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Crusin USA Driving FAQ v1.78
by Poln ([email protected])

What's New

-Added new fast times

-Fix Washington DC, Death Valley, others..
-Added 2 Player Link Section

-Fix GGP, SF, 101, and others.

Hi there, I don't know how to title this...since I broke a lot of records in a
couple of arcades. I had a tendency to get bored so I may share some of ways 
to improve a bit.  If this FAQ take so much criticism from it, then it will be
asked for removal.  The records broken is Fastest times.  Of course, I did not
broke every record around.  

I did not list all the Avg. times or Fastest times in some stages.  You may 
have to figure that out yourself. If you have a better explanation about the 
stage, or have better times, e-mail me. Avg times is usually people who play 
well and usually get within that time.

My writing sucks in this one... If you can give me a better description of the
race, techniques, etc. that would be great.

|NOTICE:  I will NOT post any fastest times if machine malfunctions (resets  |
|itself).  [i.e. machine resets itself, then you choose the race, race it    | 
|extremely fast (few cars, etc.) then get a faster time like 5-20 sec. faster| 
|than the usual fastest time].  It's an unfair advantage to others.          |
I know what to expect the fastest time in each of the 14 races in Crusin USA.

Crusin World is little different. If you do stunts, it will take 1-2 seconds 
off per stunt performed.  Harder stunts may take 2 or 3 seconds off the 
elapsed time when completed the race.  Ex. New York  1:38:12.  You did two 
stunts which takes a total of 2 sec. off the elapsed time (1+1) so your time
would be 1:36:12.  but this is another story.  Just for your FYI.

If stunt setting is turned off.. don't attempt to do any stunts.  It's not 
worth your time.

Settings are my area..It costs 50 cents.  Simulator costs $1.00
Nickel Arcades $0.10, and Free Play ones.  Some are 2 player link.  I'm kind 
of surprised if it costs $0.75 if it is on a standard machine. 

The sensitivity in steering vary.  The default is 1-5 where 5 is most 
sensitive.  The default is 3.

If you are in first place, you get to play again.  Some arcades, set that you 
pay per play.  If you are in 1st place, you cannot choose your car and/or 
choose what type of engine used.  You are stuck for a while until you got 2nd,
then you can choose again (similar to any Capcom fighting game).

After you press start, you can choose your race, you have ~10 seconds. to 
choose.  Otherwise, it will choose the one that you highlighted.

You can choose a stage that is not listed.

1+3 Indiana [Medium] Do this replaces Beverly Hills
1+2 Golden Gate Park [Easy] Do this replaces US 101
2+3 San Francisco [Expert] Do this replaces Grand Canyon

You cannot choose Washington can only race it if you choose SF to DC 
option and you go all the way...

Next, you select your transmission either Automatic or Manual 4 Speed.  This 
is self explanatory.

Last, you select your car.  Hold any view button to choose a different vehicle
then the ones shown.  You can drive a school bus, police car, jeep, or a 
regular vehicle.

There is a way that you can have weird color on your vehicle.  I can't explain
it well on paper.  Maybe you can help me out here.

2 Player Link

On 2 player link, after choosing you vehicle, the other player has 20 seconds
to insert coins and start playing.  You can speed up by pressing RADIO or View
3 to cancel it and start solo.  In a 2 player link, there is advantage that 
there is NO slow moving vehicle ahead of you other than vehicles that you race
with.  First player that passes through the checkpoints adds 20 seconds to 
both players.  Race ends when the 1st person crosses the finish line first 
or when time expires, whichever comes first.

Winner will get to put thier initials if it is one of the top 10 fastest times
for the race.  

There are dead heats and close 2nd, (if it is within .1 of a sec from the 
actual finish time), then you can put your initials as well if your time is 
one of the top 10.  


There are 3 Views.  1. Lo-Rider.  This view is like when you are driving 
                                  the car..

                    2. Crisin'    This view is like a car behind a car.

                    3. Sky-hi.    This is a view like what you see from a 
                                  helicopter's view.

The Maximum speed for driving is about 147 MPH.  When downhill about 150 MPH.

Under the start button, there is a Radio Button where you can change the music
during the race.  Below are types of music that you can choose if you don't 
like the default music for any reason.


When a car comes towards are voices..

"We're going to Crash!"    "Go for it"
"Hurry it up!"

