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Atelier Marie / Atelier Marie Plus (for Sega Saturn and Sony 
Playstation) walkthrough by Lucan Duran ([email protected])

Version 1.1

Last updated October 23, 1999
Copyright 1999 Lucan Duran

Atelier Marie (c) 1997 Gust.
Saturn version (c) 1997 Gust, Imadio.
Atelier Marie Plus (c) 1997, 1998 Gust.

----- What's New -----

Version 1.1 (October 23, 1999) - Added additional paragraphs in the 
"Disgruntled Author's Notes" section. Updated information about 
minigames. In version 1.0, I stated there were no minigames in the 
original release. That is not true. Minigames exist in the original 
version but the Saturn and PSX "Plus" versions have more than the 
original release. The original PSX game has 5 minigames and the Saturn 
and PSX "Plus" versions have 6. Added an additional game source 
information book (in the "Disgruntled Author's Notes" section). Changed 
references to, "I'm guessing the original PSX version had" sentences 
since what the original PSX release had has been confirmed. Fixed 
miscellaneous errors.

Version 1.0 (June 19, 1999) - First version.

----- Disgruntled author's notes: -----

This walkthrough is the result of my own playing experience, various 
gameplaying tips posted on a Japanese web page ( ), information from 
Japanese magazines (Famitsu PS June 12, 1998 issue) (Sega Saturn 
Magazine December 26, 1997 issue) (Sega Saturn Magazine January 2, 1998 
issue) (Sega Saturn Magazine January 9-16, 1998 issue), and a somewhat 
lightweight Japanese items list guide (published by Jugemu Henshubu; 
ISBN#  4-88991-502-8).

Version 1.1 addition: Atelier Marie Perfect Guide Book. Gamest Mook EX 
series Vol. 20. ISBN 4-88199-356-9. 1580 yen.

I may misspell a number of the characters' names, names of places, and 
the names of various items of the game in this walkthrough. If I don't 
know what the "official" (romaji) spelling of a certain name, I'll 
spell them out phonetically.

"Marie" is Marlone's knickname. "Marie" is much easier to say than, 
"Marlone." ^_^ Out of habit, I'll keep saying "Marlone."

Whenever I say, "you" or "Marlone," they mean the same thing since you 
control Marlone.


You can download the latest version of this FAQ from...

If you downloaded this FAQ from a site not mentioned above, then that 
site does not get any updates from me and it's possible you're not 
reading the latest version.

----- Legal Crap  -----

This walkthrough may not be sold without the expressed written 
permission of the author (you'll never get the permission to sell it). 
This walkthrough is solely for the private use of each individual 
person who downloaded the file from the internet or received the file 
by e-mail. This walkthrough may not be distributed without the author's 
credit and may not be distributed in an altered format, including any 
changes in the text. All violators will be placed under a curse by the 
author, which will result in the evisceration of all violators and the 
consumption of the entrials by bugs, crows, and various carnivorous 
mammals who haven't had anything to eat in a week. (My lawyers insisted 
I include something like this as a disclaimer.)

----- Miscellaneous Info: -----

Assuming that you have the Saturn's internal clock set properly, if you 
pop in the game on November 5, Marlone will mention that it's her 
birthday (she won't mention this on 11/5 in-game). If you play the game 
on Christmas, Marlone will say "Merry Christmas," and will also mention 
that there is no such thing as a Christmas in Zarlburg. If you don't 
play the game for more than 3 months, Marlone will say that it's been a 
while when you play the game again. Since the PSX does not have an 
internal clock, this feature does not exist in the PSX Atelier Marie 
and Atelier Marie Plus.

This game has a medievel Germany atmosphere... Even the "w" sounds like 
a "v" and a "v" sounds like a "w."

If you turn on the power and load the game late at night, Marlone will 
ask, "Aren't you sleepy?" (Saturn)

Goodies/extra stuff that comes with the Saturn version:
Three (very nice) trading cards. There are a total of 9 different cards 
and collecting them all requires you to buy more than one copy of the 
game. =(
FYI, I have the Marlone, Schia, and Kyrie cards (I'm not 
trading/selling them, buddy ^_^).

Differences between the Saturn and Playstation versions:
The Saturn version is the "upgraded" version of the original Atelier 
Marie game on the PSX. In terms of gameplay, Atelier Marie Plus is 
identical to the Saturn version except for the internal clock issue and 
the Dual Shock support. Saturn Atelier Marie / PSX Atelier Marie Plus 
have additional "events" and minigames not in the original Atelier 
Marie PSX release. Atelier Marie Plus' most attractive feature is the 

Atelier Marie (PSX): 5800 yen. Released May 23, 1997.
Atelier Marie (Saturn): 5800 yen. Released December 11, 1997.
Atelier Marie Plus (PSX): 3800 yen. Released June 4, 1998.

# of endings = 7   (The original PSX version only has 6 endings. Ending 
#7 is not in the original PSX version.)

1.) Lengendary person: Marlone must reach level 50. In addition, Schia 
must not be bedridden.
2.) Savior of the city: Marlone becomes an adventurer. To get this 
ending, you have to defeat the Demon King Farlan.
3.) Become a researcher (Meister Rank) ending: In order to get this 
ending, you must complete Marlone's items list book (all 100 items).
4.) Become a teacher: In order to get this ending, you need to make 
item #089. (The items list is at the end of the walkthrough.) 
5.) Normal ending: Make at least one level 4 item in the shop during 
the 5-year span.
6.) Bad ending: All you get is text and no pictures. To get this 
ending, you must fail to make a level 4 item during the 5 year span.
7.) Two legendary people: Marlone *AND* Schia must both be at level 50.

Please look at the end of this walkthrough (but before the items list) 
for more detailed descriptions.

----- Walkthrough -----

When you start the game, Marlone is the worst student in the history of 
the academy. Due to this, her mentor (Ingrid) gives Marlone a shop 
where she is to make items. Marlone is given a time frame of 5 years to 
make an item which will impress Ingrid. If Ingrid is satisfied with 
what Marlone made in the 5-year span, Marlone will be allowed to 
graduate. Thus begins a 5-year journey... to go where no alchemist has 
gone before (sorry about the bad joke ^_^).

After Marlone's flashback sequence ends, she will be in the shop 
entrusted to her by Ingrid. There's a bookshelf, a note from Ingrid on 
the wall, a cauldron, and a stack of books. There will be someone at 
the door. It's Marlone's best friend, Schia. She wanted to see what 
kind of a shop Marlone is running. Schia will offer to lend her support 
in any way she can.

The date is September 1. Zarlburg runs on a 360-day calendar and there 
is no such thing as a 31st day of the month or a 28 or 29-day February. 
Knowing this will be very important later in the game.

You'll start the game with 3000 silver pieces, as indicated by the 
scroll on the upper righthand side of the screen. The Star of David 
symbol indicates how many jobs you currently have. The shield indicates 
how many adventurers are currently in your party.

If you press the [OK] button in front of the books, you'll find 100 
silver pieces.

If you inspect the bookcase, you'll get two choices.
1 - Look at your items list book
2 - Don't look

If you look at your book/catalog, you'll notice there isn't much in 
there. One of the ideas of the game is to fill the book as much as 
possible. There are a total of 100 items you can list in the catalog. 
(Please see the separate "items list" at the end of this file.) In 
order to get a normal ending, all you need to do is to make an item 
that's at level 4 or higher. The items catalogued at this point have 
very low levels. Press [CANCEL] to put the book down.

You can inspect the drawers, but there's not much of a point in doing 

If you inspect the note on the wall (left to the door, right of the 
bookshelf), you'll get to see Ingrid's various tips to Marlone.

1 - How to make items
2 - About jobs
3 - About money
4 - About battles
5 - General tips

1: "In order to make items, you'll need to know how to make the items 
first. You need to get this information from reference books. Of 
course, you'll need ingredients to make them as well. There are some 
being sold at the academy, but you'll have to gather most of them from 
outside the city. Some items can only be aquired at a certain time. 
Just because you have the information and the ingredients doesn't mean 
success in making the items, especially for you. If you don't have the 
tools or the ability, your success rate will drop. That, and it's very 
important to get some rest. That's about all the advice I can give."

2: "If you go to the tavern (pub), you'll be able to get all sorts of 
jobs. All you ever did was to make items for exams, so it can be said 
that the jobs don't have any direct relationships to you. But, if you 
want to be able to make high-level items, you should take many jobs... 
because other than the ability, you'll also need [money]. By buying 
reference books and ingedients, the money initially given to you will 
be wiped out. Money isn't the only thing you can get from jobs. You'll 
also gain [fame]. The better your reputation, my opinions of you will 
also be higher. If you do a certain something, you may also acquire a 
better reputation. That's about all the advice I can give."

3: "Making items will cost money. Buying reference books, buying 
ingredients, hiring adventurers... At any rate, you need to spend money 
wisely. Don't try to buy all the reference books at once. That's about 
all the advice I can give."

4: "In order to make items, it'll be necessary to acquire ingredients 
by going outside the city. There's also no way to escape the battles 
you'll encounter outside the city. Since you're just an ordinary girl, 
you'll suffer a serious beating if you travel out there alone. If you 
go to the pub or the weapons shop, there will be adventurers willing to 
aid you. You should have them protect you. But be careful. You'll need 
money each time you hire them. Their rates will vary depending on the 
adventurer, but the stronger the person, the more expensive it is to 
hire that person. Alignment is also an important factor in battles. 
Offense is higher in the front lines, and defense is higher in the back 
lines. This rule also applies to the enemy. If no one is in the front 
line, then the people in the back lines will move forward 
automatically. If you go to the front line, you'll lose. They may be 
adventurers, but they're also human. They're not omnipotent. If you run 
across a very strong enemy, it's important to escape.   ...but escaping 
from an exceptionally strong enemy is virtually an impossible task. 
That's about all the advice I can give."

5: "If you press and hold the [CANCEL] button while you walk, you can 
move quickly. If you press and hold the [CANCEL] button while making 
items or resting, time will go by faster."

