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*** Blast Corps - The Guide ***
Author: marshmallow ([email protected])

I've never played this game until recently, and I love it! It's yet 
another Rare classic...and that's why, I'm proud to say that this is my 
10th FAQ EVER! *crowd cheers* Yay! *crowd cheers again* Joy! *crowd 
cheers even louder* You think I'm insane, don't you? *crowd cheers 

I need to stop eating super sugar coated cereal for breakfast...whew!

Revision History:

March 9th - Well, I spellchecked the entire thing with my new 
Spellchecker. New things? No. That's it.


Version 1.0
(Ever notice that most of my FAQS never go beyond 1.0? I always put 
everything there is to write in the first version!)

1) Story
2) Basic Blastin'
3) Vehicles
4) Items
5) Carrier Levels
6) Mini-Games
7) Tricks
8) Credits
9) Legal Junk
10) Final Notes/Farewell

Ah, nice and even...

1) Story

Note: This is set in the future; if you didn't know

Blast Corps: Leaders in the field of...well...demolishing stuff faster 
than anyone else! With the help of some "unique" machines that they 
built for the army, the team destroys old buildings so new ones can be 
placed in...

But, how did they come into being? Years ago, at a military base named 
Rafters, the team members worked hard and created the machines they use 
today. They would be used by the army for "classified" situations...

But after they were done, the team were thrown aside by the military 
like a piece of cheap clothing. They didn't really care, and went on to 
future projects...

Wesley, one of the team members, was left disabled after a horrible 
accident. When he was rejected by the military base, the team was 
infuriated! They went on to lead the famous "Rafter Walkout." Then, 
after some twiddling in court, they got full use of their creations at 
their own will. Blast Corps was born...

Five years have passed. A carrier with a load of two advanced nuclear 
missiles has been left badly damaged after a leak in one of it's fuel 
departments...Disabled, the on-board computer automatically sets a 
course for the most direct route to a safe detonation site...

In it's way stand hundreds of houses, buildings, train tracks, amongst 
other things. The slightest jolt could set of a thermo-nuclear explosion 
which could wipe a country the size of the United States off the face of 
the Earth! It is leaking heavy loads of radiation, which prevents anyone 
from getting close to stop it...

Standing as the Earth's last defense, Blast Corps must clear a path so 
the Carrier can get through without a hitch. Ironically, the Carrier's 
origin was the Rafter's Military Base. But before a safe detonation can 
be prepared, six elite scientists must be gathered to set it up...

Actually, it's just a good excuse to blow stuff up! =)

2) Basic Blastin'

The Carrier levels are simple: Clear a  path for the carrier as it 
slowly inches forward towards an ultimate doom. The are usually several 
buildings there, but only a few must be destroyed. Which ones? Well, any 
in the Carrier's path will have several bright arrows around it. You 
don't even have to destroy the entire building...sometimes. If you 
destroy half, and the Carrier can still inch by without bumping into 
anything, you'll be OK. If you do this, the arrows will disappear. As 
the Carrier gets closer to the building in question, the arrows will 
slowly turn from green to yellow, orange, red, and then dark red. As it 
gets even closer, "WARNING!" will flash on the screen. When it is but a 
few feet away, "EXPLOSION IMMINENT!" will come up. A few seconds after 
that, it will get a little warm...

But the game isn't all "destroy destroy." If it was, it would get old 
very, very fast. After completing a level, you can go back and get some 
goodies. In fact, if you get 100% on all levels you get secret levels!

I expected this section to be a bit longer...oh well!

3) Vehicles

Each levels presents several vehicles for your use (not always, though), 
but the better ones (Like J-Bomb) are usually very well hidden. 

Scales are from 1-10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best

Ram Dozer
Description: It's a yellow bulldozer!

Destructive Power: 7 (topple nearly anything)
Ease of use: 10 (anyone can do it)
Speed: 5 (medium)

This is a great machine. Just plow through houses and watch them 
collapse! Well, most of them, at least. This is the only non-robot 
machine that can turn in place, so it's very easy to get out of tight know, like when the Carrier is 10 feet behind you. Later 
though, it won't be so easy. You'll have to push TNT boxes into 
buildings with this! This takes A LOT of practice, because it's so easy 
to goof up. Like, you'll just be cruising along with it, then you goof 
up and just keep on going and it stays behind and then it explodes and 
then you fail (unless there are other TNT boxes)! Overall, this is a 
great ride because it can smash a lot of buildings in a small amount of 

Back Lash
Description: Don't let the name fool you, it's just a dump truck with 
the Blast Corps logo on it.

