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by [email protected] 12/19/95

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 1) INTRODUCTION - "It's the first race of the season!"
 2) THE BASICS - "Watch out for those barriers, they'll only slow ya 
 3) CONTROLS - "Stay outta my way!"
 4) PLAY MODES - "You'll regret that!"
 5) THE CARS - "Whoa!"
 6) THE OPPONENTS - "That'd make a great replay!"
 7) THE TRACKS - "You've blown your radiator!"
 8) WINNER'S CIRCLE - "Your car's just about finished. Take it easy!"
 9) SECRETS - "He won't forget that in a hurry!"
10) CONCLUSION - "Oh no!"


PlayStation. Saturn. 3DO. They're here, they're 32-bit, and odds are you 
own at least one. Now that we're at that 'next level' of videogaming, 
we're really beginning to see what lies in store for its future. And of 
all the gaming genres, the one that has possibly seen the most 
improvement with the advent of 32-bit technology is the driving sim. If 
you don't believe me, check out Ridge Racer, WipEout, Twisted Metal or 
Sega Rally (if you've got a Saturn). But IMHO, the most exciting, 
adrenaline-filled driving sim for any 32-bit system is Destruction Derby 
from Sony/Psygnosis. From the first time I entered The Bowl to 'smash-
'em-up', I found myself laughing aloud in astonishment at the sheer 
realism of this game. It was almost as though I could feel the impact of 
every bone-crunching hit, the super-charged announcer screaming wildly 
in my ear whenever I piledrived an opposing car into a 360 spin. From 
the moment I spun this shiny black disk, I was addicted.

For you gamers who feel the same (or even if you don't), this FAQ is for 
you. It's filled with info on all three cars, opponents' vehicles, 
tracks and even a few secrets (they're in the TV ad if you can catch 
'em). If you own a PSX and haven't played this awesome game yet, at 
least give it a rent. I think you'll find that Destruction Derby is one 
of the coolest rides around.


There isn't much of a storyline to this game, just hop in the driver's 
seat and start smashing. You'll face off against 19 other opponents, all 
of whom would like nothing more than to send your car to the scrapyard 
(especially 'Psycho'). The one thing that does add character to this 
game is the fact that every opponent has a different look and 
personality. For example, hit the female-driven 'Idol' and you'll hear a 
lady shriek. Smash into 'The General' and he'll vow "You'll regret 
that!", and may even retaliate. The 'L' in 'L. Driver' stands for 
'learner' and he drives just like it, always the slowpoke on the track. 
These are minor details, but they add to the realism of the game and 
make you feel as though you're not just racing against mindless CPU 

In the main championship events, there are five divisions to race in, 
and every division means a new set of tracks and a new set of opponents 
to compete against. Your goal is to pile up as many points possible to 
reach the next division, eventually reaching Division 1 and the 
Championship Trophy!

One unique feature in DD is the ability to save and edit your replays. 
You can playback any race, but the camera editing function is where you 
can get the most from your replays. Once you get used to the slightly 
confusing controls, you'll find that you can edit the replay angle every 
second (!) from an almost infinite number of views. This is especially 
great for getting that just-perfect view of your 360-degree multi-car 
intersection pile-up!

If there are any shortcomings to Destruction Derby, it's the similarity 
of the tracks and the lack of a real solid challenge. Beating the game 
is easy at best, and after you've raced all the different tracks a dozen 
times or so it gets fairly routine. But this is countered by the fact 
that with all the pile-ups and collisions, race results can be highly 
unpredictable (i.e. you'll never race the same race twice). A split-
screen 2P option (a la Twisted Metal) may have also been nice.

A note about using the memory card with DD: This game uses at least 
three blocks of your memory card. One block to save your best lap times, 
one block for each saved game in progress, and one block for every 
replay that you save. Believe me, it can add up!


Controlling your car in DD is simple and very intuitive. In basic setup, 
you use your D-Pad for steering, your X button for Gas and your Square 
button for Brake/Reverse. The L1 and R1 (with gas or reverse) buttons 
will reverse your car from a 180 spin, with the exception of the Rookie 
vehicle, which corrects itself automatically. The L2 and R2 buttons are 
used to zoom in and out from four different camera angles, the 'inside -
the-car cam' being the best and most exciting. Get spun in a 360 while 
in this view and you're likely to end up with vertigo! And unlike other 
racing games (Ridge Racer, perhaps?), your car controls beautifully from 
any view.

Contrary to reports in some major gaming magazines, powersliding and 
countersteering play a major role in DD, especially with the more 
advanced cars. Apply the brakes on a sharp turn at just the right moment 
with the Pro vehicle and you'll execute a perfect powerslide. The 
collision and steering in this game have been tweaked beautifully, 
making those 10-car pile-ups all the more rewarding.


DD has several exciting game modes, most of which I'll list below. 
Please pardon my lack of info on the 2P modes as I don't know anyone I 
can link up with!

