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            DDDDDD    U     U  K   K  EEEEEEE
            D     D   U     U  K  K   E
            D      D  U     U  K K    E
            D      D  U     U  KK     EEEEE
            D     D   U     U  K  K   E
            DDDDDD     UUUUU   K   K  EEEEEEE
                          N     N  U    U  K   K  EEEEEEE  M       M
                          NN    N  U    U  K  K   E        MM     MM
                          N N   N  U    U  K K    E        M M   M M
                          N  N  N  U    U  KK     EEEE     M  M M  M
                          N   N N  U    U  K K    E        M   M   M
                          N    NN  U    U  K  K   E        M       M
                          N     N   UUUU   K   K  EEEEEEE  M       M
                         ZER0 : H0UR v1.3 PART I

               i.) Contents
               i.....               ...Contents
               ii....               ...Version History 
               iii...               ...Intro
               1.0.....................Game Basics
                1.1...               ...The Mysterious Time Machine
                1.2...               ...Cheat Codes
                2.01...               ...Level 1: Mean Streets
                2.02...               ...Level 2: Liberty or Death
                2.10...               ...Level 3: Nuclear Winter
                2.11...               ...Level 4: Wetworld (secret level)
                2.12...               ...Level 5: Fallout
                2.13...               ...Level 6: Under Siege
                2.14...               ...Level 7: Boss Hog
                2.20...               ...Level 8: Dry Town
                3.1...                ...Extra Characters


               ii.) Version History "Another chunk from the past..."
               1.0 (9/9/99)  Wrote All of Game basics, walkthroughs
for levels 1, and did some information on 

               1.1 (9/18/99) Added in the walkthrough for level 2, level 3,                                                                                                                                                   
and did more info on Multiplayer. I also added the Cheat                                                                    
Codes section under "Game Basics 1.2". Check it out.                                           
Whoo... I also had to make more sections for the FAQ, it                                                         
seems my pathetic computer doesn't have enough memory to                                                                                                               
have it all in one FAQ.
               1.2 (9/25/99) I decided to add alot to the FAQ this time                                                                                              
around, since I haven't added in awhile. Look for more in                                                                                                                                            
the walkthrough (levels 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8), cheat codes section, and multiplayer 
section. Plus I got access to a better computer so its 
all in one FAQ now. I spellchecked it too.


               iii.) Intro "I hate bacon!"

      Duke Nukem: Zero Hour Rules.  You may not think so, but it is at
least in the top 10 N64 games of all time.  Multiplayer is pretty neat, but
single player is better.  I guess that's all I have to say... so let's get on
with the FAQ!


               1.) Game Basics "I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?"

      Game Basics... hmm.... basically dodge and shoot. But if you want
me to get into detail... Read the instruction booklet instead. (-:<

              1.1) The Mysterious Time Machine

      Throughout the game, you may find a time machine part, and if you think
back, you may remember seeing that intro cinema with the Victorian Duke
talking to the Modern Duke Nukem. Well, if you find all the parts, you can
access the secret level "Going Down". But I'm not sure what else it does for 
since I never missed a piece.

              1.2) Cheat Codes

      If somehow, you are able to find all the babes and secrets in a level, and 
get a fair amount of kills (or all of them, sometimes), then you will earn a 
cheat code. Here are the following cheat codes that I have found so far:

Mean Streets...............                     ...(no code found yet)
Liberty or Death...........                           ...Big Head Mode
Nuclear Winter.............                     ...(no code found yet)
Wetworld...................                     ...(no code found yet)
Fallout....................                               ...Ice Skins
Under Siege................                                 ...Weather
Boss Hog...................                                 ...( N/A )
Dry Town...................                     ...(no code found yet)
Jail Break.................                   ...Blaster (Weapon Code)
Up Ship Creek..............                   ...Claw-12 (Weapon Code)
Fort Roswell...............              ....30-30 Rifle (Weapon Code)
Probing the Depths.........                     ...(no code found yet)
Cyborg Scorpion............                                 ...( N/A )
The Whitechapel Killings...                     ...(no code found yet)
Dawn of the Duke...........                     ...(no code found yet)
Hydrogen Bomb..............               ...Gatling Gun (Weapon Code)
The Rack...................                     ...(no code found yet)
Going Down.................                     ...(no code found yet)
Brainstorm.................                     ...(no code found yet)
The Brothers Nukem.........                   ...Freezer (Weapon Code)
Alien Mother... ...........              ...Gamma Cannon (Weapon Code)
Zero Hour..................    ...First Person, Action Nukem (2 codes)


              2.)Finally... The Walkthrough "See you in hell!"

PART I: Invasion of New York

              2.01) Level 1: Mean Streets

      You start out in a parking area behind three marines with Shotguns.
When you walk forward, a huge explosion will blow a hole in the wall in
front of you killing one of them, and blowing up a car. Two enforcers will
pop out, dispatch them, and more will pop out. Once all six of the
enforcers are gone, you can pick up some blaster ammo down on the left, and
some health behind you on the right of the room.
     Once you're ready, head
back and pick up the dead Marines' Claw-12 shoguns (depending on how many
were killed in the gunfight) and head through the hole in the wall. Go
down the hall and pick up the medkit.  You should see two elevator doors,
one which looks messed up, and one that doesn't. Push the button for the
one that doesn't, but DON'T GO IN YET. Instead, wait for the elevator to
make a huge fall down the shaft. After it passes, hop down the shaft. If
you lose some health when you land, don't worry. Look to your right and
you should see three air shaft grates (if you played the other Duke Nukems,
you should know about this). Shoot the one on the right and press "b"
beside it, and you should duck, and climb in and there should be a large
medkit, to fix whatever health you are missing. 
     Drop down into the water below, and if you are STILL missing some 
health, swim down and pick up another large medkit. Swim back up and 
hop up onto the ledge in front of a hole in the wall, and there should 
be a marine in front of you. Turn left as another Enforcer teleports in, 
and deal with him. Hop over the barricade in the hallway and make a 
right turn up the stairs. Once you reach the top, you should be in a room 
alot like the start, with about 4 or 5 enforcers in it. After they are 
dealt with, go left down the open ramp into another open area with a 
Pig Cop in it. Kill him, get his shotgun, and go left. There should 
be two gates, go right, and you will see a door on the side wall. 
Inside this room are two switches, an enforcer, a sniper rifle, and 30 
health. Hit one of the switches and the corresponding gate will open, 
and two enforcers will appear. Go through the opened gate and watch 
out for the police car in the street... it will run you over if
you are not careful.
     After the police car smashes into the Sticky Fingers Candy and
Treats place, go up to it and get the 30 health, and in the doorway,
Claw-12 shells. After you go back out of the doorway an enforcer will 
be shooting at you. After he goes and you walk forward, another will
appear on the large van. If you are missing any health, shoot the fire 
hydrant (like the other Duke Nukems) and drink the water by pressing
"b" rapidly.
     After your drink, pass through the opening in the fence between 
the van and fire hydrant, and go down the left tunnel to get Health 
and Sniper ammo. Go back up and go left down the street until you reach 
a turn in the road. On the right there will be a riot pig shooting 
those annoying cyanide grenades at you. Pick him off with the sniper 
rifle, and head on in his direction.

