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                     Vandal Hearts

                Walkthrough/Strategy Guide

                        V .9a

                      By Lancel0t

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        If there are any errors or suggestions, please let me know,
as I will try to update the guides accordingly.  Thanx.

This Guide/walkthrough will be broken down into sections, with each section
being added too until I complete the game. Sections include character
abilities, magics, secrets, and battle strategy.  Be patient with this please
This is my first attempt at writting a walkthrough, and its not even a good
game to practice on, so please if something is wrong or out of place, email
me at [email protected] Thanks.

Key:  [BATTLE] = This is the point in the story where a battle takes place.
                 Look to the battle section on how to achieve victory.

      [NOTE]   = A special note on chests, or specials. Points of interest.

      [**SECRET**] = A secret tile, or effect.

      [KEY]     = One of the locations of the 6 keys of Toroah.

                        ACT 1 : Premonition of War

        [INTRO] -  Watch the introduction as it very clearly defines the
                   story prologue.  In which it tells of the Messiah Toroah
                   and his deeds. It also tells the tale of Arris, who 15
                   years ago defeated the evil empire and formed the
                   Ishtarian Republic. Until now things have been fine. Until
                   now that is,  The intro also introduces ( hence the term )
                   Ash Lambert, Diego Renault, and Clint Picard, whom are part
                   of the DSF, or Democratic Security Force, 3rd Ishtarian
                   division.  They are on the way to the Capital, when an
                   ambush party of Thieves attack.  And to the first battle
                   you go.

  1st [BATTLE]  -  This first battle is fairly tough to the novice gamer, as
                   most people will be during this time.  The main thing to
                   remember is strength in numbers.  They key to this battle
                   is killing Zoot the Lord, everyone else is just gold, or
                   in the way.  But don't just try to go after Zoot and get
                   surrounded by all the enemies. (That would be bad.) Here's
                   what I did.

Turn #1 :          Gang up on the soldier behind you (South). you should be
                   able to kill hime with maybe 1 or 2 hits. The best way to
                   attack is on the side or behind, and with your guys 1 step
                   away, so as you get support bonuses. After you kill him,
                   move any remaining guys near your other members. Try to
                   get them against a wall if you can (the south wall/edge of
                   screen so you don't have to worry about back attacks.) And
                   have them face forward.

Enemy #1 :         The enemy should move in with soldiers and get some
                   archers in position to attack you. Don't worry a few hits
                   souldn't hurt too much. If you get into trouble, wait to
                   use an herb, as they restore 50 HP.

Turn #2 :          Next try to gang-up on the archer and soldier that are
                   closest to you. Then move Diego up so you can get a good
                   line of fire at the other enemies.

Enemy #2...:       Watch how the enemy movies and counter-attack, always
   &               attacking from the side, or back, trying (if feasible) to
Turn #3.....       use support.  When the chance arrises kill Zoot, he isn't
                   that tough.

        [STORY] -  After listening to Zoot whine, travel to the Capital of
                   Shumeria, where you will be instructed to goto the
                   Security Force HQ.  Once there you will meet Clive. After
                   a brief talk you can go back to town. Goto the Tavern as
                   Diego insists. In the Tavern talk to everyone, when you
                   leave the story continues. Exit the bar and goto Dover.

   2nd [BATTLE] - This battle is a little better but not much than the 1st.
                  The overall theme again is defense. And Diego has a bonus
                  against flying, so use him wisely.

Turn # 1 :        Take a defensive stance on the platform to your character's
                  right. and set your back to the edge of the map. Let the
                  enemies come to you.

Enemy #1... :     Once the flying beasties are dead, journey over to the
   &              archers and raise a woopin' on them. once they're dead
Turn #2....       get on up to the church doors and the battle will be over.

[NOTE]  :         Any chests in battle so far have only been Herbs.
[SECRET] :        It's an item called mushroom with the listed effect as
                  "???????"... To get the item in battle 2 rotate the
                  screen so that the church is in the bottom left corner
                  of the screen, Now move the screen up by the gate.
                  There should be a house to the left of the gate with
                  one side facing the water.On the walkway on the side
                  of the house facing water you should see a square that
                  shows the sidewalked cracked. Get a guy on that square
                  and examine it. You'll get the mushroom... from the
                  range of it it appears to be a long range, multi-enemy
                  attack spell or something...