WRECKIN' RACING - This is the circuit where'll you'll likely spend the 
most of your time. It involves five different scenarios, with five 
tracks for each scenario, and The Bowl (which I'll go into later). 
Participants in this race are rated on a point system based on two 

A) Final position in the race. You'll receive 10 points for 1st place, 6 
points for 2nd place and 4 points for 3rd place.

B) How much havoc you wreak with the other cars. Spin a car 90 degrees 
and you'll receive 2 points, 180 degrees nets you 4 points, and a full 
360 nets you 10 points. You'll also receive 10 points for knocking a car 
out of the race. Any damage inflicted on a vehicle currently in first 
place gets double the normal point total (i.e. spin the first place car 
360 and take him out and you'll get 40 points!)

A tip for Wreckin' Racing: In Wreckin' Racing, finishing in first place 
(or finishing at all for that matter) isn't as important as trying to 
inflict mayhem on the other cars. A good strategy is to move up to 
second place, then try to spin the first place car for mega points. 
After you pass him, let another car take first so you can do the same to 

STOCK CAR RACING - Basically the same as Wreckin' Racing, except you're 
not rewarded for smashing other cars. In this mode, the goal is to stay 
alive, sustain minimal damage and end up in first place. IMO, stick with 

The point system in Stock Car Racing is as follows:

1st place = 50 points; 2nd = 40; 3rd = 35; 4th = 30; 5th = 25; 6th = 20; 
7th = 18; 8th  = 16; 9th = 14; 10th = 12; 11th = 10; 12th = 8; 13th = 7; 
14th = 6; 15th = 5; 16th = 4; 17th = 3; 18th = 2; 19th = 1; 20th = 0.

DESTRUCTION DERBY - The Bowl. The place where all cars go to die. The 
place where multi-car collisions reign supreme. You're pitted in a huge 
arena against the 19 other cars, and as with Wreckin' Racing, you're out 
to do as much damage as possible.

Listed below are a few tips necessary for maximum Bowl survival:

 ¥ Drive in reverse often. Despite what the instruction manual says, 
your car's rear end is virtually inexhaustible. Save your front end for 
when you need it, that's where your engine is (this ain't no VW Bug!).

 ¥ When the race starts, don't gun it. Wait a few seconds, then head 
towards the center of the arena. This way you can set yourself up for 
some big time spins.

 ¥ Whatever you do, DON'T SIT STILL! Keep moving to avoid letting your 
car get set up for a big hit. If you hear the sound of an engine rapidly 
approaching, that is a BAD thing!  : )

In most 1P racing modes you have several options available, such as 
Duel, where it's just you versus another CPU opponent. Or Multi-Player, 
where you and your friends take turns racing the CPU. Total Destruction 
is a lot like riding a bull in a rodeo. You're in The Bowl, simply 
trying to survive as all other cars all have targeted you for 
termination. Unless you're an absolute pro, you won't last long here!

TIME TRIALS - Go for the best lap time on several tracks and save it to 
your memory card. A good way to get familar with the tracks.


There are three cars to choose from in DD, and perhaps more exist as 
secrets. Let's cover the basic three:

ROOKIE (PSYGNOSIS) - Of course, this is the car you'll probably take out 
first. Handling and control are easy and this car automatically corrects 
itself from a 180 spin. Nice, but it'll be time to move on before you 
know it.

AMATEUR (GRIM REAPER) - Now we're talking. This is the car I'm currently 
most comfortable with. Plenty of power and takes turns like a pro. Get 
used to using the L1/R1 buttons to spin yourself around, you'll need 

PRO (SMOOTHIE) - Not for the squeamish. The center of gravity on this 
baby is way up front, meaning more powerslides (and more spinouts, if 
you're not careful). If you can adapt to this car, you've got one mean 
machine on your hands.

All of the above three cars' racing number is 01.


As mentioned earlier, one of the coolest things about racing in DD is 
your opponents. It's like they actually have personality. You may even 
find yourself developing a dislike for some of the other drivers (such 
as 'Psycho', who just happens to be a real pro at causing collisions).  
It's important to remember what division you're in and who your 
competitors are. If possible, try to take them out. For example, if 
you're in Division 3 and 'The Skum' is leading your division by 2 
points, wouldn't it be nice to make sure he doesn't finish the next 
race? Remember to look for cars with the same hood color as you!