     SECRET #1 of 5 AND BABES 1 AND 2 OF 3:

Past the riot pig's Eager Beaver truck, and still past the "Booby Trap 
Male Entertainment Club", on the right will be 4 columns, a fence, 3 
enforcers which teleport in, and Claw-12 shells. After the enforcers 
have been sent back to where they came from, look on the left wall behind 
the first column. There should be another metal grate which you can shoot 
open and climb through. Once you reach the top and hit the switch, a door 
will open in front of you, and you can enter "The Booby Trap". Save the 
babes, grab the Vitamin X, and head out through the now opened door.

     Head past the area with the four columns and go down the street to
Duke Burger. (for some fun go past Duke Burger and on the left there will
be some Spice Girls for sale, which you can shoot) Shoot open the windows
of Duke Burger on the door, and go inside.
     Inside Duke Burger there will be Blaster Ammo on the bottom floor,
and some guards on the top floor. When you go up the stairs, the two guards 
will give you the "Transtek Code Card" and inform you that 'more forces' 
are on the way. Go toward the stairs and you will hear glass break. Equip 
the gas mask you should have and turn it on. Downstairs two Riot Pigs will 
be pumping cyanide into the room. Simply use your blasters to deal with 
them. Go back upstairs and get the sniper rifle, medkit, grenade launcher, 
and gasmask. (if you are missing health and you can't pick up the 
medkit, use the one you already have and THEN pick up the spare one).
     Keep your gasmask handy and go back towards the area where the Police 
Car slammed into stick fingers (toward the start, past the booby trap if 
for some reason you don't remember.) On the way, there should be 3 
enforcers and another dang Riot Pig. Be careful, the riot pig gets me by 
surprise alot (he's in-between the two fences by "Erotic Cakes" and down 
the path on the right).
     Keep going, until you reach the fence by where the two gates and the
"Family Jewels" place is. A tank will take out the fence, enabling you to 
pass through and down the street.
     Go left, after taking out the enforcer on the ledge, and ANOTHER riot 
pig. Pick up the ammunition and health you need and keep going past another 
police car, and you will see a helicopter crash into a fence. Along the 
left wall there will be a hallway leading to a pig cop. Turn around after 
dealing with the first pig cop, and there will be a second right behind you. 
Down the hallway there will be a fire, three enforcers, and a ladder leading 
up to the roof of a small building. Simply deal with the two enforcers you 
can see and climb the ladder. 


After climbing the ladder there will be an enforcer behind you. And in front 
of you on the left there will be a small jump in which you must make in 
order to get the sniper rounds. No big deal, if you fall, you won't be sent 
too terribly far back.

     Hop up onto the thin ledge to the left if you face the ladder from the 
roof and go across it to the opening. Jump over to the fan, then to another 
small ledge to get the blaster ammo. Fall down to the ground and snipe off 
the two enforcers, which you can barely see up on top of that tall building 
near a fire escape type thing.
     Go around the left side of the building and go up the fire escape. 
Once you get on top of the building, there will be a door on the right. 
Go inside and there should be a switch on the left behind a large electrical 
generator type thing. Hit the switch and head out of the building after 
getting health and dealing with the four enforcers.
     Go over to where the fire escape is, and if you fall just right, you'll 
be able to get the grenades on the fire escape that you couldn't get 
earlier. After you get the grenades, go back down the fire escape and go 
left towards the fence, ladder, large, and small box.
     Hop up the boxes, climb the ladder and sit on top of the building and 
wait for the tank to drive by. If you don't, you may get shot up or run 
over. Jump down onto the street and head towards the tank which has 
stopped. "Do a little window shopping" on the right, and pick up the 
     After you are done with that, head down the street towards where the 
tank came from.
     Go past the "Golden Rain Bath and Fittings", and get the health and 
shotgun shells in by the large double doors. On the right, there will be 
another double door which you can open. Get your gasmask ready and head 
on in.
     Right off, there will be a riot pig. Kill him, and yet another will 
come down the right hallway. After they are dealt with, get the claw 12 
shells behind the counter, and head down the right hallway.
     On the left, another riot pig will be shooting you from atop the 
stairs. Kill him, go up the stairs, and destroy the Sentry Drone outside 
the large hole in the wall on the right.
     After that, go past the hole and get the AGL-9. Then go back to the 
hole and shoot the crack in the wall.

SECRET #3 OF 5, BABE #3 OF 3:

Fall down to the alley below the two large holes, one of which you just 
made, and go left. Go up the ladder and the end of the alley on the LEFT 
and then follow the ledge until you see an opening on the right. Fall 
down, rescue the babe, and follow the ledge to the hole you made that 
leads into Duke Burger. "Oops..."

     Deal with the enforcer, head out of Duke Burger, and go straight 
down the pathway which leads to the subway system.


Oh boy, a claw-12 autoloader!!
After getting into the room with the two Subway cars, go right and there 
will be the autoloader sitting behind two road block things.

     After getting the autoloader, go straight down towards the other sub 
car and there should be a path on the left.


Simply shoot the first box you see down the ramp and pick it up.