After reading the tips walk to the door. Marlone will wonder about 
going outside.
1 - Yes
2 - No

Go outside. You now have to decide where to go.
1 - Atelier (Marlone's shop)
2 - Hishotei (pub/tavern)
3 - Weapon shop
4 - Academy
5 - Castle
6 - Outside

1: Choosing 1 is pointless and a day will go by without accomplishing 
anything. Don't choose this.

2: By going to the pub, Marlone will bump into Ruven (the "v" has a "w" 
sound). Ruven is an adventurer. He'll give you some general info about 
what you can find in the pub. He'll also brag about how his "fee" is 
cheaper than other adventurers. After you're done talking to him, read 
the flier on the wall. Inspect the barrels. Talk to the old man. Now 
talk to the pubmaster behind the counter. He'll ask what you want. 1 - 
Ask for a Job. 2 - Rumors. Choose 2. He'll say that it'll cost 100 
silver pieces per rumor. 1 - Listen. 2 - Never mind. Pay up. (Listening 
to "rumors" from this guy will allow you to increase your intelligence 
status and trigger events that will allow you to explore new areas 
outside the city.) For now, he'll tell you that other than money, items 
may be a form of payment for completing jobs. Your intelligence rating 
will go up by 10. Talk to the guy again. Don't bother asking him for 
more rumors since you can only ask once a day. Now you'll get to see a 
list of various jobs. These are random. New jobs will roll in once 
every 10 days. Different items will generate different reactions from 
the master.
"Uuuum... Warui koto wa iwanee. Hyoban o otoshitaku nakkatara yametahoh 
ga ii." (No offense, but if you don't want to ruin your reputation, you 
shouldn't try it.")
"Soreka... Dekinai level ja needarohga dohsuru?" (Oh, that... It's not 
a level you can't handle, but what will you do?)
"Sorenara anta no chikara nara daijobu da. Dohsuru ne?" (With your 
abilities, you can handle that. What will you do?)
Just because the tavern master thinks you can do a job doesn't mean 
that you can. Just beause he thinks you can't do a job doesn't mean 
that you can't.
Each job will have 3 choices. 1 - I'll do it! 2 - ...never mind. 3 - 
Item info. 1 will make you accept the job. 2 will make you stop talking 
to the guy. (If you don't want to exit, press [CANCEL] instead of 
choosing 2.) 3 will tell you the status of the item: How many of the 
item you have in stock; Item type (white, red, blue, green); Item 
level; It will also tell you if you only know the name of the item, if 
you never heard of the item, if you made the item before.
On the right will be the information as to who the client is, how much 
the job is worth, and the # of days before the deadline.
You may actually have some of the items that the jobs require; it'll be 
up to you to whether to hand over the items or not. If you need the 
money, go ahead. If not, then hang on to it until you need to make 
something else with the items or until you need money. You usually 
don't want to accept jobs before you know how to make the items the 
tavern master is asking for.
Also, talk to the old man at the table having a drink. Early in the 
game, talk to him every time you visit the tavern since he'll provide 
some information (some useful, some not). Doing so will increase you 
intelligence rating if he says something new. In the latter parts of 
the game (say years 3 - 4), he'll just repeat the same thing he has 
said in the past.

3: Weapon shop. If you see some adventurers, try talking to them. 1 - 
small talk. 2 - Hire. If you see an adventurer that you've never seen 
before, go ahead and small talk. If you try to hire adventurers, some 
will accept, some will turn you down. If the adventurer disappears from 
the screen, that means that you succeeded in hiring an adventurer. If 
not, then the adventurer turned you down. Talk to the weapon shop 
dealer. 1 - Buy, 2 - sell. Choose to buy. You'll see the names of the 
people in your party. The first is always Marlone. Choose Marlone. 
You'll see 4 items she can equip. Wooden staff (already equipped), 
legendary staff, adventurer clothes, leather armor. Choose the leather 
armor. 1 - buy, 2 - never mind. Buy. Read the flier on the wall. Exit.

4: Academy. Once inside, Schia will be there. Talk to her. Have her 
join your party. If you follow the carpet in the opposite direction of 
the large door, Marlone will mention that the classrooms and research 
labs are there, but they have nothing to do with her at the moment. If 
you read the sign that's posted toward the top-right section of the 
room, it gives out information regarding class rank. (Marlone is at the 
bottom.) If you try to access the smaller door, it's sealed with some 
magical power and you won't be able to go inside. Now talk to the girl 
at the academy. 1 - Buy, 2 - sell. Choose buy. 1 - buy tools, 2 - buy 
ingredients, 3 - buy reference books. Choose 1. Now you'll see 7 items. 
Buy the third (filter, 200 silver) and fourth (basket, 240 silver) 
items. They're relatively inexpensive compared to the other tools. 
Note: once you buy the filter, the basket becomes the third item listed 
when you want to buy again. Now choose to buy reference books. The 
first book is "Introduction to Alchemy" (300 silver). The second is 
"Intermediate Alchemy" (800 silver). Buy these two books. Exit. Your 
intelligence rating will go up again. The filter will help you make 
items. The basket will allow you to carry more items than usual (it's 
nice to have at the beginning of the game, instead of later).

5: Castle. 1 - go inside, 2 - forget it. Go inside. There, you'll meet 
up with Enderk, the strongest knight in all of the Shikzarl (the name 
of the kingdom. The city you live in is Zarlburg). He won't let you in 
unless you have a pass (you don't; at least not yet).

6: Ouside. If you have Schia in your party, go back to the weapon shop 
and buy a +10 offense weapon for her (750 silver) BEFORE you go outside 
the city. Now choose to go out. You'll have 3 places you can go to. 1 - 
Nearby forest. 2 - Heybel Lake. 3 - Mount Viland. Even if you hired an 
adventurer, the enemies at Mt. Viland and the enemies on your way to 
Mt. Viland are too tough. If you have an adventurer, go to Heybel lake. 
If you are by yourself or have Schia in your party with no other 
adventurer in your party, choose nearby forest.
Nearby forest: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 1
Heybel Lake: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 4
Mt. Viland : Minimum # of days for a round trip: 12
You should see another number. That number is how much in silver you 
have to pay to the adventurer to follow you on your outside excursion.

The following are adventurers you can hire at the beginning of the 

Ruven: He's the guy Marlone ran into at the pub. You can recognize him 
from his green cape. He's cheap to hire, but his weapon is weak. (You 
might want to buy and equip him with a stronger weapon if you plan to 
have him do heavy-duty fighting.)

Hallesch: He is strong and has a very high attack rating. His speed is 
slow, he's weak against magic, and he's expensive to hire. You can 
recognize him by his red cape.

My (pronounced Mu): She has dark skin and short white hair. Her stats 
are average.

Kugel: Read Hallesch's information as to what type of character he is. 
He wears a white cape and has a mustache.

You may run into a knight in blue armor. That's Enderk (re-read the 
castle section if you don't remember). You won't be able to hire him 
until much later in the game. In addition, you'll run into more 
adventurers as the game progresses.

If you hired an adventurer (and Schia, who'll travel with you for 
free), you should now be ready to go to the lake. Choose to go there. 
You should see a mini-Marlone image outside the city. If you press 
[OK], you'll see three choices. 1 - Status, 2 - item, 3 - alignment. If 
you press and hold [CANCEL], you travel to your destination much 
faster. (The "status" choice will be discussed later.)

If you run into monsters before you reach the lake AND if the monsters 
are not jellies, RUN ("run" is the bottom choice in battle)!!! Your 
party is too weak to fight anything other than jellies at the moment. 
If you fail, keep trying to run and you'll eventually succeed. Once you 
reach your destination, Marlone will wonder if she should go back to 
the shop. 1 - Stay one more day, 2 - camp, 3 - go back. Staying will 
give you an opportunity to collect more items but you'll have to fight 
monsters if you stay many days. Camping will give you the same status, 
item, and alignment choices described above. Going back is self-
explanatory. Choose to stay until your basket is full. If you're 
Japanese impaired, after your basket is full you won't get a "beep" 
sound which tells you that you aquired items. In addition, you'll get 
the same message no matter how many days you stay.

You'll encounter a number of battles if you choose to stay longer to 
collect items. Unlike the RPGs that most people are used to, the 
characters are so damned weak it's pathetic. Some adventurers are 
strong from the beginning so you may not need to worry about their 
abilities, but they're not the ones who need to level up. Although 
adventurers level up by defeating monsters, it's more important to 
level up Schia. If you don't care about getting different endings, 
don't bother to even put Schia in your party since she's VERY weak. If 
you care about getting different endings, constantly have her in your 
party and hire only one adventurer.
The more monsters a character kills, that character's experience rating 
will be higher. If you want to level up Schia, have her use her 
"special" on the jelly monsters. Have the other characters defend 
and/or use the item 047 (you have it when you start the game) to heal. 
During battle, your choices are:

Sure-kill (it doesn't kill an enemy, but it's more powerful than 
standard attacks)

In Marlone's case, replace "Sure-kill" with "Item." Marlone doesn't 
have an overpowering attack yet. She will be able to get this option 
later in the game, when she has a better weapon. Other characters can 
get the "Item" command as well by equpping them with items at the shop.

"Sure-kill" is a lot more powerful than standard attacks, but using it 
will cause you to wait much longer before that character's turn in 
battle comes again. Depending on the enemy (enemies), it's a good idea 
to mix standard attacks with more powerful ones so your party won't be 
punching bags while the enemy characters get 2 - 3 licks per enemy 
character before your turn to react comes.

After your basket is full and finish fighting the battles, go back to 
the shop.

Now, if you press the [OK] button anywhere else in the shop, you'll see 
four choices.

1 - Status
2 - Item
3 - Schedule
4 - System

1: This will show you the statistics for all the characters currently 
in your party. The top rectangular box has a character's physical 
appearance in the game, level, HP, and MP (self-explanatory). The 
statistics printed below the character box will give you an idea of a 
character's makeup. Marlone's will look like the following.

Physical Attack
Physical Defense
Magic Attack
Magic Defense

Other characers' stats will be slightly different.

Physical Attack
Physical Defense
Magic Attack
Magic Defense
Friendship rating
(...and at the bottom, a brief description of the character is given.)