Destructive Power: Flat Bed - 9 (Say "Bye bye" to the buildings!)
                   Head on - 3 (Don't even try!)
Ease of use: 1 (VERY VERY difficult)
Speed: 5 (medium)

This is one of the most used vehicles in the game!...unfortunately. To 
attack, you must charge at something and then, when you're about 2 Back 
Lash's away, curve and hold R while steering with the control stick. Do 
this in such a way so the flat bed (the part that would go up and empty 
garbage) hits your target. Not only is this difficult, but if you screw 
up you're screwed, too! =) Why? Because usually the Carrier is but a few 
yards away! If you miss the target, slam on the breaks and try again (if 
you don't you'll just continue sliding until the Carrier hits that 
building you missed!) Later in the game, new problems arise (as if you 
didn't have enough already)...DIRT, GRASS, and SAND! Dirt and sand are 
basically the same; if you turn to tightly you automatically enter a 
spin. This can benefit you if you have a hard time pulling off spins, 
but it's also very inconvenient. Grass is even worse; you go 2 X as 
slower PLUS you can't do any slides! But you MUST learn how to do this, 
four or five of the end stages REQUIRE it!

Is it me...or was this just added to make life tougher for you? 
Yeah...thanks A LOT Rare =) makes the game about 10 X tougher!

Side Swipe
Description: A yellow vehicle that has a design much like a fire truck. 
It has two battering rams on the back section.

Destructive Power: Rams - 4 (Weak, but not so bad)
                   Head on - 2 (Ha!)
Ease of use: 4 (Very difficult, but manageable)
Speed: 5 (medium)

A very strange vehicle...most of the time the buildings are arranged in 
such a way that you can just drive through while attacking them! Of 
course, it may take a few attacks, because those rams are awfully weak. 
But there is a way to fix it; but it requires some skill. If you get 
RIGHT up to a building and attack, it will barely do any damage. 
However, if you make it so the ram extends all the way out, the damage 
will increase ten-fold! But before attacking, you'll have to collect 
blue batteries to charge your ram attack. Driving is kinda hard, as the 
back part can turn at awkward angles and bump up against things (like 
the Carrier...)!

Sky Fall
Description: A dune buggy with a rocket engine at the back.

Destructive Power: Falling - 10
			 Ramming w/turbo (5)
Ease of use: 6 (Hard to aim)
Speed: 5 (medium)

To get the full use of this, find a wall or a ditch, and run full speed 
at it. Before hitting it, turbo and you'll go flying; hit a building and 
PRESTO! Then just ram into it. The turbo meter at the left hand side of 
the screen represents your fuel. When you rocket, it will lower until it 
stops and starts to sputter. Wait a few seconds and it will charge up to 
the brim! On another note, be careful when attacking's 
easy to land on the Carrier!

Description: A yellow cyborg with twin rockets on it's back.

Destructive Power: 10 (Destroys EVERYTHING)

Ease of use: 10 (Perfect!!)
Speed: Walking - 2 (pitiful)
	 Flying - 8 (FAST!)

Oh yeah! This is my favorite ride in the entire game! When you fly with 
the rockets, you can go way up high and look down; incredible view. Then 
you position your shadow on a building and come slamming down! This guy 
can take down entire city BLOCKS in one stomp! If you hold the boost 
while in the air, the engine will sputter and you'll just kinda float 
around. Then you'll come crashing down, except you can get back up 
before hitting the ground because your engines are re-usable again! In 
the normal stages, this guy is usually VERY well hidden. Oh, and when 
aiming for houses way up, don't mistake the Carrier for a building 
(don't ask...)!

Cyclone Suit
Description: A gold colored robot, it's pretty short. One of it's arms 
is longer than the other.

Destructive Power: 9 (Yay!)

Ease of use: 8 (Easy!)
Speed: Walking - 5 (medium)
	 Attacking - 5 (medium)

You run forward and then attack, which makes him do a couple of flips 
and then rolls backwards. You can easily destroy many houses with this 
guy. The only problem with his attack is that once you unleash it, you 
can't control it. And sometimes he goes over smaller buildings...		

Thunder Fist
Description: A tall, bluish robot with AWESOME chrome effects. Red eyes, 
too. Must be seen to be believed.