     Past the time machine part, there will be a hallway with a few enemies 
in it, which leads to the exit. Congrats, you beat level 1.

              2.02) Level 2: Liberty or Death

      Hmm... the statue of liberty has a pretty darn big basement, huh?
      You start out facing the statue of liberty in a large open area. In 
the distance, in front of you to the right, is an annoying Cerebrus Turret. 
      Walk up the ramp to your left and pick up the grenade launcher near 
the dead soldier. At about this time the turret will be aware you are there 
and will start shooting, so shoot back with some grenades, like the ones you 
just conveiniently found next to that dead guy. Then jump back down and pick 
up the portable medkit next to the destroyed helicopter. 
After that, go back up the ramp and head towards the turret you just vanquished 
and you should see an atomic health under a grate. Stand over it and fire... you 
should fall to your death, if it weren't for the atomic health and 30 health at 
the bottom.

      SECRET #1 OF 7

Go down the ramp next to you and through the door. Now go right down the 
hallway... At the end of the hall there is a door... and it should have opened 
for you revealing a few enforcers, a helpful, but not necessary scuba tank, and 
another door. Follow the other door into the bathroom. If the door didn't open, 
open it yourself.
Inside the bathroom, you find a toilet which you can... uhm... 'urinate' in 
(press "b") to revive 10 health. Now for the secret... to the left of the toilet 
you should see a grate, but when you reach the toilet you hear a teleport-in 
from somewhere... right? Go back in the room with all the enforcers and deal 
with this extra enforcer, then go back to the grate and hop in.

      After you pass through the grate, you should be back in the hallway where 
you started down here... go left and follow all the way down... and this guy 
will come out from behind this gate and (of all the nerve) shoot you! Well, 
dispose of him, and instead of going into the room he was in, there should be a 
door on the right.
      Go in the door, if you haven't already... in this room there is a pig cop 
you can take out at your convenience... follow the path into a storage room of 
some kind. Well, in front of you is some body armor that they seem to have left 
on top of the stack of boxes for you. Jump for it, you should be able to make 
it... once you get it, hop of the boxes to the bottom floor below you. 

      BABE #1 OF 8

Rescue the babe in front of you...

      After that, go over to the elevator on the right of the room and look up 
and behind you and take out the enforcer captain shooting at you, then go 
through the gate across from the elevator.
      In front of you are some boxes which you can shoot and get some blaster 
ammo out of... go up the ramp on the right, and skip the first door you see and 
go in the second. Now you are in a room with some electrical beams, an 
autoloader, and a switch. You should be able to hit the switch and get the 
autoloader without getting electrocuted... much. After you hit the switch, go 
into that door I just told you to ignore. 
      Two pig cops will be walking down this small hall, just deal with them and 
keep going to deal with another pig cop.

      BABE #2 OF 8

You should now be in a slightly flooded basement-like area, with three 'sub-
rooms'. The first has a babe in it, the second has the Control Key (which you 
need to get, duh) and the third has an enforcer and 30 health. None of these 
have doors, and they are all on the left side of the room, just so you know.

      SECRET #2 OF 7, BABE #3 OF 8

On the right side of the room is a small open doorway, and if you look down, 
another grate which you can (guess) shoot open. Swim down. Immediately when you 
reach the bottom go left down the water-filled passageway. Once you reach a 
turn, there should be another grate which you can shoot open. Swim up in it and 
rescue the babe, and grab the scuba gear, then go back in the water and continue 
in the direction you were heading to get a SMG and 30 Health. After you do that, 
swim all the way back down that tunnel to where you came from. (don't worry 
about that other path, there's nothing in there, trust me.)

      Once you are back in the room that had the babe and the control key, go 
back out of this room the way you came. Once here, you should see a riot pig on 
the ramp above the gate to this room. Dispose of him/it and go through the gate.
      Once here, hit the switch by the elevator (in front of you) to lower it, 
if it is not already down. Then step on the elevator and it will automatically 
raise you back up. Go through the gate on the immediate right and follow down 
the hallway about halfway until you get to a door and a switch on the right. Hit 
the switch (what you needed the control key for) and go through the door. 
(CAUTION: while walking across platforms such as the grates in front of you, be 
careful not to step on any broken grates, or you will be sent back fairly far) 
CAREFULLY make your way across the walkway, keeping your eyes open for holes, 
and go through the door at the end. 
      Now, jump down the elevator shaft in front of you, and go through the door 
on the right. Don't go down the hall yet... instead, get out your gasmask and 
cyanide grenade launcher. Now, go down to where the atomic health is, put on 
your gasmask, and fire a grenade around the corner. This is the only use for the 
gas grenade launcher: to dispose of those annoying spider things (ever seen... 
"Lost in Space"?). Grab the atomic health and go through the broken door after 
all the broodlings are dead. Down this short hall there is a : pig cop, 
enforcer, medkit, and door. Go through the door at the end. Remember what I said 
about the walkways that are sometimes broken? Same here too, as is with all 
walkways that look like this. There is an intersection here. On the left, there 
is a door that needs a Pumping Station Key (there is also a drone gun here), 
straight ahead there is a bunch of holes and an AGL-9 Grenade Launcher, and on 
the right is the path you want to take.
      Fall down into the water and if you go under you should see an underwater 
passageway right in front of you. Go down it. At the end of it will be an open 
room with a spinning fan. "Time for the Sh*** to hit the fan" My guess if YOU 
hit the fan you'll die, but if your bullets hit it, it will explode after two 
shots. Go behind where it was and swim down for an SMG and then swim up. Be 
ready: a pig cop and an enforcer will be waiting for you when you get out of the 
water. Dispose of them and climb the ladder nearby. 
      BABE #4 OF 8

Go around the small walkway, go in the door, dispose of the enforcers, rescue 
the babe in the right of the room next to the pumping station key which you 
should pick up, and go through the door on the side of the room you haven't been 
through yet.

