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Dragons Dogma Guide :

- Basics
- Walkthrough
- Weapons
- Vocations/Builds
- Bestiary
- Power Tools
- Power Curatives
- Important Special Items
- OTHER Important Items
- Apperence Items
- Item Combinations
- Materials
- Trophy Section
- Side Quests
- SET ITEMS ! ------------
- END-

: Andrew Turelli Jr :
: Codebreak1337 : SUBSCRIBE !
: [email protected]  EMAIL ME !
: 6/17/12
: Version 1.0

: All text documentation was written by myself, please do not use it without 
  my permission.
Thank you !

Hello everyone ! I am Andrew Turelli jr. Otherwise Known as the 

Keeping it Short and Sweet this is a guide on Capcoms Dragons Dogma.

- Basics-

How to play : 
 We start the game in a dark dungeon, with a few abilities and skills.
This "end at the beginning" part of the game, is here to teach you,
the controls.

 Pay attention and work your way through until the Chimera.

 Ok So by now you should be getting an idea of the controls of the game.
NEXT thing you know your fighting a giant dragon. 
Important part is that a Quest, note will pop up.
It should say Harbinger of Destruction. This is,
OUR first quest. Simply just go up to the dragon and attack him a few times.

 Next part, If you press the start button you will see, 
a chronicle option appear on the lower right portion,
of the game screen. Open the Chronicle. It will give you hints of what to
 do during the,
Main Quest Line.

 Yes the trick to starting this game is FOLLOWING THE MAIN QUEST 
So basically,
Open your chronicle if you get lost. Talk to people with BLUE 
on their,
heads if you are really stuck. Most importantly follow this guide because 
you MAY,
still end up a little confused.


 Ok to make it simple, Pawns are just A.I. Controlled allies. 
You have ONE
MAIN PAWN that you may gear up. 
Then 2 more that you may NOT gear. 
Your main pawn,
levels, the other 2 will not. 
You can change only your main pawns vocation. 
No Hybrids for ANY PAWN.

-- Fighting---

 Battle is very simple and very fun. Bumper button will bring up 
different options.
Simple basic, main attack and heavy attack with wild graphical 
effects thrown into the mix. 
Precision aiming and always R2 or Right 
Trigger to Fire.

-- Setting Skills --- POSSIBLE SPOLIERS !

 Skills can NOT be set, until you reach gran soren inn. 
Your vocation can 
NOT be changed
Until you reach gran soren inn as well. Neither c
an your pawns.

 You may edit your character at the barber shop in the 
 Gran Soren. More options,
will become available through Jonathans rift 
shop purchases at the Encampment.


 Enhancing gear and combining gear is rather 
self explanatory. 
it seems hard at first,
because there are so many items even early on.
 Later you will see there is not as many
items as you may have thought. 

 Combining I find is sometimes usually and basically
 a choice if you want to do it.

 Enhancing on the other hand is also an option 
but I found it easier.
To enhance you will want to keep
Just keep them don't sell them. Then go 
to a Smith such as,
Reynard or Caxton in gran soren. 
Click enhance option. 

 There are 3 levels on all items
 except for jewelry. 
the 4th level is a much
 later on in the game. 
You Can NOT go over 4 levels.

 F.A Q.

What is going on codebreak?

A: Calm down, follow the main quest 
line and this Guide.

Do I really have to
 WALK everywhere ?

A: Yes.

No, REALLY do I really have to 
walk/run everywhere !??

A: you will realize the game is
 not so big. 

 Although there IS a ton of running around.
 Later in the game you can teleport, 
using ferry stones so don't worry to much. 
Get used to the map and Follow roads.

::::::::::MAIN QUEST WALKTHROUGH:::::::::::::::

- The Intro:

 Just play through this easy, by listening 
to your party members they will explain all.

- Harbinger Of destruction

 Basically all you have to do is ATTACK 
the dragon a few times, 
 then wait a little bit until the next cut scene.

- Newly Arisen :

 All you have to do is pick up a weapon in the
 current room your in.
then pick your vocation out of fighter/strider/mage.

- Upon a pawn :

  Exit the room, another cut scene. You will be 
outside in a town called Cassardis.
You will meet a pawn named rook. 
Simply exit through the big gate.

 Once outside, your officially "free" to
 do whatever you want. Were going to follow
the main quest though. Stay on the ROAD at all
 times heading north. 

 Eventually, we will reach the Encampment our mark. 
Another cut scene, 
 enter the encampment.

- Call of the Arisen:

 Inside the encampment, follow the voice. Make your way 
up the stairs and into the tent. 
there will be a large weird stone. 
Examine it. 

 There will be commotion, after this go,
outside the encampment 
following your quest marker. 
Deal with the enemy.


 Deal with the Cyclopes. Basically you will want to 
climb on towards his head.
 Then deliver head strikes. 
If mage cast Levin, lightning makes him fall. 
 You will have help so don't worry to much.

- A Rude Awakening :

 Speak to Ser Mercedes, a black female woman 
in white armor in the encampment.
Look for a question mark if lost. 
She will give you the option to Rest, 
Do so.
You will wake up to loud noise, follow
 your marker outside the encampment.

 More commotion this time it is a GIANT hydra. 
All you have to do is deal enough damage, or
 just cleaver off one of it's heads.
To do so grab its head when it's low. 
You could also climb up it, 
then start swinging. 

 Easy with sorc/archer for obvious reasons, 
as you can shoot from afar.

- Off with It's head.

 Now we have the Hydra head, we will need to escort 
the cart. To the Duke.
He is in Gran Soren the capital. This is 
a very long trek about 15 minutes. 
It's easy if you have patience. It is the
 ONLY trek like this in the game.

 Make sure to kill everything along the way and stay 
in front of the cart, but not to far. When you finally
 reach Gran Soren's gates.
A cut scene will take you inside and complete the quest.

- A Matter of Myrmidons

 Now we are in Gran Soren, talk to anyone with a red 
arrow on their head. after talking
to all THREE people including one of the guards. 
The path to the PAWN guild will open.

 Follow the road to the pawn guild which is in 
fountain square. A Guard,
will be standing at the gate. 
He will only let you in after you have gathered 
enough information.

 After that enter the Pawn guild which is down 
the road to the left. 
Go Inside and talk to Barnaby. 
This will complete the Quest. 

 To Continue the main quest line. Talk to
 Barnaby again. 
This will start the next quest, 
Lure of the Abyss.

 - Lure of the Abyss:

 Head left from Barnaby down the stairs. 
Enter through the gate. This is the Ever fall. 
Keep going down the spiraling steps. 
If your stuck look for a way on the walls do NOT 
hit any levers you do NOT need to.

 Finally you will come to a Square room, 
there are 2 floors and some succubus as well as
skeleton mages. at the top center of the room,
 there is a lever hit this lever only.
It will open the locked door on the bottom. 
Proceed through the locked door.

 You will then enter the main chamber after a few 
twists and turns. examine the circular 
marking in the middle of the room. Called the Flame servant. 
Giant worm like creatures 
will come out of the ground after a cut scene. 
You MUST run all the way back up to the
top of the ever fall. Don't bother 
fighting these guys the story will not change in doing

- After the lure of the abyss and you leave ever fall,
 leave the pawn guild. A guard
will come looking for you and give you the WYRM HUNT license.
 Go through the Big red doors
North of the Pawn guild. Keep going up and enter the NOBLE QUARTER.
 Talk to a guard with
an question mark on his head. 
Ser Maximillian, will give you 4 options.

 The worst choice is deciphering a text, although the rewards are good, 
I suggest trying
this one in NEW GAME +. Aiding a research team,
 is a longer one as well. So I would pick
Investigate a cult and after that rout a monster infestation. 
We will start with the CULT.

- Justice Done

 Follow quest markers on the screen and talk to people in town,
 learning about salvation.
once you complete all quest markers, make your way to the catacombs.
 This will also be 
marked on your map. Make sure to check your map often. The last road breaks off
, and you
must cut through some part of the woods.
 Like I said check your map often for the best way.

 Enter the catacombs, This time 
around we will be hitting ALL the levers we see.

Don't worry to much about doors with keys for now.
 Follow the quest marker. hit the levers
and you should be able to make it through. 
At the end we must fight a legion of undead.
it's pretty easy, but it gets harder from here.
 Arisen has a choice to show mercy or to
punish the salvation leader. 
Choosing mercy will net you some XP and complete the quest.
It saves a cut scene and sometime as well.

 Follow your marker and you will reach the exit,
 this is catacombs REAR passage towards 
Gran Soren. Now we have a bit of a shortcut.
 I hope you broke the bars on some doors in 
catacombs. Head back to gran soren. 
Speak to Maximillian to complete the quest.

- a Fortress Besieged

 Speak to Maximillian again, and choose to rout a monster infestation.
 He will tell us 
to meet with the captain at the shadow fort. it is a far trek. 
Make sure to pick up
a ferry stone or 2 from forunival in the noble quarter. 
Also look up the black cat,
which is in the Venery of Gran soren. 
You may purchase port crystals AND ferry stones at
the black cat.

 So the shadow fort is way to the west. 
Yet we will have to hook south first to get there
then north. So make sure once again to check your map consistently. 
Do NOT get lost, and
do NOT start travel at night time. 
Bring your lantern and follow the map. 

