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N64HQ ClayFighter 63 1/3 Strategy Guide Version 2.0
by Bryan Dawson -- N64HQ Associate Editor -- [email protected]

Last Updated: 11/12/97

	What's New
	Still Unknown
	Notes Of Interest
	Super Moves
	Combo Theory
	Character Moves

What's New?:

-Added all combo breakers
-Added a lot of Claytalities
-Pretty much everything from NP On-Line


Well, I've been playing for sometime now. I've almost go the combo system
down. That should be on my next update. I'll also have all the moves and
stuff that you guys have been sending me. I just need to confirm all of them
and credit will be given. Keep sending them in. Pretty soon we'll known
everything about this game.

Still Unknown:

-Some special and super moves
-Some Insane Combos
-Are there any stage Clayatalities?
-How many Claytalities per character?
-Combo Breaker requirements

Notes Of Interest:

-After logging in several hours of play time, my initial impressions of the
combo system may be changing. Instead of a standard combo system for all
of the combatants, there seems to be a few variations between some of the
fighters. For now, I'm leaving the Combo Theory section as it is, however,
after I've had the chance to become more familiar with it, you may see that
section changing quite a bit in the next few updates.

-Unfortunately for people who enjoy finding codes, moves, Claytalities, etc.,
it would appear that the Insane Combos are all done with the same button and
joystick combinations. However, I have done two Insane combos with different
motions using Bad Mr. Frosty. There were both the same combo, so I'll have
to research this more.

-Kung Pow's taunt is much longer than any of the other character's taunts. I
am looking into the possibility of a taunt doing more than just boasting to
your opponent. I can't see why anyone would do Kung Pow's taunt unless the
match was over. It takes around ten seconds to fully complete, leaving you
wide open.

-Interplay was unable to put in the missing characters because of space
limitations and Nintnedo. Here is the e-mail I recieved from Interplay:

     Hello Bryan,
     Thanks for your interest in Interplay Productions.  
     Unfortunately, Hobocop was removed because Nintendo would not allow the 
     character in the game.  The others Zappa Yow Yow, Lady Liberty, High Five, 
     and Lockjaw were removed from the game for space / balance issues.
     I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.
     Paul D.
     Interplay Productions

DF=Diagonal Between Down and Forward
DB=Diagonal Between Down and Back
P=Any Punch
K=Any Kick
BP=Brutal Punch
FP=Fair Punch
WP=Wobbly Punch
BK=Brutal Kick
FP=Fair Kick
WK=Wobbly Kick
+=At The Same Time


Every character has some sort of overhead attack. These moves will hit an
opponent when he or she is blocking low. Be careful when executing these.
Most are very slow and can be seen from a mile away.

Super Moves:

Every character has multiple super moves to accompany their regular and
special moves. Super moves, in most cases, are a chain of regular moves
that do a fairly good amount of damage. Some super moves also come in the
form of a massive throw, or a single damaging hit.

Combo Theory:

The combos in Clay Fighter 63 1/3 are very similar in nature to Killer
Instinct combos. They all start will an opener, and are followed by an
auto-double. Then you can add either a linker, auto-linker, or extra hit.
It is possible to add up to three extra hits anywhere in the combo by
tapping WP or WK up to three times. This is best used after an auto-double
or auto linker. You can repeat this cycle until your opponent is dead unless
he or she does a combo breaker. To end a combo you can do a super move,
special move, or a regular hit.

An opener is any special move that starts a combo. Any moves that knock your
opponent down cannot be used as openers. All combo openers can be followed
by an auto-double. You can also do a jump kick or jump punch to start a
combo. Each characters combo openers can be found in the Character Moves
section of this strategy guide.

Auto-doubles are moves in combos that give you two hits for the price of one.
They can only be done by pressing FP or FK after any linker or opener move.
Auto-doubles are a very important part of combos, and without them you won't
be able to get more than a few hits out of your combos.

A linker move is very similar to an opener. They are special moves that link
a combo together after an auto-double, extra hit, or auto-linker. You'll
find that nearly all openers can also be used as linkers. Each characters
combo linkers can be found in the Character Moves section of this strategy

Auto-linkers ar every similar to auto-doubles. When done, your fighter will
do a string of three to five hits that will increase the length of a combo.
These moves can only be done in combos and are best used after an auto-double.