Thanks to :   -Michael Sawyer
[email protected]
for this info!

        [STORY] - Inside the church you will again meet Count Crowly. Kane
                  and his crew take over, and a fight almost breaks out.
                  (BTW. the killing of the revolutionists is a nice touch,)
                  Soon Clive breaks it up, and you go back to the DSF HQ.
                  Here Dolf enters and he sends you on a mission to get
                  Magnus. Although ti sounds like a good idea, something is
                  not right. Ohh well.. Go back to town.
                  In town buy some better weapons and armour.

        [TIP]   - Even though you don't yet have a mage, buy the robe. You
                  might just need it. *hint* *hint* *cough* *cough*
                  Goto the Dojo and Bar if you want to get some extra info.
                  Otherwise leave town.

   3rd [BATTLE] - This battle just plain sucks. The guys are hard and there
                  is a nice looking chest or two.  The Rock Golems have 56 HP.

Turn #1         : Kill the rock dude closest to you, but watch out for the
                  monsters on the right and left.

Enemy #1        : They monsters to the right and left oth the group start to
                  attack. Watch out. The others won't move.

Turn #2         : Get against the edge where you started and put yourself in
                  corner, and wait for the monsters to come to you.

Enemy #3...     : Kill all the monsters that start to move towards you. I had
   &              to use a heal on everyone, but wait until it is essential.
Turn #3....       Anything UNDER 20HP is essential. After most are dead, use
                  your own judgement to defeat the rest, either boulder them,
                  or just gang up on them, your choice.

[NOTE]          - To get the chest you have to push the crate -> , then into
                  the hole. Then climb around back and onto the crate to get
                  up to the chest. Which contains an Herb. (I know it sucks).
                  Beware though you cannot kill all the monsters or the
                  battle will end. If you need an herb, try luring the last
                  monster away from the guy fetching it.

[CHAR]**[STORY] - After the 3rd Battle you will meet Eleni & Huxley. A Mage
                  and a Healer. You will have a choice:
                      1: Let them join.
                      2: Refuse.
                  Either one and they still join. So its your choice.
                  Then you learn that Dolf, who sent you on this mission, is
                  a traitor and NOT the Revolutionist Leader he said he was.
                  He also tells you about his secret infiltrator.Hmmm...
                  Goto the Bridge over the River Rhine.

 4th   [BATTLE] - Here again you meet up with some theives. But these guys
                  brought pets. Demon Bats. Bahh Demons are easily defeated
                  with the bows. Thank God you get another bowman i mean
                  bow-girl.  this battle seems easy, that is until every
                  turn the bridge collapses one segment.  Neat huh? Actually
                  it isn't hard at all, just protect Ash, a couple sudden
                  hits and its all for nought.

Turn #1         : Battle forwards about 3-5 segments, and make some sorta
                  stand there. Nothing should be in range yet.

Enemy #1        : The Bats will probably hit you first, so stick your
                  archer up front, he can take out a bat with one defend, or
                  normal shot.  Then later replace him with the fighters,

Turn #2.....    : After you escape the collapsing segments, its a pretty easy
   &              battle, compared to some.  Use the new girl to take out the
Enemy #2.....     other side of enemies and bats.  Use Huxely often, and
                  Eleni's magic is very usefull.

        [STORY] - After you win, the woman wants to join, again you have 2
                  I choose 1, and I'm pretty sure 2 makes her join also. Well
                  another good archer, and its off to Port City Minato. Here,
                  visit the shop, although I couldn't buy anything new.
                  (very dissapointing), and goto the tavern and talk the talk.
                  Here learn about Hassan the Pirate and some Monster in the
                  Sand. Hmm.. Also learn about Grog, and then leave and go
                  pay him a visit.  To get Grog, you ahve to defeat the Sand
                  Monster, How RPG typical. well you ahve no choice. Leave
                  town and head to the Sea of Sand Dunes.

  5th  [BATTLE] - Ahh the Sand Monster. A buncha legs and a body.( Very cool
                  rise effect though).  The monster is kinda tough because of
                  it's power, but easy overall.  I started by attacking 1 or
                  2 legs, to find out that did nothing.  So i moved most of
                  my guys to the center near each other, and the monster so
                  kindly rose the ground in front of me, too bad i surrounded
                  it on all sides and got +4 bonus.  I just hit it with my 2
                  archers, then attacked with all 4 guys, killed it in 1 turn.
                  It may take you longer, or it may be easier.  But it was
                  cool for a sub-battle.