 This is a good place to put a port crystal once you arrive if you have one.
 Go inside
the shadow fort, once arrived. Talk to the captain with the ? mark. 
Do NOT go through the
big gate, it is useless. Instead go through the hole near the troops.
 Head north through
the hole. Once you come out keep going straight and turn left.
 Go up the ladder and fall 
down. Make sure this is the STATION ROOM. Go through the door,
 head left and open the chest
near 2 -3 goblins, which looks like a jail cell room. 
This is the Shadow fort lever.

 Take the lever back to the lever switch, 
which is up top the platform North west, from
where we just came. It is on top the roof,
 not to hard to find. Put the lever in and then
examine it. This will open the gate,
 and the troops can come in.

 Fight the Cyclopes with them there are two of them.
 For the one with the Helmet, make sure
you are near it's head it will try and get you off, 
removing his helm in the process.
Once both Cyclopes are down, another cut scene. 
You must locate the goblin leader.

 Go inside the fort follow the markers, go to the rook tops.
 Then back down another spiral
staircase. Eventually you will come to a red double door. 
Kill the goblin leader or try
to. He will flee, watch cut scenes or skip them.
 Then head back to Ser Maximillian at Gran
Soren. This Will complete the quest, 
and start the 3rd And Final part of the game !

- Come To Court

 Ser maximillian will now give you the option to HEAR 
the duke's directive.
 Choose that 

option and ALL current quest will STOP.

GOOD. The only way to get them back is NEW GAME +. 
It is ok because this is our first time 
through and were following this guide right? 
Ok so lets continue.

 Go into the Dukes gate, enter dukes demesne. 
Enter the Castle watch a jester. Skip the 

jester scene, wear a party hat then confront the DUKE. 
watch cut scene, run back OUTSIDE.
Make your way to LEAVE the Demesne. Then CUTSCENE with Aldous.

 Aldous will leave you off with nothing but a hint. 
GO back into the castle and talk to 

Aldous. He will then give you two options after speaking with him. 
Pick the Gather evidence 

for an important trial. 
This one is relatively easy and perhaps necessary.

- Trial And Tribulations

 This quest Does NOT even have to be completed to complete the  
just sleep 
for 4 days and it will be over. 
Aldous will be mad but at least its over. This is the 

quickest way possible and the easiest to a rather tedious quest.

- Griffins Bane

 Once again speak with aldous. He will tell you of the Volunteers,
 they are waiting outside 

of Gran Soren main entrance go there. Once outside, 
follow them until the quest log 

updates. You will then notice a swirling blue light on the ground. 
The game HINTS at using
"bait" to Lure out the Monster. 
Look for a spider just a few steps away from the 

volunteers. Kill the spider and pick it up with the grab button. 
Place it in the blue 

light. This should trigger the Griffin to come in. 
Wail on the griffin until it flies off.

 The volunteers, suggest it has flown to blue moon tower. 
The Tower is very very far off.
Without a port crystal which you should not have yet. 
Be PREPARED for a long trek. Remember
your map. Blue Moon tower is North east of grand soren,
 past Wind bluff tower and a travelers rest point. 

There will be strong winds, that seem impassable. 
If you hold the
joystick forward or RUN through you can make it through the winds. 
Keep heading in the,
direction of the quest marker.

 Eventually you will hit pastona cavern, 
some rouges undead etc. Pick up mushrooms along
the way. Pick up whatever you can find, the next battle
 WILL be tough.
 Continue following 
your map to the blue moon tower.
 Once you get to the tower obviously head your way up.
It is pretty straightforward.
 Keep heading up and wait listen to the volunteers. 
There will be a point where you will break some doors down.
 One door you can only get to, by going 
around it, take the stairs up and then down 
then FLIP the switch or lever.

 * Make sure to stay with the volunteers or the game MAY glitch
 and the griffin will NOT
appear at top of the blue moon tower. 
IF this does happen use a ferry stone. If you don't 
have one prepare for a long trek back to travelers camp.
 You can rest there to reset the 

game. This should FIX the "glitch" if it happens to you.

 Once atop the tower and the griffin appears slay it.
 Climb it if your a fighter, arrows 

for archers and FIRE magic for sorcerer.
 ALL PAWNS should be NEW, except your MAIN. 
Main pawn and yourself should have good and enhanced gear.
 Bring plenty of stamina and 

health restoration items.

 The griffin will fall to your blade and there
 will be a port crystal nearby,
 USE these to
fast travel in conjunction with ferry stones.
 You CAN NOT place it inside blue moon tower.
In a chest as a side note, there is always a griffin armor.

- Pride before a Fall

 Speak to Aldous To complete the Griffin's bane quest.
 Then Speak to him again and choose
the assist ser Mercedes option. 
Go outside meet and talk to Ser Mercedes and select YES 
option to bring her along. She will be at wind bluff tower.
 We have been there on our way
to the blue moon tower. If lost check your map,
 it is much closer to Gran soren then blue
moon tower. 
 Once inside run up the stairs. You will see Ser Mercedes running.
Witness the duel, or hit 
Julian to end it quickly.
He will beat Ser Mercedes regardless but leave her alive.
She will give you her sword Silver rapier.
Fast travel or travel back to Aldous at Gran Soren.
Report of your duty and be rewarded and complete the quest.

 Be prepared for another long trek,
unless your lucky enough to have a ferry stone.
ALL the way back to gransoren. If you have a ferry stone
another should appear at gran soren. 
If you walked back, be prepared for next time. 

 Go back to the castle and report to aldous, 
where he will reward you and Set Arisen up 

with the next  quest.

- The Wyrm kings Ring

 Talk to Aldous yet again, Then do as he says,
 and inquire about who may have stolen the
ring. Just talk to people in the CASTLE. 
Anyone with a red question or a quest marker. Then
report back to Aldous after 2-3 people. 

 Quest log will update and you will have to go to the ancient quarry.
It is easy to find especially with QUEST marker.
 It's not a far ways 
either, just a bit south west of Gran Soren. 

 Once at the quarry, skip the scene, and Kill Salomets companions.
Then lower salomets health. 
This will trigger the next cut scene to where he flees.

 Report back to Aldous at Gran Soren.
 He will then tell you to inquire with TOWNSFOLK. 
Speak to Brice one of the FOOD merchants in FOUNTAIN SQUARE of Gran Soren. 
He will tell you quickly he is located at BLUEMOON TOWER.
 Quest Log will update. 

 Travel to blue moon tower on foot or by ferry stone.
 Once again head to the top and 
confront Salomet.

 Salomet is a necromancer of sorts.
 Kill all his summons.He will then be left open to 
attack. Salomet is rather easy even with low gear/levels. 
Once he is gone, DO NOT forget the 
wyrmkings ring. it is very close to the edge of 
the cliff along with a ferry stone.

 Report back to Aldous. He will reward you after giving him the ring.
 This will complete 
the quest.

- Honor and Treachery

 Talk To Aldous, Then he will tell you to go to 
mountain way castle.
It is between Cassardis 
and Gran soren. 
This is where we escorted the Hydra head earlier.
 Check your map and head 
there. It is not far off from Gran soren so just run there.

 The guard will tell you to report back to Gran Soren
 as there is a major problem. Ferry or 
run back to Gran Soren to see it is under siege by a monster.
 A Giant Cockatrice is 
destroying the craftsmen quarters.
 Destroy all quest markers or boxes with quest marks.  

 The cockatrice will then eventually fly off. 
It is very Dangerous it can turn you and your 
allies to stone. This means INSTANT death, sort of.
 Have some secret softeners from carmillas 

 After the Cockatrice flies away,
 talk to the guard on the way towards the noble quarter. 
Skip the scene and you will be back at the CASTLE. 
This will Complete the quest.

-Reward and Responsibility

 Talk to Aldous, he will then tell you to meet the Duke in his solar.
 Follow the castle 
marker and go to the solar.
 Talk with the Duke, Then follow him to the treasury. 

 Watch the cut scene.
 Accept his gifts then talk to him on your way out. 
A guard will rush in and inform you about the Great wall.
 It is under attack.
This Completes the Quest and begins Deny Salvation.

- Deny Salvation

 We must head to the great wall.
 Which is a large encampment NORTH WEST of the Gransys map.
It will be a long trek. 
Once again follow your map. Take a good look at it before and during 
the trip. 

 Bring Curatives, and stamina curatives.
 Holy weapons work great, as is being an 
archer. We will be fighting mainly undead and then some NASTY wights.

 Once you get to the great wall, 
dodge the Cyclopes, and head all the way to the top. Skip 
all battles or fight them for XP. 
The only necessary battle is the CHIMERA.

 Kill the snake first by grabbing on to it. 
Then grab on the goat and kill it. 
finally the lion. The Door will now be open. 

 Keep heading up and dodge the skeleton knight or fight him.
 Hopefully you can handle this 
battle. Have all of your pawns. 
Have your best gear and decent levels.
 If you need to level go do it. 

 The Wight’s are very challenging at low levels.
 To destroy them you MUST kill their 
summons first. They will then come down to the ground.
 Archers can still hit them from 

 This is the best method of attack. 
It may take several rounds,
 depending on your 
level and your weapons/enhancements.