Marlone is not a physical attack type character. Whenver she attacks, 
she will use magic. If you equip her with a physical attack based item 
(more on equipping items later) and have her attack an enemy with it, 
this statistic affects how heavy the damage she dishes out will be. 
It's better to equip an adventurer with such items.
Physical Defense: Self-explanatory.
Magic Attack: As Marlone gains experience, this is where she will 
Magic Defense: Self-explanatory.
Speed: This will tell you how quickly a character's "turn" in battles 
come. The slower the character, the later the character's turn in a 
battle comes along.
Stress: This is a statistic that only Marlone has. The higher the 
stress level, the % rating of making items successfully decreases. 
(More on making items later.)
Experience: The more monsters you defeat, the higher it becomes. 
Marlone can gain experience 2 ways. By making new items and fighting 
monsters. Other characters gain exp only by fighting monsters. 100 exp 
points will promote a character to the next level (level 50 max).
Wisdom: This indicates how much you know regarding the town, people, 
and the amount of items you know how to make.
Reputation: The higher your reputation, the better your chances of 
people coming to you and asking for help.
Friendship Rating: This is a statistic other characters have. The 
better it is, the chances of that character asking you for help  
increases. In addition, the characters that have a high friendship 
rating have a lesser likelihood of turning you down when you want to 
hire him/her.

Press [OK] to see what items each character is currently equipped with. 
Press [CANCEL] to exit.

2: Item - This will show you what items you have in stock. From here, 
you can see if an item is listed in your catalog. If it is, you can 
attempt to make it unless you're missing a small amount of information 
or certain tools. The items you can make for certain will be indicated 
by a "Marlone face." There are items you can't make but you can attempt 
to make them anyway. If you try that, you'll be told which ingredients 
you're missing. If you're missing a tool, you can try to make the item 
anyway but your success % will drop. You can also equip a character 
(even if you have zero of them) with items. If you have zero an item 
but make that item later, the character that was equipped with the item 
will be able to use that item in battle. Items with lightning bolts 
indicates an attacking item, leaves indicate a support item such as 
healing potions or MP restoring goods, "the star of David" and a "weird 
donut" items cures or causes status changes.

3: Schedule - For now, there will be only two choices. Rest, and an 
adventurer listing. Rest will give you an option to rest until a 
certain date. Rest will decrease the "stress" level Marlone will get 
during the game. This wastes time, so if you want to reduce Marlone's 
stress, use the wine sold at the academy. The adventurer section will 
give you the option to drop an adventurer from your party. If you do, 
don't worry. You'll be able to hire that adventurer again later in the 
game. After choosing an adventurer, the first choice is never mind, the 
second is to separate. If you have an adventurer, choose to drop. Don't 
drop Schia if you care about getting different endings. Otherwise, drop 

4: System - The first choice is to save, the second to load, and the 
third is for game configuration (for setting voice volume, BGM vollume, 
sound effects volume, and stero/mono).

Dates from
Now, the following are important dates in the game:

March 8 and 9: Half-price sale at the academy
March 30: Monster hunt
May 23: The King's birthday
June 18: Solar eclipse
June 28 - 30: Zarlburg Junefest (sort of like Oktoberfest, but in June)
August 15: Summer festival
September 30: Monster hunt
December 28-30: Martial arts/fighting tournament

If you followed this walkthrough so far, it should be around September 
15, give or take a few days, in the game. The "Monster hunt" days mean 
that the knights from the castle are hunting and killing monsters. 
Whenever there's a monster hunt, Schia knocks on your door and tells 
you what the knights are doing. If you're informed by Schia that the 
knights are killing monsters, then for several weeks, you won't 
encounter any monsters no matter where you go to outside the city 
(except for the dreaded tower, which I'll explain later). If you happen 
to be "resting" past the dates, in your shop making items and the dates 
go by, or if you're adventuring outside of the city past the dates, 
Schia will not inform you that the knights are out killing monsters. In 
this case, even on April 1 and/or October 1, if you go outside of the 
city, you'll run into monsters.

Although Sept. 30 is listed as a monster hunt day, the knights will not 
go out to kill monsters in the first year. If you want to venture 
outside the city without encountering monsters, you'll have to wait 
until March 30. In other words, don't worry about "missing" the event 
on Sept. 30 from doing other things.

Now, you'll want to go to the tavern and find jobs. At this point in 
the game, you won't be able to complete jobs that has a reward of 1000+ 
silver. Some jobs go for 2000+ silver, but at your current level, 
that's absolutely ridiculous. If you're Japanese impaired, write down 
the name of the item (yeah, it's in Japanese, but do your best to write 
it down on paper) you think you're able to make (based on how much the 
job is worth) and go back to your shop. Pull down the four-choice 
window by pressing [OK] in the shop. Choose "Item" and see if there's a 
"Marlone face" on the item you think you're capable of making. If there 
is, you're capable of making it. Go back to the tavern and accept the 

If you KNOW for sure that you can make the item and have the necessary 
ingredients, accept the job. When you go back to your shop and click on 
"Schedule," wou'll see three choices instead of two. 1 - rest, 2 - job 
info, 3 - adventurer stuff. Click on 2. You'll see a list of job/jobs 
you're currently on. Click on a job and you'll be at the "Make the 
item" screen.

Note: After you step out of the shop, even if you go back immediately 
without going anywhere else, 1 day will go by. If you don't seem to be 
able to do much on a particular day and if you don't feel like going 
outside the city for a long item-gathering campaign, go outside the 
city to the nearby forest. Marlone will level up and so will other 
characters. There's not much of a point having adventurers in your 
party at the nearby forest (other than Schia) unless you're going there 
for more than one day. By going to the nearby forest and coming back, 
not only will Marlone gain experience, but Schia will also gain 
experience (Assuming she's in your party) as well. Instead of 
immediately going back to the shop after your tour of the city is done 
for the day, go to the nearby forest for items and experience 
collection. Just remember to drop a non-Schia adventurer from your 
party at the shop before going outside since adventurers cost money 
whenever you step outside the city. If you're going to the nearby 
forest for only 1 day, having expensive adventurers to go there with 
you is pointless (you'll never run into monsters at the nearby forest 
unless you're there for more than 1 day).

When you want to make and item, if you have the materials and don't 
have all of the tools, you can choose to make the item anyway but your 
success % won't be as high. In such a case, save your game first, then 
try to make the item. If you fail, then you can reload and try to make 
the item again. In general, you don't want to make an attempt to make 
an item if the success rate is at 50% or lower. You can try to make it 
anyway by saving , then reloading if you fail.

When you accept a job and later go back to the tavern, Dio (the tavern 
master) will ask you if you completed the job (Dio will ask you this 
even immediately after you accept a job). 1 - Ask for more jobs, 2 - 
end job, 3 - Rumor. Choosing 1 or 3 is no different than from before. 2 
will give you different choices depending on the situation. If you 
completed a job, you can select the job you completed and you'll be 
given money. If you haven't completed a job, you'll have to choose: 1 - 
Not yet, 2 - cancel, 3 - iem info. 1 will allow you to try to make the 
item again in the near future. 2 will cancel the job and will do two 
things: make your "employer" upset and your reputation rating will 

What happens if you don't finish a job in time? If you're only late by 
a few days, your pay will drop. If you're VERY late, your employer will 
be upset, will tell you that the items are no longer necessary, and 
you'll get no pay. That, and your reputation rating will drop.

If you happen to collect items at the lake and if Dio wants a certain 
item you found there, by all means sell them to him.

Once in a while, Dio's daughter Flea (pronounced, "Flay-ah") will be 
behind the counter. She has pink hair. If she's behind the counter, you 
won't be able to ask for rumors.

Around early November, if you're in your shop, you'll get a visitor (if 
your reputation index is around 20 and read the bulletin board at the 
academy). His name is Kreis Kuhl. He is a conceited mother f****er. He 
currently has the highest GPA at the academy. He introduces himself to 
Marlone, then proceeds to insult her. He has no reason for being there, 
except to be an asshole. He'll be at the academy from now on, but he 
won't always be there. You can choose to put him in your party, just 
like adventurers. He'll turn you down most of the time. He's weak, so 
it's better to have Schia and an adventurer.

When you have 1200 silver, go to the academy and buy the "Advanced 
Alchemy" book. After going back to the shop, Marlone will read the book 
and the items list will expand. See if there's a "Marlone face" on any 
of the new items you didn't see before. If you do, by all means make 
them. Dio may want some of those items and it'll be your chance to make 
some money.

When you go adventuring, try to put Kugel in your party (a middle-aged 
knight with a mustache in white cape) as much as possible and try to 
raise his friendship rating to 60. (I'll explain the reason for this 
later.) He's somewhat expensive to hire, but try to hire him whenever 
it's possible.

Although December 28-30 is the fighting tournament, you won't be able 
to attend it until possibly year 5. For now, don't worry about missing 
out on it. You'll learn how to attend it later.

Sometime in January, a fairy (not THAT kind) will come to your door. 
His name is Pox. He explains how fairies like to help people out. He'll 
give you a bracelet (item #098). The bracelet will allow you to meet 
fairies at the fairy forest. You'll be able to visit there next time 
you decide to step outside the city. Even so, you need to be careful of 
monsters on your way there.

After you meet Pox, there will be additional information posted on 
"Ingrid's Advice" flier in Marlone's shop.

"Fairies are creatures you should be grateful to since they will help 
you with your work. But just like adventurers, it will take money to 
hire them. The fairies' abilities are distinguished by how much it 
costs to hire them; they're more distinguished than the adventurers. 
You can see their abilities by the color of their clothes. If you hire 
them, immediately give them a job. That's because even if they don't do 
anything, you have to pay them money at the beginning of the month. If 
you run out of money, they'll go back to their forest. The things the 
fairies can do:

Collect items from places you visited.

Make items you made before.

...those two things.