        [STORY] - After the monster dies, you go back to Grog where he joins.
                  Before leaving town I went back into the Tavern and talked
[KEY]             to everyone.  The Woman there gave me a Key of NOVA, what it
**SECRET**        does, I have no idea yet, but I am pretty sure it is one of
                  the 6 keys of Toroah, and a part to a special ending. After
                  this leave town, and goto Gadar Seas. Here guess who you'll
                  meet. Yup, Barney, no O.K., its just Hassan.

  6th  [BATTLE] - The pirates, although numerous, can be quite easy.  Just
                  control the flow of them. Since they get stuck on the plank
                  for 2 groups as follows.

                  group 1 : Kira,Eleni,Diego = place them at the top of the
                            screen away from Hassan. And fire at the pirates
                            as they "walk the plank". Finish them off as they
                            get to the other side, by attacking from behind,
                            and using magic.

                     In Middle place Huxley for convinient healing.

                  group 2 : Clint,Grog,Ash = place them on the opposite plank.
                            Do the same thing,only I set up a 3 way bonus
                            flank so that when they attacks anyone, they got
                            support and kicked all thier butts.

                  After all the little pirates die, Hassan comes rushing in. I
                  again let him walk straight into my group 1 trap and killed
                  him in a turn or 2.

        [STORY] - After the battle you find out that Hassan is really Barney,
                  no I mean Grog's brother. Then he dies. Grog Joins,

       And that my friends is the end of ACT 1 : Premonition of War
                        Act 2 : Island of Madness

        [INTRO] - The opening tells of the Isalnd of Gillbaris, where Magnus
                  went for some unknown reason.  It says the Island is
                  mysterious and enchanted. Ohh well, you gotta go anyways.

   1st [BATTLE] - The first battle takes place when you get onto the island,
                  and goto the village, only the villagers are zombies. YAY!
                  They only have 13 hit points. YAY! You gotta kill non moving
                  statues too. YAY! But wait... you CAN'T kill the villagers??
                  BOOOOO! You gotta fight the statues only. Heres how!  Take
                  your two archers and kill the statues on either side of you.
                  Now move your other units to the side with the crate. Just
                  move them all over there, and leave the one archer there. I
                  left Kira.  Once you all get near the crate, the zombies
                  come after Kira, since they cant get to you, because you
                  push the crate down, so its too high for them to get up.
                  Wait until they are a good 3-4 turns away and then push the
                  crate down, and over, so you block them out of the other
                  area. You will see what I mean. remeber do not attack
                  villagers, only kill the statues. After you get the people
                  blocked off, take your leisure at killin the other statues.
                  Hurry up though, once they get a line of sight, they like to
                  run and attack.  Try to get all the chests.

[NOTE]          - Where the crate nearest to you stands, underneath it is a
                  special square, examine it, or stand on the crate and
                  examine, to find "MOONPIE".

        [STORY] - You free the villagers when you kill all the statues.
                  (and the people rejoiced..yay!) And they tell you of Magnus
                  who visited the ruins, and turned evil. Bummer. Well now is
                  a great time to goto a DOJO. And ADVANCE yourself.  Try to
                  make an even party. I made 1 Hawk Knight, and a Bowman.
                  Also made Clint a Guardsman. and Huxley a Bishop. So advance
                  where you see fit. Dont worry about SHOPin yet, if you
                  advance to a different class you automatically get new weaps
                  pretty cool huh. But after you advance, goto the shop and
                  pickup the latest weaponry and armour. Then goto the Tavern
                  and get the gossip. you learn about Magnus, the Ark, and
                  some fruit? (*I Still do not know where the cross swamp is)
                  Leave town and head for the Ydruza Canyon.
                  Here you meet Doran, Sara, and Amon.

  2nd [BATTLE] - This battle is not too bad.  You win by defeating all the
                 enemies, you lose when Doran OR Ash dies. Well. Pretty
                 basic, just have the trio on the other side run away, and
                 have them heal,ALOT.  Get your team over there ASAP and
                 things should be A.O.K. Make sure you get the MOOD RING
                 in the chest in the far top corner near the dam.