 Once they are done, the quest is complete.
 The FINAL BATTLE quest will begin. We must 
speak with the Dragon Forged at Hill Figure Knoll. 
If you have a port crystal it would be 
VERY WISE, to put one right outside of the great wall.

- The Final Battle -

  Speak with the Dragon Forged at Hill Figure Knoll.
 The Knoll is North West of Gran Soren. 
It is a little far but not too difficult to get to. 
Once at the Knoll, you will get a 
cut scene. You will be inside the Dragon Forge's lair. 

 Talk to him and He will update your quest log. 
It is time to go back to the great wall,
 and enter the Tainted Mountain.

 Ferry back to the great wall, via or ferry stone
 and port crystal from earlier.
Run  north all the way Through. 
Go through the gate that was locked when we battled the Wight’s. 
After a few twists and turns just follow your marker. 

MAKE SURE you have your Final battle quest on, 
just incase you get lost.

 Work your way through the enemies, I suggest being at LEAST level 40
 for this part of the 
game. although it can be done at just about any level 
with the right gear. Have a ton of 
fire resistance, and best weapon enhancement vs. 
the final boss would be ICE.

 Arisen and his allies will run into;
 Succubus, HELL HOUNDS, Gore chimera and Geo saurian’s. 
all very difficult. 
You should also, have an archer as your main character. A sorcerer as 

your main pawn. 
For your other 2 pawns, go with Archer/Mage for the Dragon as well.

 Having a mage over a sorcerer is a good Idea, 
because MAGE is the only vocation that can 
heal. Other then by aiding fallen comrades.

 Finally you will come to a room with 4 exclamation points.
 A gore chimera and 4 switches. 
The Exclamation points are the switch locations. 
After beating the Gore Chimera, step on 
all the switches. Make sure they ALL go down. 
This will open the Gate to the Dragon.

 Speak with the dragon, he will then go crazy, 
you will then run away. Follow the quest
updates. Keep heading up and deal with the platforming. 
There are tons of checkpoints here 
so it is easy. Don't worry to much if you die. 

 When you reach near the Top of the tower, 
there will be a ballista. Quest log will inform 
Arisen to fire it at the dragon. 
Fire it as he begins to swoop in towards you it is simple.

 You will then End up ON the dragon. 
Above tainted mountain temple flying in the sky. 
Keep crawling forward on the dragon to reach 
the back of its heart. 
Its heart is on its back.
Notice the glowing red area if your confused.

 Be sure to follow the prompts with the L- stick. 
you will have to follow 3 prompts. 
If you fail prepare to start all over again. 
 After the final prompt. The Dragon will,
Try to swallow you and miss.


 This is where the real final battle begins.
 You Must finish the dragon with,
 ALL your pawns 
 on foot. An epic battle that last a very long time.
 Even at high levels. I suggest using
the ballista  as much as you could. Aim for the dragons heart. 

 Hopefully you are a good archer and can hit his heart from afar. 
Bring Curatives.
 Have 2 other pawns, One archer and one Mage.

 This battle WILL be long no matter what. 
Get in as MANY heart shots as possible 
to speed it up when you have a chance. 
The reward is all your current gear ,
will be dragon Forged. Also a Trophy and partial game completion.

 The game will go into a "post" game. 
Killing the dragon completes the quest 
"the Final battle".
After all the cut scenes, save your game at the 
Cassardis Inn. The next quest,
A Warm Welcome will pop up on quest log.

- A Warm Welcome

 Use your ferry stone, or walk back to Gran Soren. 
Meet with the Duke. 
Something is very wrong with him. 
 He will try and Duel you. Defeat him.
Then all his guards will attack you.
Run all the way back to where the fountain square used to be. 
 There is now a giant hole in the ground. 
This is the Ever Fall. Jump in,
and the Quest will be Completed.

- Fathom Deep
 Talk to Quince right outside the first level of the ever fall. 
 She will ask you to aqcuire 20 wakestones. To do so, 
keep exploring the 
ever fall. Slay many of the monsters 
until you acquire 20 wakestones. 
 You may also fight the Ur-Dragon for 
20 at one time, after a victory. 
 I suggest leveling up and taking the Enemy 
option first time through.

 Once you have 20 wake stones, talk to Quince. 
 There is NO turning back now at all. 

This is the true final  
 battle once you accept jump down the Ever fall into the 
Seneschal's Chamber.

- The Seneschal Battle

 He is really easy the first 2-3 fights, 
just run up and hit him a few times, 
 dodging his WEAK attack. 
Same thing for the 2nd fight. Honestly the whole
 thing is rather easy except for the END, 
which can be tricky at best.

 The Final form will pit you against, 
Seneschal and his Pawn. Take out,
 his pawn first, then work on Seneschal.
They are both still rather easy, 
 even at low levels. 

 Although he will Charge at the very end for an,
 UBER attack, which can one shot kill 
Arisen + your main pawn.
 I suggest having a 
wake stone or 2 just in case. 

 The best advice for this is to just run towards him 
while he is charging, 
 You or YOUR pawn must grab him and
 deliver the final blow. 
Either way works.

 After you win the battle, you will receive the 
Gods bane,
 and live as Sensechal. So sit in his throne, 
 and you will enter Carssdis 
in a real freaky manner. 
 Just leave through the main gate,
 to get back to the chamber.
 Now Finally USE the 
God's bane blade on yourself.


- Andrew Turelli jr
- codebreak1337
- [email protected]



- Almace 
Ice sword

Caxton (silver idol)
Tainted Moutain
Soul Flayer Canyon


Holy Sword:
Beat the Ur- Dragon Offline with Fighter.
Beat Ur- Dragon online with Fighter.
Beat Ur- Dragon Online,possible drop.

" 1337 stuff " Really like this sword,
+ It looks very mint.

- Bastard Sword
Basic Sword From Caxton nothing Special.


Lightning Elemental Sword
- Frontier Caverns
-Pastona Cavern
- Soul Flayer Canyon
- Caxton (silver idol)

"pretty sweet if you like lightning"

- Joye The Merchant (remorse chamber)

"Very powerful and Unique Looking"

-Crossed Cinquedea

" Basic Caxton Sword "

- Cutlass
"basic caxton sword"

- Dragons Dogma

- Final battle reward as Fighter.

" Strong sword, But no magic atk"
" Looks Cool"

- Broad Sword
Basic sword from Caxton nothing special

-Eden's Warden

 Fire Elemental Sword

- Caxton (silver idol)
- Catcombs
-Ancient Quarry
- watergods Altar

" Really cool, looks awesome"
" Powerful + fire attack"
" lots of weak to fire enemies
in this game"

- Golden Bastard

- Golden bastard sword -

- Quest: reward and responsibility
- Quest: Lost and Found

* The best way to get this sword is,
probably just waiting until the Duke rewards
the Arisen at reward and responsibility. 
Which is part of the main quest line. *

- Golden Rapier

" A Gold Rapier "

Quest- *POST GAME* " A challange

* You must kill an arch hyrdra at the,
Frontier Caverns to Aqcuire this one.

- Iron sword

Basic Sword found in Cassardis merchant

- Rusted Sword

- Pick this up at start of the game

- Silver Rapier

- Pride before a fall
* Do not interfere in Mercedes duel*
* She will give it to you after*

- Tight Cinquedea
- Basic Caxton Sword

- Trusty Sword
- Basic Caxton sword

- Undulant Gold

- Gold Bladed Sword-

Quest * Epicurean Delights *

You must aquire 5 SOUR!!!
Ambrosial meat pieces.
Once they turn sour
Put them in airtight flask.
Give them to The Tavern Owner to
get this Sword.

- Undulant Sword

- Basic Caxton Blade-

- White Hawk's Talon

- Awesome Looking Rapier"

*ONLY Alon the Merchant sells this.
You must complete his quest outside the
Ancient Quarry. Clear the Quarry hit the 
Lever. Report Back to Alon and He will 
Open up shop in the Quarry. He sells
this item among other rares.*


- Beak Of Gold
  Golden Beaked Mace

- Notice Board Quest -
- a Dark Chourus -
* Kill some harpies for this one *

- Bloodthirsty Beak

- Basic Caxton Mace:

- Crescending Roar

- Caxton ( silver idol)
- Catacombs
- Blue moon tower
- Shadow Fort
-Soul flayer Canyon

- Dragons Presence

- Delec the Merchant ( hope chamber)
- enstrangement
- Anxiety

" Very Strong, good knockdown+stagger"

" Dragons Toll "
Final Battle With Mystic Knight Victory-
- Dragons Presence is Stronger-

- Font Of Fire-

- Ancient Quarry
- Blood Water Beach
- Pastona Cavern
- Shadow Fort

* I really like this one.
It has Fire element looks great and
it is fairly powerful. A+ in my book.*

Golden Oblitierix

- Commited To memory Quest-

* Aqcuire 66 Skulls then give them,
to Arsdale at the TAVERN *

* Golden Strings --

Quests: Parcel Service, guardsman Sought:

Parcel Service is easier, do it with a 
Ferry stone, it's a quick escort mission.
receive this as the reward.*

- Ingot Club

- Basic Caxton Mace

- Mace -

- Basic Caxton rookie mace-

- Morgestern-

Basic Caxton Mace---

- Shadow Fort
- Water Gods Altar
- Caxton (silver idol)

- Rusted Mace-

_ reynard the merchant inc Cassardis-

- Steel Beak-
- Soul flayer canyon level 1-
* Only place this one drops*
* Might have to Try Several times*

- thousand strings-

- Caxton-
- Great wall
- Soul Flayer canyon-
* Drop % Item *

- Thousand Troops-
Basic Caxton Mace

- Threaded Cudgel-
Alon The Merchant
Caxton (gold idol)
Jayce Merchant
Mathias Tainted Mountain Merchant
Tainted Mountain Chest Drop %

- Totem Mace -

Beat the Ur- Dragon Online or Offline.