      Dispose of the enforcer captain swimming in the water and hop in. Swim 
down the passageway back to the room with the intersection and climb the ladder 
directly in front of you. At the top you should be face to face with a pig 
cop... but not for long, right? After he's gone down, go straight, STILL 
watching out for holes in the walkway, and open the large gate with the switch 
on the right.
      Be aware that there is another drone turret in this room. After you 
dispose of him, follow the walkway down to where he was, and go into the small 
closed off area. In there should be a switch, which raises the water level in 
some areas, and lowers it in others. Hit it and follow the path back to the 
intersection room, dealing with the pig cop on the way.
      Walk straight forward and jump BACK into the water near the path to the 
fan you blew up earlier. Swim up and shoot the enforcer in the water. In this 
room there should be two round column things... the one nearest the fan pathway 
should have a door right behind it... go in there.

      SECRET #3 OF 7

Shoot the enforcer and swim up to his ladder. Climb it, and on the left right 
beside the door is a grate, which leads to scuba gear and blaster ammo. The door 
by the grate leads back to the intersection room.

      Jump back into the water and swim around the corner down the path you 
didn't follow right before the secret. Climb the ladder, go through the door, 
and go right. Jump down, and follow this path to a door.

      BABE #5 OF 8

OK... this room is irritating, but not in a deadly sort of way. You can: either 
use your blasters and try not to get hurt or you can gas those broodlings out. I 
recommend the gas technique... but you should do whatever is best for you. After 
the broodlings are gone, rescue the babe, and grab the service elevator pass at 
the far end of the room.

      Go back through the door to this room and go down to the ladder. At the 
top of the ladder, go right and kill the pig cop standing by the service 
elevator. (Danger, this thing can kill you, it's happened to me) Activate the 
switch and go inside it. Hit the elevator button on the left, and you will be 
taken up to the visitor's center.
      At the top, go through the door and shoot the drone turret on your right, 
then get your sniper rifle out. (watch your health, you should have a medkit by 
the way, in case you need it) Aim through the left passageway and take out the 
two moving drone guns. After they are gone, keep the rifle out, and go down 
where the immobile turret was. Down in the large open area another immobile 
turret should be shooting at you. Take him out and go back to the elevator.

      SECRET #4 OF 7 AND BABE #6 OF 8

Hit the button on the outside of the service elevator and wait for it to go all 
the way down. Hit the button again, wait a second and jump into the elevator 
shaft so you will be on top of the elevator. Be careful to WAIT because if you 
don't you call fall to your death. (like I just did when writing this FAQ... 
er...) Well once you make it back here (if you die) then make sure to WAIT like 
I didn't before you jump, especially if you have low health. If you do it right, 
you should end up in the top of the shaft, on the elevator itself, instead of in 
it. On the left should be a grate, which you can shoot open to enter to get 
sniper rounds, and another grate leading you back into the area where the drone 
guns were. Once here, go left past the service elevator and on the right should 
be a door leading to a bathroom with a babe in it. Rescue the babe and head out.
      Opposite that bathroom is another with a lizard enforcer and some health 
in it... and once you are done with that bathroom, to the right of its door (if 
you are heading out of the bathroom) should be another door. (confusing huh?) Go 
in it, and get a gasmask and your SMGs ready. Activate the gasmask and turn the 
corner to reveal a riot pig and a drone turret. Deal with them, and go up the 
stairs and through the door up there. 
      In this room, there is a computer panel on the left side with "Emergency 
Lockdown" flashing over it. Activate the computer, and head towards the door of 
this room. To the left of it is a grate.


Make sure to do these in the right order or you'll get messed up.
Go through the grate and follow the path... but DO NOT shoot the first grate 
that is a 'floor' in the air shaft. Instead, go past it to the second grate and 
shoot it open. Fall down, and you should be in a room with a broodling, switch, 
and SMG ammo. Hit the switch, and go left down the hallway. Now that you are 
back in the computer room, go BACK in the grate and shoot that first grate in 
there that I said don't shoot. Go in it, and you will find a babe, medkit, 
broodling, and time machine part. Grab all the goodies and refill any health 
missing, and in one corner of the room should be a grate. Just go down... 
down... down... until you reach the room where you got the service elevator pass 
and go back to the service elevator. But make sure you don't let the elevator 
crush you or something.

      Once you have returned to the visitor's center, go in the open area and up 
the escalator and up to Duke Burger. 


Inside Duke Burger you should easily find the babe, and the secret is behind the 
cash register to the left is a grate, with an autoloader in it.

      Don't worry, there isn't much left to the level now...
Go back in the open area and there should be two elevators. Open the one nearest 
Duke Burger (the other one blows up at you, try it) and go down. After this, go 
up the stairs and into the room with the glowing thing and wait for enforcers to 
start teleporting in. After they have all died, the level will end in a 
"temporal mess".

PART II: The Apocalypse

            2.10) Level 3: Nuclear Winter

      Hmmm... how interesting... one minute you are in present day New York, and 
the next you are standing in front of the statue of liberty in the Post 
Apocalyptic period. Well...

      SECRET #1 OF 3

However irritating the fact may be that you now have just a single blaster, you 
should soon get over it. There is a left pathway next to the statue with an 
extra blaster on it. After that, you may see a small island in the grimy goop in 
front of the statue... jump to that island. After you made that jump, there 
should be a platform like thing which you can jump to on the right (if you are 
facing the statue). Jump over, go in the teleport, and grab the atomic health.

      After that, go back where you started and head back towards the city.
      In a small open area, next to the burning car, should be some blaster ammo 
and an SMG by the way. Now you should also be able to see three main  things in 
this area: A doorway leading into a building, another doorway that is on fire, 
and where you just got the SMG. 

      SECRET #2 OF 3

Now head over to the burning door (on the right) and simply grab the body armor 
behind the flames.

      Next, go in the other door (also on the right). This reminds me of 
Resident Evil or something: once you start walking down the hall on the right, 
zombies will start tearing their doors down. I recommend you simply punch them 
to death, since you probably don't have enough blaster ammo for all of them.