       [STORY] - Once you defeat the enemy, you learn the truth about Magnus
                 and his men, and find out Dolan is one of them. You go back
                 to the village and learn about Toraoh's Ark, and the Ruins.
                 After visit the Dojo, and Shop as neccessary.
                 Leave town and goto Loris Beach.

  3rd [BATTLE] - This battle just plain sucks. SUCKS! You get surrounded
                 immedietly. Try to keep Clint and Kira alive, I took a
                 healer over there right away. everything else is just
                 gang up attack strategy. Take 1 maybe 2 attackers at a
                 time. NO MORE or you will die fast. Watch out for the
                 poison squares. Do not end your turn on one of them.
                 The enemy isnt this bright thank God.

       [STORY] - After the battle you learn about Clint's Past, and Diego's
                 attraction to Kira. Goto the castle Ruins where you will
                 be thrown into Battle.

  4th [BATTLE] - This battle also sucks, but not that bad. The main problem
                 here is the Archers on top of the wall. Hide your guys
                 against the wall as best you can. You will also have to
                 form 2 groups. I put 1 of each type in my groups, archer,
                 soldier, healer, and put the rest where I thought best.
                 You can use your archers to take out the ones on top.
                 Once you get the MadSoldiers down, get up top, and take
                 full advantage of the heal pads.(you have to wait a turn
                 on them) once everyone on top is done, take out the other
                 guys at your liesure.  This should be no problem. Once
                 your done, move everyone to the entrance.

       [STORY] - Once the sequence starts you ahve a choice.
                 1:Go Back or 2: Go ahead. I went back to re-supply.

[NOTE]  -        If you give Ash the Nova Key when you goto the Dojo, do
                 any advancements that are neccessary,and leave. Before
                 you exit the guy will talk to you. Choose transform. Now
                 you fight a wierd battle.  In this battle go all the way
                 to the top, leaving you archers one on each end, where
                 the enemy has to come across. I put a healer near each
                 archer.  I picked off the first flyers, and then most of
                 the others with archers, and Piercing Light.  The others
                 i just attacked as they got over the hill. Put your guys
                 against the hill, so as the enemy archers cannot hit you.
                 Just egt the treasure, and kill the guys. Easy Battle.
                 You get the N.Prism out of it.

       [STORY] - Once done, restock and head to the ruins for the showdown
                 with Magnus.

  5th [BATTLE] - This battle is pretty easy, just be carefull not to over-
                 extend your troops.  take out the flyers and archers first
                 with your archers, and healers. After that just let the
                 others come to you, and Super Gangup on Magnus. It should
                 be no problem.

       [STORY] - After the battle Magnus is hurt, and he starts to tell
                 all the juicy secrets. Then kane comes in and kills him,
                 ..almost..Then Dolf wants you to stand aside, and you do,
                 ..almost..And then you find the infiltrator..almost..
                 But you do go back to rescue Magnus. So comes battle 6.

  6th [BATTLE] - This battle is neat. You gotta beat about 10 guard dogs
                 in 6 turns. but the dogs are very weak. So go get em. No
                 holds barred. For groups of 2 and head them off into the
                 corners, and kill them. I used a Mood Ring to take out
                 about 4 at a time, which helps alot. Overall an easy

       [STORY] - You go in rescue Magnus and get out. But on your way out
                 you run into Hel Spites and Dolf. They want you dead,and
                 tell you you have been a part of thier plan all along.
                 So Magnus starts to attack Dolf, but he defends and they
                 open a rift in the Space-Time Continuum, and you get
                 sucked in.

                        Act 2 : Island of Madness
                        Act 3 : Escape to Tomorrow

       [INTRO] - Papers in the nation say Magnus was assasinated by Ash and
                 his company, which throws Ronaldo Castille (the good ruler)
                 out of power and puts Hel Spites in charge. Hel becomes
                 Hitler and makes Ishtaria into a Imperial Government. He
                 disbands the councel and proclaims himself emperor.
                 (I think this is the BEST cut scene so far)

                 When you get warped to this strange land, the General dies.
                 and you are attacked by flames.

  1st [BATTLE] - This battle is soo easy. Don't move. Let them come to you,
                 and it will be over before you know it.