Below is how a standard combo should look. All combos will vary, but this basic
structure will help you form your own custom combos:

Opener -- Auto-Double -- Linker -- Auto-Double -- Auto-Linker -- Ender

Note: You can repeat the auto-double to auto-linker portion as many times as
you want. It is also possible to replace an auto-linker with a regular linker,
but auto-linkers give you more hits.

*You can add an extra hit after any move in a combo. However, it is impossible
to do an auto-double after an extra hit. To extend your combo to it's highest
potential, use extra hits only after auto-doubles or before an ender.

Here is a listing of all the combo names and their corresponding number of hits:

3 hits-Itty Bitty Combo
4 hits-Lousy Combo
5 hits-Lame Combo
6 hits-Weak Combo
7 hits-Dumb Combo
8 hits-Little Girlie Combo
9-12 hits-Cheesy Combo
13-15 hits-Triple Brown Betty Combo
16-18 hits-Queen Combo
19-29 hits-Ludicrous Combo
30-and up-Insane Combo

An Insane Combo is very similar to an Ultra Combo from Killer Instinct. These
can only be done when your opponents second energy bar is red. Insane Combos
are between 170 and 500 hits, but do not kill your opponent. Unlike KI, you
can still perform a Claytality after doing an Insane Combo. Each characters
Insane Combo can be found in the Character Moves section of this strategy


Claytalities are how each Clay Fighter finishes off his or her opponent.
After you've taken off both of your opponents energy bars, he or she will
stop fighting and hunch over awaiting your last move. You will have about
five or six seconds to input a combination of buttons, joystick
movements or both, which (if done correctly) will cause your Clay Fighter to
eliminate your opponents life force in some way, shape or form. So far, I've
found up to four Claytalities for one character. This may mean that each
fighter has at least four. There is also a possibility of stage Claytalities.
Interplay informed us prior to the games release that it was possible to
knock you foe into the toilet stage background. It is currently unkown
whether or not this has changed. Each characters Claytalities can be found
in the Character Moves section of this strategy guide.


Every character in Clay Fighter 63 1/3 has a taunt that can be anytime
during the match, and as many times as you like. Some taunts will hit your
opponent, others take several seconds to complete. All character taunts are
done by pressing L, R, and A at the same time.

Character Moves:

Note: To use a second color, press Down C instead of A when selecting your


-Special Moves-
Ax Slice-QCF,P
Snowball-Hold B,F,P (Strength of punch determines distance)
Snow Blower-Hold B,F,K
Ice Bash-QCB,P

-Combo Moves-
Openers-Snow Blower
Linkers-Snow Blower
Ender-Blizzard, Ice Bash
Insane Combo-QCB,BK or QCF,BK

-Super Moves-
Combo-QCF,QCF,K (7 hits)
Kick Rush-HCB,HCB,K (7 hits)

Ice Bash-B,D,B,D,B (Must be close to opponent)
Kick Off-D,D,D,L+R (Must be close to opponent)
Top Hat Smash-D,D,F,R (Must be one step away from opponent)


-Special Moves-
Chainsaw-Hold B,F,P (Strength of punch determines speed and distance)
Hammer Throw-Hold B,F,K
Flying Charge-F,QCF,P (Strength of punch determines distance)
Multi Kick-B,QCB,P
Plane Dive-HCB,K
Cannon Bomb-QCB,P

-Combo Moves-
*You can only auto-double with WP/K*
Openers-Hammer Throw
Linkers-Hammer Throw
Insane Combo-

-Super Moves-
Chop-QCB,QCB,P (15 hits)
Ax Spin-QCB,QCB,K (8 hits)
Beat Up-QCF,QCF,P (8 hits)

Artist-QCF,R (Must be close to opponent)
Eat 'Em-D,D,D,L (Must be close to opponent)


-Special Moves-
Mallet Punch-2D,P (Overhead)
Kitty-QCF,P (Strength of punch determines speed)
Ferris Wheel-QCF,K (Strength of kick determines distance)
Merry Go Round-QCB,K (Strength of kick determines height and distance)
Fist Charge-Hold B,F,P
Flip Kick-Hold B,F,K

-Combo Moves-
*You can only auto-double with WP/K*
Openers-Flip Kick
Linkers-Flip Kick
Insane Combo-

-Super Moves-
Kick Rush-QCF,QCF,K (6 hits)
Kitty-QCF,QCF,P (5 hits)
Merrry Go Round-QCB,QCB,K (9 hits)