      BABE #1 OF 9

Here is what you can find in all the doors: 
on the right side of the hallway, the first door has shotgun shells in it, the 
second door has a babe, and behind a chair, a SMG. The third door can't be 
On the left side of the hallway, the first door has blaster ammo. The second 
can't be opened, and the third also should have ammo. The fourth door has some 
stairs going up it. Go up the stairs and you will be in another hallway, which 
leads to a sawed-off shotgun. This weapon is very helpful, since the second you 
pick it up a zombie starts tearing down the door to the right. One sawed off 
shot up his, and then more zombies will start tearing down doors. Through all 
the doors on this floor that are opened, you should find:

      BABE #2 OF 9 10 health, and shotgun shells.

      After that, go back to that room to the right of where you got the 
shotgun. There should be a hole in the wall, and you should be able to jump from 
the hole to the ledge in front of you. (don't bother falling down, since there 
is nothing special except blaster ammo) Jump across and go right up the ladder. 
Follow the path up here, jump across to the wire walkway, and then from there to 
the ledge with the body armor.
      Next, fall down to the immediate left of where you got the body armor, and 
walk forward to grab the shotgun, and hop down. (hmm... this looks familiar)

      To the left is Duke-Burger, and inside behind the counter is a medkit. Go 
down into the subway across from Duke Burger and keep your sawed off ready. When 
you get down there and turn the corner, you should be toe-to-toe with two road 
hogs. Kill them and then go left... there should be a 'power cell' right in 
front of a fire. After you pick up the cell, however, you will suddenly be 
mobbed by a set of badguys.
      After the badguys are gone, go right and climb the ladder behind the train 
to get on top of it and get the pipebombs. Then go up the ladder next to the 

      BABE #3 OF 9

At the top of the ladder she should be right in front of you...

      After you rescue the babe, deal with the enforcers and pig cops, then go 
right off the ledge leading down to night vision goggles and some snow. Now go 
forward and you should be back at Duke Burger.


Go past Duke Burger and head towards where the strip club was (next to the 
broken down car) and follow path to the time machine part, and the babe right 
behind it. But be careful of the Venom Gunship... but you can take it out with 2 
well placed sniper shots. After that, return to Duke Burger.

      Caution: Before you go up the ladder be aware that there is a War Pig with 
a grenade launcher. Snipe him... or else he will make short work of you. Next, 
go up the ladder and follow the path back into the zombie building. 

      BABE #5 OF 9

The last door on the left... she's in there. After you rescue the babe go 
downstairs and head outside.

      Outside, go right over to where the garbage strike is, grab the shotgun, 
and jump down. Quickly race forward and to the left and climb the defaced stairs 
with 30 health on them. Get your sniper rifle ready. Once you reach the top, two 
sentry drones will pop out and start firing from an above building. Take them 
out, head forward and take your first right. 
      BABE #6 OF 9

Follow the path, and kill the two pig cops, grab the SMG ammo, and rescue the 
babe on the left by the two fires. Then head back up and go left. 

      When you turn the corner three sentry drones will pop out... quickly kill 
them and then jump to the pillar with the havoc multilauncher... Yay... you can 
test your new toy on the venom gunship that comes out as you continue forward. 
After that, go forward until you reach an intersection. 
      Go right, and enter the first door you see that has another War Pig with a 
grenade launcher in it. After that, head forward through the teleport into the 
parking lot where you started the first level. In here  is a venom gunship, a 
recharger, a power cell down one of the two pathways, and some ammo. Then head 
back to the teleport which is now guarded by a war pig and enforcer. 


      Go back outside and go right. Follow the path past the first doorway and 
go left. There should be a babe and Vitamin X in this area. After that, go down 
the first path that you skipped to get the babe and Vitamin X. Immediatly hide 
in the right area (with the medkit) and kill the oncoming zombies. Then get out 
a powerful weapon (i.e. Sniper Rifle, Havoc Multilauncher, or Grenade Launcher) 
and kill the Venom Gunship on the left. Then destroy the crack on the left wall, 
go inside to rescue the babe and get the stuff next to frosty the snowman.

      After that, head into the subway area and go left for 30 health and 
heatseeking rockets. Then go right and swim through the water (or jump across 
the trains) over to the service access grate on the right. Inside, shoot the 
grate and fall straight through it and land on the pipe. Then carefully go 
right. Follow the pipe over to the ledge and jump onto the second pipe that has 
the third and final power cell on it. Then jump onto the rocks on the right, 
climb them all the way up, climb the ladder, go through the grate on the left at 
the top of the ladder, and exit the subway system and go back outside. Follow 
right and go back to the intersection, this time taking the other path (on the 
right from the direction you are currently heading).
      You shall now encounter the most annoying and possibly deadliest enemies 
in the game. Snipers. There are two: one on the ground near you, and the second 
will appear in an open window above and in front of you. Kill or dodge them, and 
keep going.


Up top, there should be a burning car, a huge burning rock, a doorway which you 
saw when you got the last power cell, and a few enemies. In a small alcove 
behind the large burning rock (next to the door) should be the babe. After you 
rescue her, go in the door, kill the enemies, and go up the ladder with the 
elevator shaft.


Once you go up the elevator shaft, and though the teleport, and up to the 
railroad tracks, SMG ammo, and two Brain dudes, you can either jump off the 
railroad track and go right to find the exit down in the water, or you can 
follow the railroad track to the comm system. (the secret exit is a spinning 
duke nukem logo) Either way, you beat the level. (I recommend the alternate 
path, jumping down, since you get an extra level...)

              2.11) Level 4: Wetworld

      Hey check it out.... its a secret level!
      This level isn't very hard, but it isn't very easy either. You start out 
underwater in a big open area. Immediately swim up and take out the battle 
enforcer in front of you. Hurry up to the ladder next to where he was before the 
snipers get you. After you climb the ladder, head out of that room with the 30 
health in it, and deal with the four snipers in this area. After that, head to 
the door on the pathway you are on next to the boxes. In this small room there 
is a left pathway which leads to a pig and a medkit, and a door on the right. 
Get the medkit, then go through the door on the right. Head forward through the 
next room with the pig and 30 health, and into an area with a door on the left 
(hard to see) and an enforcer in a guard tower on the right. Kill the enforcer, 
then go in the left door.

      BABE #1 OF 3

In this short hallway, there is a battle enforcer and a door on the left, and a 
babe on the right. Rescue the babe, then go in the door.