If you want to make fairies do something, there's a 'Fairy' selection 
added in the 'Schedule' command so choose that. Then decide what to 
make them do. 'Make them play' is just that - a command which will make 
the fairy goof off. If you make them make items, they'll keep making 
the same item until you give them a different command. If you make them 
gather items, they will not report how much of what they gathered and 
will not return to the Atelier, so the only way to know for sure is to 
look at your inventory to see how much of what you have. In addition, 
they can only make items you've made before. If they run out of 
materials to make an item, they'll stop working. You must constantly 
check to see what the fairies are doing. No matter how handy they come 
in, the more you hire, you'll eventually run out of money. If you're 
not sure of what they're doing, their work will be in vain. That's 
about all the advice I can give."

Schia may come to your door and ask you for a favor.
1 - OK
2 - Maybe next time
3 - Item info

DO NOT TURN HER DOWN. ACCEPT THE JOB. This is an excellent opportunity 
to raise some money and your reputation rating. If you have the items 
already in your inventory, you'll see: 1 - It's ready, 2 - Give me a 
little more time. If you have the items, just give them to her. If you 
don't, no big deal. She'll never ask you to make something complicated 
so you can make them immediately after she leaves. When you're done, 
she'll come to your door again.
Keep in mind that she'll come to you and give you some jobs once in a 
while for the rest of the game. In addition, some adventurers (who have 
a somewhat high friendship index) will come to Marlone once in a while, 
asking her to make items. Don't turn them down since you'll usually 
have what it takes to make the items that are requested.

The idea now is to raise as much money as possible before March 8 or 
9th. Why? Because as I mentioned earlier, there's a 1/2 price sale at 
the academy. When you accept jobs, there may be some items that cannot 
be made - but must be collected. Item #075 must be collected at the 
lake, and it's easy to acquire during the winter months. The payoff is 
somewhat large for this item, but accepting a job which asks for this 
item in larger quantities becomes a problem if you don't have the 
quantity. Be careful. If possible, accept other low-paying assignments 
to be on the safer side. You'll want to blow all your cash on the 8th 
or 9th and not before then. If you hire an adventurer, hire Ruven (he's 
cheap). If not, see about trying to get Kreis in your party, assuming 
you convince him to join (put him on the front line and let him be a 
punching bag). If not, you can just go to the lake with a Marlone - 
Schia party, as long as the enemies are only jellies.

When March 8 arrives, it's time to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!!! ^_^  
Actually, you probably will only have 1500 silver to 2000 silver if you 
followed this walkthrough and made items for Dio. Even so, this is a 
great opportunity to buy. (You should have bought intro, intermediate, 
and advanced alchemy books by now.) Buy another book. There should be 3 
books left (1/2 priced at 750 silver) if you bought the 3-level alchemy 
books. Buy the first two ("Magnificence of Life" and "I Love Health!"). 
If you have any money left, buy whatever tool you can afford. The most 
inexpensive one would be #097.

After you get back to your shop, Marlone will read the books. More 
items will be added to your "Items" list. Try making some.

March 30 will arrive. MAKE SURE that you're in the shop on this day. 
Here's a common mistake: It takes 4 days to make a round trip from 
Zarlburg to the lake. So if you leave on the 26th, you'll come back on 
the 30th - AT NIGHT. Which means you won't be able to do anything until 
April 1 (April Fool! Sorry, bad joke). If this happens, Schia won't 
come to your door and tell you about the knights hunting monsters. If 
you want to make a quick trip to the lake and back, leave on the 25th 
and don't stay any extra days.

Save your game.

If you have the fairy bracelet, asked Dio for rumors at least twice, 
and talked to the old man that's always drinking at the pub every time 
you went there, you should see the following choices when you decide to 
step outside the city:

Nearby forest: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 1
Heybel Lake: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 4
Mt. Viland : Minimum # of days for a round trip: 12
Fairy Forest: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 8
Stoldell Waterfall: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 12
Welzenburg Castle: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 18

Go to Mt. Viland (and maybe hire My or Ruven). This is an opportunity 
to get a good quantity of "red" items. Once you get there, Choose to 
stay until your basket is full.

If you go to Stoldell Waterfall and aquire the gold salmon, you'll get 
to play a minigame (if you own the original Atelier Marie PSX release, 
then you can play this as well). You won't get to play this minigame 
every time. It happens by chance. In this minigame, you move around to 
get treasue boxes. The bears have stolen your salmon and it's your job 
to get them back. You have three minutes, DO NOT PRESS THE START BUTTON 
because that will not pause your game. It will only turn the remaining 
time to zero. It's very difficult to avoid the bears. If a bear falls 
asleep, that's your chance to go for a treasue box. Be careful of the 
little bear since that cub will wake up any nearby sleeping big bear. 
If you run into a bear, you'll have to start over. Some treasue boxes 
are empty. At least one of the six boxes has the salmon in it. Find it 
and you win. If you run out of time, you'll lose out on the salmon.

(All versions) If you visit the waterfall very often, later on in the 
game (much later), you may also get to play the "Whack a Jelly" game. 
(The condition of playing this game seems to be that you have to visit 
the waterfall often and nothing more.) When you enter this game, you'll 
see a big golden jelly. Jellies and bombs will fall from the sky. Use 
the control pad to move left and right. Use the [OK] button to swing 
the hammer. There's no need for a rapid-fire controller since holding 
down the button will make Marlone swing the hammer consistently. The 
idea is to kill the jellies with your hammer. You lose one "life" if a 
jelly falls on your head or if a bomb explodes near you. You have three 
"lives." If you "die" a third time, the game is over. At the 30-second 
mark, you'll have an opportunity to whack the giant golden jelly. 
You'll have to whack the huge monster many times before it's defeated. 
If you defeat the golden jelly, you'll get A LOT of money. Again, do 
not press the start button at any time during the game.

After you get back from the Mountain, go to the fairy forest. Once 
you're there, you'll mean the fairies' leader (a rather old feller).
1 - Hire a fairy
2 - Go home

When you try to decide which fairy to hire, the fractions indicate how 
fast a fairy works in comparison to Marlone. The one that costs 300 
silver per month works at the same speed she does. The 1/2 indicates 
the fairy will work at half the speed when making items and/or 
collecting goods. The ones that do only a fraction of Marlone's work 
will cost less but you get what you pay for. You can't always hire the 
"best" fairies since there's one one of each type. The black one will 
cost 20 silver a month and will be at 1/7 speed but can only gather 
items (what this guy says when you give him a task is funny). The Brown 
one will cost 60 silver/month, work at 1/7 speed, and can make items. 
You can go back to the forest to hire up to 7 fairies (that'll cost a 
pretty penny each month). You can go back and re-read Ingrid's advice 
for more details.

When you select a fairy, you'll get two choices.
1- Hire
2 - Never mind

If you hired a fairy, go to the "Schedule" selection once you get back 
to the shop. There should be:
1 - Rest
2 - Fairy
3 - Adventurer

Choice 2 is new to you. Select it. At the moment, the fairy is playing, 
dancing, or sleeping. Select it to give it a job.
1 - Production
2 - Gathering
3 - Make it play
4 - Send it back to the forest

3 and 4 are a waste of time since you paid good money just to hire one. 
If you select 1, you can make the fairy make items. This will be 
indicated by the "Fairy face" on the items. Keep in mind that fairies 
can only make items Marlone has already made. Re-read Ingrid's advice 
for more details. By selecting 2, you can make the fairies go to places 
you've already been to for item gathering. Again, re-read Ingrid's 
advice. As for making items, that'll be up to you to decide. If you 
want to make it gather, try sending it to Mt. Viland for now. Another 
thing to keep in mind is that there are certain items that can be only 
acquired at certain times of the year. If you send a fairy to gather 
items at a certain location, the "special" items that can only be 
aquired at certain times of the year cannot be collected by the 
fairies. Marlone must travel to the location herself in order to get 
such items.

From now on, on days 6 to 9 of even months (February, April, etc.), a 
fairy will come to your door. (The fairy may not necessarily come on 
the 6th day.) Marlone will think it's Pox. It's not. It's Pox's friend, 
Patett (they're identical in appearance). Patett will come to your door 
once every 2 months (only on even months) to sell some goods. If you 
have the money, buy everything he has. The choices are: 1 - Take a 
look, 2 - never mind. Take a look. Patett will have goods that you 
cannot buy from anywhere else. 1 - Item #049 (Schario Milk), 2 - Item 
#054 (Beehive), 3 - #051 (Jellybeans). Although the jellybeans can be 
acquired from defeating jellies, they're hard to come by. Buy them if 
you can afford to. Buy as much as you can since the items will come in 
handy for making otehr items. Just remember that you have to be at the 
shop at some time from days 6 to 9 on even months for this event to 
occur. If you're always too busy making items or out of town 
adventuring, you'll never get to meet Patett and you'll miss out on 
making many items.

From now on, on days 6 to 9 of odd months (January, March, etc.), 
Pickue (pronounced, Pick-Eh) will come to your door (looks just like 
Pox and Patett). He will offer to clean up the shop for a small fee. 
It's your choice whether to have him clean up the area. Just remember 
that this event will not occur if you haven't met Patett.

You can make Schario Cheese once you have the milk. After you make it, 
you'll enter... a minigame. (The original PSX Atelier Marie has this 
game as well.) The idea behind this minigame is to trap a mouse using 
various objects. You can move books, etc. to appropriate locations in a 
attempt to trap the mouse. You have to give absolutely no room for the 
mouse to escape in order to catch it. You have to be careful that you 
don't push an object into a location where you can't push it anymore 
because you can't pull objects from a location. Depending on how fast 
you trap the mouse, the amount of cheese that the mouse eats will vary. 
You have 3 minutes to trap the mouse. If you fail to trap the mouse, 
all the cheese you made will get eaten. It's recommended that you only 
make one cheese when you first make it. If you fail to catch the mouse 
or if too much time passes in the minigame, losing one piece of cheese 
is no big deal. If you made say, 20 pieces of cheese and failed to 
catch the mosue, the time, money, and MP spent on making the cheese 
will be a huge loss. When you're playing the minigame, DO NOT PRESS THE 
with the minigame, go to the academy and there will be a new item for 
sale - a mousetrap.