       [STORY] - After the battle you will meet Zohar. Then goto town and
                 shop,dojo, whatever you want to do. Goto the Tavern and
                 talk with everyone, and you will learn about the town, and
                 Zohar. Zohar will join you and you will goto his house.
                 He tells you to goto the Plain of Sorrow. So go.

  2nd [BATTLE] - This is an interesting idea. 5 turns to protect 4 14HP
                 towers from fire spirits. Not that easy. Well its kinda
                 hard, and kinda easy, just have each guy take a tower
                 and either have them attack the spirits, or guard the
                 tower, its up to you, either works. I lost all but 1
                 tower, and I choose to attack them on the corners where
                 they appear. As long as 1 survives after turn 5 you win.

       [STORY] - When the portal appears you will enter. The scene will
                 change. There is now a town, and you see your old buds
                 Diego, Dolan, and the like. Then you appear. Ready for

  3rd [BATTLE] - This battle is much harder than it looks. The enemies
                 in this one, like to gang up and kill each of your
                 guys. To prevent this, dont move your Ash party right
                 away, leave them sit against the wall in a defensive
                 stance. Meanwhile have Dolan stand in front of the
                 boulder and wait a turn or two to push it. After this
                 its your own better judgment, the AI acts randomly now.
                 just stay together, watch out for archers, and the
                 warlock, and then kill Zoot.

[NOTE]         - One chest contains an Elixer and the other a MegaHerb. 

       [STORY] - After the battle old friends re-unite and you find
                 out that 3 years have passed. You talk stuff over
                 and decide to attack the Imperial Prison. Rescuing
                 Clint, freeing political leaders, and striking at
                 the heart of the Imperial Army, is what the rebelion
                 needs to keep going.Goto the shop,dojo and bar, and
                 when done leave town. Head for the Basil Gate.

  4th [BATTLE] - This battle is kinda hard. This should be a comon
                 sense battle. Use the pre-defined groups of guys,
                 and do what you think they should do, either push
                 boulders, get chests, or heal. But I took my flying
                 guy and killed the warlock quickly, cuz he sucks.
                 All the chests are MegaHerbs.

       [STORY] - After the battle Dolf tells his people about the
                 Magic Stone, and the Royal Ring. He says the
                 Magic Stone contains Flames of Justice from the
                 Toroah history. You also learn about Dolf's plans
                 of revolution, and Kira's wavering support of
                 Dolf. You also meet Xeno, a cool lookin dude.
                 Once the story progresses move to the Reed Highway.

  5th [BATTLE] - Let no one escape, even dogs. (Maybe there like
                 Lassie in-breeds or something) Pretty basic fight.
                 And its fun, cuz the enemy doesnt attack. Wait
                 until Ash says nothing, NOT, I do not mean he says
                 "........", the turn after that, he doesn't say
                 anything. Thats turn 5, thats when you attack.
                 Basically surround them, try to kill as many of
                 them as you can, and after that just cut them off
                 from escaping. On the turnt hat you start your attack
                 have Huxely lower the bridge,a nd get over to the
                 crate to push it so that they cant escape that way.
                 Then trap em and kill em. Simple.

       [STORY] - When the battle is over you will see a scene in the
                 jail, which involves Clint. Kira saves the crew, and
                 Darius joins. The following battle takes forever,

  6th [BATTLE] - This one sux. You can't hurt the Juggernaughts from the
                 front or side. You HAVE to hit them from behind, and
                 in these close quarters its up to you to decide where
                 and how you want to do that. Heres what I did. In the
                 area where you start you can place one guy against a wall
                 and another facing him at the opposite end, and as the
                 enemies come after you, you can let them attack 1, and hit
                 them from behind. All hits except attack by Eleni and magic
                 by Eleni kills a Juggy. Below is a drawing (crude) that
                 will help you make your way through the maze,