      Welcome to sniper hell... be careful here, and take out those snipers 
quick by hiding behind the boxes. Once they are dealt with, go straight into the 
water. Down here, there are the ever so dangerous badguys that shoot homing 
missiles at you, and to top it off, a couple brain dudes to annoy you. On the 
left of this main area, is a sunken ship. After you deal with the enemies 
underwater, head over to it and there should be two tubes (forgot what they are 
really called). One has ammo and scuba gear in it, and the other leads into the 
ship. Go in the one that leads into the ship (on the left if you are facing the 
same direction as you were when you entered this area). You will find yourself 
in a dark area. Turn on your nightvision and get out of the tube and into the 
water around it. There should be a door under some upside down stairs. Go in the 
door, and head straight forward into another door. In here, on the 'floor' on 
your left, should be the Guard Tower Key, which you need to get. After you get 
it, head back out of the ship and towards the door leading to the open area you 
are in. Climb the ladder and go in the door on your right.

      SECRET #1 OF 4, BABE #2 OF 3

In here, behind some boxes, is a secret door which has nightvision in it.
After that, head out of that room and straight into the next room which has a 
pig, babe, and recharger in it. Rescue the babe, then shoot the barrels in the 
corner of the room.

      The barrels will blow a hole in the wall which you can swim into. Follow 
this area into a room with a hole in the ceiling and pop out... but be careful 
of the sniper in this area... after you deal with the sniper, go left towards 
the walkway which leads to a center tower. Go through the tower and out the door 
which leads to a short walkway. Jump from the walkway to the ship on the right 
and then from the ship to the hole straight ahead in the corner of this area. 
Open the door with the guard tower key, and you will enter another short 
      In this hallway is another drone gun, and a door on the right. Go through 
the door and into another sniper hell. In here, there are about 3 snipers, a 
battle enforcer, a recharge center, and the rest of the sunken ship. After you 
deal with the badguys, jump underwater and deal with the enemies down here. Be 
careful... there are more mini-subs with homing missiles down here. 


Underwater, in the upper corner, should be a pathway leading to a door which has 
atomic health, a medkit, and a.... BMF THUNDERSTRIKE! Cool... anyway, after you 
get all that stuff, head back to get on top of the half of the sunken ship in 
this area, then hop over to where the SMG guy is/was in this area. There should 
be a door on the left with a babe, pig, 10 health, and some barrels. Once again, 
blow up the barrel and head forward. In the acid in front of you is some atomic 
health, and on the right is another door.

      On the other side of this room is a big open area with the balloon, more 
water, and a door in front of you. Head forward and hit the switch on the right 
inside the door, then jump into the water back in the open area. Underwater 
should be several enemies (same as the other areas) and a door that you just 
opened on the left. Kill the enemies, go in the door, and follow the pathway 
until you reach the open area again... except this time you are at the base of 
the pathway that leads to the balloon. Go up the pathway and jump into the 
balloon to exit the level.

              2.12) Level 5: Fallout

      Don't worry: this level is fairly easy. You start out in front of an SMG, 
and an open area with a pit and a drone turret. Head forward, and jump into the 
pit so you land on the train car and grab the Havoc Multilauncher. Then destroy 
the turret. After that, kill off the Brain dudes on your right and head towards 
them. There should be a door on the left with a ladder leading upwards. As you 
approach the ladder, an enforcer will appear. Take him out and head up the 
ladder to find a door and some pipebombs.
      Through the door is a pig, and on the left a jacked up taxi cab, a medkit, 
and 3 10 healths. In here, there is also a gate on the right. Grab what you need 
and open the gate and an enforcer will be waiting for you. Pick him off and head 
left. There will be a box. Jump up on it and onto the ledge with the 30 health 
on it. When you head for the 30 health there will be an explosion. Hop back down 
and on the wall next to the ledge there will be a hole with a war pig in it.

      BABE #1 OF 4

In this burning room is a babe in the left corner.

      SECRET #1 OF 3

      After you rescue the babe, go up the stairs and into another hallway with 
an enforcer in it. Kill the enforcer and go right into an open area with two 
brain guys in it. Kill the brain guys and go right. Underwater all the way over 
here is a hole in the wall which leads to some multilauncher rockets.

      After you pick up the rockets, head in the opposite direction towards 
where you entered this area and underwater should be another pathway. Follow it 
and you will be in an open area with a venom gunship. Kill the gunship, and then 
look for ANOTHER underwater pathway on the upper right, which leads to a 
water/airlock or something. On this right in here is a button which will lower 
the water in here and open the door in front of you which leads to a room with a 
sniper and a teleport in it. Kill the sniper, and go in the teleport which leads 
you into a very alien like area of the level.
      In here, there is a hallway with an enforcer, a recharger, and a sniper. 
Follow the hallway to until you reach a path which leads to a forcefeild and a 
large open area with a forcefeild generator.
      This is dangerous: throw a pipebomb (DON'T DETONATE IT YET) at the 
generator, then go over to where the forcefeild is. (through the door and on the 
right). Detonate the pipebomb and run like crazy down the hallway which you just 
gained access to.
      Now you are back in the open area with the water control thingy and a new 
sniper. Kill the sniper, and head back to the area with the multilauncher 
rockets. Swim straight up and there should be a pathway on the left where there 
was a forcefeild. Follow it and you will reach an open area with zombies in it. 
Head straight into the burning building and go left. Jump on the couch and onto 
the wooden ledge with the grenades on it. Follow the walkway to a hole in the 
wall which leads to a stairwell. Go up the stairs and deal with the pigs. Then 
in this room, there should be two windows. Shoot open the one with glass (on the 
right) and jump through it onto the wire pathway. Follow this ledge up to an 
area with a zombie, a few enforcers, and another wire pathway. Go on the pathway 
and onto the top of a building. Shoot all the badguys and jump straight ahead to 
the next building, then to the ledge on the building, then straight ahead and 


Down here, there is a babe, a time machine part, and atomic health (behind the 
ladder and through the pathway). After you grab all the goodies, head for the 
ladder and go back to where you jumped down to get all the goodies.

      There should be another ladder, and when you approach it, a sniper will 
appear. Kill the sniper, then climb the ladder.