If it's around May at this point, don't go to Stoldel Waterfall unless 
you can hire a good adventurer and you have a good stock of #030 and 

Make item #060 since you should have read the book that's necessary to 
make it. You only need to make one.

At some time, you'll come across an event where Marlone is awakened.
1 - Get up
2 - Go back to sleep

GET UP. You should come across this event a second time. GET UP again. 
Marlone will give the item to the tree. Good things will happen later 
(trust me).

When you have 1500 silver, go back to the academy and buy the last 
reference book (it's an explosives book). After reading the book, 
you'll be able to make powerful offensive items if you have the tools 
and ingredients.

Ask Dio for rumors again. If you followed this, it should be the third 
time. He'll tell you about Elfin Cave. Now when you step outside the 
city, Elfin Cave will be one of the places you can visit. He also tells 
you that it's recommended if you want to gather rocks and metals (and 
adds a minor insult saying that Mt. Viland is the best, but there are 
too many monsters which are out of your league). Last but not least, he 
tells you that the cave is at the bottom of Mt. Viland.

May 23 is the King's B-day but it shouldn't affect you at all at this 
point. Don't worry about missing it.

Now do you remember the deal about giving the tree item #060? Late at 
night, someone (something?) leaves item #050 at your front door. If you 
didn't make item #060, you wouldn't be able to fill slot 050 and 060 in 
the book/catalog.

If you've been buying books, taking jobs (and completing them on time), 
and making items on a consistent basis, Ingrid should eventually come 
to your door. She'll give you item #099, the library card. With this 
card, your ability to make items will expand even further. Go to the 
academy and you'll be able to enter the library which was previously 
closed to you. Go to the academy and you'll be able to read, "Me and 
Bombs." ^_^   Go to the academy library every day you're not 
adventuring or in the shop making something. This in will increase 
Marlone's intelligence rating and will allow her to make more items.

June 18 will be a solar eclipse, but you won't be able to take 
advantage of that day yet.

Be at your shop on June 28. Schia will ask you if you want to go to 
1 - OK
2 - Maybe next time

DO NOT TURN HER DOWN. At the festival, one of the adventurers with will 
be selling two items. If you can afford them both, buy them. They're 
often hard-to-find items and if you buy them, that adventurer's 
friendship index will increase, thus leading to more jobs in the 
future. The adventurer you run into will vary. It will often be the 
adventurer who has the lowest friendship index.

You'll eventually run into Kyielich, Kyrie for short, at the tavern. 
She's a female warrior with red hair.

Be at the shop on August 15. It's the summer festival. Schia will come 
to your door. DO NOT TURN HER DOWN.
1 - OK
2 - Maybe next time

When you have the chance, start buying tools from the academy.

End of year one after August 31...

At this point, if you feel that you're lost and can't follow the 
walkthrough because you can't make the items efficiently, don't worry. 
There are times in the game where you will need to make the same type 
of items in large quantities over and over again. Items #010, #011, 
#028, #029, and #057 are items which are required to make more powerful 
items so you'll want to keep a healthy stock of those. Having around 20 
of those items at all times will greatly cut down on lost "time" in the 
game. The semiantidote items are popular with the people that come to 
Marlone for help - and having them stocked at all times will save you a 
lot of time compared to accepting the job, THEN making the items. The 
point being, this is probably one of the most nonlinear RPGs ever made 
(if not THE most nonlinear) and there is no one right path. If you make 
a mistake or think you've made a mistake, it's no big deal.

In addition, you might want to have 99 Canohne Rock (#001), 99 burning 
sand (010), 99 wax (#013), and 99 of the stuff you can make out of 
those items if you're a pyromaniac that likes to blow up and torch 
enemies (you need the above items to make powerful explosives; you'll 
understand later).

Here's a general "outline" to follow in the game (this is not written 
in stone; SS mag 12-26-97):

Year 1: Earn a living
Year 2: Attempt to make high level items
Year 3: Use the fairies
Year 4: Browse through events
Year 5: Preparation for the ending

The events which occur will vary depending on how well a player takes 
advantage of the calendar. None of the events listed below will 
"appear" in any specific order.

As you listen to more rumors from Dio, you'll get to visit many places. 
Here's what the list will look like:

Nearby forest: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 1
Heybel Lake: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 4
Elfin Cave: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 6
Media Forest: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 8
Mt. Viland : Minimum # of days for a round trip: 12
Fairy Forest: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 8
Stoldell Waterfall: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 12
Airfolk Tower: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 8
Welzenburg Castle: Minimum # of days for a round trip: 18

Meyer Cave can be visited after you hear the rumor, but you won't be 
able to visit it again if you defeat the bandits there. (More on the 
bandits later.) The Meyer Cave will take 8 days for a round trip. For 
the Japanese illiterate, you can tell that it's the Meyer Cave by: 1.) 
the fourth character from the left will be a single horizontal line, 
2.) it takes 8 days for the round trip. The best thing to do is to 
check for condition 1.) since you don't want to incorrectly select 
Meyer Cave when you're too weak. Going to the cave when you wanted to 
go to the Media Forest or Fairy Forest (also 8 days) can be suicidal. 
Going to Airfolk Tower (also 8 days) by mistake is also suicide since 
the enemies there are even tougher than the enemies at Meyer Cave. 
Marlone will eventually be able defeat all monsters and enemies but 
she's too weak at the moment.

If you wait for September 30 and if you're at the shop, Schia will come 
to your door and tell you that the knights are out killing monsters. 
Take this opportunity to visit places you haven't visited. By listening 
to "rumors" from Dio, you can start to visit places you haven't been to 
before and avoid encountering monsters at most places. In addition, 
listening to rumors will allow you to get other information - such as 
the weapons shop dealer wanting to buy item #006 (he'll give you a lot 
of money for it).

If your reputation/fame index is over 200 and if there's no one else in 
the weapon shop, talk to the dealer. He will ask you to make a hair 
growth formula for him. (SS mag, 12-26-97.) After he does, wait a few 
days (go do something else). Go to the academy. Go to the library and 
start reading some books. You'll get to read about how to make a hair 
growth formula. There's no real deadline for this item, but it's best 
to make this item as soon as possible so you can move on to making 
other items. You may end up having to make certain items that are 
necessary to make it and you may end up scrounging for cash if you've 
been buying good from the fairies. Just get jobs from Dio and buy/make 
any ingredients you need. Slowly but surely, you'll be able to make 
this item. If and when you have the items necessary to make it, save 
your game. This protects you in case your first attempt to make this 
item turns out to be a failure. When you make the hair growth formula, 
DO NOT MAKE MORE THAN ONE. (Making more than one will deny you of 
seeing certain events.) After you have the formula, visit the weapons 
shop and talk to the dealer. You'll hand the formula over to him and 
he'll close his shop for a few days. A few days later, he'll come to 
your shop with REALLY LONG HAIR. He'll be so happy about his new hair, 
he'll give you a gift. You'll acquire the Star and Moon wand. Equip 
Marlone with this immediately and her magic attacks will significantly 
increase in power. Once you equip Marlone with the new wand, a new 
option will be available during battle. The "Sure kill" option will 
attack all enemies with powerful magic. If you go back to the weapons 
shop, the guy will be bald again. He'll get depressed and close shop 
for a few days. If you didn't make more than one Rogaine (TM ^_^), 
he'll ask you to make another one. Make another one and you'll get see 
another funny event. ^_^  (This additional event is not in the original 
PSX release.) The weapon shop owner will then give you 1500 silver.

After aquiring the new weapon for Marlone, the "Sure kill" option will 
be available when you go into battle. Marlone will shoot out a single 
ball of light. As her levels increase, she will be able to shoot 
multiple balls of light that strikes all enemies. When that happens, 
most enemies can be cut down and eliminated in 1 or 2 turns.

If your friendship index with My reaches a certain level and if it's 
around winter, she will come to Marlone's door and tell her that she's 
not used to the cold in Zarlburg (My is from the a country in the 
south). My will want something to keep her warm. After you see this 
event, go to the academy's library. Marlone will be able to read a book 
that explains how to use the power of the sun. Go back to the shop and 
there will be a new item listed in your inventory (of course, you'll 
have zero of it). This is the Sun Necklace. You only need to make one. 
After you make it and at least a day goes by, My will return. She'll 
mention that she got used to the cold but she'll give you money for the 
necklace anyway.

If you heard enough rumors that weren't heard from paying Dio (you get 
to hear them while you travel around town) about the Hoffen flower and 
if Marlone's friendship index with My is at a certain level, My will 
ask about the flower. Marlone will know about it and ask why My is so 
interested in it. She won't answer, but you'll find out later.

If you talked to Flea (Dio's daughter; has pink hair) at least twice 
and "heard" some rumors (not from Dio) in town about the Phantom Thief 
Der Himmel, 10 days after the rumor and within 6 months of the rumor, 
Flea will receive a letter from Der Himmel (boy, that was a long 
sentece; I'm out of breath). Der Himmel promises to steal Flea's 
jewelry box. (SS mag, December 26, 1997.) After Marlone promises to 
protect the box, Der Himmel manages to steal the box in front of 
Marlone - by disguising herself as Flea (damned good disguise). After 
this event and a little bit of research (at the academy), Marlone will 
be able to make the living rope (item #062). Make the living rope as 
soon as possible (you only need to make one). Go back to the pub 
Natalie (Der Himmel will make another appearance to steal something 
else. The living rope will capture her. After this, Natalie returns the 
stolen goods (she stole from people all over town) and you'll add to 
your reputation index. She will then become an adventurer that you can 
hire. Her fighting abilities are weak but her speed statistic is very 
good. Her ability to escape from battles may come in handy if your HP 
is low during battle (this skill is useless against bosses). 