Cannon-D,D,D,D (Must be close to opponent)
Torso Rip-F,F,F (Must be close to opponent)


-Special Moves-
Jumping Punch-D,D,P (Overhead)
Spit-QCF,P (Strength of punch determines speed)
Fart Slide-QCB,K
Fart Slide 2-Hold B,F,K (Doesn't knock opponent down)
Air Fart Slide-QCB,K (Must be done in air, strength of kick determines distance)

-Combo Moves-
Openers-Fart Slide 2
Linkers-Fart Slide 2
Insane Combo-QCB,BK

-Super Moves-
Belch-QCF,QCF,P (8 hits)
Cape Rush-QCB,QCB,P (7 hits)
Cape Spin-QCB,QCB,K (9 hits)



-Special Moves-
Jumping Head-D,D,P (Overhead)
Spin Ball-D,D,K
Gun Shot-QCF,P (Strength of punch determines speed)
Flying Kick Thrust-QCF,K
Elbow Charge-Hold B,F,P
Flying Uppercut-F,QCF,P (Strength of punch determines distance)

-Combo Moves-
Openers-Elbow Charge
Linkers-Elbow Charge
Insane Combo-QCB,BK

-Super Moves-
Uppercut-QCF,QCF,K (9 hits)
Shot-QCF,QCF,P (4 hits)
Air Combo-QCB,QCB,P (7 hits)
Head Spin-QCB,QCB,K (9 hits)

Cow Drop-D,D,D,D,L+R (Must be within sweep distance of opponent)
Torso Rip-HCF,R (Must be next to opponent)


-Special Moves-
Jumping Smack-D,D,BP (Overhead)
Cluck You-QCF,P (Strength of punch determines speed)
Head Smash-Hold B,F,K (Strength of kick determines distance)
Slide-QCB,K (Can be done in air, strength of kick determines distance)
Flying Kicks-F,QCF,K (Strength of kick determines height and distance)

-Combo Moves-
Openers-Head Smash
Insane Combo-

-Super Moves-
Chicken Lickin'-QCF,QCF,P (13 hits)
Voodoo-QCB,QCB,K (8 hits)
Get Away-HCB,P (8 hits)

Shield Smash-HCF,L (Must be next to opponent)
Disappear-D,D,D,D,L (Must be within sweep distance of opponent)
Chicken Decap-B,D,F,F (Must be within sweep distance of opponent)


-Special Moves-
Jumping Punch-D,D,BP (Overhead)
Head Toss-QCF,P (Strength of punch determines speed)
Teleport-F,QCF,K (Strength of kick determines distance)
Hoo Hoo Ken-F,QCF,P (Strength of punch determines height and distance)
Bat Toss-B,QCB,FP
High Bat Toss-B,QCB,BP
Low Bat Toss-B,QCB,WP (Bounces up when hits the ground)
Ghostly Bash-Hold B,F,K (Can be done in air, strength of kick determines distance)
Roll-Hold B,F,P

-Combo Moves-
Insane Combo-

-Super Moves-
Fright-QCF,QCF,K (9 hits)
Ghost Toss-QCB,QCB,P

Explode-QCF,L (Must be within sweep distance of opponent)


-Special Moves-
Jumping Kick-D,D,K (Overhead)
Beam-QCF,P (Strength of punch determines distance)
Slide-QCF,K (Strength of kick determines distance)
Head Charge-Hold B,F,P
Kick Charge-Hold B,F,K

-Combo Moves-
Openers-Head Charge, Kick Charge
Linkers-Head Charge, Kick Charge
Insane Combo-QCF,BK

-Super Moves-
Machine Gun-QCF,QCF,P (3 hits)
Slide-QCF,QCF,K (7 hits)

Scissor Hand-F,F,F (Must be close to your opponent)
Island Toss-
Pressure-D,D,D,R (Must be within sweep distance of opponent)
Shocker-D,D,F,B (Must be at sweep distance from opponent)


-Special Moves-
Big Chop-D,D,P (Overhead)
Da Crane-D+BK (Must be in the air)
Pan Charge-Hold B,F,P
Flying Kick-Hold B,F,K
Chop Seuy-QCF,K (Strength of kick determines distance)
Nun Chucks-QCF,P
Crane Technique-QCB,P
Egg Fu Yung-F,QCF,P
Teleport-QCB,K (Strength of kick determines distance)