Destructive Power: 9 (cookies?!)
Ease of use: 7 (easy to miss sections)
Speed: Walking - 1 (Hey! Look! A snail just passed us!)
	 Attacking - 5 (medium)

This guy is great! My 2nd favorite in the game! His attack is similar to 
the Cyclone Suit's, except he rolls much like Donkey Kong in DKC 1, then 
after hitting something he does a deadly uppercut Street Fighter 
style...can take down entire skyscrapers with this one!!

Description: Motorcycle with dual missile launchers mounted on either 

Destructive Power: Missile - 7 (BOOM!)
			 Head on - 4 (Lol!)

Ease of use: 4 (Very difficult!)
Speed: 6 (fast)

Hardest vehicle to control...besides the Back Lash. You have to collect 
boxes of ammo for your missile launchers. When aiming at a building, 
make sure that you are STATIONARY! If you are moving AT ALL your 
missiles will soar over the building and land somewhere else (unless 
it's tall). It's also hard to aim, as parking the Ballista is a bitch 
(pardon the French), and it's just plain...uh...HARD! Hold attack to 
shoot missiles rapidly (works when you're pressed for time).

Muscle Car
Description: A pink car with a white canvas

Destructive Power: .1 (I'm serious!)

Ease of use: 6 (ok)
Speed: 7 (faster than most other devices!)

This baby doesn't slow down on rough terrain, so it's ideal for courses 
where you must trek over the grass. Just watch out for turns over 45 
degrees, or it will spin out of control! Try the horn and you get the 
pimpiest sound! ;)

The American Dream
Description: A car with an "American flag on it" as a painting. Cool 

Destructive Power: .2 (I'm serious!)
Ease of use: 6 (ok)
Speed: 8 (whhhhhew!)

It goes fast, but isn't so good on turns. Try the horn and you get a 
nice little tune!

Police Car: You're kidding...right? Well, ok. Go out in public and shoot 
someone in the open. Wait around a little, and you'll see one soon 

Destructive Power: .3 (I'm serious!)
Ease of use: 5 (ok)
Speed: 8 (whhhew!)

Very slow acceleration, but a nice top speed. Very good on corners, it 
sticks to the road like glue. Try our the horn and you can turn on the 
sirens! Fun for the entire family! :)
Mr. T Van
Description: A black van with red strips on the top

Destructive Power: 1 (C'mon!!)
Ease of use: 9 (almost perfect!)
Speed: 9 (Faster than fast!)

Overall, the best vehicle to use on the race courses. I mean, perfect 
corning, great acceleration, and an awesome top speed. Try out the horn 
and you get an "Outta my way!" 

I pity the fool who doesn't like this vehicle =)

Destructive Power: 0 (you couldn't attack if you wanted to!)
Ease of use: 10 (If you can't operate this, you just can't play 
Speed (8 (wheew!)

Hop on and race to wherever you need to go! Obviously, you must stay on 
the tracks...


Destructive Power: 0 (you couldn't attack if you wanted to!)
Ease of use: 10 (If you can't operate this, you just can't play 
Speed (8 (wheew!)

Hop on and race to wherever you need to go! Obviously, you must stay in 
the water...
Destructive Force: 10 (Yeah, if you have some TNT)
Ease of use: 5 (Have to practice, after that it turns into a 10)
Speed: Uh...

Use this to lift objects...and.....!....?...that's it.

4) Items

Houses: They come in different colors and strengths, very weak.

Office Building: This is a pain, as it has multiple layers.

Shack: Small, and easy to destroy!

Barn: Easy! 

Skyscraper: Very difficult without some heavy duty machinery 
(Thunderfist/J-Bomb, anyone?)

Gas Tanks: They come in blue and red. Blow this up and the resulting 
explosion will blow up everything around it!

Gas Station: Look carefully at this one; see the teeny weeny gas pumps? 
Well...RAM IT!!! The resulting explosion (s) will incinerate everything 
around it!

Hotels: Low to the ground; but it has a lot of layers so it's a pain 
when you have a weak attack

Box of TNT: Push this into something and watch it go bye bye! The neat 
thing about this is that if you push it near a building and wait, when 
it explodes it will still destroy it! 

Ditches/Bumps/Ridges: Jam full force on the gas and hit this, you'll go 
flying! Useful for destroying large buildings, especially when you're in 
the Back Lash and pressed for time!

RDUs (Radiation Disposal Units): They look like burned out light bulbs, 
when you get close they light up. There are 100 per stage.

Communication Points (CP for short): Usually very well hidden, they 
activate Bonus Levels and Mini-Games.