If you've made the items mentioned in this walkthrough so far and go to 
the academy, you'll run into an old man with a beard (he'll also be 
wearing a blue hat). He's Drnie (pronounced, (Door-nee-eh), the head of 
into the library. Go into the library. Once you go there, Marlone will 
say that the old man disappeared. DO NOT LEAVE THE LIBRARY. Check the 
upper corner. Marlone will discover a secret room. Drnie will be there. 
From now on, you'll be able to access all of the books necessary to 
read about the items you'll need to make in the game. If you do not 
discover this room immediately after running into Drnie and if you 
leave the academy without finding it, you'll miss out on a major part 
of the game - because many of the high-level items cannot be made 
without reading the books located in the secret room. Just because you 
now have access to the special archives, don't overlook the regular 
books in the library. There will be some books you'll be able to read 
to increase Marlone's intelligence index. Every time you visit the 
academy, try reading the normal books and the special books in the 
back. Most of the time, you won't learn anything but there will be 
times when you do. When you do, your intelligence index will increase 

After year one, Marlone may run into a young man. If you wander around 
town once in a while, you'll run into him again, and again. After this 
happens, MAKE SURE to go to the King's birthday celebration (5/23) when 
Schia asks. (1 - go, 2 - maybe next time.) You'll run into the young 
man again at the party, except he'll be wearing white armor with a 
light blue tint. You'll soon find yourself back at the shop. Go to the 
castle. Instead of being faced with Enderk, you'll face the young man. 
He's Prince Bredorf. After you meet him at the castle, he'll give you a 
pass (item #100) that will allow you to enter and exit the castle any 
time you want.

If you heard a rumor from Dio about the dragon Flampfile and if your 
friendship index with Hallesch is high enough, he'll ask you if you 
have a dragon's fang. He'll then tell you a LONG story about a little 
boy talking to his friends about a dragon's fang - and how he's being 
made fun of because the kid friends think he's all talk but has no fang 
in his posession. Hallesch "promises" the kid that he'll get a fang for 
him - and he came to Marlone for help. Although you get get a dragon's 
fang by defeating Flampfile at Mt. Viland, you're WAAAAAAAY too weak to 
fight the dragon at this point in the game. It's best to wait until 
year 4 or 5.

If you've done enough reading at the secret section of the library and 
have been consistently doing your research and/or making items, you'll 
get to read about a flower that blooms only in the dark. On June 18 of 
every year, there will be a solar eclipse. During the solar eclipse, if 
you read about the flower, you'll be able to get item #053 
(Donkelheit). You can only get this item during a solar eclipse. 
Marlone must also know of its existence as well. If the conditions are 
met, then go to the nearby forest on the 18th and Marlone will get the 

Back to Kugel: Once your friendship index with Kugel is high enough, 
he'll come to ask for a favor. He'll tell you that he and Dio are 
brothers - and they got into a fight some years ago. He wants Marlone 
to come up with something that will smooth out the sibling 
relationship. ACCEPT THE JOB. Go to the academy and read some books. 
Marlone will now know how to make item #086. Make it. After you do, 
Kugel will come to pick it up and you'll receive 1500 silver.

After listening to a few more rumors, you'll be able to visit the Meyer 
Cave. The Meyer Cave is the hideout of bandits led by Schwalbe. If you 
go there, you'll get into a fight with Schwalbe and 5 bandits. Schwalbe 
is tough since his speed statistic is high. The others are no slouches 
either. Tactical advices: 1.) Go to the cave only after Marlone (and 
other party members) are pumped *OR* 2.) level up Marlone until her 
"Sure kill" attack hits all enemies. Stock tons of Fortflams (item 
#020) and equip Marlone and other party members. Have My or Natalie or 
both (if you don't care about leveling up Schia) in your party. Toss 
the bombs. If you run out of Fortflams, have Marlone attack with "Sure 
kill" and have other party members attack using standard attacks. After 
Schwalbe and the bandits are defeated, he'll take off. He'll then make 
an appearance at Marlone's door, informing her that he's become an 
adventurer. You can hire him from now on (he's expensive). His most 
noticable statistic is speed (like Natalie).

When you try to make item #087, Marlone will start to fall asleep. This 
will be another minigame. (The original PSX release also has this 
minigame. Aren't you glad I updated this FAQ? ^_^) In this minigame, 
the idea is to collect the tablets that spell out, "Tablet of Time" in 
Japanese. The letters are:


Of course, this means nothing if you're Japanese illiterate. Just write 
down what the tablets' letters are. Just get the tablets you're 
required to get. You don't need to get the tablets in order. You have 
to be careful of three things: 1.) DO NOT PRESS THE START BUTTON. 2.) 
"Sleeping ghosts." If you touch one of them, you'll lose all the 
tablets you collected and you'll have to start over. 3.) If you collect 
the wrong tablet by mistake, you'll lose all the correct tablets you 
collected and you'll have to start over. If you collect all the correct 
tablets in 3 minutes, you'll have item #087 in your inventory when 
you're done with the minigame. If you fail, your time, effort, and MP 
will have been a waste.

Some time after you gave Kugel his gift, talk to Aula (the girl selling 
stuff at the academy). She'll tell you that Kreis is her younger 
brother and he doesn't have any friends - because he's a conceited 
mother f***er. She'll ask Marlone to make something that will improve 
his social relationships with other people. (Basically, you're supposed 
to make item #086 again.) Go back to your shop and make it. When you're 
done, go back to the academy and give it to Aula. She'll give you 
another wand. (Useless, in my opinion... It increases your physical 
offense but decreases your magic offense too much...)

After listening to a number of Dio's rumors, you'll be able to go to 
Media Forest. If you discover the apple there, you'll enter another 
minigame (all versions). The minigame will involve Marlone running 
against the wind to reach a tree. 1.) Tap [OK] rapidly to run and press 
[CANCEL] to jump. Some bushes will tumble toward Marlone as she runs 
toward the apple tree some jump when that happens. If you get hit by a 
rolling bush, you'll start over and lose a little bit of time. 2.) DO 
NOT PRESS THE START BUTTON. You'll have 3 minutes to get 3 apples.

The weapons shop owner will ask you to make some kind of a potion for a 
singing contest, but there's nothing you'll be able to do. A potion 
that improves his singing voice doesn't exist in the game.

One day, you'll run into Schia at the academy. She will appear to be 
sick. Later on, she'll come to the shop and ask you to go shopping with 
her. 1 - Sure, 2 - maybe next time. You know the drill. She'll say 
she'll meet you at some place but she won't show up. She'll soon drop 
from your party automatically. After a few days, Ingrid will inform you 
that Schia is gravely ill. Marlone will go to Schia's house. She'll 
mention that she nees an elixer (item #044) but as wealthy as her 
family is, they can't afford to buy it from the academy. Marlone will 
take it upon herself to make the elixer. When you step outside the 
shop, there will be another place you can visit - Schia's house. It's 
pointless to go there until you have the elixer made. Go to the 
academy's secret library area. Read and you'll add another piece of 
information that'll allow you to make the elixer. You'll need to make a 
number of items that you don't have in your inventory yet before you 
can make the elixer. Make note of what you need and how many of what 
you need. You may need to visit a few places to gather ingredients 
because you'll nedd plenty of it. You'll want to cure Schia's illness 
as soon as possible because most events in the game will not occur as 
long as she is ill. Unfortunately, the elixer is a pain to make. After 
you have all the ingredients, save the game. It's possible to fail 
making an item even if the success rate given to you is in the high 90% 
range. You don't want all that work to go down the drain. Save and if 
you fail, reload. After you have the elixer, visit Schia's house. After 
a while, Schia will come to the shop and tell you that she's feeling 
much better. She'll give you item #024 and your reputation index will 
increase by 100.

After you have about or over 90 items in your book, Marlone will have a 
"flashback" of what Ingrid told her in the past. Ingrid mentions that 
the goal of every alchemist is to make the Scholar's Stone (#089). 
After the flashback, Marlone will be able to make the stone - but the 
ingredients for this item is also a pain as well. You'll need the 
Donkelheit (#053) (which you should have if you took it during the 
eclipse), Dragon's Tongue (#008), Elemental Teardrop (#-024), and Aroma 
Materia (#088). You know how to get the Donkelheit. The Dragon's Tongue 
can only be stocked by killing Flampfile. Schia will give you the 
teardrop if you make the elixer (as mentioned in the previous 
paragraph). The Aroma Materia can be made if you have 100 knights of 
the round materias, 50 master materias, 26 counter attack materias, 6 
gold chocobos, the desert rose... OOPS! WRONG GAME. ^_^  Seriously, the 
Aroma Materia can be made with 1 Rainbow Water (#021), 1 Gold Colored 
Rock (#009), 1 Salt (#069), and 1 red Semiantidote (#011). The Raibow 
Water must be made with 1 Dissolving Liquid (#018) and 1 Comet (#019). 
As you can see, the "tech tree" becomes a pain.

(New, as of version 1.1)   If Ruven's friendship index is 95 or higher 
*AND* if he isn't in your party *AND* if the date is year 5, December 1 
or later, you'll get might be able to see an event with Ruven at the 
pub (there's a 50% chance if you met the conditions above). If you met 
the conditions but the event doesn't take place, keep going back to the 
pub and you'll eventually get to see the event. Ruven was separated 
from his parents at a very young age - and he's going to look for them. 
After he says his goodbyes, he will drop from the game and you won't be 
able to hire him.

(Saturn and PSX "Plus" versions only...) Assuming that Schia is not 
sick in bed, on year 4 of November 5, a comet (not the kind that you 
can make in the game) will fall out of the sky. If Marlone is not 
making an item, Schia will come to the door and ask if you want to go 
see the comet. Say yes. After the event, from November 6 to February 
29, item #004 will be half price at the academy. (SS mag, January 9-16, 

(Saturn and PSX "Plus" versions only...) If My's friendship index was 
high enough (around 75), after about 10 days, she'll ask about a flower 
called Hoffen. In year 4, if her friendship index is 80 or over and if 
you have her in your party when you visit Stoldel Waterfall around mid-
August, you'll get to see a special event. My will talk about her 
boyfriend/lover and how the Hoffen flowers brought back some memories 
of him. (In case you're wondering, he died; that's why My cries during 
this event.)

If you've managed to make item #065 and go to the lake, you'll find the 
Millenium Turtles (Saturn or PSX "Plus" versions only). 1 - leave them 
alone, 2 - capture them. Leaving them alone will give you 50 exp. 
Capturing them will kill the turtles but you'll get 10 shells. (Famitsu 
PS, June 12, 1998.) Since you can make the shells on your own, leave 
them alone and get the 50 exp. You won't need 10 shells anyway.