Car may honk at you when you approach it.  If you hit a school bus or a coach 
bus that says Crusin' USA on it (similar to Greyhound), bus will go off course
(flip for example), people will scream that they are involved in an accident.

Be careful the cars that swerve around from lane to lane..  You can get 
clipped and get into an accident.

Finish the Race
When you finish the race, it will show you your race time (elapsed time), and 
the record time for the race.  It will also show you what place you finish, 
and the avg. speed you drove.  



Usually from the start until the first Checkpoint, (15-20 sec). You will see
no oncoming traffic so you can use either lane (not in all cases).  

You have 75 seconds (default) to start.  20 seconds will be added as you go 
through the checkpoints.
NOTE2:  I've seen people will do manual like Daytona USA, or Super GT.  This 
is NOT like it.  Just do a quick manual to 1,2,3,4, and thats about it.


Golden Gate Park

As you begin the race, you will criss the Golden Gate Bridge. Try to be as 
smooth as possible especially the turns (no smoking coming out). You will 
see street lamps, as you drove by.  You speed may drop down by a few 
miles when you ram through the drums and/or barricades.  There are dips 
and turns so watch out as an oncoming car may come from nowhere.  You may 
have to be careful on cars that swerve.  When you see the Nintendo Sign, then 
you need to do a hard left towards the finish. If steer too hard, you may
got off the road and may hit a pole..yuk... this stage may give you a feel
for what's more to come [if you wanted to do cross-country].

                  Best time:  1:46:99
                  Avg. time:  1:47:xx

San Francisco
When race begins, CPU cars always had a tendency of bunching up and hitting 
each other.. don't know why... Anyway.. try to avoid a pileup when starting 
this race.  This is a 2 lane road w/ a four lane in the tunnel.  I don't know 
why a tunnel is there.  You see houses on either side of the road (victorian 
houses).  Before you enter them, you will do a jump from top and bottom, 
then you will go up and down the hill and go through a hilly, cruvey road. 

If you hit any metal object (Mail Box, lamp post), it will slow you down.  You 
will also pass a number of signal lights.  They don't mean anything, but it's 
there. On a turn before you enter the tunnel, you will need to be careful on a
S-cruve.  You may be airboune and hit a tree, or the wall, Ouch!..   

In real life, the tunnels in Bay area are The Broadway Tunnel, Geary Tunnel 
(Geary Expressway), Cadecut (misspelling) in Easy Bay through Berkeley Hills.  
Bay bridge.  Any others??   

Try to have control of your steering.  As you get into the tunnel, try to 
minimize the hard steering.  And try to stay on the right side of the road.

                              Avg. time:  1:40:xx

U.S. 101 [Easy]

Try to stay on the right side of the road if possible. 2) If you know that the
turn is going to be smooth, use it.  You will do 2 jumps along the road.  
Sometimes, when jumped, you may be in "nowhere area" like you're airborne 
before you land.. could cost you time, but what are you doing to do?  
Towards the end of the straightaway, you will do a hard right (try to stay in 
the right lane). Then you're on your way to finish the race.

Towards the middle of the race, will see a Police Helicopter fly by..if you 
are currently in 1st place and he comes, it will be with you for a while 
before it leaves..   Avg Time:  1:47:xx  

Redwood Forest [Expert]
Nothing Available
If you want to contribute, let me know.  This is for Experts.  For now, look at
the FAQ by crusin12.  This is a 2 lane road with lots of turns and trees. 
You may need to plan ahead on a turn before you excute the turn.
Mid-way through, it will be a four lane road.  On the side, you will see a 
sand and palm trees.  As you first start the race, you will go into Redwood 
forest.  "You'll hear the lady say "Redwood."  Towards the end, you will do 3 
hard lefts before you reach the finish line.  
                  Avg. time if you are good at it..1:45:xx

Beverly Hills [Medium]
This one is a toughie.  The level if difficulty is medium, but I think
that this one is hard.  There are several turns that you have to maneuver.  One
of the turns is that you will need to do a hard right before you enter the 
tunnel (this happens after the 2nd checkpoint). Once you're in the tunnel, the
turns are little tighter than San Francisco.  If you hit the wall of the 
tunnel, you may be in for a disaster. Try to keep control of the turns.  