Survivors: Found within buildings.

5) Carrier Levels

I don't feel bad about making a guide for this game because it's not a 
game where you can just go through it with a walkthrough in hand, you 
need SKILL. S-K-I-L-L So...there ya go...

Oh! Wait, I have to show you the scale for the difficulty of each 

* - EASY! You'll pass this one on your first try...
* * - Simple, but a little tricky
* * * - You get pissed off because the Carrier keeps blowing up!
* * * * - You dread going to this level...
* * * * * - When you finish this level, you scream "HOLY GOD ON 

In no particular order...(except the first one, of course)

1. Simian Acres
Difficulty: *
Vehicles: Ram Dozer, American Dream, Train

Pretty simple, just go ahead of the Carrier and bust some butt! After 
that, the Carrier should be about halfway across the level. Go towards 
it, see the Train? Get in and load it at the station; get out and get 
the American Dream! Yay! Now you can use this in the Bonus Stages! 
Besides that, this level has no secrets.

2. BlackRidge Works
Difficulty: *
Vehicles: Ram Dozer, Cyclone Suit

Pretty straightforward, just ram through all the houses and factories! 
Near the middle, behind a large field of RDUs, is a CP. At the start, 
behind a storage house, is the 2nd one! Also, shortly past the middle, 
turn right to find the Cyclone Suit! It will be useful...I guess.

3. Argent Towers
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: Police Car, J-Bomb, Back Lash, Train, and Ballista

You MUST know how to drive the Back Lash before coming in here...well, 
OK, you don't REALLY need to, but it would make things a whole lot 
easier. Destroy the buildings in the path, which isn't really that hard. 
If you see a little bump on the grass, drive at top speed over it and 
you can knock over buildings with ease! When you finish the mission, 
drive around and collect RDUs until the Carrier is safe...then come 

There is a CP right near the start, it's to the left. Drive your Truck 
along that side of the road and you'll find a stone, move it up until 
it's right in front of the lightbulb thing. Exit the vehicle (z) and go 
down the little ramp, at the bottom is a small door, a Ram Dozer, and a 
box of TNT. Well...what do you think you're gonna do? =) Enter the newly 
opened door and drive the Train until you see the stone block you pushed 
earlier, when it's in the upper right hand corner of the screen exit the 
train and walk around some, you'll find a Police Car. Drive it through 
the maze to find a scientist...only five more to go! OK, now go back 
into Train and keep on going.

Get the Ballista and the boxes of rockets, go up the ramp and go 
straight until you find another little door blocked...shoot it with 
missiles! It's very difficult, but possible. Enter it as the man and 
keep running until you get to J-Bomb, now you can finish this blasted 
level! Stomp any buildings left, stomp the light near the start, and get 
the CP that you couldn't reach before.


4. Carrick Point
Difficulty: *
Vehicles: Ballista, Side Swipe, and Thunder Fist

Turn the Sideswipe to the left and demolish any buildings you can. When 
you see the Thunder Fist, turn around and destroy the buildings on the 
bridge that the Carrier is going across. This level really shouldn't be 
a problem. 

When you come back, go across the bridge that was once blocked by the 
Carrier, a CP is there! Go towards the Thunder Fist, behind it is a 
castle...inside is another CP! Get in the Thunder Fist and go around and 
destroy EVERYTHING...including the cement piece at the start. Finally, 
go get the Ballista. It's on the opposite side of the level from the 
Thunder Fist. Use it to destroy the boat in the water. Presto westo!

5. Havoc District
Difficulty: *
Vehicles: Ballista, J-Bomb, Sky Fall, and Muscle Car

Follow the RDUs until you find J-Bomb, use him to destroy all of the 
Skyscrapers in the area. By then, mission 1 is complete (securing the 
Carrier)! Now, using J-Bomb, go back and towards the beginning and turn 
right to find a group of RDUs by the ocean. Go out there! You'll find 
some crystal balls to break, a CP on an island, among other things. When 
you're done with that, return to the mainland. Go back to the beginning, 
see the red drawbridge? Underneath is a crystal ball, break it! Fly high 
and look down on the bridge, see those lights? Break them all! OK, now, 
enter the Ballista that is near the red bridge and destroy the boat. Get 
into J-Bomb and go where the Skyscrapers used to be. Fly high along the 
mountain wall to find a ledge, it has a CP! Now, go on the wall near the 
ocean. Look down, notice some underwater tunnels? Well, on the ground 
near them is a fake floor (it's darker than the rest). I hope you 
understand's hard to explain. Well, follow the tunnel and 
there's the Muscle Car! Use it to collect the RDUs around the Skyscraper 
area, it's more convenient because of it's speed. 