(Saturn and PSX "Plus" versions only...) If Kreis' friendship index is 
75 or over, he'll ask you to make a living broom (item #064) for him. 
The main conditions include: a.) Giving Aula item #086. b.) You made 
item #064 but don't have any in stock. c.) The atelier is filthy. d.) 
As mentioned earlier, Kreis' friendship index is 75 or higher. (Famitsu 
PS, June 12, 1998.) There are secondary conditions. It's hard to 
increase Kreis' friendship index without satisfying a.). In order to 
satisfy the first condition, you have to get Kugel's friendship index 
over 60 since he won't come to you to ask for help otherwise. After 
that, Aula will ask you to make #086 (she won't ask for that particular 
item specifically) when you talk to her at the academy. In order to 
make the living broom, you need to have seen the event of Natalie 
(a.k.a. Der Himmel). After Natalie steals from Flea, Marlone can do 
some research to make the living rope (item #062). The living broom 
cannot be made without the living rope. If you never saw the Natalie / 
Der Himmel event, then there's no way to make the living broom since 
you won't be able to make the living rope. Apparently, if you make more 
than one hair growth formula for the weapons shop owner, Der Himmel's 
event does not take place (I don't know why, but that seems to be the 
case). When you make the hair growth fomula, do not make more than one. 
After you make the living broom, it will eventually die so not having 
any in stock after you made one won't be a problem. That takes care of 
condition b.). The shop will get filthy since this is Marlone... so 
just don't make any brooms or hire a fairy that cleans up the place. 
That takes care of condition c.). As for condition d.), Kreis will ask 
you to make some items for him after making item #086. Making items for 
him will increase his friendship index so don't turn him down (even 
though he IS a prick). In order to increase his friendship index, you 
can also put him in your party - but he's weak and worthless so that 
might not be such a great idea if your party is weak. He won't always 
join your party, though.

Boss Tips, part one: There are three bosses in the game. You'll be able 
to fight two of them without going through the trouble of trying to 
find them. One of the bosses, Twister, is at the Stoldel Waterfall but 
you won't necessarily run into it. It's possible to get all 7 endings 
without defeating Twister. It's best to heal your party with the 
spinach before you get to the waterfall. If you happen to run into 
Twister and if you don't have the Stone Tablet of Time (item #087), 
you're dead meat. If you made one but forgot to equip it, that's as 
good as not having it. Make sure to have a good supply of Megaflam 
(item #022) and equip each party member (hopefully with strong magic 
attack statistics) with it. It's recommended that you have some 
adventurers in your party for fighting Twister instead of Schia, unless 
Schia's magic attacks are higher than other adventurers (in this case, 
equip Schia with the Megaflam as well). In order to defeat Twister, 
have Marlone use the tablet. After Twister's movement stops (for a 
short time; it's not permanent), have the adventurers use their 
standard attacks. If you have Schia, have her toss Megaflams. Make 
Marlone attack with the Megaflam. If Marlone's levels are high enough, 
the Twister will die after a few turns (it may take anywhere from 5 to 
8 turns if you're weak; It'll take 3 to 4 turns if you're well-
equipped). If Twister doesn't die after a few turns, it will recover 
from the effects of the tablet and attack. If the adventurers get hurt, 
don't bother healing them since any attempts to heal them will be 
wasted by the monster's next round of attack. Just have Marlone toss 
the bombs in each turn. The longer the battle continues, the 
possibility of you losing increases. This also applies when you're 
fighting the other two bosses as well. Note: You won't run into Twister 
if you kill Flampfile first. Flampfile is a stronger boss than Twister.

Boss tips, part two: Flampfile is the red dragon that lives on Mt. 
Viland. If you heard enough rumors from Dio, you'll run into the dragon 
once you reach the top of the mountain (you won't run into it if the 
knights are out on a monster killing spree). It's recommended that 
you're at a very high level (higher than the levels required to fight 
Twister) with a stone tablet and a large supply of Megaflams. It's also 
recommended that you have Enderk in your party. Enderk will not join 
your party unless your reputation index is very high (in addition, you 
need to have item #100). Enderk will say, "So, you're the dragon. I 
don't have anything against you, but here I come!" (Other adventuring 
characters will say nothing.) Use the tablet. Have Marlone toss the 
Megaflams. If Schia is pumped (see the "ending #7" section), have her 
toss Megaflams as well. If not (AND if she's pumped), have Schia use 
her "Sure kill" attack. Have Enderk use his standard attacks. He's 
powerful. After the dragon is defeated, Hallesch will come to your door 
and ask for the fang (if your friendship index was high enough earlier 
in the game for him to ask you this favor). He'll give you A LOT of 
money for it.

Boss tips, part three: If you're ready for this, save your game. You 
should have whoever you want to have the best weapon in the game in 
your party (Marlone and Schia don't count). Go to Welzenburg 
(prounounced with a "V") Castle (round trip - 18 days). If you defeated 
Flampfile and reached very high levels from battling monsters/making 
items, you'll find a special weapon for a party member you have in your 
party (other than Schia and Marlone). My recommendation is to take 
either Kyrie or Enderk with you (but not both; you won't be able to 
grab more than one item at the castle). If you acquire an item (usually 
a weapon but varies from character to character), equip immediately 
after returning to the shop. After you get back, go to Airfolk Tower. 
Farlan is the Demon King who strikes fear into the minds of just about 
everyone. He is located at the top floor of Airfolk Tower. Before you 
reach the top floor, you'll have to fight through fours sets of 
monsters (jellies, elves, insects, and gargoyles). After you defeat 
them all, you'll can choose to go to the top floor. If you do, you'll 
face Farlan. If you have Kyrie in your party, she'll say, "The day for 
us to settle the score has arrived..." (other characters will say 
nothing; she apparently has some connection with the demon world). The 
procedure is the same as the other two bosses. Use the tablet of time, 
then attack with Megaflams. If Kyrie is equipped with the weapon found 
at Welzenburg Castle, have her use her standard attacks. They will be 
powerful. As an added bonus, the attacks will have "bonus damage" after 
a strike with the special weapon. (Enderk's is even more more powerful 
but you won't be able to listen to Kyrie's speech, unless both are in 
your party.) If Schia is in your party, make sure she's pumped beyond 
level 25 and have her toss Megaflams or have her use her "Sure kill" 

After defeating Farlan, go back to Airfolk Tower if you want to pump up 
Marlone or Schia even further (max is level 50). Once you climb back up 
to the top, you'll get to play a minigame. (Saturn and PSX "Plus" 
versions only. If you own the original PSX release, this is not one of 
the 5 original minigames.) The idea is to collect as many treasure 
boxes as you can without going into the line of sight of gargoyles. 
Remember that you can push an object but cannot pull an object. There 
are two types of gargoyles: 1.) An "active" type which will spot you 
from all four directions. 2.) A stationary type whose line of sight is 
only one direction. You can push type 2 but cannot push type 1. You can 
use the stationary gargoyles and blocks to block the sights of "active" 
gargoyles. If you end up in a gargoyle's line of sight, you'll have to 
start over. All gargoyles and blocks will be replaced if you're 
"caught." Sometimes that's a good strategy to use if you happen to push 
a block or a gargoyle into a bad position. You can get "caught" as many 
times as you want since you can't die in the game. You have three 
minutes to collect all the treasue boxes in the room. As mentioned 
before with the other minigames, don't press the start button.

(New, as of version 1.1)   If Kyrie's friendship index is 75 or higher 
*AND* if Kyrie was in your party when you fought Farlan *AND* if Farlan 
is dead *AND* if the date is year 5, December 1 or later *AND* if 
you're in your shop, Kyrie will come to the shop. She'll tell you she 
decided to go back where she came from - the demon world - and came to 
say goodbye. After this event, she will drop from the game and you 
won't be able to hire her.

----- Endings -----

Legendary Person Ending: In order to get ending #1, you must satisfy 
the following conditions: a.) Marlone must be at level 50. b.) Schia 
must not be sick in bed. You can level up Marlone by making multiple 
visits to Airfolk Tower and killing the monsters there.

Savior of the City Ending: This is ending #2. Marlone becomes an 
adventurer herself. This ending can be acquired by defeating the Demon 
King Farlan (no other conditions should be met). A poster of Marlone 
will be displayed at the academy but Ingrid doesn't seem to be too 
pleased. Being at level 50 will negate this ending.

Meister Rank Ending: If you're going for ending #3, you must collect 
and/or make all 100 items (does not include weapons and armor) in the 
game. This is not an easy task since you must meet all of the 
characters in the game and see most of the in-game events. If you miss 
some events, you can't make certain items - and that eliminates the 
possibility of getting this ending. Being at level 50 will *NOT* negate 
thsi ending.

Become a Teacher Ending: This is ending #4.You can get this ending by 
making item #089, which can be a pain. You can go back and re-read the 
paragraph explaining how to make item #089. Being at level 50 will 
negate this ending.

Normal Ending: If you're going for ending #5, all you need to do is to 
make one level 4 item during the 5-year span. Marlone will then open 
her own shop with Schia as her assistant. If you made new items when 
you could, this is a rather easy ending to get. Being at level 50 will 
negate this ending.

Bad Ending: In order to get ending #6, you must fail to make a single 
item that's level 4 or higher. A real crappy ending (with moody music). 
It's hard to get this ending if you play normally.