-Combo Moves-
Openers-Pan Charge, Flying Kick
Linkers-Pan Charge, Flying Kick
Insane Combo-QCB,BK

-Super Moves-
Hurricane Kick-B,QCB,B,QCB,K (22 hits)
Pork Fried Rice-QCF,QCF,K (8 hits)
Fu Mun Du-QCF,QCF,P (Must be done in air, 7 hits)

Obliterate-D,D,F,F (Must be next to opponent)
Kung Fu Stomp-D,D,D (Must be within sweep distance of opponent)
Ax Chop-F,F,F (Must be within sweep distance of opponent)
Pan Toss-F,D,B,B (Must be at sweep distance from opponent)


-Special Moves-
Jumping Cane-D,D,BP
Belly Launcher-QCF,P (Strength of punch determines speed)
Flying Belly Launcher-F,QCF,P
Stomach Spin-HCB,K (Strength of kick determines distance)
Cringle Crush-HCF,P
Roll Kick-Hold B,F,K (Strength of kick determines distance)

-Combo Moves-
Insane Combo-

-Super Moves-
Belly-QCF,QCF,P (12 hits)
Kick Rush-QCF,QCF,K (7 hits)

Crush-D,D,D,R (Must be within sweep distance of opponent)


-Special Moves-
Jumping Chop-D,D,BP (Overhead)
Slam-QCF,P (Must be close to opponent)
Jackrabbit-F,QCF,P (Strength of punch determines height and distance)
Bunny Bash-F,F,WP
Fist Charge-Hold B,F,P (Strength of punch determines distance)
Hydraulic Kick-B,QCB,K (Strength of kick determines height)
Scoop Throw-QCF,FK/BK
Stomp-Hold D,F,K

-Combo Moves-
*You can only auto-double using the next weakest punch or kick. Brutal
auto-doubles with Fair, Fair with Wobbly, and Wobbly with Brutal.*
Openers-Fist Charge
Linkers-Fist Charge
Insane Combo-

-Super Moves-
Jackrabbit-QCF,QCF,P (5 hits)
Punch-F,QCF,F,QCF,P (Must be close to opponent)

MultiKick-F,F,F,F (Must be next to opponent)
Hoppy Shot-B,B,F,F,R (Must be within sweep distance of opponent)
Carrot-HCB,L (Must be next to opponent)


-Special Moves-
Gum Ball-QCF,P (Strength of punch determines speed)
Bouncing Gum Ball-HCB,FK (Bounces high)
High Bouncing Gum Ball-HCB,BK (Bounces to regular height)
Low Bouncing Gum Ball-HCB,WK (Bounces very low, then rolls)
Spaz Out-QCB,P (Can be done in air, strength of punch determines height and distance)
High Jelly Roll-Hold B,F,BP
Low Jelly Roll-Hold B,F,FP

-Combo Moves-
Insane Combo-

-Super Moves-
Spaz-QCB,QCB,P (6 hits)
Kick Charge-B,QCB,B,QCB,K (16 hits)
Shoot 'Em-Hold P+K

Double Team-HCF,R (Must be next to opponent)
Roll-D,D,D,L+R (Must be at sweep distance from opponent)
Slap-D,D,F,F,R (Must be within sweep distance of opponent)


-To Play As Dr. Kiln-
At the character select screen, hold L and press B, Left C, Top C, Right C,
Down C, A to release Dr. Kiln.

-To Play As Sumo Santa-
At the character select screen, hold L and press A, Bottom C, Right C, Top
C, Left C, B to release Sumo Santa.

-To Play As Boogerman-
At the character select screen, hold L and press Up, Right, Down, Left,
Right, Left on the directional pad, not the analog stick to release Boogerman.

-Stage Select-
In two player mode, when the verus screen comes up. Press Right or Left C
to change the stage you will fight in.

-Random Select-
At the character select screen, hold L and R to have the computer randomly
select your fighter.

-Secret Options Menu-
At the character select screen, hold L and press Top C, Right C, Left C,
Bottom C, B, A to enable a secret menu in the options screen.


Curt Mac -- Dr. Kiln and Sumo Santa hidden character codes.
Mark ([email protected]), from Sega Sages Codes -- Boogerman hidden character code.
NP On-Line -- Most of the combo breakers and claytalities.

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