* With Mystic Knight Class*
* may drop either way*


Ardent Will:
Great Wall
Tained Mountain
Caxton (gold)

Cassardi Flamberge:
 Aestalla Cassardis Merchant --

-- Dragons Bite--
 Final Battle with warrior--

-- Dwells in Light--
One of TWO! Ur- Dragon Drops if Warrior,
Vocation. You get Either or.

* Also possible Ur- Dragon ONLINE drop*

-- Flamberge--

- Basic Caxton Weapon--

-- Golden Lance--

" A delicate manner quest"

- Gryphic Gold-

- Final Judgement Quest-

- Gryphic Victory--

Parting Tribute Quest
- The Great wall drop %-

- Lancers Sword-
- tainted Mountain Temple Drop %

- Lifetaker-

- Basic Caxton weapon-


- Frontier Caverns,Witch Wood
- Caxton ( silver idol)

- rusted great sword-

- Reynard in Cassardis-

- Saving Grace-

Tainted Mountain
- EverFall Chambers-

- Soul Taker-

Revelle Revellery Quest
* Collect 50 War Bugles *

- Steel Great Sword-
- basic caxton sword

- thousand Limbs-

- Two Hander-
 Basic Caxton Sword-

- war blade-
Basic Caxton Sword-

- Wounded Heart-

Joye Merchant
EverFall Chambers Drop %

Angels Fist:

- Ur Dragon Victory With Warrior
Online or Offline

Black Matter:

Alon the Merchant
pastona caverns
Curse wood

Bloody thistle--

Chambers in Everfall Drop %

- Chest Carver

- Basic Caxton Weapon-

- Cyclops Sigil-

- Caxton,Alon,Mathias MERCHANTS-

:: Dragons Repast::

Final Battle Victory with Warrior::

Ferric Talon----
- Basic Caxton Weapon---

--Fiery Talon--

Witchwood, Basic Caxton Weapon--

- Golden Cyclops Sigil-

- The Secret Admirer Quest-

- Golden Pale-

- Head Count Quest-


- Caxton basic weapon-

Mounted Pale:::

Basic Caxton Weapon---

-- Rooted Gloom--

_ Caxton Silver idol_

- Company for the road quest-


-Mathiahs (MERCHANTS)


- Reynard,Cassardis


- Hobble the Foe Quest
- Scholarly Pursuit Quest

Soul Flayer Canyon 2nd Level ONLY !

* Drop % Rate *


Bardiche Daggers:::

- Caxton

- Caxton ( Silver idol)

- Ever Fall Chambers Drop-

::: Crimson Teeth ::::
- Caxton

- Aestalla ( cassardis merchant)


RARE* Bad Business Quest-


- Joye
- Everfall chambers Drop %

- Final Battle With Strider Victory-

::: Galvanic Razors :::

- Tainted Mountain Drop %-
- Caxton ( GOLD IDOL)


" Token Of Esteem Quest"


" A Dark Chorus quest "


- Ur Dragon -

::: Kunai :::

- Soul Flayer Canyon First Floor underground
- The Great Wall 
- Drop %


- Reynard


-Shadow Fort
- Caxton ( Silver Idol)


- Caxton


Company For the Road Quest #3-




- Caxton
- Madeline

- Caxton
- Alon
- Mathias

######## MAGE STAVES #########

::: ALGID BLOOM ::::

- Tainted Mountain Temple
- Tainted Mountain
- Caxton ( silver idol)


- Caxton
- Jayce
- Alon
- Bluemoon Tower

::: CAST STONE :::
- Caxton

- Caxton


- Caxton

:::: DRAGONS NOUS ::::

- Final battle as Mage-


- Witch Hunt Quest -


- Caxton


- Joye
- EverFall Chambers


- Hearts Compass # 2 Quest -

:::: GOLDEN GRACE ::::

- A Formless Foe Quest -


- Caxton


- Hair Raising Quest -


- Reynard -


- Caxton


- Alon
- tainted Mountain
- Caxton (silver idol)

::: Unspoken Grace :::

- Caxton


- Ur Dragon -


- Aestella

!!!!!!!! ARCHISTAVES !!!!!!!


- Caxton


- Delec
- Everfall Chambers

::: Dragons Wit :::

- Final battle as Sorceror -


- Caxton


- Caxton


- A Storied Stone #2 "quest"-


- Thanks Mislaid Quest -


- Caxton



::: Keen Dragons Wit :::

" A Pilgrims Plight " QUEST

::: MENISCUS :::

- Witchwood
- Pastona Cavern
- Drop % 


- Blighted Manse


- Reynard


- Caxton

::: Solar Providence :::

- Caxton
- Alon
- Jayce

::: Stagnant Surge :::

- Caxton
- Mettle against mettle quest
- Great wall

:::: Talarian White :::

- Ur Dragon -

^^^^^^^^^^ SHIELDS ^^^^^^^^^

::::: Dragons Aegis :::

- Final Battle as Fighter -

::: Dragons Den :::

- Caxton ( Silver Idol )
- Alon
- Everfall Chambers
- Tainted Mountain


- Shadow Fort
- Ancient Quarry
- Caxton 

::: Gran Soren Shield ::

- Caxton


- Caxton


- Ur Dragon Final Blow online only -
- Drop %


- Scouting Mission -


- Caxton


- Caxton ( Gold idol )
- Tainted Mountain Temple
- Great Wall
- Drop %

:: PELTA ::

- Caxton


- Reyanrd


- Caxton


- Joye
- Everfall Chambers

::: Scarred Sentinel ::

- Caxton
- Along
- Pastona Cavern


 " awesome "

- Caxton *post game*
- Frontier Caverns
- Catacombs
- Drop %


::: Angel's Sanctum :::

- Caxton

::: Blue Kite Shield :::

- Caxton


- Delec
- Everfall chambers

:::: Dragons Faith :::

- Final Battle as Mystic Knight-


- Caxton


- Caxton
- Alon


- Ur Dragon -  Drop %

:: Magick Buckler ::

- Caxton


- Reynard


- Caxton ( silver idol )
- Pastona Caverns
- Bluemoon Tower


- Pride Before a Fall Quest-

* Kill Julien * Then Raise Him With,
A Wake Stone *


- Caxton

******* SHORT BOWS *********


- Caxton
- ShadowFort,Witchwood


- Final Battle as Strider -


- Joye
- Everfall Chambers
- Drop %

:::: FLUTED BOW :::

- Caxton
- Frontier Caverns
- Blue moon tower

:::: HUNTERS BOW ::::

- Caxton


- Caxton
- Tainted Mountain

::: RUSTED BOW :::

- Reynard


- Reynard
- Aestella

:: Stalwart Bow :::

- Tainted Mountain
- Alon
- Caxton


- Caxton
- Alon

::::: LONG BOWS :::::::

:: Bespoke Long Bow :::

- Frontier Caverns
- Blue Moon Tower
- Caxton


- Final Battle as Ranger -

:::: NOBLE LIMBS ::::

- Caxton
- Alon
- Everfall Chambers

:::: PLAIN LONG BOW ::::

- Caxton
- Aestella


- Anicent Quarry
- Caxton


- Reynard


- Delec
- Everfall Chambers
- DROP %


- Caxton ( Gold Idol )
- Tainted Mountain
- The Greatwall
- DROP %

********MAGICK BOWS ******


- Final Battle as Magick Archer -


- Everfall Chambers
- Delec
- DROP %

:::: Gimble Gyre ::::

- Great wall
- Tainted Mountain
- Caxton ( Gold Idol )


- Caxton 
- Everfall Chambers


- Caxton
- Alon
- Madelinene


- Caxton
- Bluemoon Tower
- Frontier Caverns
- DROP %


- Reynard


- Alon
- Caxton
- Aestella
- soul Flayer Canyon 

::::::::: VOCATIONS & BUILDS :::::::::::

::: FIGHTER :::

 The Fighter Is your basic swordsman.
- He uses Sword and Shield Moves/Attacks
- From the Basic Heavy/light attack
- To more complicated moves.

Here are a Few of my favorite Builds.

- Smiter 1.0

- Griffin Set
- Mark of the chimera
- Edens Warden


Shield Drum
Cymbal Onslaught
Divine Defense

Down Crack
Skyward Lash
Steel Will

 So basically, Your Using Shield attacks.
Sword is Secondary with this build.

First Steel will ! this will increase defense.
It's a sword skill level 2. 

Next is Shield Drum, This provokes enemies.
Cymbal Onslaught is your main attack.
It is a shield strike or SMITE.

Cymbal Onslaught, Can break defenses,
as well as Knock opponents down.
Shields have a bit more knockdown/stagger
then Swords. + They do Blunt damage.
This Works Great Vs Skeletons/ Thin Enemies.

