won't see you. Wait for him
to wander around again and then sneak up on him then quietly kill him.

Continue on and Tanner will tell you that you're near the coolant system.
The door to the next area will open and there's no way to avoid this
battle. Simply use covers and take out the enemies manually. There's also
one guy on a higher level, so make sure you take him out fast. This area
is dangerous because a lot of stuff can be blown up! If you see bad guys
near an explosive item, then don't hesitate to blow them up!

When you're done, continue on your way again and go through the door on
the left. Climb the ladder and follow the path. Turn the wheel. Oh no!
The coolant just raptured and the entire area is freezing! You have to
escape! From the wheel, the door on the left will open. Just run and follow
the path. Bad guys will get in the way from time to time, so just shoot 
them with a rapid firing gun. There's no real need to panic here since
you have lots of time, but just be sure you aim quick and kill the bad
guys fast. When you reach the end of the area, jump out to safety.

Once outside, run back into the Control Center and Bond will start the
explosions. He also tells Nicole to start the car and get ready to

Waiting For Nicole

More bad guys appear, so take them out fast and get out of the building.
Once outside, you'll find a collection of weapons nearby. Take the one
with the sniper scope. Continue on and climb down the ladder. Bond will
have to wait for Nicole to pick him up. In the meantime, lots of bad guys
suddenly appear! The area is very open so it's dangerous. Shots will be
coming from all sides. Fortunately, you have some cover nearby with some
available weapons. 

Use up the bullets of your sniper rifle and kill the first wave of bad 
guys. Nicole will contact Bond again. Continue killing bad guys and
grab weapons as needed. Keep doing this while behind cover until Nicole's
car arrives on the far left side of the area.

Nicole eventually arrives, now the main concern is how to get to the car!
Don't rush! Kill each bad guy patiently and wait until nobody is left 
alive. When it's safe, run to the gate and you'll be able to finally
drive away with Nicole as things explode all around them!

VIII. SIberia - A Train to Catch

The problem isn't over yet! Pomerov's train is trying to get away! Good
thing you have a real fast car, but with explosions happening all over
the place and other vehicles trying to get away as fast as they can, things
could get troublesome.

For the first part, simply speed your way to the next destination while
avoiding the trucks and other exploding stuff. Bond will eventually make
the car jump and land on a frozen river.

Now that you have to drive on frozen river, be careful because there are
parts that aren't frozen and you'll drown in an icy death! Simply follow
the path with white snow since that's the solid area. You have to mostly
stick to either the right or left side in this segment to avoid drowning.

After a little while, your car jumps to another frozen section, but this 
time, ice will start breaking because an enemy helicopter will shoot the
ice you're on! Accelerate and avoid the right side initially when you get
to the bridge part because it's not frozen.

Continue driving forward at moderate speed so that you won't slide off
the path. The helicopter will start firing rockets and you'll have to 
make your car jump from one section to another. 

Bond eventually catches up with the train by making the car jump from the
ice and making it land on top of the train!

IX. Siberia - By Any Means Necessary

After landing on the train, Nicole suffers a little hand injury. They
then proceed with the mission. Meanwhile, Pomerov, a wrinkly old man with
spots on his face, orders the pilot to just plow through the boats.

Pomerov's plane is escaping and the only way to catch up is by taking
over a hovercraft, which is unfortunately full of bad guys. Bond instructs
Nicole to drive it as he gets rid of the bad guys and extra cargo which
are slowing them down.

You finally regain control of Bond. Right at the start, wait for the bad
guy to get near you from your hiding place and take him out with a Take
Down move to earn a Focus Aim. Manually kill the remaining guys in front
of you.

Proceed on your path and use covers and try to use Take Down moves on 
the other bad guys who are alone just to earn three Focus Aims which you
can use later. Continue on your way by manually killing the rest. Be
sure to take out the guys on the higher platform and watch them fall into
a gory death by being sliced by the hovercraft's rotating fans!

After making your way to the other side of the hovercraft, climb down the
ladder. Quickly shoot the guy at the far end. As you near the door, one
more bad guy comes out. Take him out quietly or shoot him, your choice.

Disposing of Extra Cargo

Enter the room and you'll find the lever to open the cargo doors, so use
it. The bad guys who are hiding will panic and start attacking you. You 
can take them out one by one from your current position, just take your

Get out of the room after killing the first wave of bad guys and quickly
take cover as more of them appear. Kill them one by one while hidden so
that you won't get hit by the turrets.