   /---------\               /----------\                /---------------\
   |          \             /            \              /                 \
   |           \___________/              \____________/                   |
   |     /--\                              ||         ||        S          |
   |    |    |                            a||         ||c       D          |
   |    |    |                             || C3  C4  ||                  /
   |    |    |                          -----        /-\                 /
   |     \__/      C1         C2        \    \      /   \               /
   |                                     \    \    /    /              /
    \                                     \    \--/    /              /
     \                                     \          /              /
      |                                   ||\________/              /
      |         /---\                     ||                        |
      |        /     \                    ||               C5       |
      |       /       \----\          S   ||d                       |
      |      /              \         B   ||              ____      |
     /      /                \-----\      ||             /    \     |
    /      /                        \----_||            /      \    |
   /      /      /-----------\            \            |        |   |
  |      |      /             \           /            |        |   \
  |       \    /     S         \_________/             |        |    \
  |        \__/      C              ||                  \      /      \
  \         ||     ---------       c||                   \____/        \
   \   S   b||    /         \       ||             ----                 \
    \  A    ||   /           \      ||            /    \      C6        |
     \______||__/             \_____||___________/      \_______________|


      / - _ \ = Walls

      A..B..  = Switch with label underneath

      C1..C2..= Chests

      a..b..  = Gate that opens to corresponding switch.


        S = Opens door a    S = Opens door b   S = Opens door c  S = Opens d
        A                   B                  C                 D

        C1 = Mimic Monster
        C2 = MegaHerb
        C3 = Mimic Monster
        C4 = S.Staff
        C5 = MegaHerb
        C6 = GrimHelm (Armour)

       [STORY] - After the battle you escape to the outside where the
                 dungeon keeper tells you you are about to die. Looks bad
                 at first.

  7th [BATTLE] - Fight to wherever you feel comfortable. I used Eleni's
                 Phase Shift magic to kill some creatures. After the first
                 turn, Ash's party arrives,a dn they battle on the
                 battlements. I went directly to the Dungeon Keeper. I had
                 to gang up on him with Grog, Dolan, Ash, Zorah to kill him,
                 he does MEGA damage. I killed hte guys, especially warlocks
                 who got in my way. Eventually you will reach the Keeper and
                 you can kill him.

                        Act 3 : Escape to Tomorrow
                        Act 4 : The Successor

       [INTRO] - You learn about the Southern Area being retaken by the
                 rebellion after the fall of the prison. Eleni learns her
                 father is dead. You are told to goto the town of Karachi
                 and find the Royal Ring. In town buy everything. All my
                 were loaded and fully armoured.

  1st [BATTLE] - ESCAPE!! Just run!. If you want to, there a couple chests
                 contents unknown. Also near the top chest, is a special
                 tile. I didn't try to figh them, I just ran.Most of my
                 guys died anyway.

       [STORY] - After you escape you find out that Dolf captures Kira, and
                 tells her about his revolution plans. He also sends Xeno to
                 get you. Goto the Great Masi Forest abd watch Xeno talk.

  2nd [BATTLE] - There is a special tile near the top of the waterfall. There
                 is also one at the NE corner. Both are very obvious.
                 TOP=Aura Gem(attack damage)

                 Besides that its a very fun and basic fight.

       [STORY] - Now you learn of Xeno's past. Goto the Kerachi village.
                 Goto the tavern to learn about things, and 3 secret
                 treasures. Now goto Carlo's House. learn that Diego is
                 Carlo's son. You also find out that supposedly Carlo
                 has the ring, and is exchanging it at an old warehouse.
                 So goto the Old Town Warehouse.

  3rd [BATTLE] - This battle is kinda hard. I lost all but 4 guys to the
                 spitters. Watchwho they gang up on, make sure to protect
                 Ash. I used Phase Shift alot.

       [STORY] - After the battle you find out that Carlo set you up, and
                 him and Xeno are in cohoots. But Carlo defends the company
                 and saves you. He then recovers later, and talks with
                 Diego. You take off after the ring.
[NOTE]         - Most of my guys were now Lev20 or higher.
       [STORY] - Goto the Train station.

  4th [BATTLE] - Time to fight on a train. Pretty simple battle. I found that
                 using Piercing Ray hurts the ARMOUR guys alot. Also at the
                 top on the engine there is a tile that looks liek a grate.
                 Examine it to find RAMEN (one of 3 the secret treasures)

       [STORY] - After the battle find out about Kira and Xeno. Now go Back
                 to Kerachi village.

  5th [BATTLE] - Free Kira in 8 turns. One chest had a L.Mask in it. The
                 Key is to immedietly go for the Statues. I used Diego (
                 who is my Sky Lord) to go for the far side, and used Eleni
                 to use Phase Shift and most of them.

       [STORY] - After thye battle Kira rejoins. You learn about the Torog
                 mountains, and some hidden power within.