6. Beeton Tracks
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: Police Car, Crane, Train (Hey, that rhymes!), and Ram Dozer

Hop out of the Train and activate the CP, then quickly get back in and 
drive it as far as it will go. Get out and run the green man up the ramp 
to the right. Jump in the Ram Dozer and demolish the little shack, and 
then park it on the Crane's lift. Get in the Crane and set it on the 
other side, on the train tracks. Get out and head back over there. Get 
in it, go near the Train. See the TNT Box? Push it right into the 
building...the Carrier is free to go now!

OK then, go to where the Carrier was coming from. You'll find a Police 
Car parked in front of a Donut Shop (hehe), steel it and go get all of 
the RDUs!

7. Echo Marches (Oh, I love this level...!)
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: J-Bomb, Train, Boat, American Dream, and Muscle Car

Using your J-Bomb, destroy all of the buildings at the beginning. Rocket 
forward towards the train tracks and head right, boost over the hill and 
park it next to the Train. Exit and enter the Train, make it go as far 
as it will go. Make sure the arrows go away, though. Exit and enter the 
Muscle Car that's on the 2nd car, go through the train tunnel to return 
to the J-Bomb, enter it and rocket back towards the tracks. Destroy all 
of the Skyscrapers and then go over the next hill, towards the left 
side. Get in the RDU field and then stomp on the gas tank to reveal a 
CP. Park the J-Bomb next to the Boat; take control of it. Make it go as 
far as it will to cover the gap. Use the American Dream that's on the 
Boat to return to the J-Bomb. Use it to demolish the rest of the 
buildings. Also, near the end is a large pillar, use the rockets to get 
up there: There's a CP at the top.

8. Tempest City
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: Ballista

Really, this level isn't that difficult. It's a little tricky if you're 
not used to aiming Ballista's rockets, which can be a little nerve 
wracking knowing that if you screw up you'll bring a nuclear winter. 
After clearing the path (easy!) check out all of the buildings and RDU's 
as usual, then go to the right hand side of the level. See the wall? 
Well, shoot rockets at it until it explodes; it will reveal a ramp...go 
up it! At the top is a CP, and a wall of cement bricks. Blow them all up 
(these are considered buildings, so don't leave one standing). Behind it 
is a scientist!

9. Outland Farm
Difficulty: * * * 
Vehicles: Black Lash

Oh no!! A Back Lash level! =) Follow the path and until you finally see 
some houses, wipe them out with Back Lash's curving attack. After the 
first house is demolished, you'll see a bump. USE THIS TO YOUR 
ADVANTAGE!! I CAN NOT stress that enough. You can save precious seconds 
(and frustration) be using these bumps. After that, the level gets a bit 
tougher, it all takes practice. When you're done with that, go to where 
the Carrier was coming from, you'll find lots of RDUs and a CP. Also, 
before the bump that leads to "the main action" (on the long brown path 
you start out on), look a little to the left. More RDUs and a CP!

10. Ebony Coast
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: J-Bomb, Train, Ram Dozer

Ok, there are two ways to do this level. One is simple, and easy. The 
other will leave you in disgust and frustration...I'll do the easy way! 

Ok, do an about-face with the Ram Dozer and shove the TNT into the 
block. Follow the tracks to a large, ancient statue. Using the Z-button 
trick (See "Tricks Section") bust it open to reveal...TA DA!...J-Bomb! 
Now just fly to the buildings you need to demolish, it should be VERY 
VERY easy. Now you don't have to mess around with TNT with the Carrier 6 
inches behind you. 

After you have completed the level, use J-Bomb to explore behind the 
large building near the end of the train tracks. On the other side of 
the wall you'll find a scientist! Now go to the bridges near the start. 
Explore the ocean nearest the Carrier side, you'll find an island full 
of buildings, RDUs, and CPs. Enjoy!

11. Ironstone Mine
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: Ram Dozer, Train, Crane, Thunder Fist, and Side Swipe.

Just drive Side Swipe through the houses, pound them a little, and BOOM! 
Next thing you know you can see the exit...Well, just remember that you 
can drive in-between the apartments so you can destroy more at a time, 
which is crucial since the Carrier isn't far behind you, slowly 
advancing. Near the end you'll pick up Thunder Fist, which will level 
the last few buildings in seconds.