When you're clear, quickly check your SmartPhone and you'll see that there
are two markers that you need to get to. Quickly sneak to the one on the
left. Don't ever get out of cover or you'll get your head blown off by
the turrets. Quickly pull the lever and some of the cargo (along with 
the bad guys) will get thrown out of the hovercraft. 

Now, get out and then sneak around to the next lever. Be careful, some
bad guys will appear but you can take them out easily. Use a Take Down
move on the guy near the lever.

You have to make it back up outside. Follow your way back but more baddies
will show up, so take cover and patiently take them out one by one. Get
out from the cargo area and then climb up the ladder to get back on top
of the hovercraft.

Taking Out the Engines

When you reach the top, move forward and use your SmartPhone and you'll
find that you can use one of the Anti-Missile Turrets. Pomerove will start
shooting missiles towards you! Your primary concern is to take out those
missiles. Zoom in (by right clicking) and hold the left mouse button to
fire. Simply pass overs the missiles even if they're far away while you're
firing and they'll explode in the air. When there are no missiles trying
to blow you up, aim for the blue flames on Pomerov's plane, those are the
engines that you need to destroy! When they've blown up, fire on the tail
of the plane as well and the sides and it'll slow down.

Kill Pomerov

Bond is now yours to control once again. Go to the other side of the
hovercraft and then go near the ladder which is near Pomerov's plane, and
then jump! Take out the three bad guys that come out of the door, and then
kill the one on the far right. Since the door is locked, you'll have to
find another way in. Jump from platform to platform up to where you killed
the last guy then enter the plane.

Oh no, bad gas is all around and you don't have a gas mask! There will be
lots of enemies as well. This is what you've been saving your Focus Aims
for! You can manually kill the first three bad guys right at the start,
then as you proceed, use your Focus Aims to quickly kill the rest. Move
forward and climb the stairs.

Pomerov attacks a weakened Bond! After a little struggle, Bond gets a hold
of his gun while Pomerov taunts him. Shoot the red device on Pomerov's
right and watch as the old evil man gets sucked out of the plane! Bond 
then tells the pilot to land safely.

Later on, Bond talks to Alexi, a guy who seems to not see the bioweapons
in front of him but only aims to clean up the mess. Nicole shows up with
an injured arm and proceeds to seduce Bond, only to be turned away because
Bond has more important things that he needs to solve. Bond reports to M
about what just happened and tells her that the case isn't done yet. There's
one more thing that they need to trace, which is an unanswered phone call
from earlier. Later on, Ping, someone from Bangkok tells Bond that they 
should meet at the Aquarium to discuss the matter.

X. Bangkok - An Uneasy Alliance

The Aquarium in Bangkok is such a lovely place, wich all sorts of marine
life swimming around. After enjoying the scenery, proceed to the marker
and Ping will tell Bond that their conversation is being monitored. You'll
have to find three bugs located all over the place.

In the main aquarium room, some giant windows on the left, the center, and
the right side. Go down the slope and check the left most window and you
will find the first bug. Scan it and hack it.

Go back to the bottom of the slope, and this time, check the second to the
last window on the right side. Scan the bug and hack it.

For the last bug, go to the biggest window which is located at the
far center of the room. Scan the bug which is directly in the middle and
hack it.

Go back up the slope and turn left to find thet transmitter. You'll be
presented with three audio graphs that you'll have to arrange in order.
The correct order is, middle, right, and left. Press the Enter key each
time you choose.

People will suddenly leave because you just played the announcement which
tells them that viewing time is over. Walk over to the guy in black at
the middle, he's Ping.

Ping starts the conversation by comparing trapped whales to Chinese people.
It is then revealed that the person behind the situation is Rak, a very
greedy guy who only cares about money. As the conversation continues, Ping
gets sniped by an assassin in what seems like a ghostbusters suit. Bond
reacts quickly by firing a few shots.

Chase the assassin but be careful as more bad guys appear. Shoot the first
two that you see and steal their weapons, then quickly make your way up
as you shoot anything in your way. Be careful, there aren't lots of covers
that you can rely on! You will also have to pick up weapons a lot, since
you'll most likely run out of ammo on one type of weapon.

Continue chasing the assassin.

XI. Bangkok - One More Step and You're Dead

Chase the assassin and avoid the sniper fire that's helping him escape.
Jump from roof to roof and you'll eventually have to climb a long yellow
ladder. Follow him and suddenly, his back ups will appear! Take out the
first guy with a Take Down move to earn a quick Focus Aim. Drop down
and proceed to the next area, two more bad guys will ambush you. Good
thing there are a few walls you can use as cover.

