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Eretzjavu FAQ for Playstation
ver  by Kyo Kusanagi
Eretzjavu is a new original fighting game in 3d for the PSX by Yuke's
I had a few doubts about this game when i first played it, but the
moment i watched the opening anime, i knew anything that looked THAT
good had to be good, and i was more or less right.
Each character has his/her own unique 'story' in the story mode, and
for the first time ever, each 'bout' is arranged like a TV series,
one match is one "week's" showing, so to speak ;P. All in all, it's
a nice original touch.
Enjoy the game, all i can really say is that this is THE-SIMPLEST
fighting game EVER to learn (how hard can two buttons be? ;P). But
even once you learn the controls, it is damn fun to play as anyone
can beat anyone.
-=Controls, How to Play=-
As i said above, this game is THE-SIMPLEST-DAMN fighting game EVER
for a LONG time. It uses TWO, you heard me, *TWO* buttons, attack
and guard ;P. What's more, all moves are done with simple tap-forward
or tap-back plus attack motions. I didn't lie when i said it was easy
to learn ;P. There are no complex motions like in the more popular
fighting game series out there, like SF, this game is so simple that
you'd kick yourself for needing a faq ;P
-=Moves for All Characters=-
The attacks are the same for every character, no strings attached,
but do them at different distances and the effect changes, making for
some DAMN nice effects. Each move has two distances, close and far,
but that really doesn't matter as the motion is the same.
When your character reaches a certain close distance from his/her
opponent, the attack changes from projectiles to punches and kicks.

-=Attacks From A Distance=-
Attack = Simple shot
Attack 2x/3x = Multiple Shot
Up+Attack = Lunge Attack or Alternate Shot, Depending on Character
2x Up+Attack = Jumping Attack
Down+Attack = Gravity Trap Throw
2x Forward+Attack = body toss dash, knocks opponent into the air
Back+Attack = ground projectile, or alternate blast
Forward(hold)+ tap attack = Fires a projectile that will dizzy opponent if
it lands.
*Hold Forward + Attack = launches a barrage of projectiles at opponent
*Hold Up + Attack = Likewise for the above
*Note: Depending on character, some characters don't have 'powerup' 
energy blasts. Example Keiya has the hold forward+ attack, whereas
Setsuna has the hold Up+attack, to the same effect. Just experiment
If one doesn't work, try the other, and if both don't work, then
that particular character does not have a powerup blast.
#Doubletap Back + attack = uses your character's Ultimate attack
Usable at any distance.
# Note: only possible if you have a stored 'gem' See Below for info.
-=Attacks in Close=-
Attack = will throw a standard punch, repeat for a combo
Down+Attack = Will make your character attempt a throw (unblockable)
but easily dodged.
2x Down + Attack = Launches opponent into the air...
...Doubletap Forward + Attack* =Follow this with the Launcher, and
your character will pursue the off
balance opponent, punching and kicking.

*Note: This attack MUST be timed to hit the falling opponent before
they land, if it's executed too late, it becomes the body toss dash,
if it's executed too early, the other character will automatically
defend it as they fly back.
Doubletap Up + Attack = your character will jump over the opponent 
and land behind, trying to hit them as they land.
Attack 2x, Doubletap Up + Attack = two punches, plus the back attack.
Obviously, with a game as simple to learn as this, defense plays a 
crucial part, while simply holding the Defend button will block anything
there are tricks to use that can overcome this, as well as other 
defensive tricks.
Hold Defend = will make your character block, this will also guard 
back attacks. In short, hold it to block the world,
except throws in close and Gravity throws.
Throws in close are not defendable, Gravity throws however, are easily
escaped just by simply walking back or forward so the red circle misses.
Spin Behind = If you hold forward long enough, your character will
break into a run toward your opponent, when you reach
'close combat' distance, doubletap Defend to spin behind
your opponent to confuse them, blast them then with a big
Now, as far as blocking projectiles go, there are a few tricks to note.
If you simply hold block, your character will erect a ki/magic barrier
against all projectiles. However, while this is good vs the bigger 
blasts, there is a more strategic use vs the simple Normal shots.
If you press Defend the second a Normal projectile (press attack), hits
instead of simply deflecting it away, you will reflect it back at
the attacker. Use this gap in the defense to attack back!
Note that when blocking the bigger attacks, you do take block damage.
Defense against the Pursuit attack (2x Forward+Attack after Launcher)
is not defendable, if the attacker mistimes the move, it will be auto
defended, else, your character is off balance in the air and open to
a nasty spinning combo. Ultimate attacks are blockable simply by holding
Defense (they are always the red/blackish diamond thing). Unlike
Normal shots though, they will vanish if blocked, and are not reflectable.
When you are knocked off your feet, you can tap Defend rapidly as you are
falling to air recover and land on your feet. Coz a point to note is
that you *CAN* be hit while down! There is no defense then too ^^;;
-=Ultimate Attacks=-
If you hold Attack, your character will enter a powerup pose as energy
flares around them, you will also note that a yellow bar will grow
up the life bar. Once it reaches the top, you will get a red diamond
below your character's name, and the powerup begins again. You can
store up to 3 'stocks' this way. When you have a Gem, you can use it
to do your character's most powerful attack by doubletapping Back and
pressing Attack. Each of these attacks are very spectacular to watch.
Note though, the Ultimate Attacks are easy to block, very easy.
As far as powering up goes, the less life you have, the easier it is
to powerup, so use this strategically, as when you are powering up,
your character will be wide open for a well timed Gravity Throw.

-=Misc Info, Tips and Tricks=-
As far as the general fighting engine goes, it's simple enough. Make
use of ANY opening to powerup and blast your opponent with an Ultimate.
A very good tactic is to powerup while your opponent is downed instead
of trying to hit them on the ground, believe me, the Ultimate does
far more damage ;P. The best way to land an Ultimate Attack is to 
throw the Dizzy projectile at your opponent until it hits (you will see
him/her reel about for a moment or have spirits around them), then
immediately use the Ultimate, and watch the show. This works every single
time. If your opponent is dizzy, any attack will knock them off their
feet, so the Launcher into Pursue in not possible, go for the big one
Now, the good part, Codes! Cheats! Easter Eggs!
=Get character info and Gallery mode=
Finsih Story Mode 
=Get Narrator in Extra option mode=
Finish 1P mode 
=Get hidden stage and play as bosses=
Finish Story mode using 3 or more different characters 
=Get Congratulations Mode in Extra Option=
Finish all game modes using all characters, then you can see a 
special movie in Congratulations mode. 
=Extra winning postures=
Each character will gain new winning postures when you use him/her to 
beat up a number of opponents, each character has 7 extra winning 
postures, you can get all 7 by beating up around 40 - 60 opponents
Well, this more or less wraps up this simple faq for a great game.
If you have any questions, additions, stuff i missed, feel free
to email me at [email protected]
Enjoy ^^
Kyo Kusanagi.

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