After the level is complete, return to find RDUs, destroy buildings, 
etc. etc. Near the end, close to the position of Thunder Fist, is a 
ramp. Use the little man to climb it, near the middle you'll find Ram 
Dozer; conveniently parked in a cave. Drive it and keep on the path. 
Near the end you'll find a Crane. Drive the Ram Dozer on the lifting 
part, get out and take control of the Crane. Carefully lay the Ram Dozer 
on the other side, then get out and go over there via the small ramp to 
the side. Using Ram Dozer, push the TNT crate into the building. Presto! 
A hidden cave filled with RDUs, and at it's heart, a scientist. 

12. Cromlech Court
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: Thunder Fist

You have NO time to lose! QUICKLY roll and destroy the skyscrapers, 
which probably already have red arrows surrounding them! Note that the 
Carrier can move through the small trees and that you CAN'T! When you 
attack a building, follow through with the roll (i.e. keep holding 
attack and push with the control stick in the direction your moving) and 
you can easily take out the entire thing in one roll. Most of the 
skyscrapers only have to be blown in half to get by, so remember that to 
save time. There are no secrets in this level. Just a lot of RDUs. =)

13. Angel City
Difficulty: * * * *
Vehicles: Back Lash

This level is HARD! Sure, all you have to do is clear a path using Back 
Lash, with the carrier just a few feet behind tips, no secrets; 
just flat out skill...

14. Glory Crossing
Difficulty: * * * * *
Vehicles: Back Lash

"See Above"

There is a scientist near the end of the level, too!

15. Ember Hamlet
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: Cyclone Suit, Ballista

Shoot the hell out of the first house you see, it's a barn. Inside is 
the hidden Cyclone Suit. Now this level is EASY! No secrets for this 

16. Shuttle Gulley
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: Sky Fall

Well, just use the ditches around the houses to catch some air and 
destroy the houses in one hit. Not very difficult, but I would suggest 
exploring around the ditches...OH! And there's a CP under the bridge.

17. Obsidian Mile
Difficulty: *
Vehicles: Cyclone Suit

EASY!!! C'mon! Just knock down the secrets, either.

18. Diamond Sands
Difficulty: * * * * *
Vehicles: Back Lash                                             
Five stars! Yes, this level is HARD!!!!...(!)...!

There are train tracks down the middle of the level, the Carrier is, 
ever so slowly, traveling on them. Down the middle of them are 
houses...blow them up and you'll soon discover that there is more than 
meets the eye: One half can be destroyed on one side of the tracks, the 
other can only be demolished on the other side. The problem is that the 
only way to transverse to the other side is to go under a tunnel, then 
quickly go over there and pummel them...with the Back Lash...On 
sand!...and the final building must be demolished with TNT boxes while 
the Carrier is about .1 mm away from it with "COLLISION IMMINENT" 
flashing on the screen. Even die-hard gamers will be frustrated with 
this level...

Only one tip I can give: The 2nd section of houses, on the right side 
(from the start, that is) there are two gas containers: Blow them up and 
the 2nd section will be gone! This gives you room to breath...but not 
for long...

19. Oyster Harbor
Difficulty: * * * * * 
Vehicles: Ballista, Crane, Boat, Ram Dozer

Ask any Blast Corps fan which level they find the most frustrating. If 
you would take a poll, this level would probably be # 1...(Diamond Sands 
would be # 2, I bet)

While in the Ballista, QUICKLY go forward until you find some gray 
objects. Look into the distance, see the Ram Dozer? See the plastic 
blocks blocking it...? Aim carefully and...UNLEASH ALL THE MISSILES YOU 
CAN! You have NO time to waste here...even if only one missile hits it, 
that's enough. Get out of the Ballista and go down the ramp, and right 
on over to the Ram Dozer. Don't even bother to turn around, just jam on 
the gas and back into all of the buildings blocking the Carrier's path. 
Quickly go forward, turn right and demolish all of the colored blocks. 
Park the Ram Dozer and get inside the Crane, park the little lifting 
thing back on the ground; put it in a position so you can easily put a 
box of TNT on it. Lift it up, turn the Crane to the left, see the 
bridge? Note how it has 8 the TNT directly in the middle 
and the entire thing will collapse...YAY!