Take them out manually or use Take Downs if possible and fill up all of
your Focus Aims. Continue up the stairs and you'll find that it's hard
to see because of the rain and smoke. Wait for one of the bad guys to
get near then take him down. Sneak around and take out the other one as
well. Two more bad guys left, you can easily sneak around and take them
out quietly if you wish.

Proceed and climb up the ladder. This area has a lot of cover so it
should be easy. Just manually take out the enemies one by one and then
go to the next area. Just proceed down the slope and then look to the
left, there's a ledge you can climb up. 

Jump from platform to platform and then enter through the hole in the wall
on the left, then quickly run and hide behind the boxes because more bad
guys will show up. Kill them one by one.

Go through the door and follow the path, an elevator will drop. Get in
and it will take you to the assassin who has nowhere else to go. After
a little action sequence, the assassin decides to jump and drive a giant
truck to escape! Bond follows in another exciting driving sequence!

XII. Bangkok - One Bad Turn Deserves Another

Quickly run to the smaller white truck and shake off the "tuk tuk" that
is attached to it. Just follow the giant truck around and watch the city
get destroyed!

As you follow, buildings and bridges will collapse. On the first time
something blocks your way, turn right for an alternate route and continue
your pursuit. A few more times the road ahead of you will be blocked by
debris, so take right turns. 

Later on, instead of right, you'll have to take a left and plow through
innocent food stands, and then get back on the road. Continue the chase
and you'll get to the part where the overpass will start crumbling down.
Simply avoid the falling rubble and continue on.

You'll eventually continue your chase in a construction area. Avoid the
large puddles of water since they can slow you down. The giant truck will
then break through a building, so keep following.

Now you're back on the streets and you'll slowly catch up to the giant 
truck, but for some strange reason, it gets the ability to speed up even
more! Don't worry! Continue following and now you'll have to drive on
the overpass which is crumbling. Avoid the dusty area because there are
holes there that would kill you!

After a long chase, Bond finally closes the gap and makes his mini truck
jump from the overpass and hit the giant truck, causing a massive accident
to happen.

XIII. Bangkok - Old Friends, New Enemies

Bond unsurprisingly survives another massive stunt that would've killed
even the best daredevil in the world. After shrugging off the effects of
being smashed into by a giant truck and getting into a city-wide disaster,
M contacts Bond and asks for updates. She also tells Bond that it seems
the police think that he's the bad guy because of all the damage his little
chase caused to the city.

After the chat, quickly knock out the police and take his stun gun and
go on your way. Go to the next area and take out the three police guys
with the stun gun. Continue on your way.

Three more police guys are here. Take them out using the stun gun and 
then climb the crate, then the ladder. Move to the other side but watch
out for the police that suddenly goes out. Stun him then proceed to vault

Jump from platform to platform and then jump to grab and climb another
ladder. Continue on your way. Climb the roof and then grab the rope to 
slide to make your way to the other building.

Continue on and then jump to the platform across the building. A police
dude will notice the sound. Quickly drop in front of the police van and
hide. Wait for him to be close and take him out quietly. Open the door
at the end and you'll reach your contact.

Bond easily bribes a sexy hostess who directs him to where the boss of the
club is, named Silk. He seems to be one of Bond's enemies from before, but
a little convincing from Bond makes him spit out the location of Rak. Of
course, he also makes sure that Bond won't get there safely.

Going to Rak's Boathouse

From where you regain control of Bond, two bad guys will be talking. One 
guy will leave the other behind, making him an easy target for you to 
take out quietly. After him, go chase the other guy who should still be
oblivious to your presence. Take him out quietly as well. 

Proceed through the gate. Another bad guy will be walking around so
quietly kill him. There are more in the next area, there's no way to avoid
the battle though. Manually kill all of them. Continue on and enter the
super market where more bad guys will show up. Use the shelves as cover
and don't hesitate to move from one place to another. 

When you're done with them, proceed through the door at the end and then
quietly kill another lone guard in the hall. Three more guards wait in 
the next area where you have to push a button. You can sneak around and 
take them out quietly or just kill them all Rambo style.

Go to the next area after you push the button. Use a Focus Aim to take out
the sniper far away, and manually kill the guys on your level. There's 
a door at the end, but before opening it, take out the two bad guys around
the corner.

Go through the door and into what seems like a weapons storeroom. Grab
what you need and then open the door to go out.