Below are the listings of every CPU driver and their division ranking 
(when you start a game). Note that when you move up a division, the 
driver that finished in last place in the division ahead of you slips a 
division. For example, if you move up to Division 4 and The Optician was 
in last place in that division, he'll be in Division 5 for the next 

DIVISION 5 (White Hood)
NAME                 NO.   SEX   TEAM COLORS
THE GENERAL      50     M     Army Green
THE BOUNCER      88     M     Lt. Blue/White
TRASHMAN          07     M     Purple/Orange

DIVISION 4 (Yellow Hood)
NAME                 NO.   SEX   TEAM COLORS
THE BEAST         66     F      Red/Black
THE OPTICIAN     47     M     Green/White
THE IDOL            23      F     Pink/White
PASSION WGN.    69     F     Red/Pink

DIVISION 3 (Blue Hood)
NAME                 NO.   SEX   TEAM COLORS
UNDERTAKER       77     M     Black
THE SKUM           13     M     Black
THE GODDESS     35      F     Purple/White
PYROMANIAC      64      F    Candy Apple Red

DIVISION 2 (Red Hood)
NAME                 NO.   SEX   TEAM COLORS
PSYCHO       40     M      Pink/Blck
H. METAL HERO    NA     M     Blue/White
L. DRIVER            37    M     Yellow/White
CRUNCH BUNCH    22     M     Pink/White

DIVISION 1 (Black Hood)
NAME                 NO.   SEX   TEAM COLORS
BARMY ARMY      53     M     Pink/Dk. Blue
THE DOCTOR       99     M     Red/White
SUICIDE SQUAD   82     F      Lt. Blue/Red
THE TAXMAN      95     M     Green/Yellow


Of course, what's a racing game without racing tracks? Here's a list of 
the various scenarios you'll see in DD:

This is where it starts, and it's as simple as it gets. Finishing first 
and doing mega-damage are both pretty easy here. In the first race, the 
top five drivers are shown on the light display above the finish line.

Cross Over, with its blind intersections, is a nightmare. One minute 
you're in first place and the next minute you're DFL. Sometimes you must 
abandon any hope of even finishing the race and simply try wrecking 
other cars. It's not uncommon to find yourself going the wrong way on a 
track after a blindside 720 spin.

SCENARIO 3: OCEAN AVE. (10 laps)
This is where you'll encounter your first really tight turns. 
Powersliding comes in handy here. Piling up opponents at these turns can 
be easy and quite fun.

Cactus Creek involves some of the most beautiful scenery you'll find on 
any track. Some intersections can cause headaches, but for the most part 
go for the finish line.

Not unlike Ocean Ave., where tight turns provide an excellent 
opportunity to set up collisions. Don't go crash-crazy at the beginning 
of the race or you may find yourself hurting towards the end.

The Bowl is always the same. This is where you can come back from a 40 
or 50 point deficit to win your division. Even if you're really lagging 
in points before The Bowl, don't give up. You can make it up here.

What? That's not part of the racing circuit! Well, at least not until 
you beat the game. Read the Winner's Circle section for more info.


As I've said before, this game is pretty easy to finish. Even the novice 
driver will probably find him/herself beating DD with little difficulty. 
And of course, when you do, the credits will roll, presenting you with a 
nice shiny trophy with your name engraved on it. After that (remember, 
save your game NOW!), you'll have access to the Ruined Monastery in Race 
Practice Mode only. The Monastery is a long, winding course with a nice 
tunnel and some wicked turns. You receive no additional secrets for 
finishing first in the Monastery, nor do you receive anything for 
beating the circuit a second time.


There are other secrets to be found, however. Entering the following 
codes as your name in Championship Mode allows you special cheats and 
power-ups previously unavailable! If you've entered these codes 
correctly, your name will be registered as 'Cheat!'.

You can enter multiple codes in DD, and entering another code or name 
will not disable the previous code.

!DAMAGE! - Makes your car impervious to all damage. Good for practicing 
wrecking/collision techniques.

REFLECT! - Gives you access to the Ruined Monastery track. Available in 
Practice Mode only.

NPLAYERS - Lets you select the number of opponents in a race (1-20). 
Available in Practice Mode only. Enter the number of opponents after 
selecting a track.

I'm certain that more codes (other cars, reverse tracks, choose the 
number of laps, etc.) exist but I don't have them yet. E-mail me with 
your codes and I'll include them in the next FAQ version.


Anyone remember the old 80's Colecovision racing game 'Turbo'? Man, what 
a blast! It came with its own steering wheel, gear shift and gas pedal, 
and at the time it really put you in the driver's seat. That was the 
last driving video game I purchased, and the last driving sim I really 
totally enjoyed. That is, until Destruction Derby. IMHO, DD is the best 
at what it does, which is putting you behind the wheel and letting you 
decide what your approach to the race will be; a classy, first-place 
finish or an all-out assault on anything that moves. Most will prefer 
the latter.

Sony/Psygnosis' Destruction Derby is a great game and truly worthy of a 
sequel. Here are some of the things I'd like to see in DD2:

 ¥ Car flipping (your car is confined to a single flat plane in DD)
 ¥ Other car possible breakdowns such as flat tires, oil leaks, etc.
 ¥ Better/more diverse tracks (but then who doesn't want more tracks in 
a racing game?)
 ¥ Competition for cash earnings to upgrade your car
 ¥ Automatic and manual transmission

A special thanks goes out to everyone who posted their 
codes/opinions/gripes in the DD AOL folder. I couldn't have written this 
FAQ without your help!

I hope that you find this FAQ useful and that it makes this great game 
even more enjoyable. Of course, if you have anything to add/correct, e-
mail me at [email protected] and you will receive credit!


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