If your facing Heavier Opponents Or
Opponents weak to slash. Use Cymbal Onslaaght.
Knock them off Their feet. Then DOWN CRACK.

Skyward lash, is just incase your dealing with,
Some sky enemies like Harpies.

Use shield drum to Provoke. Then Skyward Lash.
Once they are down You can Pummel them.

Divine Defense, is basically an amazing defense
Manuever. It eats stamina, but is great when surronded.

The whole jist of this build, is that it's FUN.

The Smiter 1.0 all around Is not very good when,
Facing HUGE opponents. You can stil take down big
Guys, But Not as effectivley.

The Pros of the Smiter 1.0 all around, It 
Completly Reaps Skeletons. Its Great Vs
Rougues. And Even Harpies Don't Stand a Chance.

Recommended use - Early Game, OR Traveling Gransys.

- Smiter V 2.0

 This is the advanced Smiter Build, Toward
End Game or Post game.


- Scorched Pelta - "Blunt fire Damage"
- Ascalon - "Holy Damage High Damage"
- Golden Belt " +20 To Strength "
- Chimeric Gauntlets "+ 3-4 STRENGTH "
- Chimeric Sabatons " + 3-4 STRENGTH "
- Chimeric Armet + 3-4 STRENGTH"

- Strength Is the Main Focus.


- Clout " Big Strength increase "
- Vehemence " Strength Increase "
- Endurance - " Stamina Increase "
- Longetivity - "Health Increase"
-  Impact - " easier to knock down foes"
- vigilence - " Increases HP by 100 "

Core Skills :

Always Get all Core Skills.


Legions Bite- 
Uses Less Stamina then Dragons Maw. 

Burst Strike-  
Knockdown attack with the sword.

- Steel Will
Best offense is a good Defense


- Cymbal Onslaught
Main Attack, The Smite.

- Shield Storm
Level 2, Breaks Opponents Guard

Great Vs Goblins, especially hordes
of them. After using this, Follow up
with you main attack, SMITE.

- Divine Defense
Level 2 Skill, Eats Stamina

This is just really cool,it Defends
against EVERYTHING. You practically
Can NOT be Knocked down, or Staggered.

 It's Great Vs BIG ATTACKS. Combine it
With Steel Will and your almost invulnerable.

The Smiter 2.0 :: PROS :::

- With Scorched Pelta we Now deliver fire
Damage, As well as Knockdown/Stagger. Also !
We Still have our Blunt %, as Well as Basic
Damage from OUR Strength.

-Don't Knock the Scorched Pelta It Looks
Awesome, and Is Possibly, The Best shield
Next to Lambent.

- The Reason were not using Lambent Shield,
Is that Lambent Does HOLY damage. We Already 
Have that element from ascalon. So basically
You can Set Enemies on Fire, as Well as Purge

This Build Will Take out The Following easily:
- Wolves
- Humans
- Undead
- Dragons
- Goblins
- Chimera
- Gore Chimera

The Smiter 2.0 :: CONS :::

- Big enemies Without a weak point,
Are a problem. As well as BIG Flying
enemies without a MAJOR weak point.

- Your Wearing Heavy Gear with NO
Sinew ability. You Will be Slow.
Especially if your carrying, tools/

This Build Will Be Weak Against :
-Gore Chimera

- Overall You Will Survive with this build 
Even Late Game or Post Game. I highly, think
you should have a Sorcerer as Main Pawn with
High Bolide,Fulmination,Gicel. Possibly even
2 Sorcerers. Airborne Enemies and Phantoms
Will Be very annoying, without the latter.


- Strider is one of the best vocations.
It has great speed,makes a good thief,
and it is a solid archer. It CAN use, 
various tipped bows, such as poison.

::: MAD DASHER :::

 This Build is based around speed and
of course the MAD DASH ability.Which OWNS.


- Red Leather Set Dragon Forged
- Chilling Daggers
- Dragons Ranchor

The Red leather Set is very light,
Looks great and has solid defenses when
dragon forged. 

The Main focus Here is to be light on 
your feet, while keeping damage especially
Projectile Magic Attacks low.

- Chilling Razors are going to be a BIG
help, because they Can Freeze the enemy.
This will make your escape or "rush" easier.
They also pack quite a punch at Dragon Forged.

- Dragons Ranchor, is the best SHORT bow in
the game. Dragon Forged, does nice damage.

Core Skills :

Always Get ALL core skills


This Build is Based around SPEED.
Strength is secondary.

Sinew- This will increase your carry weight
limitations. Letting you stock more curatives.
Liquid Vims Grant the user a period of time,
where NO STAMINA will be drained. You Should
Have  a Few of these when using this build.

Radiance- this is a RANGER augment, that 
can be crossed to Strider. It Will Illuminate
the Area with your LATERN in a wider Radius.

Endurance- Increases Stamina, You will be 
runnning alot and mad dash takes up stamina.
So your going to need this one. +100 Stamina.

Grit- Halves Stamina Recharge Time

Leg Strength- Makes you 1 level lighter
in terms of carry weight. You will be even
lighter So you can carry MORE items.

Efficeny- Increases Health and Stamina Curatives

 This is good, if you happen to be low on health
and of course stamina.


Your Main Move, is MAD DASH. 
This move will let you speed up really fast.
It has a great effect and is very fast, which
is very very good.

Combine Moves, Like mad dash into a nice sweet
cutting wind the enemy won't know what hit them

-Dazzle Blast

 This skill, will STUN enemies. 
Leaving them vulnerable to a Mad Cutting wind,
or simply to escape from the battle quickly with


Shierk Dart-

-This casuing a soundwave, to stun Enemies in 
a radius. Great again for escaping.

Pentad Shot-

- This skill is good with petrification or
Blinding arrows, it spreads arrows in a 
WIDE radius. Works Nice if Bow is Cold
Enchanted as well.

- 3rd Bow ability

- this one is basically up to you, Dagger 
abilities are more impt for this build.
especially when combined with good augments.

- The bow just adds more fun to the mix, ENJOY.


- Fastest Build in the game.
- Carry TONS of Items
- RUSH through the game quickly
- Don't worry about fighting.


- Low health
- earn very little experience
- Weak against most monsters


 This build is great for EXPLORING purposes,
ANYTIME during the game. If you want to collect
items, its great. Escort companions its great.
Rush throught the story, its once again great.

- Basically anything you want done quick
Leave to this build.


-- The Healer---

- Cleric Cap
- Healing Robes
- Wizards Boots
- Blessed Vest
- Any pants
- Dragon Blood
- Magnanimous Cloak

- Basically your looking for gear, that enhances
curative spells. Mage is the ONLY healer in the game.

-This build is Fun, but due to the non-combat nature
of the build, you will only be healing and supporting.
it could take a long time, to kill enemies.

- I suggest having one POWERFUL sorcerer, and some
Ultimate Warrior Pawns.

- Take 3 elemental boons, Best choice;

- This is good because almost EVERY enemy 
in the game is weak to at least ONE of these.

- Once again, these "boons" empower your allies 
weapons, or your own with that particular element.

Healing Spells:::

- Anodyne

This is the heal spell, Use it as much as needed.

- High Halidom

- This spell cures debilitations or negative
status effects on you and your allies.

- Spell Screen

- Increases defense of allies who stand in the
circle of the spell.


- Beatitude

Increases Curative magic effects * 

- Attunement

Augments your magic 

- Endurance

More stamina more spells can be casted

- Viglience

More health

- Sinew

Carry more weight


Increases Health

* Your most important augments, are
beatitude, and attunement, then probably
endurance. You want powerful Healing, as 
well as the ability to cast it many times,
before exhaustion.

::: WARRIORS ::::

- The Ultimate Warrior 1.0 -


Any thing with Bonus to Strength !

- Golden Belt
- Swordsman Bracer
- Chimeric Sabatons
- Cloak with good resistence
- clothes with good resist
- dragon blood for debilitation resistence
- Angel's Fist, (powerful holy weapon)




- Clout
- Vehemence
- Logetivity
- Endurance
- Vigilience
- Grit - halves stamina usuage.

Clout once again, for the STRENGTH increase.
As well as Vehemence.

Vigilence and Longetivity for the health bonus.

Endurance and Grit for the stamina bouns.

- You need strength so obviously clout/vehemence.
- Your going to be a TANK in the heat of the fray,
- Your going to be using SKILLS alot, Skills eat 
Stamina, Your going to NEED SOME Stamina. Although
this is the least important augment.

- Arc of Deliverence

a VERY powerful attack that you MUST charge.
While Charging it is harder to knock you down.
You may move while charging but very slowly.

- War cry 
level 2 skill, This is a taunt or provoke
skill. Brings enemies towards you.

- Your a tank and your going to have a
mage as a pawn to heal, and some archers,
for SKY enemies. So this is great ! It will
Bring all enemies towards you, leaving your
pawns to heal/ and fire a BARRAGE of arrows.

* even after you taunt, it last a while, so 
you can attack as well. *

- Indomitable Lunge
Level 2 skill-

- this is VERY Fun, and can SMASH through HORDES
of enemies. Basically Arisen will charge with 
his weapon held in 2 hands, Head on into enemies.
Until almost all stamina is depelted. VERY COOL.



- Strong against almost everything if you, 
have the right pawns.
- Good Jump attack even for AIR based enemies.
- Most POWERFUL build in the game.