Two Legendary People Ending (may not be included in the original PSX 
version): If you're going for ending #7, you'll probably wonder how to 
get Schia to level up. It's easy to level up Marlone. It's a pain to 
level up Schia. In order to get Schia to level up, have her beat up on 
some jellies at the lake. Don't have Marlone or other adventurers kill 
the monsters (whoever gets the kill gets the most exp). When you're 
able to, hire a bunch of fairies to make #017 and #020 in mass 
quantities. (As Schia levels up, her magic attack rating will be higher 
than physical attack rating so use #020.) You may want to hire one 
fairy to collect the red rocks, one fairy to grind the rocks into sand, 
one fairy to make wax, one fairy to make the Flam... If that starts to 
get confusing, just hire the best 2 ro 3 fairies that you can 
find/afford so managing them won't become a pain. Depending on how 
lucky you are, you can hire 2 fairies of the same color at the same 
time - the ones that work at the same speed as Marlone. Once you have a 
healthy stock of #017 and #020, go to Airfolk Tower. You'll encounter 
several battles before reaching the tower (unless the knights are out 
killing monsters). Once you reach the tower, go inside. You'll fight 
jellies, elves, giant insects, and gargoyles. Have Schia use #017 or 
#020 to kill the jellies, elves, and insects. Have Marlone and an 
adventurer heal other party members. Once you read the gargoyles, use 
Marlone's "sure kill" attack to soften up the gargoyles and have Schia 
finish them off with #020. Once Schia reaches level 25, her "sure kill" 
attack will become VERY powerful (inflicts 100 to 300+ points of damage 
on enemies). You may not need to have her use an item in each battle. 
After defeating the gargoyles, do not proceed to the upper floor unless 
you want to fight the Demon King Farlan. Keep in mind that it's next to 
impossible to get this ending if Schia is sick in bed for the obvious 

----- After the Game -----

If you try to start the game again, you'll see three options instead of 
two. The third option is "Bonuses." This exists for all versions.

1.) Art gallery: You'll get to see the various characters you met in 
the game (not all of them). Use the control pad to choose different 
characters. You can press the L, R, Y and Z buttons to change the 
facial expressions of the characters. You can hit X a number of times 
to see all facial expressions. A and C can be used to change the 
outfits of Schia and Bredorf (other characters don't have a wardrobe). 
Press B to exit. I don't know what the appropriate buttons are for the 
PSX (I don't own the PSX version). It shouldn't be too hard to figure 
out if you own the PSX version.

2.) Music theater: You can listen to the game's soundtrack.

3.) Central theater: You can see all the endings you managed to get.

4.) Playpen: You can play the minigames you found during the game. a.) 
Stone Tablet game, b.) Find the Golden Salmon, c.) Apple game, d.) 
Mouse/rat game, e.) Hammer the jellies game, f.) Treasure Hunt game 
(the gargoyle one). The treasure hunt game is the only minigame that is 
not in the original PSX release.

----- Items list -----

----- Red Items -----

001 - Canohne Rock; You can acquire this item from Mt. Viland.

002 - Underground Pool Water; You can acquire this item from the Elfin 
Cave, based at the foot of Mt. Viland.

003 - Comet Ore; You can get this from Mt. Viland but appears with less 
frequency than the Canohne Rock.

004 - Star Fragments; You can buy this at the academy. 50 silver 

005 - Dragon's Fang; You can only get this item by defeating Flampfile 
(a nasty fire-breathing dragon).

006 - Grasen Ore; This is somewhat of a rare item which can be found at 
Mt. Viland. You can sell this for a big profit to the weapons dealer.

007 - Newz; You can get this from the nearby forest or from the Media 

008 - Tongue of the Fire Dragon; This is also acquired by defeating 
Flampfile. You need this to make iotem #089.

009 - Gold Colored Rock; Mt. Viland.

010 - Burning Sand; You can make this by grinding down Canohne Rock.

011 - Semiantidote (red); Made from Canohne Rock.

012 - Flam; This is made of Burning Sand and Wax.

013 - Wax; Made from Semiantidote (green), Beehive, and Burning Sand.

014 - Craft; Made from Newz.

015 - Starsand; Made by griding down Star Fragments.

016 - Sun Necklace; Give this to My.

017 - Megacraft; This is a better offensive weapon than the Craft. Its 
damage is physical, not magical.

018 - Dissolving liquid; Used to dissolve stones and metal.

019 - Comet; Made from Comet Ore.

020 - Fortflam; An offensive weapon that hits multiple enemies with 
intermediate magical damage.

021 - Rainbow Holy Water; It takes 6 days to make this.

022 - Megaflam; Hits one enemy with a very powerful magic attack.

----- Blue Items -----

023 - Heybel Lake's Water; Just go to Heybel Lake.

024 - Elemental Teardrop; A transparent crystal in the shape of a 

025 - Resident Poison (Yadokuyadori); I hope the translation is OK... 
You can get this from Media Forest.

026 - Gold Salmon; You can get this from Stoldel Waterfall.

027 - Mystica; An herb.

028 - Distilled Water; Self-explanatory.

029 - Semiantidote (blue); Made from Haybel Lake Water.

030 - Althena's Water; A healing item handy in battles. Also used to 
make other items.

031 - Mystica Leaf; Restores 5MP when used.

032 - Sprite's Balls of Light; This can be used for some minor lighting 

033 - Antidote; Self-explanatory. Most poisons can be counteracted with 

034 - Strength Source Pill A; Increases your offensive rating when used 
in battle.

035 - Strength Source Pill B; Increases your defensive rating when used 
in battle.

036 - Nutrition Drink; Reduces Marlone's "stress" rating by 20.

037 - Psychological Source Pill A; Every time you take this, your 
concentration and intelligence ratings goes up. 

038 - Psychological Source Pill B; It "relaxes" you every time you take 

039 - Lightning of the Gods; A very powerful lighting attack item.

040 - Althena's wound medicine; Restores 150 HP.

041 - Mysticaty - Restores 100 MP.

042 - The Lost Fruit; An extinct fruit that is made artificially by the 
likes of Marlone.

043 - Eyedrop of Wisdom; Increases max MP by 3.

044 - Elixer; Cures most illnesses.

----- Green Items -----

045 - Eternally Young Apple; Grows at Media Forest.

046 - Celecration Wine; Reduces Marlone's stress index by 10.

047 - Spinach; Recovers 25HP and costs 3MP. If used in battle, it also 
slightly increases a character's defensive rating.

048 - Monster Mushrooms; You can get these at the nearby forest or at 
the Media Forest.

049 - Schario Milk; There's no way to acquire this other than to buy it 
from a fairy that comes to the shop bimonthly.

050 - Nut from a mysterious tree; Improves one character's statistics. 
Does not increase speed.

051 - Jellybeans; They're inside the jelly monsters you fight in the 
game. You can also buy it from a fairy.

052 - Bamboo; You can buy this at the academy or find it at Media 

053 - Donkelheit; You can only acquire this during a solar eclipse at 
the nearby forest.

054 - Beehive; You can buy this from a fairy or find it at Media 

055 - Sea Urchin; A weak physical weapon.

056 - Magic Grass; A very common item.

057 - Semiantidote (green); made from magic grass.

058 - Schario Oil; Made from Schario Milk.

059 - Schario Cheese; Ditto.

060 - Vitamin Supplement for Plants; You need to read books at the 
academy before you can make this item.

061 - Spinach S; Made from 027, 047, and 057.

062 - Living rope; Used to catch thieves.

063 - Rogaine (sort of). Hm... That's copyrighted... Hair Growth 
Formula; Give this to the weapons dealer.

064 - Living Broom; Cleans up the Atelier.

065 - Shells of the Millenium Turtle; Millenium Turtles are thought to 
be extinct, so their shells are made artificially.

066 - Immortality Drink; Doesn't make you immortal, but increases a 
character's max HP by 4.

----- White Items -----

067 - Zuftav Spear Grass; It has the ability to put living creatures to 

068 - Albelhi; They float around inside Elfin Cave during the fall 

069 - Salt; Can be bought at the academy.

070 - Fest; They're all over the place, but are most abundant near/at 
Elfin Cave.

071 - Waterfall Basin Drops; Basically, it's crystallized  water.

072 - Gash Branch; There's plenty of these growing near Stoldel 

073 - Poison Mushrooms; Applues a poison effect on an enemy during 

074 - Radiant Stone; Looks more like a metal than a rock...

075 - Crystallized Radiant Lake (Water); That's probably not the best 

076 - Fairy Wings; You may find these once in a while when you visit 
Media Forest.

077 - Ground Medicine; You can get this when you grind #070.

078 - Good Luck Charm of the Skies;Basically, it's attatching a string 
to item #074.

079 -Raincloud Stone; Use #074 and #077.

080 - Bamboo Flute of Gale (Winds); Increases your speed only during 

081 - Paralisys Powder; More powerful than #073 when used in battle.

082 - Zuftav Spear Water; Can put one enemy to sleep if used in battle.

083 - Powdered Poison Mushrooms; This is a powerful item to use on an 
enemy. A physically/magically weak party member should equip this.

084 - Gash Charcoal; Anyone who falls asleep during battle can be 
awakend by this.

085 - Mahikorori ("Stun" Recovery); Marlone's invention (she named it 
herself). Restores party members incapacitated in battle to health.

086 - Smile to the World (no, really); Another invention by Marlone. It 
helps people to get along with one another.

087 - Stone Tablet of Time; A very powerful item that stops all enemy 
movement for a duration.

088 - Aroma Materia; No, this is not Final Fantasy VII. This is a 
necessary item to make item #089.

----- Special Item -----

089 - Kanja no ishi (Scholar's Stone); All the ingrdients for this item 
are a pain to acquire.

----- Other Items -----

090 - Lamp; You can buy this item at the academy for 880 silver.

091 - Separator; You can buy this at the academy for 900 silver.

092 - Filter; You can buy this at the academy for 200 silver.

093 - Basket; You can buy this at the academy for 240 silver.

094 - Mouse trap; After you make item #059, mice will appear. After 
that, you can go to the academy to buy this. 160 silver.

095 - Balance; You can buy this at the academy for 800 silver.

096 - Glassware; You can buy this at the academy for 1000 silver.

097 - Mortar (grinder); You can buy this at the academy for 500 silver.

098 - Ring of the vertically challenged (^_^); A fairy (not the "gay" 
kind) will give this item to you during the game, which will allow you 
to go into the fairy forest.

099 - Library card; Ingrid will give you this item during the game, 
which will give you access to the library's archives.

100 - Hall pass; Under certain circumstances, Prince Bredorf will give 
you this item. This item gives you access to the palace.


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