Try to stay on your side of the road if possible.  If you accidentally hit a 
palm tree (when you hit it, a coconut will fall from it.) or a metal object 
(ex. fire hydrant), your speed drops down towards zero so try to avoid those.
There are landmarks in which they sometimes distract the 
"HOLLYWOOD" sign or houses ahead of you.

When you enter the tunnel, yep, you guessed it, more turns.  Turns are tighter
than San Francisco so be careful.  You could end up upside down and could cost
you big time.

      Avg time:  1:38:xx  Best time (NO BS): 1:34:99

LA Freeway [Easy]
Similar to Golden Gate Park, but this time, you are driving on a freeway.  Try
to be as smooth as possible, even when passing.  You will also see a highway 
sign, and sign "Speed 65."  You are driving in a freeway going through the 
overpasses.  This is one of the easiest stages in this game.  When you see 
the curve sign at the very end, you will need to do a hard left towards the 
finish line.  Most of the time, the turn separates the winners and losers 
of this race unless in a 2 player link, both of you are good, trying to 
be first.
                   Avg time:  1:50:xx

Death Valley [Medium]
This is a two lane road with a 4 lanes at the end. Basicly, you are going up 
and down a hill a little bit. Try to pass all the cars before the first 
checkpoint.  Always stay on the right side of the road if possible (except 
when passing) Please be careful when you pass. 2) There is NO oncoming traffic
once you are on a 4 lane road so you can try to beat the other player (if you 
have a 2P link).  Otherwise (in a 1P game, you need to beat the train before 
you cross the track.  Otherwise, you are screwed. Plan ahead on the
tightness of the turn.   

1P Solo only (this applies to Iowa, Indiana as well)--At times, when you see 
an oncoming vehicle which at the same time a slow moving vehicle ahead closing
the gap. You have 3 options:  1) try to squeeze through the middle hoping you 
can get by.  2) swerve around the vehicle to your left or right and try to 
pass them or 3) "Go for it" and crash into them.  Sometimes, you may get in a 
wreck with whatever option you may choose.  Hope you choose the right one.
You'll hear the voice "wooaah..Death Valley."  You also see the elevation of 
Death Valley as well as the Speed Limit which is 65. (Don't worry about that

U.S. Congress approved the lifting of the 55 Speed Limit across the USA and
each state can have it's own rules on each speed limit.. Ex. in CAlif. Max 
speed limit is 70MPH in rural areas..Urban area vary from 50-60.  Some at 65.
In MT, NO speed limit.. as long as you follow the basic driving rules. (you 
need to set yourself the right speed for different conditions (night, wet 
weather, etc.)  Sorry if this bore you out, this is just FYI.  You will also 
see the green highway sign that says "Death Valley Elevation:  below sea 

       Avg Time:  1:39:xx or 1:40:xx 
       Best time:  1:37:90

Grand Canyon [Expert]
This has turns and hills.  Extremely hot there.
I don't think this is expert..Of course, there are a lot of turns and hills 
that you need to go through.  You don't need to steer very hard as you might 
think.  Towards Mt. Rushmore, try to be smooth as possible, heck..I did 150 
MPH in that turn as I head downhill...At the very may need to do a 
hard left to finish cause there are small dips and bumps there. This is one of
those Southwestern look.  I believe that this is hard partly of the turns, but
you'll like be in position 7 with other cars and all of the sudden, the cars
are in a collision and you may by-pass it, or get involved in it.  
               Avg time:  1:43:xx
              Best Time:  1:40:36

Arizona [Easy]
This one has a couple of "S" curves that you have to maneuver.  And a few 
sharp turns (Not as sharp as Iowa or Indiana).  When you see one, you go left,
right. That's it.  Best time (NO JOKE):  1:27:98.. Avg.. 1:32:xx
You see caves in "S" curves.

Iowa [Medium] and Indiana [Medium]
Both of them are similar to each other.  There are 2 lane roads throughout the
course.  Try to pass all the cars before you hit the toll booth.  Here are the

Iowa has 2 toll booths.  If you screwed up on the 2nd toll booth, other cars 
will follow you and you are in trouble.  There are animals in the middle of 
the road.  Iowa has a deer, Indiana has a cow.  Both of them are there at 
random.  Try to steer clear of it.  If you have to, you can go off road (on 
the left side to avoid the crash).  There are telephone poles on the right 
side of the road, if you hit one of them, it will slow you down considerably 
towards 80-90 MPH.