This area is full of enemies! Now is the time to use Focus Aims to take
out groups of three! More will arrive, make sure you take out the ones 
above you first. After a few more waves, continue on to the next area.

Finally, you see Rak who is trying to escape! Chase him down and watch as
Bond beat the hell out of Rak. Unfortunately, more bad guys arrive and Rak
uses the little distraction to stab Bond with a little knock out solution.

XV. Burma - You're in Burma, Mr. Bond

Escape the chains that's holding down Bond. Get out of the room and hide
behind the wall and peek around the corner. A bad guy complaining about
the stench is nearby. Take him out and steal his gun. Proceed, you'll 
need to find your SmartPhone and gun.

You'll find a room with a bad guy inside. Take him out quietly as well. Go
up the stairs and you'll find your SmartPhone and silenced gun in the

Hack the security panel nearby to unlock the door and then go out. You'll
find a bunch of kidnapped victims being threatened by bad guys. Sneak
around carefully, there's a lot of them.

You have the choice to fight them all out with a high chance of you dying,
or you can sneak around the perimeter where you only have to take out a 
few bad guys who are walking or standing around.

When you reach the other corner, you'll find two guards standing guard
near a ladder, while the other one climbs it and walks on. Sneak around
and take out the two lazy guards and then climb the ladder. Quietly take
out the last guy at the top as well and then proceed on your way.

Vault down and then grab the edge of the bridge and then make your way
to the left. As you're quietly heading left, the enemies seem to have
been alerted to your escape. Continue moving left and use a Take Down
move on the guard near the busted open area and then climb on the bridge.

Move on and go through the short tunnel. There are four guys here. No 
other way to avoid this fight. Take them all out manually or use some
Focus Aims to make things easier. Move on.

The next area has more bad guys. Fortunately, there's a truck that you
can blow up parked near the bad guys. Blow this up and kill the remaining
enemies. Go in the cave and then go up the crate and jump to the next

Drop down and quietly take out the guy just outside the cave. Wait until
the other soldiers have left and then go out. Follow the path. The first
left path has two soldiers chatting. Sneak past them and peek around the
corner. You'll find three bad guys straight ahead. Quickly use your Focus
Aims to kill these three bad guys with your silenced gun.

After killing the three bad guys, sneak back and take out the two chatting
guys quietly to earn back two Focus Aims.

Now it's time to continue on your way. Careful, there's a tank in the
middle of the area! Quickly go up the stairs and go inside the building
so you won't get murdered. There are two bad guys on the ground and one
on a higher level. Take out the two with Take Down moves first, then shoot
the last one on the higher area.

Continue making your way around the area while avoiding the tank. You'll
reach an alley with bad guys at the end. Fortunately, the room is open to
your left, so go inside and use covers to deal with all of them. Proceed
on your way.

Grab any Grenade Launchers that you can find and take cover then fire
at the tank! You need to destroy the tank! When you run out of ammo, go
down and kill the bad guys there, then get out of that little room and
kill three more guys. Climb up the stairs and grab the Grenade Launchers
and finally destroy the tank.

The tank finally blows up and takes the gate down with it. Go in and
ride the plane to chase Rak! A mini air battle ensues and Rak blows up
one of your plane's engines. Your plane crashes, and just as expected,
Bond survives with only minor scratches.

XVI. Burma - The Beautiful and the Damned

Jump away from your plane and it dramatically explodes. Continue on your
way and watch as the evil bad guys start killing workers who are just
trying to get away. Avenge the poor people by quickly taking out the two
bad guys. Move on and kill any enemies in the way.

You'll eventually reach the construction site. Manually kill the enemies
and an enemy helicopter appears. You can shoot at the gunner in the middle
and he won't be able to aim properly for a while. Use this to your
advantage to get to the next area.

In the next area, use your SmartPhone and you'll find that you can push
and pull some levers, which can cause movements in the machinery to 
destroy the helicopter. Use covers to make your way near the machine and
only move when the helicopter stops firing.

Jump and grab the platform and quickly hide. When the helicopter stops
shooting, use the Lift Controls and hide again. When it's safe, climb
the lift and go into the little room to the left and you'll be able to 
move to crane around. Move whatever the machine is carrying and smash it
on the plane to destroy it.

After destroying the plane, move the machine to the right and it'll form
a bridge for you to cross. Climb the ladders, cross the bridge, jump to
get to the other side, then quickly kill the two bad guys who appear as
you make your way down and enter the dam.