                 Act 4 : The Successor

                 Act 5 : The Legacy

       [INTRO] - You head off to the Torog Mountains, while Dolf carries
                 out his plan for gaining power. He kills Hel Spites.

  1st [BATTLE] - This first Battle is very basic, the chest contains
                 plate armour. Use your best skills, try not to let
                 people die.

       [STORY] - After the battle move to the Pioneer Town of Sorbo. Rest
                 and Sara has a dream. Visit the Dojo, tavern and the shop,
                 if neccessary and leave. Goto the Torog Mountains. Meet
                 Kane. You are about to fight him, when Sabrina tells Kane
                 that his father was murdered. Kane runs off, leaving you
                 to fight Kratz.

  2nd [BATTLE] - To the back of you there is a special tile, which looks
                 like paw prints, its near the Armour Company. Move your
                 guys across, unless you want to get the special. I didn't
                 get it in time. This is actually quite hard. But i managed
                 to kill Kratz and leave about 3 monsters alive. Watch out
                 those healers suck.

       [STORY] - After, Kira tells about Dolf's little takeover plan. Now
                 Move to the Frontier Village. Visit the shop..etc..
                 Remeber that the guys you picked up along the way, may be
                 dying alot cuz you havent upgraded them fully. They can be
                 upgraded at any time, and after 20, you can upgrade them
                 twice in a row. After you exit the Tavern Eleni thinks the
                 town is burning (delusions). You meet Orosius, then you
                 learn there are monsters attacking the fields. Run to the

  3rd [BATTLE] - Pretty easy battle compared to some. The chest is a mimic,
                 and I didn't notice any tiles. I formed 2 groups, with a
                 healer in each. It was pretty easy, with 2 enchanters.

       [STORY] - After you will notice the markings, and confront Oroius
                 about them. You want the power, but Orosius won't let you
                 have it until you defeat Salamander the Red Dragon. Take
                 Leena as your guide and go fight him

  4th [BATTLE] - This ones also relatively easy. I got a group over to the
                 enemies directly across from you right away, and killed
                 them in 1 turn. Then just marched ahead.

[SECRET]       - Use a Sky Lord to look in the center tile of the smallest
[KEY]            lava lake near Salamander. It contains the LOGOS KEY. The
                 chest contains a D.Spear.

       [STORY] - Go back to Frontier Vilage. It's now on fire. Yay!

  5th [BATTLE] - This one is defiently hard, but do-able. There are 2 special
                 squares. One near the 1st burning house, east of where you
                 start, and one next to Sabrina, south of her.
                 Now i attacked that large group of armours, and lived. I
                 think what you are supposed to do is, move your guys across
                 the river and wait until the armours are in it, and flip the
                 switch. Dunno if it kills them or what. Might make your
                 lives easier. Also I got suprised when Kane showed up.
                 Really both Kane's and Sabrina's troop are easy, just take
                 em slow. After the battle you get Sabrina's Rune Bow,
                 which is very powerful. I only lost 2 guys. The specials
                 contain, Mithril(??) and ShivBook(??).

       [STORY] - Now you learn about a sword that can beeat the Flames of
                 Judgment, Vandal Heart. Orosius tells Ash to get it.
                 You see Dolan confide his thoughts in Sara, and Leena crys
                 to Eleni. After goto the Orome Lake. Leena will raise the

  6th [BATTLE] - I thought this was too easy. Sure you raise more enemies,
                 but they are gluttons for punishment. You just Salamander
                 them, and Phase Shift em, and shoot em and there dead.
                 All in all an easy victory, I only lost 1 guy to a gang
                 up thrashing. The chests contain Wyrmfang, and a Gold Axe.
                 After you kill the guys, let lena move to the entrance.

       [STORY] - Leena opens the Temple and in you go. You are about to
                 unlock the sword, then gues who shows up...Xeno(The
                 Warrior Princess) he creates a Space-Time fracture, and
                 zaps poor Leena into it. (*Note:At this time, me and Diego
                 said the SAME EXACT THING!*) Then the trump card is played.
                 Eleni is really Leena, and Leena is really Eleni. 18 years
                 ago Eleni was an orphan, this Leena is Eleni 18 years in
                 the future. Hmm intersting. Anyway eleni opens up the case
                 and you take the sword.

                  Act 5 : The Legacy


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