- Lack of skills you will be using basic attacks
more then anything.
- Air enemies may be a problem

* Overall I had little to NO trouble, at all
with this build, early and post game. It is
probably the easiest build to create/ be 
successful with in the game.



* Sorcerer As Main Pawn WITH Fire Boon or Affinity *

* Oil arrows have TONS of Them
* Blast Arrows, Have a TON of these too.

- Basically with this build, you will be shooting 
a barrage of OIL arrows with endead shot ranger

- Endead shot will spread a barrage of arrows
across a wide radius. This should DOUSE enemies
in OIL quickly and easy.

- Now here comes the fire boon technique.
If your bow is enhanced with fire,shoot ANOTHER
endead shot, this SHOULD set all enemies on screen
or that have been struck on FIRE. 3-4 shots that hit
should set them a blaze for sure.

- Now you want to OFFICIALLY be a PYRO RANGER ?

- Tool on your blast arrows, + endead shot, meanwhile
Your enemies are DOUSED in oil,caught on fire, with
their tails severed and drenched in blood. If you 
still want more...

- Fire Those blast arrows with an endead shot 
while enemies are under ALL of these effects.
and watch the XP rack up !

* Ranger and Strider are the ONLY
Builds that can use TIPPED arrows.

This build will utterly dominate the Following :

- Cyclops
- Hydras
- Goblin Hordes
- Harpies
- Dire wolves and wolves
- Skeletons
- Undead
- phantoms
- WIGHTS ! ( owns wights )

:::::MYSTIC KNIGHT::::::


- This is a mystic knight build focoused around
Holy spells and especially magick shield holy

- Magick damage is good with the MK (Mystic Knight)
Strength is less important with this build.
It is good to have  weapon that boost magick, as 
well as your magick shield counterpart.

- Augements

- Take anything that boost magick, then sinew for weight.
and of course life increasing augments. Regeneration is a 
nice one. Which you can get off of Magick archer tree.
Also If your not good at parrying, Prescience is a MUST.


- Sword/mace skills

- Magick Cannon

- This move will place a floating orb in front
of you. Striking it will send out missiles, of
magic, or enhancted weapon power. They home in
on enemies and are great for airbornes.

- Sky Rapture

- Very powerful lunge through the air. Hits airbornes
as well as heads of larger enemies. Once again, it packs
a very sweet punch.

- Stone Forest

- This is just a why not ability. its powerful
and basically causes a staggering earthquake, that
does a ton of damage.


- Blessed Riposte

This is probably one of my favorite moves in 
the game. It tottaly OWNS undead and skeletons,
espeically. It is amazing in corners. It is many 
times a one shot kill vs undead.

- Of course with all the pro's of this ability
it's hard to pull off. I suggest having prescience
augment. Practicing your parry ability often as well.

- You have to parry for it to work right, it will
send out bolts of energy that SEEK and DESTROY the 
targets in range. It really does just that. This is
the main move you will be using.

- Holy Fortress

This move reflects attacks with the core skill
REFLECT aqcuired. It raises defense and magick 
defense. Although you will walk much slower,
you really don't have to worry about being hurt.


The MAX level 9 Magick Shield SKILL.
- this is the attack the Ur-Dragon uses on YOU!
It is EXTREMELY powerful and has a HUGE radius.

- It will exhaust all stamina of you and your pawns.
Use it wisley and use it hardcore.


- This is one of the funnest builds, and the first 
Hybrid we played. Basically lets us know, that hybrids
well, ROCK. Also they are a little more difficult to
learn. They have so many skills, that they are left open,
to evolve into more CUSTOM "BUILDS" or classes. You will

:::::::: Elemental Sorc :::::::::::

- This is the BEST build for your Main pawn
in the game in my opinion. It puts out tons
of damage, and works on ALMOST every monster
in the game. 

In Short these are the spells you should have,
+ I would make sure to go down the MAGE tree first
so you can double your magick potency with augments.

- High Boltide
- High Gicel
- High Fulmination

- High Necromancy
- High Sesism 
- High Maelstorm

In conjunction with another caster, you can 
Double cast which increases power. As for 
augments, you should have...

- Health enhances if you can
- MUST have magick damage enhancements
- IMPACT is good too.

- Keeping it short and sweet, once again the 
Elemental sorcerer OWNS just about everything.


Magick Archer relies heavy on magic, so if
your thinking about using it, stick to mage/sorc
during most of your hardcore leveling hours.

 If not, the magick archer may end up kind of weak.

- His arrows seek enemies, look amazing and the magick
bow simply rocks.

I made a build I like to call the Ignus, or Apollo build,

Which consist of;

Apollo mask-
crimson robes-
wizards boots-
scarlet cape-
Red leather gloves-
Dragon blood-
any shirt-
any pants-

 - These items will boost magic atk, and debilitation resist.

- Skills

Immolation will set YOU on fire, at level 2
you take less damage. Running a blaze into enemies,
setting them on fire.

- magick rebuffer
You then cast magick rebuffer which will create an aura, 
that boost your magic while standing in it.

- Finally unleash attacks, such as explosive rivets,hunter
arrows,sixfold arrows, and of course the MIGHTY, sacrifice bolt.

- Don;t forget ricochet bolt which truly,truly rocks.

:::::::::: ASSASSIN ::::::::::

The assassin uses a wide variety of weapons and armors.
it is the most versatile build in the game.

- it can still fire tipped arrows
- it can still use a shield
- switch it up with a sword
- many many possible builds

- Tons and tons of vocation skills to choose from

- I would save this build for either first or last,
if your planning on completing EVERYTHING. this will
be the ULTIMATE build as it does virtually everything.

- Now combine that with ALL the Core skills you have gained,
+ the levels you gained and on top of that all of the augments !
You have one heck of a powerhouse.


- Goblins

Goblins  Galore !

Goblins come in various sizes as well as the 
Hob goblin kin.
Some have horns to call MORE hob goblins.


- Weak to Fire
- Sorcerer or Mage with Fire boon
 as well as attack will be the fastest way 
to take them out in groups.
- Fighters and archers/assassins 
will not have a problem it will just take longer.

- Goblins drop a variety of horns,meat, and ores.

- Harpies

Harpies Come in several forms,
regular, snow, and then later on the evolved succubi.
Harpies are AIR borne enemies and the biggest
threat they have is carrying you off to
a bottom less pit, or putting you to sleep.
Both are dangerous.

Rangers- Pentad Shot works Great
Striders- Pentad Shot
Mystic Knight - Magick Cannon
Mystic Knight- Sky Rapture
Fighter- Shield Drum

OVERALL : Medium Difficulty


- Saurians come in 3 forms.
- Sulfur, Geo, Regular
- The best tactic is to severe there tail 
with melee.
- With an Archer build, PIERCING damage works 
well, TRIAD shot even better !
- Fire is it's elemental weakness, as 
is lightning.

- Chimera

- Chimera comes in two forms, Chimera 
And Gore Chimera.

- Gore Chimera are more difficult.
- Although you battle them the same way.

1. Cleaver the Snake
2. Mount the Goat Attack its head till sileneced.
3. Attack the LION'S face if it falls you do 
Extra Damage.

- Most effective Class

* Sorcerer With High Boltide
* Fighter or Warrior Early on.

- Ogre

- Ogre's are very much Like Cylopes
- Take them out best by climbing them 
and hitting the head.
- Even with arrows or spells aim for
the head.

- Ogre's just get a little more wild especially 
around Females !


-Saurian Tail
-Saurian Scale
-Striped Saurian Scale
Wolves come in 3 forms, Hell,dire and regular.
 Hellhound wolves obviously are more difficult. 
They also come in different sizes, from large
 and small. 
Although in packs they can be challenging,
 they are basic simple opponents.

* Hellhound are DANGEROUS on the other hand.
* Proceed with ice boons, High Gicel Sorc *

- Weak vs Fire especially dire wolves
- Dire wolves are strong vs cold or ice.
- Smiting works great as a fighter.
- Archers may have trouble
- Sorcerer or Mage OWN them in packs.

- Drops, Dire wolf pelt, wolf pelt, ores and rift fragments.


Hydra's are one of the most difficult enemies in the game 
especially at lower levels. 
There is although a good trick to beating them. 
For starters you will need someone that puts out
good melee or High Magic damage. 
So basically stay away from a MAGE for these battles.

 - Tactic -

- Either climb the heads clever one by one
- or have a sorc cast high boltide constantly
- Both in conjunction work great !

- Rangers EAT these guys ALIVE
- Try My PYRO RANGER build vs Hydras you CAN'T LOSE !-


Cyclops range in difficulty to hard at low levels,
 to very easy at higher levels, with a good Mage.
 Cyclops or Cyclopes, are very susceptible to
 LIGHTNING magical attacks. 
So basically Levin and it's higher forms work GREAT.

 So stick with a mage, 
if you run into a lot of cyclops or feel
like hunting them.Some cyclops at later levels,
wear a metal helmet. Sometimes you should just
ignore it, and if your stuck with melee build,
climb for the head and attack.

- Best Class
Sorcerer/Electric Mage

- Griffin

Griffin's are another BIG class type
enemy. They can fly obviously. They are 
also rather powerful,at low levels.

Honestly i do not suggest climbing a griffin.
Sorcerer and ranged attacks work best. This
is because they are airborne most of the time.