Follow the path and sneak around the corner, two bad guys are talking.
When they leave, follow them and take one out quietly. Go to the next
room, it's a large and open area, meaning it's a really dangerous place!

The way to deal with this situation is quickly use your Focus Aims on 
far away enemies. Try to get near the ones on your right and use Take
Down moves to regain two or three Focus Aims. Use Focus Aims again to
deal with more enemies. Slowly make your way forward to make hitting the
enemies easier, but you won't have many chances to earn Focus Aims here, so
just be patient and rely on one by one killing.

When you're done, proceed to the next area. It's a long hallway with red
lights. Three bad guys will be lined up for you to kill easily, then use
covers to kill the rest. At the end you'll find a lift, prepare to kill
two more guys who will be inside.

XVII. Burma - I Already Know...

Rak will speak to you through the speakers, continue on your way. You'll
be in another very open area, but fortunately, there will be lots of
covers for you to use. Go inside the building near the middle and use 
that as cover because it will allow you to move around a lot easier than
by using small boxes as your hiding places. When they're all dead, go
to the room with the lever and operate the bridge.

More enemies will show up. There will be lots of weapons littered around
for you to use. Try to find the sniper rifles if you can and use those. 
There will be sniper enemies on the other side of the bridge located on
a higher level, take those out first. After killing the snipers, take out
the little guys below. A helicopter will drop some more enemies. Just be
patient and use the building as your hiding place and snipe them all one
by one. 

Cross the bridge when nobody's left alive. Two more bad guys will show
up so take them out and proceed on your way. Enter the building and Rak
will continue taunting you. More bad guys in the new area, take them out

Continue on and you'll find a lift, but the controls won't work. Go up
the stairs and power up the lift. Go back down and use the lift controls
and you're on your way to Rak.

The lift moves and the enemies start shooting. Don't bother firing back
until you get to your final destination. Just hide. When the lift stops,
start killing everybody in your way. 

Get out of the lift and make your way up. Go out of the room and you're
back in an open area. Use the covers to sneak around and kill those you
can. Use a Focus Aim on the guy on a higher level far away to take him

Continue fighting your way up. Make sure to check out the explsove stuff
around you and shoot those when enemies get near them to make the job
a lot easier. Try to use Take Down moves on lone enemies to earn a few
Focus Aims that you can use to take out groups of three.

When the area is clear, make your way forward and Rak will taunt you again.
I think I heard him say "Your Ruck has run out!"

Anyway, take the lift up and continue fighting. Take out the first guy
with a Take Down move and move on. Rak's helicopter will fire at you. 
Use the controls nearby and then go to the next area when Rak has stopped

Another control panel is nearby, so use it when Rak has stopped shooting.
When it's safe, proceed up the stairs and quickly take out the guy who
is waiting for you there.

When you get out of the room, you'll be in the open again. Take out the
bad guy between you and the next control panel. Wait for Rak to stop
shooting then vault over and hide behind the control panel. You can 
actually use it while you're hidden!

When it's safe, run going to the next platform and jump! Quickly hide
under the control panel and use it. The door will open but two bad guys
will appear. Quickly take them out using Focus Aims and then vault over
and go inside the building.

Go up and then jump and climb to the other platform. Go inside the small
room and the environment will cause Rak's helicopter to go wild, forcing
him to jump out of the helicopter. The helicopter hits the structure, 
causing concrete and metal to fall. Rak tries to ambush Bond and the
two get into another fight. Bond beats the holy hell out of Rak once again
and leaves him to beg for his life. Bond doesn't accept this obviously
fake plea for his life. 

Rak seemingly falls to his death, only to land on his helicopter, ready
for another round of revenge. Fortunately, you're James Bond and you 
already know how the bad guys think. You're prepared for traitorous
attacks. Go ahead and pump the last few bullets into Rak and take him 
out for good.

XVII. Monaco - Epilogue: Meeting Adjourned

The pretty faced gold digger seems to have been part of the whole deal all
along! How surprising! Upon receiving Rak's knife, she knows that Bond 
already knows what she's been doing. She gets to her car and drives off, 
but Bond chases her down.

The driving sequence doesn't have anything complicated, it's all just about
staying on her tail until the end. When prompted, simply push her car to
either side of the road until she completely stops.

The two suddenly pull guns on each other, but neither pulls the trigger.
Bond tries to get the truth out of Nicole about who else is involved, but
she tells him that the person is much bigger and better than MI6 and that
there's no way out. A plane suddenly swoops down and guns the life out of
poor Nicole. 

Bond is yet again without a woman.

                               Part 3

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