At the top of the ladder is a crack in the wall. Blow up the crack, and follow 
the pathway to two babes, atomic health, and a new weapon known as the Alien 
Freeze Cannon.

      After you pick up all the items, head to where you blew the crack in the 
wall and go left to exit the level.

              2.13) Level 6: Under Siege

      You start out on a ledge with two paths. Head left and you should find a 
recharger and a pig. Keep going to find a war pig, a crack in the wall, and a 
ladder on the right (its the first thing you see).

      SECRET AREAS #1 AND 2 OF 5, AND BABE #1 OF 3

Climb the ladder to find some pipebombs, then go back down and blow up the crack 
to find a babe, armor piercing rounds, and some grenades.

      Jump down to the area with the sniper and drone gun and head through the 
large doorway. Follow the pathway.... keep going.... until you reach a few large 
doors. Open them, and at the end should be a gorgon turret. Kill it, then keep 
going and you'll get a message that you should go to some door off somewhere...
      Anyways, head back through the pathway and there should now be an elevator 
on the left next to a truck. Go down the elevator by hitting the switch. Down 
here you'll find two brain guys, a multilauncher, a cerebrus turret, and an 
armory key in the upper left corner next to the truck. Pick up the key, then 
head through the door on the right side of the room next to the elevator.
      Now you should find yourself in a hallway. Head right and up the elevator, 
then through the door on the right. In here there should be a grate behind a 
computer panel. Shoot it open.

      SECRET AREA #3 OF 5

Shoot open the grate at the end of this air vent and fall down onto the atomic 
health. Then shoot open the grate you should now be on and follow the air vent 
back into the hallway.

      Now go down the hallway and into the second door on the left. Follow the 
pathway and hit the switch next to the armory door. Be careful: laser trip bombs 
appear when you open the door. Carefully place your pipebombs in here and 
detonate them so you can go in without being killed. Head forward into the room 
with the recharger and as you kill each zombie in here, another door opens. 
After they are all dead, hit the switch in front of you and head back out of the 
armory and into the hallway again. The next door on the left is blocked by a 
laser tripmine. Throw a pipebomb and run... then detonate it and head back.

      SECRET AREA #4 OF 5 AND BABE #2 OF 3

There should now be a hole in the ground. Hop into it and follow this area to a 
babe, BMF THUNDERSTRIKE and broodling mother. Then go back into the hallway.


The next door on the left... its all in here. There are air vents in here with 
ammo and an atomic health in them. After that, head back into the hallway.

      Equip your gasmask and head back down the hallway into the medical lab 
door (the only on the right, and the only with gas behind it). Follow this 
pathway and you should reach a switch. Hit the switch, then kill all the 
broodlings, then head back to the area where you blew the hole in the ground to 
get the BMF. Go through this door, then hit the switch on the right at the end 
of this hallway, then go through the door which leads to the time machine. All 
the way down this walkway is a door which allows you to exit the level.

              2.14) Level 7: Boss Hog

      If you want my honest opinion, here it is: if you still have your BMF 
ammo, any number of rockets, then this boss is easy as can be. If you don't, 
then I just hope you have the time to shoot him for an hour or so.

              2.20) Level 8: Dry Town

      Wild Wild West... but seriously...
You start out in the entrance to Dry Town. Head forward and take your first left 
next to the enforcer who opens the shutters to a window. In here is pretty much 
the same thing as the fire hydrant: a water pump. There is also an enforcer and 
a well.

      BABE #1 AND 2 OF 17

Once you reach the other end of the well you will be in a room with 2 babes, 
some .45 slugs, a Doctors Bag (same thing as medkit), and some Dynamite. Grab 
the stuff then head back out of the well.

      SECRET #1 AND 2 OF 7, BABE #3 OF 17

      In the area with the pump there should be another path that you haven't 
been down yet. Head down here and open the door... you will now be in a room 
with a bunch of sandbags on the left and a doorway with an enforcer on the 
right. Go through the doorway, kill the pig, and grab the stuff. Next, look 
behind the counter... you should see a switch. Hit it then head back to the room 
with the sandbags. There should now be a hole in the floor next to the sandbags 
and two enforcers. Go in the hole to find the babe. In here there should also be 
a ladder. Go up the ladder. You should now be in a room... go out the door of 
this room and you will be on a rooftop pathway, follow it until you reach a 
ledge that has a gamma cannon at the end of it. Then head back to the start of 
the ledge. In front of you should be the start (make sure to stay on the ledge) 
and a ledge that leads to a building with a green sign "Store" on it. This is 
tricky: Jump just right so you land on the ledge and go onto the roof of the 
store to grab the atomic health, then jump back down to the ground below.

      Now head into town. Eventually, after a pig and a mobile turret, you 
should find an open door on a building "Saloon" on the right. Go in... clear out 
this room, then go up the stairs in the back. Go through the bedrooms up here 
and all the enemies until you reach the plunger detonator by the window. Grab 
it, then head through the window and to the ground below. Jump out and go right 
until you reach a gate, then jump on the rock next to it and over the gate to 
head back into town (you will be right by the Saloon) Next, head forwards until 
you reach the carriage and go left. Back here is nothing special besides some 
dynamite and a gamma crystal under a barrel. Then go back and make the right 
turn behind the carriage. Next, there should be an open door on the building to 
your left. Go in and there will be a pig behind the counter, and some other 
enemies in here. (you can play the piano by the way) Next to the  counter (on 
the right side of the room) is a door with an enforcer behind it.

      SECRET #3 OF 7, BABES #4, 5, 6, AND 7

Go up the stairs straight in front of you where the sniper is/was and up here on 
the right, next to the first painting you see (to the right of it) is a hidden 
door indicated by a shadowy area. Open the door, grab the doctor's bag, then go 
straight down the hall. Down here should be two private booths from which you 
can see the room with the piano in front of you. You can jump from the second 
one onto the stage. Do that, then go down the passageway to the right to get a 
few things: three babes, an AGL-9 Grenade launcher, and some boiler plate armor 
across from the two babes.
Next, head back to where you found the doctor's bag.
Go left down the hall and make the first left. Then go in the door on the right.