Once the griffin is injured enough, it will
come down to the ground, for a LONG period
of time. This is when you can have your fighter
classes finish them off.

- Dragons

 Dragon's Come in 3 basic Forms, Drake, Wyvern and Wyrm.
 They all drop a special item called a tear at a % rate.
 The Tear changes the type of drops that you receive
 from beating certain enemy's. 

 Drakes are the easiest of the dragons,
 one of them can be found around Gran Soren,
 AFTER the final battle. Wyrm's can be found 
in 2-3 areas. Around Conqueror's sanctuary, Everfall
chamber of fate and cursewood forest area.

 Finally there is ALWAYS a Wyvern atop Bluemoon Tower.
Also, Don't forget the Wyrm at Watergod's Altar as well.

 Dragons, are EXTREMELY difficult early on. Even at
Levels 40 +. The Heart is the Key. First attack should
always be on the heart, and LAST attack on the heart.
The Dragon will NOT die otherwise. Even with NO HEALTH.
You must finish him off with a "heart attack".

 I Suggest Fighting the Chamber of Fate, Dragon.
Do this several times, because this one does NOT
have much room to fly around. Once you level up,
enough in the Everfall. Around 55-65. Then start
Dragon hunting. I Highly recommend those levels.

 The FINAL BATTLE Dragon, is Simply known as
The Dragon. He is the 2nd Hardest boss in the game.
Next to the Ur- Dragon. This BOSS can upgrade ALL
your equiped items to dragon forged in one shot.

You Also will get a ton of XP. The Trick is to
take him out like any other Dragon. Attack the Heart,
Then finish him off with a Heart attack. Once again,
Heart shots are key. If you have to use a Ballista,
and you have the oppurtunity to do so. Do it.


 Very hard at low levels. The trick is to beat their
summon attacks first. They will then come to the ground
and be vulnerable to melee. 

- Archers can hit them from afar as can magick casters.
The problem is that more damage is done + a better hit%
rate, if they have finished their summons.

- Rangers Tenfold arrow, imbued with some kind of
Holy element+ blast arrows, can OWN these guys quick.


 Undead come in LARGE and Small. They are basically
zombies.Some of them explode (fat ones) So take 
those one's out when there are GROUPS of undead.
This will do radius damage to the whole group.

 Large undead drop hex and brawn runes, which sell 
for a nice amount and are good for enhance equipment.

 Holy Shield Mystic Knight DESTROYS these guys.
Usually all it takes is ONE blessed riposte.
This is even at mid level. A good mystic knight
can clear rooms of these guys in seconds.

- Cockatrice

 These guys are NASTY, they can kill you instantly.
They have a petrify attack that will turn you or
your pawns to stone. Which is an instant death.

 They fly, they do ton's of damage and they are
very hard to grab onto. Not to mention they have
good physical defense and decent HP.

 Good thing we only have ONE of these guys early 
on in the game.  All you have to do in that situation
is destroy all the quest marks, then it will fly off.

 For ones later on in the game, LIGHTNING For the win!
Sorcerer, High fulmination spell will take these guys 
down very very quickly. 

- Succubi and Gargoyles

- Both of these enemies are weak to holy.
Gargoyles can petrify you which as we know,
is dangerous. 

 Gargoyles and succubi travel in packs, in
everyfall chambers. So take out Gargoyles first.
Jump attacks, and ranged attacks, with WIDE range
work well. As does of course Large area of effect 

 The tactics above work just the same for the
succubi, except succubi have less health, give
less XP and are FAR less dangerous. So save them
for after the gargoyles.


- Phatoms are very annoying without a spell
caster. You need elemental output to get
rid of these guys.

- If you do not have a boon, or spell caster
in your party, I suggest running from them.

- They can possess your pawns.
This will render them forfeit. 
Once again, no spell caster, just avoid them.

- Evil Eye

- Obviously the eye is the weak point.
Problem is that it has an invisible barrier
that protects it.

- take out the tentacles, even when they are
comming from the ground. While the eye is 
recharging the tentacles, that is when it is vulnerable
to attack.

- It is vulnerable to ALL types of attacks so let loose.


- golems have weak points.
Any area with a purple glow is vulnerable.
This is the ONLY way to kill a Golem.

- Melee is your best bet, because attacks can be more direct.
- The hardest part to take out is the hand. I would grab from its,
its left torso and strike the hand from the side. This should land
in a bunch of HAND shots and take it down. The Rest is cake.

- The Ur- Dragon

- the Ur- Dragon can be Found in Everfall.
The Chamber of Lament. It is the 4th chamber going
down on the right side. Sticks out like a SHORT line or

-  The Ur- Dragon  Has weak points just like a Golem.
Take out ALL the glowing weak points OFFLINE. To kill
the Ur- Dragon. Once again FINAL BLOW, MUST BE on A
glowing point or he will NOT DIE.

- The Ur- Dragon ONLINE !

- Ok your thinking your probably doing NO DAMAGE.
but in reality, your taking off parts of his body at
a time. When something stops glowing, move on to the
next body part. you will NOT see his HEALTH METER

- The Final Blow:

You have to strike EVERY glowing piece on the Ur-Dragon
to take him out ONLINE. Even if his health is At ZERO.
once EVERY light is out. He will Fall.



 * This section is going to show you,
IMPORTANT tools, or tools that really make
a big diffrence. I will NOT be listing things
that I find minimal, such as a rock. 

1. Periapts:
- Periapts as a whole are really useful. They are 
charms and come in many forms. Basically they will
increase either your defense, magic atk, magic def,
strength,or debilitation resistance. There are also,
more powerful ones such as....

1.1 Vetarans Periapt :

 Very Good Item, even and especially late game.
Incresaes XP earned by doubling it. Last for several
game time minutes.

- Fournival the rich merchant will sell these. He
has only limited stock per time of the week. Best
hope he does not go to prison.

- Combine Malecryst and Black crystal to make
Veterans Periapts. Malecryst drops off Evil eye.
Black crystal drops of liches and wights.

1.2 Bankers Periapt :

 This one will double your gold drops, off
of enemies for a short period of time.

- Forunival will sell these as well.

- Combine electrum,eldricite to make a bankers
 periapt.These ingredients can be found off of GHOSTLY 

2. Charms:

 - Charms are cool, they look like periapts
most of the time on the menu screen. They are
similar and yet diffirent. Here are the good ones.

1.1- Goddess Cameo

- This will cast a sort of High boltide spell,
when invoked. Really awesome, consider forging 
these as they are rare. VERY RARE.

1.2- Pilgrims Charm

- This is  a combo of vetarans and bankers
periapt. Create them that way for double gold+
double Xp when used. Madeline also sells them
post game, every 3 days you may purchase 2x.

3. Airtight Flask

- This one is pretty cool, problem is
that it's kind of heavy. I would use this one
for a really powerful curative, such as Golden
egg. It keeps it fresh at all times. Thus increasing

4. Jeweles

Jeweles, inflict either an area of healing, or an area
of debilitation. either or being positive for you
and your team. They are multi colored and take time
to use, like a mage spell. GREAT if you have NO MAGE.

* Healing jewel is very useful ! 

5. Lantern

- Most useful tool or item in the game. Brings 
light into the area,uses oil flasks.

6. Pickaxe

- Mine ore with this always keep one handy.

7. ferrystones

- These will let you fast travel to GRAN SOREN.
Also they will let you fast travel to a port crystal,
pending on where you EXACTLY placed one.

- The Black cats SELLS TONS of these if your short.

8. Portcrystals

- Used in conjunction with ferrystones, as the 
teleport markers.

- Black cat sells them. EXPENSIVE !

9. Skulls

I only found this one interesting, because
you need 66 of them to complete a certain quest.
So hold on to them !

10. Arrows

1.1 Makers Finger
- Instant Kill arrow on APPARENTLY ANY CREATURE.

1.2 Poison Arrows, I mention these because they
are good VS large enemies with a good HP count.
Damage over time is nice.

1.3 Oil + Blast arrow combo.

 Think about it, enemies doused in oil,
Hit with a fire enhanced blazing arrow,
that explodes like a rocket or missile on
impact !

- Only Ranger ,Strider and Sin may use these.


 These are great, they help you during battle.
The more knowledge your pawns have of foes.
The better fight they will hand out. Here are the
guides names and locations.

--Chimera 1+2+3- ShadowFort,Bluemoon Tower,Hillfigure Knoll.
-- Cockatrice Start 1+2:: Shadow Fort, SoulFlayer first floor
--Cyclops 1-3 :: Shadow Fort, Hillfigure knoll, watergods altar

Dragon Vol1+2- Final Battle,Tainted Mountain

Evil Eye- 1+2- Blighted manse,Soulflayer canyon

Ghost 1+2- Hillfigure knoll, catacombs

Goblins :: Cassardis,

Golem 1-3 :: witchwood,Bluemoon 1st floor,Hillfigure knoll

Griffin-1-3 :: Shadow Fort, Hillfigure knoll, bluemoon

Harpy- Encampment

HYDRAS::-- encampment,great wall, blighted manse

HOBGOBLIN: Gran soren , hillfigure knoll,

LICH TACTICS- Chamber of fate, hope

OGRE-1-2- Everfall 5th level. (NON POSTGAME) Ancient quarry.