By now the Carrier is getting close to where the bridge used to 
be...DON'T LET IT GO THERE! If you do, it will block your path: If you 
try to get past, it will explode...GO on the loong path until you find 
some holes with blocks nearby...uh-oh! Push the first block in the 1st 
hole. Demolish the blue houses, push the 2nd block into the hole in the 
path near the blue houses...the path behind that has two more blocks. 
Filling in the rest is easy...destroy the factory and quickly go to the 
river area. 

The first tug is already in place, thank god. Go past that and to the 
2nd one, cross it...just don't ask any questions...just DO IT! Park the 
Ram Dozer on the red boat and get it in it's correct position...OK, now 
park it next to the empty space. Cross the little foot bridge using the 
little man. Board the boat and get it into it's correct position. Get 
back into the Back Lash, go to the end. One more house stands in your 
way...there are two ways to do this: The easy, simple way. 
could try the pre-mature balding method...I'll give you the easy one =) 
Just use the Z-trick [See "Tricks Section"]

The Scientist is found near the 3rd barge, use the Z-Trick [See "Tricks 
Section"] or some TNT to blow away the metal blocking. Drive the boat up 
river and there he is! Also, the building near the holes can be 
destroyed by using the Ballista's missiles. When it's gone, just use the 
little man to go up the ramp and activate the CP!

20. Shuttle Clear
Difficulty: * * *
Vehicles: Back Lash, Thunder Fist

A disabled Space Shuttle is going down fast, and the nearest town will 
soon become it's runway...with Blast Corp's help...

Get the Back Lash to go down the street and to the right, you'll see 
some TNT...well, push them into that building to reveal...

...DUN DUN DUN!!!...


Yes, now this level is about as hard as the first one...oh well...


You have beaten all of the Carrier levels! Yay!!!!

Now, you will go into Outer Space, if you get Gold on all of the levels 
you can advance to more levels...but they are only Mini-Games :(

6) Mini-Games

No, this IS NOT a place to find shortcuts for the Race Stages and such 
(If you do have trouble, E-mail me). Only for the stages where it's like 
"Blow up X amount of Ns in Y seconds."

1. Orion Plaza
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: Ram Dozer

You're on a giant pool table, with lots of TNT boxes. Shove one into the 
cue sticks in each of the corners and side pockets and it's over! Wee!

2. Salvage Warf
Difficulty: * * 
Vehicles to choose from: Ram Dozer, Back Lash, and Ballista

You must destroy all of the plastic structures! Well, choose Ram Dozer 
because it's the easiest to knock them down with. When you start, get 
all of the structures near the boat so when you come back you won't have 
to turn back around and do it!

3. Kipling Plant
Difficulty: * * * (For a Gold Medal)
Vehicles: Ballista

Get the missiles and blow up all the gas containers, they are blue. 
Memorize their locations and you can get a gold on this!

4. Silver Junction
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: Thunder Fist

Destroy all of the boxes!

5. Mica Park
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: Ballista

Destroy all the shacks!

6. Geode Square
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: J-Bomb

All you have to do is destroy the moving crystal balls. This is easier 
said that done, however, as it can be very difficult to align yourself 
up and come smashing down. Just memorize their movements! A CP is hidden 
in the barn in the south east corner of the field. 

7. Lizard Island
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: J-Bomb

Ok now, this level may LOOK easy at first, but then you'll notice 
something: Falling in the blue area and lava means INSTANT death. Why is 
this so bad? Because several of the platforms you must destroy are 
moving, quite rapidly, above this. So what are you going to do? Well, 
for the pink platforms: They move back and fourth, only staying in their 
farthest position for a few seconds. Position your shadow on them, and 
when the stop...BOOM! Come slamming down on them. Don't worry, you'll 
kinda of bounce off as they explode, so you won't fall into the blue. 
Then there are the crystal balls in the lava. Now these don't move, so 
they are easy. Just position your shadow on them (which can be difficult 
since they are so shiny and metallic) and just lay off the booster and 
you'll slowly descend towards them. When you're about a foot above them, 
hit the rocket. You'll still fall JUST enough to break the crystal ball, 
but prevent you from falling in the lava (which would happen if you 
tried to slam them). There is a CP by the mountain, it's in plain view. 
Whew...lot's of words for a little old Mini-Game! =)

8. Saline Watch
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: J-Bomb

Just take out the lights on the poles! A little hard, since if you slip 
you die...hold boost at all times! :O Oh, there's a CP In the upper 
right hand corner...