      After you rescue the babe, head through the other door here and grab the 
hotel key, then go back to where you found the doctor's bag and go right down 
the stairs, then left at the bottom of them. In this room should be a door next 
to a keyhole. Press "b" on the keyhole and the door will open. Go through this 
room and out the door on the right into an open area with a cannon. Out here 
should be another part to the explosives you need in the corner. 

      SECRET AREA #3 AND 4 OF 7, AND BABE #8 OF 17

Next, walk up to the cannon and press "b" and it will blow a hole in the wall. 
Go in here to find magnum rounds, some health, and a switch. Hit the switch, 
then go to where the doctor's bag you found earlier was. Go back in the room 
where the hotel key was and open the dresser on the left. Behind the rifle 
bullets in here, is a secret door which you can open, which leads you to a room 
with a babe and an open window. (you just opened it with a switch a few moments 
ago) Go out the window and follow the ledge until you reach another open window 
that leads to a room with atomic health. Now go out the door and find your way 
out of the saloon.

      Go left until you reach a split path. You can go right for some ammo and 
two pigs, but you need to eventually go left. Out here, go right until you reach 
another split path with a big cylendar-rock in the middle of it. Go right and 
into the stables. The door will shut on you, so you have to find your way out 
through a ladder leading to a door. Clear out this building until you find a 
saloon key, and some magnum rounds. Then head back into the room next to the 
stables where a door has just opened up. Go in, through the saloon and back 
outside to that intersection with the big cylinder-rock. Go left. Here, you can 
go right to get the gamma cannon. But after that, go left to the "Miner 69er" 
where you can use your Saloon Key to get in.

BABE #9, 10, 11, AND 12 OF 17 AND TIME MACHINE PART #6

In here, on the left behind the counter to find the babe and a pig, then head up 
the stairs and go left behind the stairs to find the second babe. Next, go 
through the door to the right of the sitars and follow the three rooms to an 
open window and jump out of it. Out here, the TNT should be on the rock in the 
middle of the lake. After that, head back near the window and there should be a 
doorway with the time machine part, a babe, and some multilauncher rockets in 
it. After that, go back outside and there should be a ladder behind the building 
type thing on your left. Next, follow the rooftop until you reach a ledge. Now 
this is tricky: jump so you land on the cactus, then jump from the cactus to the 
roof in front of you to find the babe through a door up there. Then jump back 
down to the ground below. After you fight the bad guys here, a hole will blow in 
the wall and you can follow through here and back out into the street.

BABE #13 AND 14 OF 17

Out here, take the immediate right and go straight into the federal bank. Go 
behind the counter and hit the switch. Go down the elevator, and you should 
reach a room with two babes and some enforcers. Go through the door down here, 
blow the safe, grab the CD, and the level ends.


               3.0) Multiplayer "Great, what am I supposed to use? Harsh 

                   Multiplayer on this game is loads of fun, and is similar
to Turok 2's multiplayer mode. This section will basically tell you to have 
even more fun in Multiplayer.

               3.1) Extra Characters
                   You start out with four basic characters: Duke Nukem, 
Apocalypse Duke, Cowboy Duke, and Victorian Duke. But as you progress 
through the game, you can get extra characters, who start out with 
different weapons, and have different health levels. You can also get 
more duke nukems, such as Dogtag Duke, and my favorite, Posh Duke.

                  Here is a list of all the extra multiplayer characters, their 
special abilities, and what weapons they start out with...

Duke Nukem, Apocalypse Duke, Victorian Duke, Cowboy Duke..............                                                                                                                                                            
Health: 100
                                             Weapon: Blaster
                                             Other : N/A

Posh Duke.............                       Health: 100
                                             Weapon: Sawed off
                                             Other : N/A

BattleDress Duke, Dogtag Duke............    Health: 100
                                             Weapon: Claw-12
                                             Other : N/A

Evil Duke..............                      Health: 100
                                             Weapon: Sniper Rifle
                                             Other : N/A

Marine, Sergeant.............                 Health: 75
                                             Weapon: Claw-12
                                             Other : N/A  

Custer................                       Health: 75
                                             Weapon: 2x Peacekeepers
                                             Other : N/A

Ripper................                       Health: 100
                                             Weapon: Unarmed
                                             Other : Extreme Punch Damage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
                                             (About 50-75 damage per punch)

X-Terminator...........                      Health: 150
                                             Weapon: SMG
                                             Other : Infinite Nightvision

Marshall, Sheriff, Squaw...........          Health: 75
                                             Weapon: Revolver
                                             Other : N/A

Survivor............                         Health: 75
                                             Weapon: SMG
                                             Other : N/A

Kimberly Strokes...........                  Health: 75
                                             Weapon: Blaster
                                             Other : N/A

Pig Cop.............                         Health: 125
                                             Weapon: Claw-12
                                             Other : Cannot Breathe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Underwater for long

Riot Pig................                     Health: 125
                                             Weapon: Gas Grenade Launcher
                                             Other : Gasmask, Cannot
                                             Breathe underwater for long

Road Hog, War Pig...........                 Health: 125
                                             Weapon: Sawed off shotgun
                                             Other : Cannot Breathe
                                             Underwater for long

Cowboy Grunt...........                      Health: 125
                                             Weapon: Dynamite
                                             Other : Cannot Breathe
                                             Underwater for long

Savage Grunt.............                    Health: 125
                                             Weapon: Revolver
                                             Other : Cannot breathe
                                             Underwater for long

Capitalist Pig...............                Health: 125
                                             Weapon: Bombs
                                             Other : Cannot breathe 
                                             Underwater for long

Enforcer, Enforcer Captain, Battle Enforcer........
                                             Health: 75
                                             Weapon: 2x Blaster
                                             Other : Can Breathe Underwater                                              
                                             For an extended time.

      ((((The Best Multiplayer Level Award Goes to: "Rocky Knoll"))))


               4.0) Credits / Outro "You guys suck!"

                   Oh yeah, Hey Ivy, Alex, Kevin, Nathan, and all my other 

Copyright + 1999 Tom Freeland. Please don't copy this FAQ 
without putting my name on it, I wouldn't do it to you. Thanks.


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