Saurian1-4::: Cassardis,Chamber of fate, Watergodaltar
Soulflayer canyon first floor.

Skeleton Knight--- Everfall (POST GAME)

Skeleton-- Catacombs

UNDEAD1-4 : Forunival manor, Catacombs,Miners Hut,Greatwall

WIGHTS: catacombs 2nd level undergound

WOLVES 1-3 :: Pawn guild, Cassardis,Gransoren

:::::: POWER CURATIVES :::::::::::::

- Salubrious Brew

- Heals about 1500 Hp, pending on other
augments. Really useful. Combine With
Strong Warish + Forgotten Arcanum To Make.

- Panacea

- Cures all debilitations + heals some hp.
Buy this post game off Carmilla in Gran soren.

-Foreign Medicant

 VERY POWER healing potion
heals about 3000 HP ! Madeleine will sell this one.

-Liquid Vim

 Stamina will not drain for a period of time.
Joye and Delec sell this in ever fall chambers.
you may also create some using the following.
Pickled mushrooms+ giant fish, ranked including.

- Mushroom potage

Heals 1.4k stamina to the entire party.

Akim will SELL these at the first level of post-game

-Large Mushroom

- very useful, abundant, and very cheap. use
when travelng or running great distances. Carmilla
sells these, they are also lightweight.

Pefect Herb ale:

- Heals the Entire partys health and stamin
by about 2000 points.

* Extremely rare ingredients. Its a great cure
but not worth the time.

- Spring Water

* get these from healing springs, have empty flasks.
Heals 300-400 hp to enitre party.

- Sobering Wine

- Protects the ENTIRE party from ALL debilitations
Buy these off of AKIM in everfall.

- Taglius miracle

A miracle potion that greatly increases strength for 
the ENTIRE party. AWESOME ! AKIM sells them.

- Salomets Secret

AKIM sells these, boost MAGIC for entire party !

- Kept Golden egg

- Restores all health and stamina.


- Arisen Bond

- Get this during the dragon's tounge quest,
they can also be created as well as forged.

- It rasies NPC affinity.

* it's not that important to have this, 
as you can just give harspud sauce to NPC's
resulting in the same effect.

- Godbane

- end game item use it wisley.

- Wyrmward perfume

- Keeps dragons at bay. Find it in the ruins of 
Aernest castle.

::OTHER Important Items :::::::

 -Badge of Merit-

Hold onto this in inventory to lower prices.

- Brone Idol

- Give a forgery to caxton, to get more weapons
from his inventory.

- Keep in inventory to grant 10% discount.

- Gold Idol

- Grants a  30% merchant discount when held.
- Give forgery for affinity,+ more items to caxton.

- Seekers Token

- Collect 20 to get a HUGE gold reward for a quest
- Sell them for 3k a piece.

- Silver idol

* can be forged to caxton
- grants 20% item discount

- Skeleton Key

- Mountebank sells these, they can be crafted

* opens locked doors in dungeons.

- Dragons Tears

- Collect at 3 and hold them in inventory.
- More wakestones+ shards will drop off enemies.

- Wakestone

- Brings dead back to life, NPC's as well as arisen.
collcect 3 wakestones shards, to make a wakestone,
this is an auto creation.

::::::: appearence items :::::::::

 In the Encampment, Go to the rift stone.
There is a merchant named Johnathan.
He deals in rift crystals only.
He sells apprence and pawn altering items.
Collect many rift crystals to get them all!


These are mentioned in the above sections.

All major combos, are listed in the power tools,
power curative section of this guide. Many are not 
very useful.

::: MATERIALS ::::

 The Trick with materials is to NOT sell them.
Keep collecting and collecting, deposit to
bank when neccessary. 

- Later when you have a TON, use to enhance gear.
The Higher a gears level of enhancement, makes for 
an easier chance of dragon forge, at a dragon kill.

- Guranteed dragon forges come from Ur-Dragon ONLINE
And Final battle dragon. ONLY arisen equipped items,
can become dragon forged. ONCE AGAIN. ITEMS must be
Equipped by Arisen to be Dragon Forged.


1. It begins

- Complete introduction at tained mountain.

2. Onward

- Leave cassardis first time

3. New ally

- Create your main pawn

4. getting a head

- Defeat the hydra at encampment

5. The Courie

- Reach Gran Soren

6. Writ Large

- Receive wyrm hunt license

7. Come Courting

- Meet the Duke

8. The message

 Complete reward and responsibilty quest (MAIN)

9.Rough Landing

- Complete Deny Salvation (MAIN)

10. Destiny

- Complete the final battle

11. Treacherous
- Complete a warm welcome

12. Freedom
- Complete fathom deep

13. Mercy

- Complete final judgement

14. Solutide

- Choose not to Fight the Dragon
in the final battle, then leave.

15. Servitude

- Lose in the final judgment quest


- Choose to not move when With the NPC
portion of the final judgement quest,
even if they come at you.

17. Closure

- Complete the here after quest.

18. Human Resources
- Change vocations

19. In human resources
- Change main pawns vocation

20. The Specialist
- Learn ALL skills from one vocation

21. Local Recruit

- enlist a pawn in the field

22. Foreign Recruit

- Enlist a pawn located inside a rift stone
or the rift.

23. Captain

- Hire 70 pawns

24. The savior

- Use a wakestone on an NPC 

25. The Knave

- Have  a forgery made, some won't work.
to get this one use one of the idols, silver
bronze or gold. Give to MOUNTEBANK, at the 
black cat.

26. Artisan

- combine two items to make something new.

27. Dragon Forged

- Get a piece of equipment to level 4,
or dragon forged level.

28. Well Equiped

- Collect 350 types of weapons and armors.

29. Philanthorpist

- Give 50 items to NPC's
talk to them then hit the present button.
works great with Harspud juice or sauce.

30. Coin Collector

- Earn 10 million gold, you don't have to
aquire it all at once.

31. Veteran

Defeat 3000 enemies.

32. Heads Hunter

- Defeat an Archydra

33. Eye Contact

- Defeat an evil eye

34. Serpents Bane

- Defeat a drake, wyrm and wyvern

35. The messiah

- Defeat Ur-Dragon online or offline.

36. Intro dripstone cave

- Enter dripstone cave in cassardis

- Into the Ancient quarry

- Enter the ancient quarry

38. Enter Soulflayer Canyon

- enter soulflayer canyon, near cursewood, and
tainted moutain.

39. Into the Manse

- Enter the Manse during the Duchess in Distress

40. Into Frontier caverns

- Enter frontier caverns, near shadow fortress.

41. Tourist

- visit 50 location

42. Vagabound

- Visit 100 locations

43. Explorer

- Visit 150 locations

44. Laborer
- Complete 50 notice board quests.

45. The Hero

- Complete ALL non notice board pre planned quests.

EXAMPLE : salomets secret, land of oppurtunity

46. The Patron

- Complete chasing shadows quest, Madeline will 
open shop in Gran Soren, give her 1000 gold and you
will receive this trophy.

47. A Queens Regalla

- Wear the lady garb outfit, that mountebank sells
at the black cat. Must be Male.

48. The Escort

- Take An Escort quest from notice board, and 
complete it.

49. Affinity and beyond

- Keep doing good deeds, for a certain NPC
such as giving gifts, and doing certain quests.
- Once a certain level of "AFFINITY" is reached
you will receive this reward.

50. The Ever Turning Wheel

- Beat the game twice.

SIDE QUESTS::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

 Most quest reward you with gold, thus they are easy to
complete and rather less important then ones mentioned above.
my advice is to read this whole guide, as for every weapon and 
valuable SET item is accounted for.

:::::::::::: SETS :::::::::::::

* Just a Fun section on some of the cool armor combos
that you can setup in the game. Finding them is really
fun because most come in pieces or rare occasions. *

1. White Hawk Set

- You can complete this whole set off of ALON
in the Ancient Quarry.

2- Chimera Set

- Caxton will sell the complete set, including
the Shield.

3. Assassins set

- This is found all over the game in various chests.
Problem is there is no interesting armor for it

4. Swordsman's Set

- Really awesome set that looks 1337 (elite)
its also rather powerful. Alon the merchant is the 
only merchant that has this, he sells the whole set.

5. The Griffin set:

- Caxton the merchant will sell this after the
griffins bane quest.

6. Captain's outfit

- DLC content

7. Red leather set
- Basic red leather set that just looks 1337,
find or buy it off caxton.

8. Iron set

another basic set off of caxton

9. Meloriein set:

a Higher level set found or bought off of
Caxton the merchant.

10. Rex lion lords,

Really cool looking archer set, buy off caxton.
the Rare golden helm and torso, can also be found.
Delec has the helmet, but the torso must be found in
the everfall.

11. Cyclops set

Buy the Cyclops sigil off of caxton, Mathias at
the tained mountain will sell both Cyclops helms.

12. Dire wolf set:
Caxton sells the cape, while the helm can be found
in the ever fall.

13. The Abyssinal set:

Defeat the Ur-Dragon online or offline to get
all 3 pieces.

14. Crimson set

- An Extremely rare set of 4 pieces,
Burns crimson red.


: Andrew Turelli Jr :
: Codebreak1337 : SUBSCRIBE !
: [email protected]  EMAIL ME !
: 6/17/12
: Version 1.0

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