9. Dagger Pass
Difficulty: * * *
Vehicles: J-Bomb

You must take out some plates, they are over water (water = instant 
death) and when they move they disappear under some platforms. Well, 
SLOWLY descend and get REAL close to the water. Hold off the boost a 
little, and hopefully, you'll blow it up...there's a CP in a castle near 
the middle of the arena, too!

10. Magma Peak
Difficulty: * * * *
Vehicles: J-Bomb

Ooooh!! This level is HARD! You have to destroy crystal balls AND 
floating (and moving) platforms, plus lights, that are above LAVA! The 
lava seems to suck you in, plus if you even touch the walls or a 
platform you die! Very difficult, if you start going down quickly find 
the only safe platform (the one you started on, it's brown). There is a 
CP on the outskirts of the volcano. Just be careful not to fall in the 

11. Baboon Catacomb
Difficulty: * * * *
Vehicles: Back Lash

Ah, yes. PAC-MAN!!! You're in a 3D maze, with a lot of RDUs. Guess what 
they are? Yep! They are dots, as if it were a Pac-Man level. Ghosts? 
Well, they are bull dozers (in different colors, of course.) Too bad 
there aren't any energizers >:) You can never see the entire playing 
field at once, which makes it a lot more difficult. Try the farthest out 
view. The "ghosts" are slow and can only move forwards and to the side, 
never backwards. Use your basic Pac-man skills, and you'll be juuuust 
fine...after a hundred or so tries...

12. Falcon Field
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: J-Bomb

Just memorize the positions of the gas plants, then go stomp them...

13. Dark Heartland
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: Ballista

You must blow up all the buildings...easier said than done! They barely 
give you enough missiles to pass the level...IF AT THAT! Takes a bit of 
practice. If you're bad at aiming the Ballista then add two stars to the 
difficulty rating...!

14. Gibbon's Gate
Difficulty: * * * *
Vehicles: Back Lash

The second, and last, Pac-man level! This one is even bigger, plus there 
are those holes that warp you from one side of the field to the 
other...This level is all skill, I can't walk you through it by the 

15. Moon
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: Back Lash

All of the levels in Outer Space have low gravity...effect? The 
slightest bump will send your craft 30 feet into the air, plus you can 
go about 90+ MPH! 

Destroy all of the space debris to clear. Use the bumps and hills, plus 
a few timed power slides, to easily finish this level.

16. Venus
Difficulty: * *
Vehicles: Back Lash

Use the ditches to destroy the glass cubes. Difficult because of the low 

I wonder why Venus has the low-G effect? In real life it has about the 
same gravitational effect as the Earth (they're almost the same size)...

I have to tell myself "This is ONLY a game...a fun game...but a game..."

17. Mars
Difficulty: * * *
Vehicles: Guess...right! Back Lash!

This is an awesome level...
You have to destroy floating crystal balls (stationary) that are about 
20 feet off the ground, You do this by slamming on the gas and hitting 
the ditches (talk about catching some air!!). There is one little 
problem though, remember the "ghosts" from the Pac-man levels? Well, 
they are patrolling the area, looking for revenge...

7) Tricks

Get up next to any destructible object. Park your vehicle in such a way 
that you can not exit it (the little man will say "DOH!" when you try 
to). Hold "Z" and wait about a second, the object will explode! I don't 
know if this was intentional or not, but it's a great trick for when you 
need some quick help.

i.e. Getting J-Bomb on Ebony Coast...

Beat "Earth" and "Outerspace" with all Gold Medals (extremely difficult) 
and then you can play the normal Carrier levels again!...with an added 
twist. There is a time limit now. You may only have a minute and a half 
to clear the Carrier's path...

i.e. The Carrier could blow up even if it doesn't hit anything (when the 
time reaches 0)

A time bomb, if you will. By beating these much more difficult levels, 
you get Platinum Medals! Don't worry, you don't have to complete any 
Mini-Games or Races, just the normal levels (this includes the Shuttle 

8) Credits

Nintendo: It's on their system, yada yada blah blah yacky shmackity...

Rare: They made the friggin' game!

Me: For typing this...

Anyone: Who could tell me what happens when you get all of the Platinum 

9) Legal Junk

This guide can not be copied without permission of the author. It can 
not be used as a means of profit. Basically, just don't put your name 
where mine should be (i.e. stealing).
Copyright (C) 1998 marshmallow

10) Final Notes/Farewell

This is the 5th day of my rental...I finished the guide in time...YAY!!! 
Hope you enjoyed the FAQ as much as I did typing it up.

Long section, huh? ;)

- marshmallow -

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