At times you will see a fly hit on your windshield or when birds fly by, 
they'll put bird waste on the windshield (just keep going).  You get to see 
this if you choose View 1.

But, (IOWA) if the deer is at the bridge and the oncoming car comes, you have 
NO choice but to go at it.  Indiana has a hard turn, ahead.  Don't turn and go
hard all the time.  Instead turn, let go, turn, let go til you are in the 
straightaway.  If you hold the turn, you'll end up in the bushes or you may 
hit by an oncoming car.  Stay on the right side of the road if possible at the
end to avoid a last minute crash.  Don't steer too hard unless absolutely 
necessary or you know that you have to do it..  Steering hard is when you 
turn the steering wheel as far as possible.  Indiana does not have a bridge.  
You will do a final left turn for the finish.

Best time: 1:37:98 Iowa     Avg. 1:40:xx
           1:28:23 Indiana  Avg. 1:32:xx

Chicago [Expert]

This is one of the hardest races other than Redwood Forest.  I usually choose 
it in a 2 player link.  

As you start the race, you will see an airplane fly by...indicates that you're
near Chicago O'Hare Airport.  Anyway...First, try to pass all the other cars 
before you are in the tunnel.  (Before the tunnel on the right side, you see a
car that got into an accident and caught on fire.  If you hit that, mercy!)  
This is very important to pass all cars if you can...  2nd, once you are in 
the tunnel, don't steer too hard, if you do this, you will hit walls, pillars,
etc., (unless you know that you will need to do this) and it's a mess..Once 
you got into an accident, you are screwed for the rest of the game.  

Anyway...steer, but NOT too hard.  In other words, try to maintain control of 
the car.  At times, there is an accident in progress.  Try to steer clear of 
it..  You will need a good grip on your car.  Use IDPE process if needed (You 
should know this term if you took driving classes).  You may need to plan 
ahead of a turn before you excute it.  Too hard or too light of a steering may
cause your car to be out of control.

After you are in the tunnel, you are under the bridge which is the "L" train.
Same rules apply as in the tunnel.  If you hit the medal part, you don't look 
that good.  At times, the oncoming traffic will hit the pillar or swerve from 
one side or the other.  That one is risky.  
Best time (NO JOKE):  1:37:03  Avg. 1:39:xx (If you did well)

Appaliacha [Medium]
This one has hills and sharp turns.  There are a few jumps as well.. After a 
jump, you may be airborne for a bit so keep control of the wheel.  Try to stay
on the right side of the road if possible.  Before the first bump, get to the 
right side of the road, hit the bump, then try to steer right. You may have to
go to the grass on the right to avoid a major disaster which is ending up
through the bushes and that will cost you time.  There are different turns, 
strightaway, etc.  There are also dips along the road, watch for it.  
When you hear water running (waterfall on your right), you are almost to 
the finish line.
                     Avg time:  1:40:xx
                     Best time: 1:38:69

Washington DC [Unknown] {probably Medium/Expert}
This is the last stage.. Only available in you choose SF to DC option and you 
went all the way.  You see some landmarks as you drive through.  There are 2
very hard turns (you do a hard right), then left.  I don't know what the best 
way to steer them.  If you went through the final checkpoint in the time of 1 
min. or less, you are in the hunt for a new record time (hope you don't make 
mistakes at the last second). After the final checkpoint, you will go through 
the money tunnel, and one last hard right for the finish.. Here's a little 
trivia..whose picture on the bill in the money tunnel?  Hillary Clinton and 
she's on the microphone.

Best time for this one: (NO JOKE) 1:21:43  
                        Avg time:  ?? 1:25:xx ??      

When completing all 14 races from SF to DC, you'll see the president and his 
wife in a hot tub.  You also see a cow, secret service agents, and other 
things.  The wife looks very similar to Hillary Rodom Clinton, but the 
president doesn't look like Bill Clinton.

End.  Hope you like driving games.

c. 1994-1998 by Poln.  All rights reserved.  You can take the information 
here, but give credit where credit is due.  Don't stick your name claiming 
that this FAQ is yours.  That's fu**** bullsh*t.  Nobody likes to plagiarize 
someone elses work, OK?  This FAQ is FREE ($0) so don't make money from this 
FAQ.  RIPOFFS are NOT permitted.  You may distribute, but it has to be in its
entirety.  I DO NOT want to see any abuse from this FAQ.

Be a good, but safe driver.   

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